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AMD steps up enthusiast game against Intel, NVIDIA

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TG Daily, features an account of AMD's fight to make leaps and bounds in the enthusiast sector of the market.


Sunnyvale, CA based AMD's CPU offerings, have been lagging behind Intel's Core 2 processor family which, literally, has been obliterating offerings from AMD in sheer performance stakes. With Intel in their target and by launching, what they deem as highly overclockable, yet affordable CPUs, AMD aims to match, if not exceed, their successes against NVIDIA.


On the GPU battlefield, AMD's turnaround in late 2007, with the HD 3800 series, marked the turning of the tide in price to performance ratios and this, has been heightened with the recent launch of the RV770 GPU, which has taken birth as the HD 4800 series.


Amongst information pertaining to AMD's upcoming Phenom 9950 CPU, together with 790GX and SB700/750 chipset solutions, a screenshot depicts the highly anticipated R700 graphics solution, in CrossFireX configuration, scoring X12515 in 3DMark Vantage.



The R700, featuring two RV770 GPUs and, in the CrossFireX configuration used by AMD's Austin team, utilised four GPUs in total, to achieve the 3DMark Vantage score in question. The RV770 GPUs were clocked at 778 MHz, whilst the onboard GDDR5 memory modules, were running at a sprightly 980 MHz (QDR).


By way of comparison, it is notable that three NVIDIA GTX280 solutions are required to achieve a comparable score.


With AMD making waves, it is expected that not only is the R700 heading for launch within a seven week time-frame, yet also that AMD's next CPU and chipset iterations, should see the light of day too.


Perhaps the playing field in enthusiast land is about to get that little bit more even?


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Photo Realistic Gaming is Five Years Away

By: Array

At the recent Cinema 2.0 Press Event in San Francisco, California the general conscious from AMD product managers is that photo realistic gaming is still five years away. A technical demo was shown at the event that shows AMD making great strides towards what professional gamer Alyson Craghouse calls "The Pentacle of Gaming."



You can see the full sized technical demo in Shockwave form here.


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NZXT wreaks Khaos with its new gaming case

By: Array

NZXT has just taken the covers off its latest gaming case, Khaos.


Just when you thought the computer industry was already flooded with cases, we get another one to add into the mix. NZXT's Khaos was introduced today and it looks like yet another one to add to the potential list for your new box.


It is decked out with loads of great featuring including dual front 12cm fans with LEDs for the bling factor, very cool flappable motherboard tray for easy access and installation, triple 12cm fan bracket to cool hard drives at the front of the case, heatsink style setup at the top if 14cm to dissipate heat through the top of the case, dual PSU support and it comes on wheels for ease of transport - not that this beast would be moving around too much.


It definitely screams "Khaos" and you'll be able to get your piece of the action for $399 USD around the middle of this month.


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Kingmax into SSD game with 2.5-inch 64GB SATA-II

By: Array

COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2008 There are many companies displaying SSD's at Computex this year and one such example is from Kingmax.


While the products they had were probably just dummy's (they should get some booth staff that can speak English), it would have been nice to see them actually up and running. All these companies claim they have SSD products but unless they are up and running, it doesn't mean much.


Anyway, here are a couple shots of the Kingmax 2.5-inch 64GB SATA-II drive that features a rather stylish looking metal casing with reflective sticker, that made taking photos a joy... NOT!




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Corsair and Dell agree on 4GB for gaming PCs

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COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2008 Memory company Corsair has helped Dell take their XPS systems to a new level by including 4GB 1600MHz DDR3 DOMINATOR modules in the high performing Dell XPS 730; increasing the optimal memory amount for a gaming-oriented PC by an extra 2GB.


Details here.


Fremont, CA, June 3, 2008 - CorsairĀ®, a worldwide leader in enthusiast computer and flash memory products, announced today that 4GB of overclocked DDR3 memory is now officially ready for prime time. Using Corsair's DOMINATOR memory modules, Dell's XPS 730 gaming desktop runs with rock-solid stability at the overclocked memory frequency of 1600 MHz.


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OCZ gaming keyboards, mice and mouse pad out soon

By: Array

COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2008 OCZ is first and foremost a memory maker but these days the company is much more.


We are pushed for time at this moment after a crazy Day 0 but OCZ will soon push out anew line of gaming peripheral products including three keyboards, one mouse and a mouse pad. We're not sure if the mouse pad will be sold separately but it will be bundled with OCZ's range of new high-end upcoming gaming notebooks that we'll get a look at a little later - they use DDR3 memory, so we are limited in what can be said at the moment.


For now, feast your eyes over the following shots - OCZ has taken aim for companies like Logitech and SteelSeries with these products and from what we saw from our brief time with the products, they should do rather well. We'll reserve our full judgments for when we get them in for testing.







More from OCZ a bit later!


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GIGABYTE readies its new gaming keyboard

By: Array

GIGABYTE made the next headlines recently regarding its upcoming GK-K8000 which claims to be the world's first mechanical gaming keyboard.


It is mechanical in the sense that it uses non-click Cherry MX-linear keys which is said to guarantee a life cycle of up to 60 million keystrokes. Do the math on that!


It marks the first entrant for GIGABYTE into the PC gaming peripherals market and has indeed sparked some attention. It has a truck load of features which we will cover in our exclusive review soon but to summarize some of the features - it has 10 programmable gaming hotkeys that supports up to 103 customizable profiles. These profiles are also able to be setup and changed with the included 512KB onboard memory through the GHOST Engine software suite.


If that is not enough for you, the GK-K8000 even includes the C-Media 6300 single audio chip for USB stereo audio for microphone in & earphone out.


We got an updating on when the keyboard will hit store shelves and the date we were told was at the end of April.


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Gigabyte launches watercooled gaming PC

By: Array

We've just found out that Gigabyte has released information about it's up and coming retail branded PC's and one of the first models will be the Eagles, which is a high-end gaming system which will ship with a watercooling setup as standard. The black tower case with a full-length door doesn't look like any of Gigabyte's own brand cases and even things like the motherboard model name doesn't look familiar.


We're not sure if it's a good idea on Gigabyte's behalf to start competing with what inadvertently are their customers for many of their other product ranges. None the less, looking at the specifications of the Eagles system, this could possibly prove to be a successful venture for Gigabyte.



We're talking X38 chipset, support for either DDR2 or DDR3 memory, a choice of Intel Core 2 Quad and Duo processors, a GeForce 8800 GTX graphics card and an 800W PSU as part of the package. It should also come with a multi-format DVD writer, a Western Digital Raptor hard drive if we're reading the specs right and onboard Intel Gigabit Ethernet.


There's a lot of information missing, such as when and where it will be available and how much it'll cost. We're going to get in touch with Gigabyte and see if we can't manage to find out some more information for you, but no promises this time.


You can find the product spec page here


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New gaming keyboard from Everglide

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It seems like there's no end of new gaming keyboards this week and the latest one comes from another traditional mouse mat manufacturer, Everglide. Their new gaming keyboard goes under the name of the Everglide DKTboard and it's sold in a bundle with a DKTmat.


Apparently the DKTboard has been designed and engineered with help from Razer. The keyboard features a slim key-cap structure that is meant to deliver faster response and a more tactile comfort. It also comes housed in an aluminium casing to add to the ruggedness.



The keys are backlit, but this can be turned on or off and there are eight hotkeys for quick access to applications. The DKTboard comes in either silver or black and retails for US$69.99 which is quite affordable compared to the new 7G from SteelSeries.


You can find the product page here


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D-Link launches Draft-N gaming router

By: Array

Although information about the OLED equipped DGL-4500 gaming router from D-Link has already leaked out onto the web, the company has finally launched it and it looks like it might be worth it for serious gamers. Not only does it have four Gigabit LAN ports, but even the WAN port supports Gigabit speeds, which is great if you happen to have a really fast internet connection unlike most.


It also features Draft-N Wi-Fi and it has three removable antennas and D-Link has added an extra twist by allowing it to work on both the 2.4GHz and 5GHz band with speeds of up to 300Mbit. There's a USB port on the back as well, but sadly this is not for external storage, nor will it function as a print server, as this is simply for Windows Connect Now profiles to be copied onto a USB flash drive.



The OLED display is mostly just for looks and the brag factor, but it does display a few useful feature such as up and download speeds and router settings and it will also double up as a clock and calendar. We're sold anyhow, as it makes a fairly mundane piece of hardware look cool.


Finally we have D-Link's Gamefuel setting, which prioritises game packets over other network traffic to give you the lowest possible ping times and enough bandwidth so you don't lag out when it really counts. It also features more standard router features such as an SPI firewall, WEP and WPA encryption, NAT and VPN pass-trough.


The only downside as we can see it is the retail price of US$239.99 which is quite steep for a router. You can find the product page here


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