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Nintendo expects to sell 5.5 million Wii U consoles, 24 million games, all within the next 8 months

Nintendo's upcoming next-gen Wii U console is nearly here, and the Japanese company has some seriously high hopes for the new gaming system. Nintendo's Wii U is the first game console to bake a 6.2-inch touchscreen into a controller, as well as NFC, a video chat camera and universal TV remotes.




Nintendo's financial earnings report on Wednesday hints that the company's strong marketing will help push 5.5 million Wii U consoles by the end of Q2 2013, with the company also hoping to sell some 24 million Wii U games in the same timeframe.


Between April and September of this year, Nintendo sold just 1.32 million Wii consoles, which would require Nintendo to have a surge of around 300% in sales for the Wii U, from the launch date, until the end of June 2013.

SimCity reboot to be released on March 5 in the US, March 8 in Europe

EA's reboot of SimCity has been pushed back by 1-2 weeks, from February 2013 into the first week of March 2013. The news comes from the official SimCity Twitter account, where it has been announced SimCity will reach the US on March 5, and Europe on March 8.




SimCity uses the Glassbox engine, which Maxis built in-house, and it currently looks gorgeous. Glassbox sports more realistic simulations thanks to a micro-level AI for each object in the game.


EA haven't released any information regarding pricing, but the reboot of SimCity will be released in multiple forms: offered digitally over Origin, and in DVD form for both the PC and Mac. If you want to get your hands on the game early, you can sign-up for the SimCity beta here.

Nintendo Wii U to be sold at a loss, signals a change in Nintendo's pricing structure

The Nintendo Wii U will be sold at a loss when it is first introduced in November. Nintendo has come out and said that manufacturing costs are higher than what consumers would be willing to pay, so they've decided to sell it at a loss, much like Sony did with the PlayStation and Microsoft did with the Xbox.




This decision isn't necessarily a bad choice. Microsoft and Sony have been doing this for a while as it allows more consumers to purchase the console, which, in turn, widens a developers audience so more games, and bigger budget games, are developed for the system. This drives even more sales of the console.


Furthermore, some of those losses are recouped on selling accessories, such as remotes, and on licensing fees paid be developers. Nintendo will make up these losses by selling games and accessories. And, as the cost of manufacturing decreases, Nintendo will start to make back its losses through profits on sales of the console itself.


This is basically the first time Nintendo has sold a console at a loss. Previously they had always sold consoles, even from the start, at a profit. The only time this had really changed was with the 3DS, which debuted at $249.99. It was quickly dropped to $179.99, which put it in a loss position.

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Square Enix to use Unreal Engine 4, signs long term contract with Epic

The new Unreal Engine 4 by Epic looks to produce incredible graphics while being able to be used on mobile and computer platforms. The demos that we have seen of the new gaming engine do look stunning. The graphics capabilities seem as though they will prove to be ground-breaking yet again, even though the engine isn't finished.




Never mind that fact, says Square Enix, as they have just signed a long term contract to use the new graphics engine. They currently have a license to use Unreal Engine 3, the predecessor of Unreal Engine 4. Epic announced that the contract will encompass several games and Epic Games Japan will provide Square Enix with the best development tools that they have ready.


Unreal Engine 3 is by no means outdated. It still provides incredible capabilities that push graphics cards to the limit. Combine that with the ports to mobile devices that are currently going on and you can see why games are still using that platform. For instance, Epic is working on Gears of War: Judgement using UE3.

'Pest Control' artwork teased for Grand Theft Auto V

Rockstar Games has been pretty tight-lipped when it comes to discussing its upcoming game, Grand Theft Auto V. Over the past couple of months, Rockstar has been strategically leaking out images taken directly from within GTA V, and those images have created quite a stir in the gaming community as the game already looks incredible.




Today, Rockstar has teased the gaming community yet again with a new image that doesn't focus on activities or locations that we can expect to play through in GTA V. Instead, the image is a piece of artwork that is most likely used as one of those cut-scene images that players familiar with GTA V should understand.

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God of War: Ascension GameStop pre-order bonus brings King Leonidas from '300'

Pre-order bonuses have typically been an exclusive map, character or real-life merchandise like a sticker or poster, but this is the first time that I thought any pre-order bonus for any game was worth me going out to a store to pre-order any game at this moment as I absolutely need it in my life.




Sony has announced today one of the weirdest, but at the same time, coolest piece of pre-order bonus content I've ever heard of. For God of War: Ascension, if you pre-order either the standard or collector's edition of the game, you'll be given a voucher code to access King Leonidas from "300."

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Nintendo bundles Wii with Skylanders Giants, Just Dance 4 on Nov. 4

The Nintendo Wii U will be released in just under a month, but Nintendo has stated that they're still going to be dedicated to its Wii console even after the Wii U launches. With today's news, it's apparent Nintendo is doing its best in order to make the Wii even more of a bargain for parents who may want to give their children a game console, but don't need the latest and greatest.




Nintendo announced today they'll be offering two separate bundles for its Nintendo Wii that will bundle two games that will be on nearly every kid's list this holiday season: Just Dance 4 and Skylanders Giants.

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Zynga lays off employees in Boston, Austin offices; The Ville and Bingo teams affected

While the world focused on all of the Apple news that was announced today, Zynga had other priorities, like shutting down its Boston office, laying off 2/3s of its Austin office and cutting team members responsible for working on The Villa and Bingo.




According to Justin Maxwell, former Zynga employees were given two hours to clean out their desks and may have be forbidden to speak about their short-noticed exit from the company.

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Borderlands Legends for iOS leaked; Coming in October

Borderlands 2 has been available on PC, Xbox 360 and PS3 for over a month now, but with Gearbox Software already releasing a new piece of DLC last week, we're sure many of you are still fighting across Pandora looking for loot and to kill Handsome Jack. But what if you could take everything you love from Borderlands with you while you're on the go on your mobile device? Then I'm sure you'll be one of the millions of people around the world who will be excited to hear Borderlands is coming to iOS very, very soon.




According to an ad that was leaked in Borderlands 2's digital strategy guide, it looks as though a Borderlands-inspired iOS game is currently in the works called Borderlands Legends. Better yet, the ad says the game will be "coming in October" which means the game should be released very soon.

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Xbox SmartGlass releasing alongside Windows 8 on Oct. 28th

Microsoft's Xbox SmartGlass was first announced at this year's E3 and it blew away the majority of the gaming & tech community as not only would it serve as a companion application that allows for your Windows-powered devices to interact with your Xbox 360, but it will also play well with iOS and Android devices, too. The wait for Xbox SmartGlass is nearly over as it'll officially launch alongside Windows 8 on October 26th.




Xbox SmartGlass will first be made available as a built-in add-on to Microsoft's Surface RT and other Windows 8 tablets that can be accessed within Windows 8's "Games" section. You'll then be able to use your Windows 8 tablet as a second screen or event a controller, depending on what game you're accessing at the time. Think of the Wii U, but without needing to buy a completely new console.

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