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Sony and HBO offer HBO shows for purchase on PlayStation Network

By: Array

Sony and HBO announced today that they have teamed up to offer premium HBO shows on the PlayStation network. Typically, the only way you can see these shows is to subscribe to HBO on your cable network or get the DVDs.


TweakTown image news/1/5/15422_1.jpg


The new deal apparently is not exclusive and the programs offered include many of the most popular current and old programs. Shows include True Blood, Rome, Entourage, and The Sopranos. Multiple season of each show are offered.


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PAC-MAN stays on Google for good

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A few days ago Google added a PACMAN game to its front page with the Google logo embedded inside the game. It quickly gained rapid recognition and popularity online. Heck, most of the staff here at TweakTown even sat on the Google search page for once not searching, but playing the great game.


TweakTown image news/1/5/15396_77.png


Google added PAC-MAN as its logo on the 30th anniversary of the game and due to huge popularity, the search engine giant has decided to keep it up online permanently.


Google said in a blog post, "We've been overwhelmed - but not surprised :) - by the success of our 30th anniversary PAC-MAN doodle. Due to popular demand, we're making the game permanently available at "


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Samsung Mobile sets world record for largest dodgeball game

By: Array

I think the coaches got a sick thrill out of seeing the smaller kids get pounded by the bigger kids at dodgeball in middle school. It always seemed like someone was aiming for your nads too. Samsung has set a new world record for the largest game of dodgeball ever.


TweakTown image news/1/5/15359_5.jpg


The game was certified by the Guinness World Record people with a game of two teams with 712 players total. The game had 600 dodgeballs in play. I can't imagine the carnage that the initial volley caused, talk about a target rich environment. I bet one throw took out ten geeks.


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Lego Pac-Man arcade game plays all sorts of 80's games

By: Array

I was in elementary school in the 80's and we had Lego's in the room for playtime. We often built guns and cars with them and fought over the wheels and little men. The 80's were also the heyday for arcade gaming like Pac-Man.


TweakTown image news/1/5/15329_4.jpg


Some geeks at Big Ben Bricks have put two of my favorite things from the 80's into one device, and it actually works. The contraption is a video game cabinet that is made from Lego blocks and it actually plays 80's arcade games like Donkey Kong.


The cabinet has a Jamma 48-1 board inside letting it play all kinds of arcade classics like Space Invaders, Donkey Kong, and more. I doubt it would stand up to an irritated player bashing the buttons.


Steam for Mac boils with new games

By: Array

Steam has been around on the PC for a long time now. The service was both loved and hated by many, but the cool factor of being able to download new games was undeniable. Even if it took way longer to download than it would take to drive to the store and buy frequently.




Steam has recently landed on the Mac and the service has new cross-platform multiple player titles. Steam is announcing that new cross platform titles that include Killing Floor, Altitude, and Madballs in Babo: Invasion.


In celebration, Steam is offering Mac gamers Killing Floor at 33% off for a limited time and Altitude is heading for a free weekend promotion with the game 50% off regular price. More Mac titles are set to hit Steam next week.


Nintendo trademarks 3DSWare and 3DSPlay

By: Array

We all know that the Nintendo 3DS is coming to market and will be unveiled at E3 next month. The new portable console has 3D graphics along with a 2D mode and the 3D gaming needs no glasses.


TweakTown image news/1/5/15302_5.jpg


Nintendo is gearing up for the launch of the device and has filed trademarks on the 3DSWare and 3DSPlay trademarks. Those two trademarks will take no one by surprise and would fit in along with the WiiPlay that Nintendo already has.


There are lots of gamers out there looking to get their hands on the 3DS console and hopefully it will spawn some competition. We are hearing grumblings that a PSP 2 may be coming soon.


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Price for Project Natal camera pegged at about $200

By: Array

We have been hearing a lot about Project Natal for a while now. The device is a camera for the Xbox 360 that allows the user motion control without holding a controller. New information on the price of the tech has surfaced.


TweakTown image news/1/5/15287_5.jpg


A place holder for Project Natal has been put up on a Scandinavian website that lists the price at 1,499 SEK. That price tag breaks down to about $191 here in the US.


It is worth noting that those countries have very high markups and taxes. Games selling for $60 here go for $80 over there. Still, at least we have some idea of the price will be looking at when the device launches.


Microsoft marketing manager confirms Natal launch in October

By: Array

You would have to be under a rock to not know that Microsoft has a cool motion sensing controller coming that is a camera and not an actual controller. The camera turns the player into the controller and is called Project Natal.


TweakTown image news/1/5/15208_4.jpg


Microsoft Saudi marketing manager Syed Bilal Tariq has let slip that the Natal camera is set to launch in October. He didn't specify an actual date, but we should find that out next month at E3.


He also confirmed that the Natal tech would launch globally at the same time. Natal should be in stores in plenty of time for the holidays.


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Wiimotes can now be used to play games on Android phones.

By: Array

TweakTown image news/1/5/15172_002.jpg


We knew the Wii Controller Demo app (now known as "Wii Controller IME") was close to being able to interact with Android in a meaningful way, but we certainly didn't expect to see Average Joes playing Donkey Kong on their Nexus One devices this soon. Not that we're kvetching or anything -- and in fact, we'd argue that this landed at a perfect time for you hard-workin' Android owners to give this all a spin over the weekend. Jump on past the break for a look at the setup procedure as well as bona fide proof that a Wiimote and Android can indeed work together for the greater good. Mind those coconuts, though.


Update: Whoa, we just spotted that this app is actually pikipirs' completely free Wiimote Controller app (available now to download in alpha), which just so happened to surface at about the same time as Ryan Frawley's Will Controller IME (also available now). The more the merrier, right?


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