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Watch Dogs will see PC-exclusive features for NVIDIA GeForce GPUs

One of the games in my most-wanted list right now is Ubisoft's open-world title Watch Dogs. Even more so now that NVIDIA has announced a partnership with Ubisoft, where they've signed an "unprecedented technical alliance" that will see their best games enhanced with PC-exclusive effects and features.



This list includes Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Blacklist and Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag with Watch Dogs now joining them. There's no specifics on Watch Dogs' enhancements, but we should hear all about that very soon. It's interesting news, too, considering that the hardware powering the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 is from AMD.


Maybe NVIDIA felt the need to make these partnerships to keep up, so that they aren't left behind when AMD starts snuggling up to everyone in its Never Settle program. Either way, it benefits the consumers and gamers, which is the best thing.

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Rockstar gives the skinny on GTA V's Special and Collector's Editions

Grand Theft Auto V is nearly here, but before the 720p (or lower) title reaches current generation consoles (can you hear my disappointment yet?) Rockstar Games has taken to its website to detail the Special and Collector's Editions of GTA V.


TweakTown image news/3/2/32533_07_rockstar_gives_the_skinny_on_gta_v_s_special_and_collector_s_editions.jpg


Both editions will include more weapons, outfits, custom characters and more. Both the Special and Collector's Edition will include the addition of the .50 Caliber Pistol, the Bullpup Shotgun and melee weapon, the Hammer. Buyers will also receive a 20% discount in GTA V's stores and an additional outfit for the three protagonists in GTA V.


The Collector's Edition is a little more special, including custom characters from Grand Theft Auto Online, as well as GTA IV's Niko Bellic, as well as Claud and Misty from GTA III. Collector's Edition buyers will also receive the CarbonRS sports bike and open frame 1930s style hotrod, the Hotknife.

StarCraft makes your smarter, according to a new study

According to researchers from the Queen Mary Univeristy and University College London, playing fast-paced, complicated games such as StarCraft can help non-gamers improve their higher-level compentencies such as cognitive flexibility.


TweakTown image news/3/2/32532_06_starcraft_makes_your_smarter_according_to_a_new_study.jpg


In laymens terms, playing those complicated games can make you smarter. The researchers wanted to find out if playing the fast-paced games that required vast amounts of multitasking and quick-thinking would help, and it looks like it did. The researchers grabbed a group of non-gaming students, tasking them with playing StarCraft or The Sims, intensely, over a two-month period.


They simultaneously took a series of non-gaming tests, with the researchers discovering that the subjects who chose to play the click-heavy SarCraft performed at a higher rate in cognitive flexibility tasks than those who chose to play The Sims, which is a more sedate experience. Researcher Brian Glass said: "Previous research has demonstrated that action video games, such as Halo, can speed up decision making. The current work finds that real-time strategy games can promote our ability to think on-the-fly and learn from past mistakes."

Battlefield 4 will launch with 10 maps, 7 game modes

Battlefield 4 isn't long away, but during an interview at Gamescom, DICE said that Battlefield 4 will launch with 10 multiplayer maps and 7 game modes. Comparing this to Battlefield 3, which launched with 9 maps and 5 game modes.


TweakTown image news/3/2/32512_07_battlefield_4_will_launch_with_10_maps_7_game_modes.jpg


Battlefield 4's Commander mode will not work in all modes, and is limited to just objective-based modes such as Conquest, Rush and Obliteration. Obliteration, the latest game mode launching with BF4 was shown off quite a lot during Gamescom in Cologne last week. Battlefield 4 launches on most platforms apart from the Wii U on October 29.

Reef Entertainment announce Terminators: The Video Game

UK-based publisher Reef Entertainment currently own the video game rights to the first two Terminator movies, 1984's The Terminator and 1991's incredible (to this day) Terminator 2: Judgement Day.


TweakTown image news/3/2/32507_02_reef_entertainment_announce_terminators_the_video_game.jpg


The publisher intend to make good use of the video game rights and have announced Terminators: The Video Game. Reef Entertainment intend to create a "high quality, authentic and exciting" game that does "great justice" to the films. Let's hope we get some of the original actors to come back to voice their roles in the games.


I have absolutely no faith in Terminators: The Video Game, but I would like to be pleasantly surprised.

Diablo III expansion could reach consoles, teases games director

We already know that Diablo III has been experimented with on consoles, but it looks like the upcoming expansion for the game, Reaper of Souls, could hit the consoles, too.


TweakTown image news/3/2/32501_02_diablo_iii_expansion_could_reach_consoles_teases_games_director.jpg


Diablo III will be released on consoles on September 3, but there are those who are wondering if the expansion will be released onto consoles, too. During an interview with Polygon, game director Josh Mosquiera teased that this might just happen. He said: "We've got Diablo 3 on PC, we released it and then a small team splintered off to work on Diablo for the current consoles. Now the team's really focused on Reaper of Souls for PC. So if you look at the past, you can probably infer what the future might bring."

Sony apologizes for Grand Theft Auto V leaks

One of the biggest releases of the year is nearly upon us: Rockstar Games' Grand Theft Auto V. But, over the last couple of days, there has been some controversy over the open-world title about to break sales records.


TweakTown image news/3/2/32500_01_sony_apologizes_for_grand_theft_auto_v_leaks.jpg


Leaks of gameplay and story details made their way to the Internet, all from a file in the European PlayStation Store's digital pre-order download of the game, forcing Sony and Rockstar to both make announcements regarding the leak. PlayStation Social Media Manager, Sid Shuman, said that the pre-order file has since been removed, and has apologized to "Rockstar and GTA fans across the world who were exposed to the spoiler content."


Rockstar also made a statement, on a Rockstar Newswire post, where it was "deeply disappointed by leaks and spoilers being spread in advance of the game's launch. GTA5 represents years of hard work by many people across the world, and we all couldn't be more excited to finally share it with you properly this September 17."

EA: 'We don't ship a game at EA that is offline'

EA's Chief Operations Officer, Peter Moore, sat down with Engadget at Gamescom 2013, and had something quite interesting to say. In order for EA to continue being as strong as it is, they've had to continuously evolve.



This evolution has shifted from PCs to consoles, and now to the vast sea that is the Internet. The next generation of consoles is nearly here, with EA seeing two gigantic franchises about to enjoy new titles: Battlefield 4 and FIFA 14 on both the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. EA also has ex-Infinity Ward guys and girls under its wings, with Respawn Entertainment, too.


TweakTown image news/3/2/32495_04_ea_we_don_t_ship_a_game_at_ea_that_is_offline.jpg


Engadget sat down with Moore, in the video above, and said that EA's dedication to online functionality in its games is unmatched: "We don't ship a game at EA that is offline."

Shadow Warrior to return, will teach a new generation of grasshoppers

The amount of hours I pumped into Shadow Warrior at LAN parties back in the day, which was many, many days ago now, was insane. It was such a great game for the time, not for graphics, for for one liners, and its incredibly awesome multiplayer goodness.



TweakTown image news/3/2/32492_01_shadow_warrior_to_return_will_teach_a_new_generation_of_grasshoppers.jpg


Well, the good news is that the 1997 first-person shooter is being re-imagined by Flying Wild Hog, and is hitting the PC grasshoppers on September 26. Enjoy the trailer above, and I'll be preparing my mini nuke to fire at my friends in multiplayer. For some more fun, there's a Lo Wang soundboard that I'm going to spend the rest of the night playing with!

Deep Silver says there are more Metro games to come

The Metro series of games has been popular for publisher Deep Silver, who has revealed that they will continue developing more games in the series. Deep Silver recently acquired the rights to Metro from THQ earlier in the year for $5.9 million.


TweakTown image news/3/2/32491_05_deep_silver_says_there_are_more_metro_games_to_come.jpg


During an interview with Joystiq, Deep Silver CEO, Dr. Klemens Kundratitz said: "I'm very glad we acquired that brand. While it launched in a very dry space in the gaming calendar this year, it still got a lot of attention. Our ambition is to absolutely continue with that brand."


Deep Silver will need to acquire the rights from Dmitry Glukhovsky, who wrote the series of Metro novels, in order to continue with a sequel to Metro: Last Light. Kundratitz said this shouldn't be too hard, as Glukhovsky is a huge fan of the games, and has enjoyed contributing to them. Kundratitz also added: "He has been very positive contributing to the last game. I think he can play an active role for whatever comes in the future."

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