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Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 trailer

The day has come. The Treyarch-produced Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 trailer is here, and I'm kind of speechless. Before I get into what I think of the trailer, check it out below for yourself, then we'll talk about it:



There you have it, the trailer to a game that most likely has a budget of over $100 million, yet looks like it could've been produced 6 years ago or more. Jaggies everywhere, low-res textures, facial animation from the NES ages. That's what it feels like, anyway. If Crysis and Battlefield, and countless other better looking games had not come before it, then I wouldn't care. But the bar has been raised, significantly.




COD: Black Ops 2 gets below this bar, throws up on the floor and has a fit in its own mess. It tries to get back up, slips over and repeats this pattern every 12 months or so, around November.


But, it will sell, big time. Of course, this is only my opinion, but the gaming industry is better than this. Much better than this. Looks like some dumb fun for a while, though. I won't be touching it.

Skyrim DLC Dawnguard Coming This Summer

After weeks of teasing us about the upcoming DLC for Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Bethesda has finally released more details about the coming DLC. First off, the name of the DLC is going to be 'Dawnguard.' I've never actually played Skyrim, so I can't say if that is some sort of reference to something in the game.




The marketing teaser image shows the usual hero. However, he has an unusual yellow glow in his eyes which could signal that the hero could be gaining some sort of new powers in the DLC. As we reported previously, gamers have dug around in a patch and found references to things that most likely will be showing up in the DLC.


Bethesda says that Dawnguard will debut on Xbox360 sometime this summer. In case you hadn't heard, the first two DLCs for Skyrim will be timed exclusives for Xbox 360. PS3 and PC gamers will have to wait at least an additional 30 days beyond the release. Technically, summer starts at the end of May, but it's doubtful that it will be that early. Bethesda says they are waiting for E3 in early June to release more details. I'll be attending E3, so I'll make sure to get the low down!

Skyrim DLC details to be announced today

Bethesda is set to release the first details of the first downloadable content (DLC) for its popular game Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Details of the DLC are not known to me at the time of writing, but some rumors and information has leaked out. Bethesda's Pete Hines, VP of Marketing and PR, confirmed in a tweet that the information would come sometime today.




Fans with keen eyes have already uncovered some information about the DLC pack. A recent update to the game included a folder titled "DLC01." Inside the folder, gamers found game files for Snow Elf characters, a Snow Elf Princess, crossbows and new vampires animations, according to CVG. Expect more details as they become available.


Bethesda also trademarked the name Dawnguard in March. This suggests that the new DLC could go by that name, especially due to the fact of the vampire game files that gamers found. The game also received Kinect support today. This is limited to the English language, but does contain over 200 voice commands.

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Ex-FutureMark devs working on first-person puzzle game

A new game trailer has hit the internet. This trailer is for a game that I had heard nothing about until this trailer showed up. Indie Finnish studio Theory Interactive is the creator of this new game Reset. They claim that the entire trailer is based upon footage from the in-game engine. This means no up-ressed textures, geometry or effects.




"Everything you see in the trailer is straight from the in-game engine," says Theory on the Reset blog. "No up-ressed textures, geometry or effects." Ok, so the trailer looks pretty darn good, but what is this game all about? The Theory Interactive team is a two-man team of former FutureMark developers: Alpo Oksaharju and Mikko Kallinen.


The description they provide for Reset is that it is a "single-player co-op first-person puzzle game." Players are supposedly able to jump back in time to compliment their own actions. They add that "atmosphere and mood are a big part of what we want people to experience." It's also set to be a PC exclusive.

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AMD teams up with GameFly to get you gaming for less, at least for a little while

AMD cares about the customer. Today's announcement of GameFly and AMD teaming up is just another example of all the things they do for you, the customer. This time AMD would like to get you gaming for cheap, at least for a little while. AMD announced that GameFly and AMD had an agreement to bring easier access to GameFly's online PC game rental and PC download services for a limited time.




Gamers who purchase select AMD A-Series APUs, AMD Athlon II CPUs, AMD Phenom™ II CPUs or AMD FX Series CPUs in areas where GameFly is accessible will receive a free 30-day GameFly membership and a 20% discount on a new PC game purchase when bought via the GameFly PC store. I don't have a listing of which CPUs qualify, so if I find one, I will add it here.


"AMD draws inspiration from gamers, game developers and the PC gaming industry," said John Taylor, director of Global Product and Technology Marketing at AMD. "Hand-in-hand with the AMD Gaming Evolved program, we continue to listen to gamers and fulfill our 'Gamers Come First!' pledge. AMD‟s close affiliation with GameFly shows our gratitude to gamers and to GameFly for recognizing how AMD represents best-in-class PC gaming experiences."

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 release date leaked, expect it on 11/13/12

We all know it's coming, the next Call of Duty title is Black Ops 2, but when is it coming is the question. Every year around the holidays, Call of Duty: Something comes out, and now we have a Black Ops 2 release date to share with you: 11/13/12.




Where did this release date come from? Well, and image of the PS3 and Xbox 360 pre-order cards for US chain Target were posted on IGN. We all know that Call of Duty comes at this time of the year, but now we have some pretty much undeniable proof.


We should expect some Black Ops 2 trailers and details over the coming months.

Portal 2's Perpetual Testing Initiative gets a trailer, includes an optupus

Ah, Portal 2, soon to be the game that keeps on giving. Last week we talked about the Portal 2 DLC, Perpetual Testing Initiative, but today we have a trailer of the upcoming map creator DLC.



Yes. It features an optupus. Octopus' seem to be the new zombies, it is 2012 after all. The last few seconds of the trailer itself show off the in-game editor, and I can really see some truly amazing, mind-bending maps being made from this.




I'm sure Valve will also snap up said map creators, and put them into an Aperture lab to make Portal 3.

NVIDIA announces GeForce Experience Cloud Service for Quality Presets

NVIDIA had quite the day yesterday, with CEO Jen-Hsun Huang proudly announcing the kick-arse GEFORCE GTX 690, based on two Kepler GK104 GPUs. But, that wasn't the only big news, another thing Team Green announced was the 'GeForce Experience'.




What is that? It does sound like a trip in a fighter plane, or some really cheesy porno, but it's actually a cloud-based service with the promise of simplifying the configuration of games based on your hardware. This means that depending on your particular hardware configuration, including the CPU, RAM, storage speed and of course, the GPU, the NVIDIA tool will set the optimal in-game settings and resolution.


This is a huge step for NVIDIA, but they're confident that they have the personnel and testing systems in place to push this forward. How it'll work is pretty simple: when a user opens a game for the first time, they'll be prompted with a screen that shows the default of current game settings side-by-side with the settings recommended by NVIDIA's GeForce Experience.

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'Evil is Back', Diablo III's latest TV spot is deliciously evil

If you don't want to have to sit through Family Guy tonight to catch the latest Diablo III TV spot 'Evil is Back', then you might want to watch the 30-second advertisement below.



Well, that looks just a little awesome, doesn't it? The TV spot doesn't really show anything about the game itself, but right now Diablo III anything is good. Diablo III arrives for PC and Mac on May 15. If you didn't play the beta, or participate in the open beta weekend, then you've missed out.




I'm an old school Diablo fan and the latest game is great. It does have its problems, but what game doesn't? For me, a beta that works perfectly, no glitches, no crashes, no BSODs, no CTODs, and 3-screen support out-of-the-box, you've sold me, Blizzard. The full game should be even better, and I hope to play with you when it hits! Add me!

Nintendo to offer digital downloads of some WiiU, 3DS games

In a move which should help bring Nintendo back to profitability, they are looking to start selling some WiiU and 3DS games as digital downloads. Their implementation of this differs from other console manufactures in that they are going to distribute the digital download codes via retailers so that they still get their share.




This will give shoppers the choice when at retailers to choose whether they want a digital copy or a physical copy. This move also helps Nintendo combat the used game market, which could result in an increase of games sold. This is one of the company's first steps into the digital distribution. Previously, they had sold only smaller games for download through WiiWare, DISiWare and the 3DS eShop.


The first title offered for digital download will be New Super Mario Brothers 2 for the 3DS. This should be released sometime in August. The brain-training game Onitore, part of the Brain Age series, is also set to be available digitally. The WiiU will use a similar, if not the same, system when the console launches later this year.

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