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Antec to extend gaming case lineup with the Six Hundred

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Antec plan to extend their lineup of xxx-Hundred cases soon with the arrival of the Six Hundred. The existing lineup comprises the Two Hundred, Three Hundred, None Hundred (Two) and Twelve Hundred.


TweakTown image news/1/3/13322_50.jpg


We learn that Antec's Six Hundred runs dimensions of 491 (H) x 212 (W) x 492 (D) mm, coming in at a weight of 6.9Kg. Features wise, it comes with both top and side windows for easy internal viewing, three 5.25" drive bays, perforated front bezel, cable management compartment, support for up to six 3.5" HDDs via a front-loaded cage, a blue LED-equipped 120mm for exhausting at the rear and a larger 200mm TriCool blue LED fan situated on top.


TweakTown image news/1/3/13322_51.jpg


It's been discovered that the Six Hundred is being advertised in Europe already for as low as 60.80 Euro, but this is pre-order only. We're not sure when exactly it will become readily available yet.


TweakTown image news/1/3/13322_52.jpg


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Deal of the Day: Nintendo Wii Game Console w/ Amazon Gift Card

By: Array

Our Deal of the Day today is the Amazon - Nintendo Wii Game Console for $199.99 Shipped FREE + $25 Amazon Gift Card!.


Offer: Nintendo just dropped the price on the Wii to $199.99! Amazon has it for that price with FREE shipping and there's no sales tax to most states! Amazon is also throwing in a FREE $25 gift card! Sweet deal!


TweakTown image news/1/3/13219_50.jpg



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DiRT2 with DX11 hailed as best looking driving game ever

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Codemasters is a company that has a good reputation for coding graphically impressive games. Both DiRT and Racecar Driver Grid look simply stunning. So what should we expect from DiRT2 for PC now that it has DX11 support?


PC Games Hardware sat down with Bryan Marshall, Technical Director of the Codemasters Dev Team, and asked that very question.


According to Marshall, DiRT 2 takes advantage of three of the main features to produce some stunning visual effects. These are Hardware Tesselation, Direct Compute 11 (compute shaders) and multi-threading the command pipeline. Tesselation allows Codemasters to greater detail to the objects in the game (such as water surfaces, crowds and cloth) while Compute Shaders allow for better post processing of visual effects.


Multi-threading of the command pipeline means that the game engine can be optimized to improve performance and game response. Of course the major problem is that right now getting DX11 hardware is a little rough as many do not want to pay the cost of a new high end GPU (without seeing one from the competition) as well as a few supply issues with the 58xx series that are being reported.


Still the overall impression of the interview was an optimistic one and seemed to indicate that Codemasters will continue to work on their game offering to improve it for DX11, DX10 and even DX9 users.


TweakTown image news/1/3/13208_99.jpg


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DiRT 2 will not have Full DX11 Support

By: Array

DX11 is supposed to be the next big thing. At least that is what AMD and Microsoft would like you to think. On the surface (and in reality) it is a good step in the right direction for gaming. The problem lies in the way that it might be implemented by developers.


When we first heard that DiRT 2 and Racecar Driver Grid 2 were going DX11 we were very excited. Now we hear that the DX11 implementation will be a partial effort. Codemasters is not going to launch the game with full DX11 support.


Our sources tell us that there will be some of the more visible DX11 eye-candy enabled, but not all. This is a little disappointing to be honest, especially given the fact that AMD is offering coupons for a free copy of the game when it launches around the 23rd of October.


Speaking with other sources we see a pattern of developers half-heartedly implementing DX11 support. This is a shame as DX11 IS a much better gaming API than DX10. It should be easier to code for as well. To me this shows a sense of laziness on the part of game developers. If they would stop reusing code and engines far past their graphical usefulness then we might see some truly great games visually.


Then again considering the terrible plots and awful gameplay in most of today's games it is not surprising to see this happening. I mean, if they cannot be bothered to write a compelling story or side plots, why bother to write complete code for DX11 support.


Of course, there are and will always be bright spots. Word has gotten to us that while Modern Warfare II will not have DX11 support it will be as immersive as the first in the series. We also hear that the next Battle Field title will have full DX11 support.


TweakTown image news/1/3/13189_88.jpg


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ATI to include first DX11 game (Dirt 2) with Radeon HD 5870

By: Array

In similar fashion to ATI's deal with Valve in providing coupons for copies of Half Life 2 upon launch when purchasing select DirectX 9 based ATI graphics cards, it's been said that the imminent release of ATI's next family of desktop graphics cards, the Radeon HD 5800 series will come shipped with a coupon that allows the buyer to grab a copy of Dirt 2, the first DirectX 11 based game to hit the market.


However, no doubt due to shaking hands on optimization processes that favour ATI based graphics cards, the game's original launch date of September 10 has fallen back and at the least it won't be available until sometime in November, whilst the 5870 will inevitably be on shelves well before then, so you'll have to hold onto your coupon for a while before you can make use of it.


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OnLive Enters Beta Stage

By: Array

So you don't want to pay for a high powered computer, or you just can't afford to. Well there is no reason to worry or to sell of your younger/older brother (or the kids). All you really need to do it wait for OnLive to get going and you are good to go.


OnLive is a cloud based system that allows you to play games even on the lowest end hardware. To do this they execute all of the commands and code in a large power cloud system and send you only the parts that need to be displayed on your system. It is like a high performance version of the remote desktop protocol.


OnLive is currently in an invite only Beta they are still accepting requests for invitation so you could hear over and see if you can get in.


I will be very interested to see how this works out and what hardware these games will really run on. After all a service like this is not in the interest of the gaming or hardware industry at all.


TweakTown image news/1/3/13108_18.png


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NZXT Debuts Lexia S Gaming Case

By: Array

NZXT has pushed another gaming case out the door. The new case called the Lexia S is designed for optimal air flow with up to 5 fans.


NZXT has included spots for 120mm fans in the front, side, and back while a 140mm fan exhaust air out the top of the Lexia S. The Lexia S has a built in fan controller to allow you to adjust for noise or for cooling.


The overall look is reminiscent of the Guardian case and features a sleek black front and angled smoked window on the side. The interior will be all black which should help make your components more visible.


The Lexia S will retail for around $70 which is a good price for a mid-sized tower with high airflow.


TweakTown image news/1/3/13102_10.jpg


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First Ever Screen shots for Gran Turismo 5 out

By: Array

Ok so I am not a fan of the PS3. I will admit it I do not see anything that makes me want to get one. In fact I really feel that way about most consoles (even though I own a Wii and an XboX).


However there is one thing about the PS3 that I do like; that is Gran Turismo. It is simply a stunning game visually and in terms of game play.


Today I saw some of the first screen shots of the 5th installment of this game. All I can say is Wow. The graphics look great and I know from playing this game in the past that the controls are also top notch.


Joystiq also put up some screen shots of GT5 for the PSP. With all the new game titles coming out soon it is going to be a great time to be a gamer no matter what platform you prefer.


TweakTown image news/1/3/13097_06.jpg


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Wii now offering its Internet Channel for Free

By: Array

Nintendo has finally come out of its tiny little hole. What hole is this you might ask? Well it is the hole they have been living in while they thought it was ok to charge for the internet, or at least their internet channel.


Starting today you can get this handy little feature (complete with a new version of Flash Lite 3.1). This means that now you can browse the internet from your couch with a lazy wave of your hand. What could be better?


Well I guess there is more; you get access to a virtual QWERTY keyboard, favorites and even a home page.


If you already bought the browser for the previous 500 Wii Points you will get to pick an NES game of your choice just to make up for it.


Since the browser is provided by Opera and there are no alternatives on the Wii for Internet browsing; I have to wonder if there will be a complaint about people not being given a choice to use firefox, Chrome or IE...I will have to look into that one.


TweakTown image news/1/3/13096_05.png


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MS says Xbox 360 Twitter and Facebook claims inaccurate

By: Array

We are always quick to dispel any FUD we find. So when we saw the reports that Twitter and Facebook were only going to be free for the Xbox Live Gold members we were very disappointed but did not want to post about it right away.


Well we are glad that we waited. It seems that the information that caused these reports is inaccurate. MCV UK has been in touch with Microsoft and they have said that the statement that was at the bottom of the price cut announcement was not correct.


"Xbox Live Gold Membership will be required for Twitter and Facebook when they are available"


Apparently MS has not finished detailing how they are going to integrate these functions yet so they are not even sure what you will need. The integration is probably going to be part of the Fall update but nothing official has been said. If MS requires a gold membership it would hurt the adoption of these features. After all they are free on the PC, iPhone, BlackBerry, and even the PS3.


I guess we all will have to wait to find out what will happen with these new social networking tools for the Xbox 360.


MS says Xbox 360 Twitter and Facebook claims inaccurate


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