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Dirt-2 DX 11 engine shown off in new trailer

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If you are not out a Quakeconn and need something to take care of your DX11 fix then the following video from PCPerspective should do quite nicely.


The demo shows of Dirt-2 complete with D11 engine and running on ATi Radeon DX11 hardware. The effects are very impressive as the trailer shows actual in-game footage.


DX11 will debut with Windows 7 in October, this is when we should see DX11 cards from ATi and possibly the first reviews of nVidia DX11 parts. Availability of these should be around the holiday shopping season if the information we have is correct.


Enjoy the video but you might want to turn your speakers down as the volume is lound.





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Sony finally announces PS3 Slim for $300

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This morning K-Mart let the proverbial cat out of the bag on the Sony PS3 Slim. This is the same console that Sony has been denying for the better part of a year. Well K-Mart messed up by putting this up on their website for $299.99. The launch date was set for the 24th of August.


At the same time Sony was preparing for a news conference at Noon Eastern Time in the US. Many knew that they would hear word of the PS3 Slim from the horse's mouth.


Well Sony did officially announce the PS3 Slim and for the listed $299 but the launch date is a little off. Sony says that it will be ready in early September. The new PS3 will have a larger HDD at 120GB but will feature pretty much the same hardware otherwise.


Sony also announced that it will knock off $100 from the current PS3 system bringing it down $299.99 for an 80GB full sized version. Why you would want to do that I am not sure as in a couple of weeks you can have the newer version with a larger HDD for the same price.


Sony finally announces PS3 Slim for $300




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Ads in games ruin the experience cause slowdowns

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So what is the price of Advertising in Gaming? If you are a player of WipeOut HD then it means slow load times, poor performance and host of other problems. Of course to me it means much more.


When I purchase a game I pay for gaming content, this comes in the form of graphics, AI, sound, immersive game play and storyline. I will happily shell out as much as $60 for a good game. This is in addition to any upgrades to hardware I might need to make sure I can play the game properly. What I do not want is to have to deal with advertising in my game.


I despise the presence of ads in games as much as I hate FUD (Fear Uncertainty and Doubt) both have no place in gaming and technology in general. Both are the last ditch efforts of the desperate.


Placing Ads in games will no doubt inspire more pirated versions of the games as they can selectively remove those ads like some games get their cut scenes removed. If fully pirated copies are not the outcome then surely tools to block these ads in the games will. So in the end the consumer and the gamer loose out by putting ads in our games.


Ads in games ruin the experience cause slowdowns

Screenshot courtesy of Planet Half Life


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Rage to be designed for the console

By: Array

Well it looks like Rage from id Software will be primarily aimed at the console market. This is in line with what John Carmack said back in 2008.


This is an interesting departure from id's normal work. Usually id titles hit the PC and then are later ported to the console if there is a big demand for it (like Doom). So why the shift to the console? Well if I were a betting man I would say that is the popularity of the newer consoles combined with online access they all now have. I would also add that porting from console to PC is usually easier than PC to console.


id has said that there will be a PC version with a little better graphics but that it will be split onto two DVDs for the install. However, since it is being designed for the console first it will be like many console ports and have controls that will feel awkward and clumsy on the PC unless you use a console style controller.


Rage to be designed for the console


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Xbox with Natal could be out in H2 2010

By: Array

If you are into the Xbox 360 then there is some potentially good news for you.


The blunder made by Steve Balmer in announcing that Natal would come to the Xbox in 2010 could be correct and not a mistake.


The evidence that points towards this is Aptina being hit up for a few 1.3 MegaPixel cameras (of the type that would be used by Natal). This could put the "Natal Xbox" in the stores in time for the holiday shopping season in 2010.


There is no confirmation on this from Microsoft, but then again they need to clear out their existing inventory and honestly they would not confirm it now anyway. It is way too soon and could give the competition time to counter the move.


Xbox with Natal could be out in H2 2010


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Resident Evil 5 for PC coming soon

By: Array

Fans of Resident Evil will be happy to find that the Fifth installment in the Zombie killing game is due out for PC on September 18th in Europe.


Now this all by itself is pretty cool but there is further news that it the PC version of the game will support GeForce 3D Vision.


So for the lucky few of you that have a 120Hz LCD monitor and the 3D Vision glasses you will get to dive into the brain hungry, blood thirsty realm of zombie destruction in full 3D.


Now all we need is something to slash you with gore and a scent emitting device and you will feel like you are really there.


Resident Evil 5 for PC coming soon


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Bill Gates says Natal not just for gaming

By: Array

In a recent interview Bill Gates indicated that project Natal would not be a technology limited to the Xbox 360. It seems that Natal could be developed for Windows too.


Gates also indicated that Natal would not be just for gaming, it could be developed for content consumption, collaboration etc.


It is a very cool thought to think of interacting with your system in this way. Given the fast introduction of 3D capable displays, movies and upcoming games it seems that this would indeed become a push for PC makers and Microsoft.


When I first heard about this I first saw that scene in Iron Man where Tony Stark is making his new Iron Suit. Right after I envisioned Majority Report. Still it seems that the future is looking pretty cool, not only for gaming but for system interaction as a whole.


Bill Gates says Natal not just for gaming


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Sony removes content approval for PSP-Go Games

By: Array

There are rumblings that Sony is getting everything in place to try and go head to head with Apple in the online mobile content distribution arena.


With the announcement of the PSP-Go the UMD-less device Sony had made its intentions clear that it wanted to go with online content. However what we did not know was how they would serve this out. Would it be a restricted and controlled environment like Apple's App store? Would it be a sparse catalogue like the Palm apps store?


Well wonder no more, the word is out that Sony plans to court big time game and content developers by offering no content approval, and reduced prices (up to 80%) on development kits.


Now I like the idea of the cheaper dev kits but no content approval? That is just crazy. I can see it now..."Honest Mom and Dad, I do not know how Strippers in Heat the Game got on my PSP-GO"


Sony removes content approval for PSP-Go games/apps


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Additional Duke Nukem Title not to be coming soon

By: Array

In the never ending (or indeed releasing) saga of the Duke Nukem it looks like there is another player in the tragic comedy that surrounds this title.


According to documents released with the legal play going on between Take-Two and 3D Realms another Duke Title was in the offering called Duke Nukem Begins.


This additional title was not much more than a foot note saying it would be developed by a third party developer. Now it seems that this third party developer is none other than Gearbox.


Does this mean that we might see a new Duke Nukem title in the near future? Unfortunately in this Greek Tragedy that has surrounded the Nukem line I highly doubt it.


Duke Nukem Begins will probably be not much more than another title we can see the occasional screen shot from but no real game.

Additional Duke Title not to be coming soon


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WoW Player makes threats to blow up plane

By: Array

You know maybe we should start a new series of awards to honor people that just do not think...oh wait there is already one of those out. Well ok let's just make sure that this guy gets on the list for one.


According to WBIC in Indiana, an 18 Year Old was online playing World of Warcraft when he made a threat to blow up a commercial airliner. Now this is not something you bandy about in an online community that is monitored. You would not even say this out loud in a public place.


Well you can probably figure out what happened. A Moderator noticed the messages and contacted the authorities about them. The idio...Um I mean the person's IP was found, traced and the FBI showed up at his door.


He was interrogated and now may face federal charges.


His comment to the FBI…


He was testing a theory.


And the winner of this year's award goes to…

WoW Player makes threats to blow up plane


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