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F.E.A.R. 3 on the way - John Carpenter gets in on the action

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Fans of the horror FPS series F.E.A.R. will be excited to know that Day 1 Studios has decided to take on the next instalment, F.E.A.R. 3 with the previous developer, Monolith handballing the franchise over.


It will be very interesting how this one turns out and a lot of anticipation will likely build up through its development stages with John Carpenter getting involved whom is a fantastic film director for horror movies such as the Halloween series, Village of the Damned and many others.


TweakTown image news/1/4/14812_04.jpg


Comic writer Steve Niles is also said to be getting in on this project as a co-writer for the development of the script.


Enhanced multiplayer elements are expected to be added to this instalment and apparently it could be ready as early as fall of this year. Let's just hope it's not rushed too much and is polished well without compromise.


It's expected to be released for all the major platforms; Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and of course, the PC.


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Microsoft update adds new Xbox 360 features

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The Sony PS3 gets software updates all the time it seems. Not all of them are good for users though, like the recent update that killed support for other OS' on the console.


TweakTown image news/1/4/14751_1.jpg


Microsoft also updates the Xbox 360 frequently and has a new update coming for the console that adds some new features to the mix. The update provides support for USB storage devices.


With the update, the user can store data to external HDDs and flash drives at least 1GB in capacity. The catch is that no matter how large your external HDD is you can only get a single 16.5GB partition. That would waste lots of space on a 500GB HDD.


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Battlefield 1943 sets record on Xbox and headed to PC

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EA has been peddling Battlefield 1943 since last summer and the game has been very popular. It is a download only title that is sold on the PlayStation Network and the Xbox Live Arcade for about $15.




EA has announced that the game has become the fastest game to ever reach the 1 million copies sold mark on the Xbox. The game has sold very well on the PS3 as well.


PC gamers were left out of the Battlefield 1943 action from the start, but EA is getting a PC version of the game ready. The PC version can be pre-ordered right now.


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PS3 update 3.21 kills "Other OS" feature

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Sony has offered the Other OS feature on the original "fat" PS3 consoles since the units launched years ago. When the new PS3 Slim came around the feature was axed.


TweakTown image news/1/4/14653_1.jpg


Sony has announced that the newest update for the PS3 that is set to hit on April 1 will eliminate the Other OS feature. Most of us don't use the Other OS feature but if you do this is bad news.


Sony says the elimination is due to security concerns. If you want to keep the feature, your only recourse is to not upgrade ever again. You will need to back up the data on your Other OS partition if you do update since it will not be accessible after.


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Stand-alone DJ Hero controller now in US stores

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If you are a big fan of music games like Guitar Hero and Rock Band, you are probably familiar with Activision's DJ Hero game too. The DJ Hero game turns the player into a DJ and lets them spin and scratch.




Activision has announced that the stand-alone DJ controller for the game is now on shelves in stores across America. The controller sells for about $60. With a second controller, players can have head-to-head DJ competitions.


Players can also connect a mic to the game and have an emcee or use a Guitar Hero controller. With the guitar controller, connected players can access special guitar and DJ controller mixes of tracks on the game album.


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Deal of the Day: Logitech MX518 Wired Optical Gaming Mouse - $24.99 after Rebate, Shipped Free

By: Array

Our Deal of the Day today is the Newegg - Logitech MX518 Wired Optical Gaming Mouse - $24.99 after Rebate, Shipped Free.


Offer: The Logitech MX518 redefines extreme gaming mice with the award-winning MX Optical Engine that delivers an ultra-high 1600 dpi resolution. This yields pixel-by-pixel positioning accuracy to really sharpen your game.


$15 mail-in expires 03/27/2010.


TweakTown image news/1/4/14582_01.jpg


Check our TweakTown Daily Deals page for more tech bargains!


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Windows Phone 7 Spotted Gaming in a Vegas Club

By: Array

Earlier we showed you some of the things you can do with the new Windows Phone 7. This was thanks to a video shot by the guys at Neowin. Well we have even more footage of what could be a real threat to the iPhone in a few months time.


This time the footage was shot with a Nexus One phone of a Windows 7 phone device gaming in a Las Vegas club...Pretty cool you say, but I have to wonder if this Windows Phone 7 was the most interesting thing to watch in the club; this must have been the most boring club in Vegas.


You will have to head over to Engadget for the video .


TweakTown image news/1/4/14533_21.png


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Velocity Micro crams new Intel Core i7-980X into gaming desktops

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With Intel pulling the wraps off the new 6-core Gulftown processors yesterday we all knew a hoard of high-end gaming machines using the new Core i7-980X CPU would be turning up. Velocity Micro has announced that the processor is now being offered in some of its machines.


TweakTown image news/1/4/14528_1.jpg


Machines running the 980X can be had starting at $2825, but as you can imagine the price rapidly grows when you add in options like video cards, storage, and RAM. Velocity Micro will offer the processor in several of its desktops.


The desktops include the Edge Z55 starting at $2825 and the Raptor Lx665 and Lx775 desktops will have the Core i7-980X. The Lx665 sells for $3599 and the Lx775 sells for $4799 on TigerDirect.


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PlayStation Move motion controller gets official

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When the Wii launched the console wasn't known for fantastic graphics, but was known for its cool motion controls. Sony tried to throw in motion control with the PS3 as an afterthought with the Sixaxis controllers and failed. Sony has now made its Move motion controller official.




The Move system has three parts including the Move controller with the ball on top, the Move sub-controller, and the Eye camera. The sub-controller is sort of like a Wii nunchuk and can be replaced with your existing wireless PS3 controller.


The main Move controller has a 3-axis accelerometer, 3-axis gyroscope, and a terrestrial magnetic field sensor, and the Eye camera tracks the colored ball. The ball on the end of the controller also offers the player feedback by changing colors and the controller has rumble feedback too. The Move controller will land this fall at an undisclosed price.


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OnLive gives launch date and pricing for internet gaming service

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With GDC (Game Developers Conference) underway this week, OnLive took this opportunity to unveil the launch date and pricing for its upcoming service which is unlike anything else available on the internet at this point in time.


TweakTown image news/1/4/14455_01.jpg


OnLive gives the ability to play games across the internet with the entire performance aspect of the game being offloaded to a remote server, meaning even entry-level computers can get somewhat smooth gaming at up to 720p without the requirement of faster hardware. The only real important requirement is relatively fast broadband internet.


The system allows for multiplayer gaming across the net and is capable of also providing saved replays of game sessions for later. Lag has been removed as much as possible with a lot of clever work done to fine tune the coding, but would still cause an issue for more timing-sensitive gaming titles. However, games like Borderlands and Mass Effect 2 are in the works and there's some older popular ones on the cards as well.


TweakTown image news/1/4/14455_02.jpg


OnLive will be launching the service come June 17 and it will cost $15 U.S. a month for access to their entire catalog. The service will be available for both Windows based and Mac clients.


It was also mentioned that the company still plans to release its MicroConsole TV Adapter to market for streaming their service directly to a TV, but it likely won't be ready until closer towards the end of this year. A prototype iPhone app is apparently in the works as well, but there's no telling for sure when this will be ready for demonstration.


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