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Brink: Get SMART Series: General Gameplay

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Yesterday I posted up the two new videos from the "Get SMART" video series for Brink, titled, The Basics and Objectives. Today, a new video has been released and is dubbed "General Gameplay", the video shows off as the title suggests, general gameplay from Brink. Not long until the release and the steady stream of videos is keeping future Brinkers (am I the first one to use this word??) happy.



Portal 2 DLC to be released this summer

By: Array

Portal 2 has hit the world by storm and it's undeniable that the game is just great, we should have an in-house review uploaded by none other than our great Anthony Garreffa (oh wait, that's me!) within the next few days but for now, we'll swim in some news of the upcoming DLC that will supposedly be announced by Valve next week.


TweakTown image news/1/9/19553_18_portal_2_dlc_to_be_released_this_summer.jpg


Fast Company interviewed Valve God, Doug Lombardi, whom is Vice President of Marketing for Valve, they asked "There is a comic online, but beyond that, is there more Portal coming? To which Doug replied:


We will be announcing some DLC for it, so folks can keep a look out for more content coming this summer. We'll be putting more details out about that in a week or so. We'll support that with more videos or more comics.

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Super Mario Bros. Much Easier With Portal Gun

By: Array



This great re-imagining of the iconic Nintendo Entertainment System shows just how darn useful a Portal gun can be- in pretty much any situation.



I think it's pretty evident that the addition of a Portal gun into any experience that, you know, didn't revolve around creating portals would be a literal game-changer. But it's fun to imagine some of them, isn't it?


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Brink Get SMART Series: The Basics and Objectives

By: Array

Brink is not far away and now that we're getting close Splash Damage are teasing us with all sorts of new videos showing the game off. These new videos come in the form of the "Get SMART" Series. The Get SMART Series currently has two videos out, the first one called "The Basics" which obviously walks through the baby steps of the game whilst the second video is called "Objectives", I'll let you guess that one for yourself you smart cookie you.




Depth - a multiplayer game of Shark versus Diver - yes you read that right!

By: Array

Well, isn't this an amazing find. A non-typical, original game that isn't a COD-clone. "Depth" is a game where you can choose to be the Predator or Thief. As the Predator, you're a 21-foot man-eating shark and your objective is to find and dismember divers. You get "Shark vision" which lets you experience the sights, sounds and smells of the shark's world. Track prey by the disturbances they make in the water or by the sound of their own heartbeat! As the Shark you have the ability of full-body dismemberment, tear off your victim's limbs one by one and let him bleed to death or take him out with the final bite.



As a "Thief" you obviously play a human diver and your objective is to loot wealth in the form of sunken booty on the ocean floor - the only way to do this is to outsmart the 21-foot Shark enemies that are hunting you. Take cover in dense sea-weed, wrecks or stay as quiet as possible while the Shark's are hunting for you.


R18+ Classification in Australia, SA Attorney-General John Rau backs the new games rating

By: Array

A new classifications system for computer games that will "increase protection for children and provide parents with clearer guidance" will be supported by the State Government. Attorney-General John Rau has said today that he supports the Federal Government's national push to create an R18+ classification for games but he would abolish the MA15+ classification in SA.


TweakTown image news/1/9/19540_13_r18_classification_in_australia_sa_attorney_general_john_rau_backs_the_new_games_rating.jpg


Mr Rau has been quoted saying:


This model will give parents greater certainty about the appropriateness of games for their children.

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Trackmania 2 trailer, looking like another winner

By: Array

The Trackmania 2 announcement trailer is out and it is looking mighty fine! The video has some serious amounts of motion-blur added to it, but it doesn't take away the fact that the game looks ridiculously fun. Check out the trailer below!



Nadeo (the group behind the game) are remaining very quiet regarding the release date, with the only form of a release date the following words: "coming soon... very soon".


PopCap's Plants Vs. Zombies Hits Nintendo DS

By: Array

Not a huge story, but if you've ever played this game you know how awesome it is. PopCap, makers of games like the insanely addictive office favorite BeJeweled, have released their highly successful and original title Plants Vs. Zombies for the Nintendo's handheld.


TweakTown image news/1/9/19530_035_popcap_s_plants_vs_zombies_hits_nintendo_ds.jpg


Basically, zombies are trying to attack your house. Whether it's your front door, your backyard (in which you somehow install a pool halfway through the zombie apocalypse), or your roof, the zombies are out to get you. And they'll attach you day, night, even when it's very foggy and visibility conditions are terrible. Especially when visibility is terrible, come to think of it. And they're in wetsuits, dressed like Michael Jackson from Thriller, riding zambonis and bobsleds, and totally out to eat your brains. The only thing standing between you and them is an arsenal of anthropomorphic plants ready to stop them, literally, in their tracks. From IGN's screenshots, it looks as though the DS version even gets some new levels.


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Sony admits PSN is down, also admits your credit card details and other personal info may have been stolen

By: Array

The Sony Saga is ongoing and while the PlayStation Network is still down, more information is leaking out on just how severe this hack has been for Sony. The intrusion started nine days ago and it [the PSN and Qriocity services] have been down for six days.


TweakTown image news/1/9/19522_24_sony_admits_psn_is_down_also_admits_your_credit_card_details_and_other_personal_info_may_have_been_stolen.jpg


Sony have stated they've hired a "recognized security firm" to conduct a complete investigation into what happened and have taken steps to enhance security and strengthen network infrastructure.


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Mario & Sonic Team Up For The 2012 Olympics

By: Array

I guess Sonic would be a sure thing for the 100m dash. Or you know, any running event. I guess Mario could high jump? The upcoming 2012 London Olympics will welcome the reuniting two of retro and modern gamers' favorite iconic mascots, Nintendo's Mario and SEGA's Sonic the Hedgehog. These two don't generally play together (miles and miles of red tape), but the Olympics (for some reason) means they're going to be hanging out.


TweakTown image news/1/9/19513_026_mario_sonic_team_up_for_the_2012_olympics.jpg


Their suite of special games will be hitting the Wii (probably the Wii 2/Stream/Project Cafe by that point, no?) and the 3DS, so stay posted for more news on this.


Also, do you think the Sonic games will have Olympic rings everywhere? Just a thought.


TOKYO (April 21, 2011) - SEGA® Corporation and Nintendo Co., Ltd. today announced that the record breaking partnership of Mario™ and Sonic™ will once again join forces on the Wii™ home video game system and, for the first time ever, on the Nintendo 3DS™ . Over 19 million people worldwide have bought video games from the Mario and Sonic series, and now the much loved duo are heading to London to participate in the officially licensed Olympic-themed video game, Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games™.A host of exciting new headline events, including soccer and equestrian will debut on the Wii version appearing alongside classic Olympic disciplines, such as athletics, aquatics and table tennis. These new sports are sure to ignite even more fierce...

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