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RumorTT: 'Xbox Next' to launch in 2013?

Rumor has it that Microsoft and several industry partners are working toward a 2013 launch of the next-generation Xbox. Multiple sources from across the industry, such as processor chip manufacturers to middleware firms, have told Develop that they expect the next-gen Xbox to be fully unveiled at E3 2013, months before its release.




The collection of data points to a 2013 release across all main regions, but it could also slip to an early 2014 release. There are a handful of people in the industry who expect Xbox Next to hit store shelves before the holiday side of 2013 - this Christmas and the next will likely see Microsoft marketing software for Xbox 360, Windows Phone and its Kinect motion-based controller.


Develop understands that Lionhead is working on a project internally named 'Fable Next', which will launch on Xbox Next. Epic Games' new Unreal Engine is also reportedly set to be available sooner than the 2014 date recently given by studio founder Tim Sweeney. One source also insists that an EA studio already has rudimentary Xbox console technology on desks. Of course, EA has flatly denied this claim.

Diablo III is free with an annual World of Warcraft subscription

Blizzard is losing players interest in the now seven-year-old MMO, World of Warcraft and to keep things fresh, Blizzard are promising a free digital copy of the upcoming loot-fest, Diablo III to anyone who signs up for the World of Warcraft Annual Pass.




The deal was announced at BlizzCon last week, where the Annual Pass gives users a twelve-month subscription payable in monthly instalments of $14.99 or by another billing plan of your choosing. Annual Pass subscribers also gain access to a new flying mount when the next patch is available to the Beta for the next WoW expansion.

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Modern Warfare 3 PC version gets some extra lovin'

A few hours ago the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 launch trailer hit the Internet and now, we have more details on how the PC version of the game will benefit over its console counterparts. From anti-cheat systems to dedicated servers, there's a lot there!



Infinity Ward dropped some details in a recent Q&A on the Call of Duty forum. Community Manager, Robert Bowling said:


We value the PC player and have gone to great lengths in providing a more rich experience for our players. We keep our ear near the ground and try to deliver items most requested. The big feature for MW3 we are supporting is Dedicated Servers, this includes a server browser, voting, RCON, and more. Lastly we are embracing the Steam platform by integrating fully with Steam including friends list, Steam achievements.

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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 launch trailer

It was only a day ago that EA and DICE launched the amazeballs Battlefield 3 launch trailer and today we have the competition over at Activision and Sledgehammer Games, Infinity Ward and Raven Software launching the trailer to the next entry in the Call of Duty franchise, Modern Warfare 3.



The trailer would be good, in a pre-Battlefield 3 world, but we live in a post-Battlefield 3 world now. For COD fans, the game will obviously be great, but it just looks... dated. Very, very dated. Like, 2005 dated. Where BF3 looks like its grabbed graphics by the balls and thrown them across a football field and then picked them back up and kicked them through the goals winning every football game forever.

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Portal 2's second DLC is an 'in-game editor', say what!

Valve have just announced that the second downloadable content package arriving for Portal 2 is an 'in-game editor'. Valve released a PR statement declaring that the second DLC package is currently "in development and targeted for release early next year."




As we all know, Valve love community-created content and this new DLC is set to have some form of community functionality attached to player creations allowing players to "view, play and vote" on various levels. The editor will also allow players to create and share both single-player and co-op levels. At the moment, it is unknown how the editing will work, and whether it'll make a splash on all platforms, PC/Mac and consoles.


With Steam support on all platforms apart from the Xbox 360, the Portal 2 DLC should be released everywhere. But, we'll have to wait a little while for some clarification. Exciting news and hopefully a sign of things to come for Valve titles.

Battlefield 3 launch trailer: about as close to gaming heaven we can get

Ever since Battlefield: Bad Company 2 came out and DICE went in a different direction with their Frostbite engine, with destruction, etc... I knew the real "Battlefield" title would blow everyone away. I just didn't expect it to be this friggin' good. I'm just going to leave this Battlefield 3 launch trailer here, ok?



The launch trailer is just hands-down orgasmic. This just shows off the single-player, but by the power of grey skull; does that Frostbite 2 engine look jaw droppingly good.


Battlefield 3 launches in just 72 hours! Yes! 3 days from now!!

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Diablo III beta demo on ASUS ROG system at BlizzCon 2011

BlizzCon 2011 - The ASUS booth at BlizzCon 2011 was getting a lot of attention with plenty of ROG based systems on display running popular Blizzard gaming titles.



One of the most popular systems setup was running Diablo III on a large screen with an ASUS system running an Maximus IV Extreme-Z motherboard and MATRIX GTX 580 Platinum video card. D3 was running very smoothly on this system.


We'll be back with more BlizzCon 2011 tech coverage real soon.

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Uncharted 3's launch trailer, looking to be a GOTY title

Fan or not of Uncharted 3, it looks bloody impressive. I loved the first two games and I fondly remember two Christmas's ago sitting there for an entire day bashing through the Uncharted 2, finishing it over the Christmas break. It was such an amazing game. It's almost like playing a movie, but better than most actual Hollywood movies. Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception continues Nathan Drake's story and without spoiling the game, if you haven't played the previous two, I highly suggest you do.



This is my most anticipated console game of the year, and the trailer really pumps me up for the full thing. As you can see in the above trailer (don't read any further for spoilers), it shines in its character development, action set pieces, graphics, and charisma. Uncharted 3 is less than two weeks away, arriving on the PlayStation 3 on November 1.

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Battlefield 3 on the Xbox 360 is 'Standard Def' without High-Res texture installation

Executive Producer at DICE, Patrick Bach, has said that the Xbox 360 version of Battlefield 3 is running the game without the high-resolution texture pack (which is found on the second disc) by default, and is the "standard def" version of the game. What the texture pack does, is bring the Xbox 360 version up to the same standards of that found on the PS3 and PC. Bach elaborates:




So what it does is it gives you the same abilities, kind of, as the PC and PS3. You can actually stream information from the hard drive. That's new for Xbox 360, but it's not a new idea for the gaming industry as a whole. No one has really tried to do it properly, so us doing it will create question marks.

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New Battlefield 3 multiplayer trailer - tonnes of new footage, 'splosions, and pant-moving action

Oh my god. First up, there's not even a damn week until the beast itself, Battlefield 3, is released and secondly, EA and DICE have just released another change-your-underwear worthy trailer that shows off footage from all nine of the multiplayer maps in Battlefield 3, including Back to Karkand. The new footage shows off some totally insane action, and makes me (and I'm sure, you) want it just that bit more.



I still can't believe were within a week of release... but here we are. I definitely suggest checking out the above trailer: it really is just pure 1min 42sec of awesomeness. I do apologise for the short news post, but theres not much more I can say but watch this video, now!

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