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DiRT2 begins to show its DX11 face

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If you've paid any attentionto the release of ATI's new DirectX 11 video cards or DirectX 11 in general, you would've heard about DiRT2 getting a DX11 face lift for the PC. With the demo just showing up in the past 24 hours and incorporating two tracks and a built-in performance benchmark, Radeon HD 5000 series users really have something to get excited about.


TweakTown image news/1/3/13644_01.jpg


If you're not a HD 5000 series user though, there's no need to be disappointed. Anyone interested in a new rally game to play is going to want to get in on the action, you just won't be able to enjoy it in all its DX11 glory.


We've got even better news though for those HD 5000 users. If you're wondering how the games going to run on your new DX11 enabled video card, you can check out our DiRT2 DX11 Performance Analysis where I've tested the game at the two highest presets at resolutions starting at 1680 x 1050 and ending at that glorious 2560 x 1600 resolution.


Looking at the numbers you'll probably find yourself with a smile on the dial, you can check out our performance analysis here and if you want to grab a copy of the 1.31GB demo, you can nab that here via GamersHell.


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Walmart Cyber Monday deals include gaming and netbook bargains

By: Array

Black Friday has come and gone with a slight increase in sales compared to last year. Today marks the official kickoff of the online Christmas sales season dubbed Cyber Monday. has some good deals if you are looking for a netbook or gaming hardware.




Walmart is offering a 10.2-inch Acer netbook with a case and flash drive for $268 with free shipping. The netbook is available in six different Colors. If a netbook doesn't float your boat you can also get a 12MP Kodak digital camera for $89.


Gamers can grab up a Nintendo DSi value bundle with a game and accessories for $189. If you still don't have a Wii you can get one for $249 with a free game, accessory, and two controllers. The new PS3 Slim can be had for $369 with two games, a Blu-ray movie, and a Sony Blu-ray remote.


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iBuyPower unveils five new gaming rigs exclusively for Newegg

By: Array

Like many other computer enthusiasts, I am a big fan of Newegg. iBuyPower is showing Newegg some love with a new set of five gaming desktops that are exclusive to the online shop. The new machines offer a variety of prices and levels of performance.




The five machines include the Gamer Extreme 922 SLC, 559 SLC, 919 SLC, 929 SLC, and the 979 SLC. The 979 SLC is the top of the heap and is crammed with gaming goodies and a $3999 price tag. The rig has a 240mm ASETEK CPU liquid cooling device, Intel Core i7 975 CPU, 12GB of RAM, dual NVIDIA GTX 295 video cards, a 128GB SSD, 1.5TB HDD, and a Blu-ray player.


For those shopping on a lower budget the entry level 922 LSC sells for $989.99 and packs in an Intel Core i7 860 CPU, 120mm ASETEK liquid cooler, 4GB of RAM, NVIDIA GT220 graphics, and a 500GB HDD. The other machines in the range fall between these two in price and performance. The 559 SLC uses an AMD Phenom II CPU.


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New gaming PC maker launches called Origin

By: Array

I am not sure if the computer industry needs another boutique gaming PC maker. I can see some room for a firm capable of making unique and powerful gaming machines at a low price, but the gaming PC market is well served right now. I don't see room for more of the same.


TweakTown image news/1/3/13546_4.jpg


A new gaming PC brand has debuted called Origin with a new desktop and a new laptop for gamers. The desktop is called the Genesis and has some interesting available options. One of the cool things is that the buyer can get any case that is on the market today. Unlimited paint and color options are available and the rig can be had with overclocked AMD or Intel processors. Pricing for the Genesis desktop starts at $1,699.


The Eon18 gaming notebook has unlimited color and design options for paint. The screen is 18.4-inches and the resolution is 1920 x 1080. The notebook uses an Intel Core 2 Extreme processor. Graphics are via NVIDIA GeForce GTX 280M video card and 8GB of RAM is installed. Storage is to three HDDs with RAID options and a Blu-ray drive is built in. The gaming notebook starts at $2599.


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Alan Wake set for a May 2010 launch

By: Array

Finally, it looks like we have a launch date in place for the highly anticipated "Alan Wake", a blockbuster game so many of us are holding out for, bigtime.


TweakTown image news/1/3/13518_15.jpg


Seems they're on the last curve towards the home straight after over five years of development, with sources reporting that May 12th, 2010 is the definitive big day.


Also, word has it that the PC release won't be the first to see the light of day, as Remedy have plans to update it with DX11 support and bring it out sometime later in 2010. Apparently it will be the Xbox 360 version Remedy has plans to bring out first on the May 12th launch day.


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Xbox 360 owners will get fall update next week

By: Array

Another big update is on its way to Xbox 360 owners around the globe next week; November 17 to be exact.


Some nice convenient features will become available once this update has taken place, including Facebook and Twitter support as well as streaming abilities and 1080p Zune marketplace videos. Further to that is a new music store with the ability to download extra content for Guitar Hero, Rock Band and other supporting titles.


Some pre-release shots have been discovered on the web, for your viewing pleasure below.


TweakTown image news/1/3/13507_01.jpg


TweakTown image news/1/3/13507_02.jpg


TweakTown image news/1/3/13507_03.jpg


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Project Natal for the 360 won't cost an arm and a leg

By: Array

Despite how high tech and costly Project Natal for the 360 looks from preview videos and info found around the web, the latest news has it that Microsoft are keeping the cost right down so that all gamers can be a part of the experience.


TweakTown image news/1/3/13490_01.jpg


Rumour has it that the technology is being designed in such a way that the cost is kept down to a mere £50 (around $80 USD) or potentially even less. Apparently this will also include 14 mini-games as part of the bundle to further interest impulse buyers.


It's also quite probable Microsoft will soon after do an Xbox 360 pack bundled with Natal for a nice rounded price and it's expected there'll be as many as 5 million add-ons available come launch in November 2010.


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Razer mixes simplicity with performance - Abyssus Gaming Mouse

By: Array

Razer has just extended its plethora of gaming mice with the new Abyssus, sporting a state of the art 3500 DPI capable 3.5G infrared sensor, 1000Hz Ultrapolling and 1ms response time.


TweakTown image news/1/3/13478_08.jpg


Keeping the mouse fairly simple by design, it offers the best in the way of performance for the most demanding gamers, but without the added bells and whistles many gamers simply don't require, helping keep the cost down to a quite respectable $49.99 US.


TweakTown image news/1/3/13478_11.jpg


The Abyssus is now available for purchase on RazerZone and will become available worldwide in late December.


For a full features list and other relevant details, check out the full PR here folks.


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Xbox 360 802.11n adapter shipping as of Nov 10

By: Array

The Xbox 360's aging and overpriced 802.11g based wireless adapter is about to be widely replaced by a new 802.11n capable model, as discovered on Costco's online store in which it is currently at a slightly discounted price of $88.


TweakTown image news/1/3/13441_11.jpg


The new model has two antennas for superior signal quality and transfer speeds. Also, the wireless N speeds should give users the ability to wirelessly stream 1080p content from the upgraded Zune movies collection without a hitch.


Costco has said the adapter is scheduled for shipment as of November 10.


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Batman Arkham Asylum scandal - NVIDIA & AMD have it out

By: Array

There's a bit of a stir happening over at the Hexus forums at the moment between NVIDIA spokesperson Lars Weinand and AMD's Richard Huddy, responsible as Worldwide Developer Relations Manager for AMD's GPU Division.


The discussion relates to Eidos' game title Batman Arkham Asylum in which AA support using ATI based graphics cards is not possible. NVIDIA's Lars Weinand says :-


"Batman AA is not our property. It is owned by Eidos. It is up to Eidos to decide the fate of a feature that AMD refused to contribute too and QA for their customers, not NVIDIA.


If it is relatively trivial, Mr. Huddy should have done it himself. The Unreal engine does not support in game AA, so we added it and QAed it for our customers. As Eidos confirmed (Not allowed to post links here, but check PCper for Eidos' statement) AMD refused the same opportunity to support gamers with AA on AMD GPUs. I'm sure Mr. Huddy knows how important QA is for game developers. I recommend AMD starts working with developers to make their HW work in a proper way. That's not our job. We added functionality for NVIDIA GPUs into the game. We did not lock anything out. AMD just did not do their work."


Richard quickly responds :-


"NVIDIA has done the right thing in bowing to public pressure to renounce anti-competitive sponsorship practices and given Eidos a clear mandate to remove the vendor ID detect code that is unfairly preventing many of Eidos' customers from using in-game AA, as per Mr. Weinand's comments. I would encourage Mr. Singleton at Eidos to move quickly and decisively to remove NVIDIA's vendor ID detection.


It's also worth noting here that AMD have made efforts both pre-release and post-release to allow Eidos to enable the in-game antialiasing code - there was no refusal on AMD's part to enable in game AA IP in a timely manner.


I trust that you will also confirm that no similar activity will take place on any other games?


The entertainment continues at the source link below :-


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