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EA cements deal to bring third-party publishers' games to Origin

Electronic Arts have just announced that their digital distribution platform, Origin, will now be offering third-party PC games starting in November. The first wave of publishers to sign a deal with Origin include Warner Bros., THQ and Capcom. This will bring hit titles such as Batman: Arkham City and Saints Row: The Third to Origin, with more games hitting Origin in the coming months.




Origin already has over 100 EA games in its library and adding additional publishers only cements their service into competition against Valve and their digital distribution platform, Steam. David DeMartini (shaken, not stirred, thanks), senior vice president of Origin at EA says:


Since launch, we've had overwhelming support from both publishers and developers across the gaming industry, recognizing Origin as an opportunity to deliver more of their great content straight to consumers across the globe. We're excited to welcome Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, THQ and Capcom as the first publishers to offer their games via Origin.

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GTA V set to become the "biggest launch ever", 2K shares actually rise from the news

Shares in Take-Two Games have risen by 6-percent following the announcement of Rockstar's Grand Theft Auto 5 earlier this week. On Tuesday, Rockstar Games confirmed that GTA V's first teaser trailer will hit the Internet on November 2, where the announcement was made live with the game's official logo which shows a green-colored Roman numeral 'V' wrapped with a banner sporting the word 'Five.'




Of course, we all know how the Internet and fans work. As soon as there's a teaser for something, there has to be an easter egg or hidden something (image, word, art, etc) within the tease. GTA V as you can imagine, is no different. Some keen gamers have discovered that the logo displayed above, is identical to the design of the $5 dollar bank noted issued in 1889 by the US Mint. An American setting has been rumored, but would Rockstar be breaking the rules by taking GTA back to the pre-1900s era?

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Sony's PlayStation Vita games with internal memory can't use memory cards

Do you like to have options? Enjoy portable gaming? Was looking forward to Sony's NGP, Vita? Well, games capable of saving directly to their own cartridges, won't offer gamers the option to save to an external cards. This means you will never receive a choice. Games that can save internally, will always do so.




Kotaku Japan also learned that you'll have to have a memory card in the Vita at startup to operate games that require external storage. Sony also told Kotaku Japan that in addition to save data, some games may use the memory card for DLC.


Disappointed? Hurt? Well, Sony have doen this before... but people were thinking that they might play the game differently with the Vita. People might have wanted to save a few dollars on not buying external memory, but you'll require this for DLC and the like. Frustrating? Yep!

Planetside 2 battles to be set on "eight-by-eight kilometer continents"

Sony Online Entertainment's upcoming MMO/FPS hybrid, Planetside 2 is set to go insane on 'map' sizes (can we even call them maps now?). Planetside 2 is said to take a "Halo-esque" spin on its sci-fi universe, where it aims to combine the persistent world of an MMO, with the visceral, responsive mechanics of a first-person shooter. Planetside 2's creative director, Matt Higby talked about the staggering size of the new battlefields:




"We have enormous, enormous gameplay space," says Higby. Planetside 2's settings which are based on continents on the planet Auraxis, measure an insane eight kilometers square, with weapons capable of firing a full kilometer in distance. Higby continues saying "One of our largest development efforts on this project has been hand crafting every single area of those eight-by-eight kilometer continents".


In these eight-by-eight kilometer environments, three factions duke it out: The Terran Republic, The New Conglomerate and The Vanu Sovereignty. The battles are set to be epic, with Higby stating that "you're going to be fighting in battles sometimes when it's 200 people fighting against 30 people, because there's only 30 people defending that base and then suddenly 200 people log in from teh other ground and go do it".

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Batman: Arkham City ships 4.6 million copies

Batman: Arkham City, one of 2011's most hyped games has done very well for itself. It was released last week for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 and has since then, shipped 4.6 million copies. All in a week! This is both a surprise, and not a surprise. It's a surprise because it has only launched on the consoles and has enjoyed successful shipping numbers.




For it not being a surprise, is because the first game, Batman: Arkham Asylum was a smash hit. Batman: Arkham City has received rave reviews for both versions (PS3 and Xbox 360) and looks to be one of the biggest sellers for 2011. I haven't played it yet, as I'm waiting for the PC version which launches in a little under two weeks time. The PC launch will only expand these numbers, so too will sales between now and the end of the year.


4.6 million copies shipped is a very good milestone for Batman: Arkham City as it makes it one of the (if not the most) successful comic-book-to-game adaption ever. Now all we need is a really good Superman game, and I'll be one super happy camper. Please, please make a great Superman game. Maybe the guys behind Batman and Just Cause should get together for it?

Skyrim's PC system requirements unveiled, launches on 11/11

Skyrim is only 2 weeks away and Bethesda have just confirmed the system requirements for the upcoming title. The requirements aren't too bad, but they're a tad higher than the 2006-based Oblivion, so if you're still chugging along on older hardware and want to get the most out of Skyrim, you might want to start an upgrade, now.




Recommended system requirements:


Quad-core Intel/AMD CPU


DirectX 9 video card with 1GB RAM - Nvidia GTX 260/AMD Radeon 4890 or better

Windows XP/7

6GB hard disk space

DirectX compatible soundcard

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Battlefield 3 launches, initial impressions, yes its awesome, but it has its issues, too

For everyone who reads TweakTown, and more specifically, my news posts, you'll know that I've been waiting for Battlefield 3 for what feels like, my entire life. I've posted everything from screenshots, to launch trailers, alpha footage to beta/full release footage, interviews, details and everything in-between. I found out on a forum last night that the game can be unlocked for some who change some VPN settings, so I did so...



I have a 3 screen (Alienware AW2310's) in Portrait, backed up by 2 x GIGABYTE GeForce GTX570's and a 4GHz Core i7... the beta, I had a few little issues, but they somehow worked themselves out and I was bug-free for the rest of the beta. The full game on the other hand... doesn't even work on my 3 screen setup. Yes, that's right: the beta worked and the full game does not.


My issue is, I launch the game, and it goes full-screen. Once its in full-screen, I can hear it load up and finish, if I move my mouse I can hear the cursor going over menus, but I cannot see the menus. If I alt-tab and go to a window, the menus appear and it's OK. If I click a menu, it goes back to full-screen. So I have to click a menu, alt-tab, full-screen, click a menu, alt-tab, full screen, etc until I get to video and change it to run in a window.

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Grand Theft Auto V is a GO! - First official artwork online

The first piece of official artwork for Rockstar's next iteration of its biggest game series, Grand Theft Auto V has shown up on their website today, along with a date mentioned for when the first trailer will be released - that date being early next month on the 2nd of November.




So, this certainly puts any doubts to rest about whether or not a fifth installment was on the cards anytime soon and we can all start getting excited about what direction Rockstar will take the story in now. While there's no confirmation of any finer details on it at this early stage, it has been hinted that the possibility of basing the next story outside of the U.S. has already been considered, but the chances are the game will remain true to its roots with the following statement being made from Dan Houser just recently.

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Uncharted 3 receives near-perfect reviews

In just a week from now, Nathan Drake will feature on people's TVs across the world in Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception. Uncharted 3 has made its way to game reviewers across the world and it seems its yet another home run smash-hit for Naughty Dog. Reviews are mostly between 90 - 100, but these days - reviews can be somewhat, deceiving. If a rehashed COD title can usually score 90+, how does a stand-out game like Uncharted deserve the same score, shouldn't it be more?




Anyway, the reviews are very, very favorable and it just makes me want to play the game even more. If you haven't played the previous two Uncharted titles, I really suggest you grab them and play them both this week, then purchase Uncharted 3 when you're finished. I'm sure you won't need to play the previous two, but for one, they're amazing games. Two, it'll help with the characters, and story of the third game, which is just one week away!

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RumorTT: 'Xbox Next' to launch in 2013?

Rumor has it that Microsoft and several industry partners are working toward a 2013 launch of the next-generation Xbox. Multiple sources from across the industry, such as processor chip manufacturers to middleware firms, have told Develop that they expect the next-gen Xbox to be fully unveiled at E3 2013, months before its release.




The collection of data points to a 2013 release across all main regions, but it could also slip to an early 2014 release. There are a handful of people in the industry who expect Xbox Next to hit store shelves before the holiday side of 2013 - this Christmas and the next will likely see Microsoft marketing software for Xbox 360, Windows Phone and its Kinect motion-based controller.


Develop understands that Lionhead is working on a project internally named 'Fable Next', which will launch on Xbox Next. Epic Games' new Unreal Engine is also reportedly set to be available sooner than the 2014 date recently given by studio founder Tim Sweeney. One source also insists that an EA studio already has rudimentary Xbox console technology on desks. Of course, EA has flatly denied this claim.

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