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Modern Warfare 3 shows off its DLC schedule, 2 new maps this month for Elite subscribers

If you're a Call of Duty ELITE Premium member, you'll get this gear first on your platform of choice. Modern Warfare 3 is set to get a constant stream of goodies for 2012.




Starting this month, we should see two new maps, next month includes one map and throughout the year there are new maps, modes and missions coming. March, June and August for example, will see the release of not only a new map, but a new mission and multiplayer mode.


Currently, all of this content is only for ELITE subscribers, so if you haven't signed up, you'll need to if you want to get access to all of this DLC. What do you think of requiring ELITE to get access to this DLC?

Battlefield 3's Community Manager says there is "new stuff" coming for Battlefield 3

Battlefield 3's Community Manager, Daniel Matros has said that there is "new stuff" coming for Battlefield 3. What would he mean by "new stuff", well, he has said that new content was being created, but the actual announcement won't be for a few weeks yet.




Matros tweeted:


New stuff happening as in 'new stuff happening in the studio today that will be announced later on. We┬┤re a few weeks away from it but yes, it will be something people have been looking forward to.


What could it be? Rumor has it that we might see the return of Battlerecorder, which lets you record matches and play them back at a later date. Something like this would really change the Battlefield 3 universe, completely. We would see new machinima, and way cool YouTube videos of Battlefield 3 in action. Please let it be Battlerecorder.

Guild Wars 2 Beta announced, full game launches this year

President and Founder of ArenaNet, Mike O'Brien, has announced on the ArenaNet blog several things for Guild Wars 2 today. Firstly, the Guild Wars 2 beta will open to select press in February, and if that wasn't good enough, ArenaNet will "aggressively ramp up the size of [the] beta test events" to include gamers outside of the press.




The post continues to confirm a 2012 launch for Guild Wars 2, which before now, was never confirmed. Excited, Guild Wars fans? Guild Wars 2 promises to bring a new style of questing to the MMO tradition, as well as facilitate an unmatched level of cooperative play between gamers.


Guild Wars 2 will not charge a monthly subscription like other MMORPGs. More news on Guild Wars 2 as it happens, for now, that should be enough to excite GW fans for a few weeks at least.

Skyrim 1.4 beta patch, lots and lots of improvements

Been obsessively playing Skyrim since launch like most people? Want to keep on that bleeding-edge, well, Bethesda have been kind enough to release the latest 1.4 beta patch for Skyrim and have made it available through Steam.




Bethesda have warned people of the update, with "apply the update at your own risk." In order to apply the update, you'll need to check your Steam settings then opt-in to the Skyrim beta listed there. Bethesda recommend backing up your save games just in case you lose them, and the resulting after effects of which would be complete rage black-out.

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Paradox CEO: Next-generation of consoles will be the last

At the Paradox convention, CEO of Paradox, Frederik Wester, said in a speech that he believes the next-generation of consoles will be the last. He made his traditional predictions of the games industry, where he sees a further rise in more digital-focused platforms and distributions. He said:




The next generation of console hardware will probably be the last. I'd be surprised if we see another generation after that.


He also predicted that there will be a further decline in box products, and a rise in 'open' platforms such as the PC, mobile and social networks. Paradox have seem digital revenue increases from 1.5-percent in 2006, to 97-percent in 2011. In the same year, they beat their 2010 statistics with a 75-percent growth in revenue, and a very nice 250-percent growth in profit.

Resident Evil 6 logo and release date leaked, trailer follows soon after

Resident Evil 6 has been outed thanks to promotional displays sent to GameStop, where a reader of IGN sent them in. Sources also revealed to IGN that player favorites, Chris Redfield and Leon Kennedy will be playable characters in the next Resident Evil game.




According to the poster, the game arrives on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 on November 20th, 2012. A PC version should follow soon after. Word is also spreading that there will be unique campaigns for each character, Leon Kennedy and Chris Redfield.


A US trailer was released shortly after the leaks, and wow, does it look epic. Any fan of Resident Evil should be happy with what the trailer shows. But, it is definitely look aged. Detail, character animation and more all look sub-par to me. We really need next-gen consoles with a next-gen Resident Evil. Get me back into a small town, or even a high-rise building, confined with more realism (controlling the unlocking of doors, windows, sprinkler systems, etc) with super-improved physics and physical destruction and I'll put my wallet in the air and shout "HERE, TAKE MY MONEY!"


Xbox Next/Xbox 720 chips are said to be in production

Excitement, building... first off, I've just sprinkled down some salt on this news, remember, rumor, rumor, rumor. Nothing is fact in this world until we see, hear, feel or experience it for ourselves, until then it's pure faith. In the technology industry, there are so many insiders, "upstream sources" (still need to get me a few of those), and "leaks".




Today, we have some news from SemiAccurate, that talks of the next-generation Xbox chip, "Oban" that has reportedly just taped out. Charlie goes into some serious detail, and for as much flak he gets, he is right a fair bit of the time, and I enjoy his style, so on with the news. It has been reported that the new Xbox Next/720 "Oban" chip is in initial production with sources at a foundary confirming that the Oban wafters starting running in the final days of last year.


Sources at Redmond, when questioned, responded with "Who the f*&$ told you that? I am going to f#*&ing rip someone's head off". You don't say that if it's rumors, that aren't true, so SemiAccurate could be onto something here. More sources as Microsoft said that the initial order for Oban chips was for 10K wafers. Oban is supposedly being built by IBM primarily, which means an x86-based chip is out of the question.

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RumorTT: Thief 4 built on the Unreal Engine 3, has online play

It seems as though Eidos Montreal's kinda-secret-but-kinda-not Thief 4 will sport online capabilities, and be built upon the foundation that is the Unreal Engine 3 graphics engine. This is according to the resume's of some of the developers, which were uncovered on LinkedIn, and were posted on NeoGAF.




One resume belonged to Colas Fievet, an online programmer for Thief 4. His duties between August 2009 and December 2010 included "networking, gameplay, debugging", plus "online and offline tools on Thief 4". The previous Thief games never included online play, so Thief 4 with online play would be a first of its kind for the series.


Other CVs referenced Thief 4 running on Unreal Engine 3, which is a surprise considering Eidos Montreal used the Tomb Raider engine for their popular Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Other information included mentions of "shops, escape gates, public zones", and that the game will include a "hub".

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Mass Effect 3 won't be available on Steam, snuggles up to Origin, though

EA really want Origin to work, Battlefield 3 was good enough to swing millions of players into the arms of EA's latest digital distribution service, and now their latest RPG, Mass Effect 3 joins the ranks. BioWare have confirmed Mass Effect 3 will not be made available on Steam, and that on the PC, it will require an Origin install for all versions.




BioWare's community manager, Chris Priestly, said on the company's official forums:


Origin is required for the PC versions of Mass Effect 3, both physical and digital. During initial release Mass Effect 3 will be available on Origin and a number of other 3rd party digital retailers, but not on Steam at this time. Steam has adopted a set of restrictive terms of service which limit how developers interact with customers to deliver patches and other downloadable content.We are intent on providing Mass Effect to players with the best possible experience no matter where they purchase or play their game, and are happy to partner with any download service that does not restrict our ability to connect directly with our consumers.

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Syndicate gets 4-player co-op demo, original game heads to GOG

Another game, another PC kick in the nads. Syndicate, from Starbreeze Studios and EA, arrives next month and to tie you over, they've released a four-player co-op demo. The Syndicate preview allows you and up to three of your friends to play one of the game's nine co-op missions (called "Western Europe") in its entirety with an objective to infiltrate a rival syndicate, Cayman Global.



The mission requires you to take out a Colonel, take some technology blueprints and force his people back across the Atlantic. The demo is available for a limited time starting this month and will be made available on the Xbox Live Marketplace (for gold members only) and the PlayStation Network. No word on whether there'll be a PC version.

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