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Grand Theft Auto V release pushed back until late summer 2013

Today, Rockstar Games announced that its long anticipated Grand Theft Auto V will not be releasing this spring as previously thought. Citing the need for more development time, Rockstar said that we should see the game available for purchase September 17, 2013.


TweakTown image news/2/8/28243_1_grand_theft_auto_v_release_pushed_back_until_late_summer_2013.jpg


Grand Theft Auto V is being billed as the "largest game world Rockstar has ever created." It takes players back to the beloved Los Santos, where players will assume the identities of three protagonists and be able to switch between at will.


Grand Theft Auto V continues to push the series forward in new ways; Rockstar North are creating our deepest, most beautiful and most immersive world yet. We are very excited for people to learn more about the game in the coming months.

Duncan Jones selected as director for World of Warcraft movie

Well it's official; there will be a World of Warcraft movie. The Hollywood Reporter is reporting that filming will take place late 2013 and is scheduled for a 2015 release date. The movie is said to have been in the early development stages for the last six years.


TweakTown image news/2/8/28238_1_duncan_jones_selected_as_director_for_world_of_warcraft_movie.jpg


Charles Leavitt, of Blood Diamond fame, is said to be the writer, and Duncan Jones has been selected as the director. You may remember him as the director of The Moon and Source Code. He also worked as a designer on the 2003 video game Republic: The Revolution. Jones tweeted about the position, but never actually acknowledged the job was for the WOW movie.


TweakTown image news/2/8/28238_2_duncan_jones_selected_as_director_for_world_of_warcraft_movie.png


We have no information yet on whether or not the movie will be a live action thriller or will be a mass of CGI special effects and green screen acting. A budget has also not been released, but Blizzard has alluded to a budget of $100 million in the past.

Sony displays 84-inch 4K TV with non-split screen shared screen 3D racing in Gran Turismo 5

Taipei Game Show 2013 - Today at the Taipei Game Show 2013 out in Nangang we got to experience something pretty cool at the Sony PlayStation booth.



What first caught our attention was the massive 84-inch 4K 3D TV - we're not sure what brand it is, it was not advertised - which was running a rather interesting demo of Gran Turismo 5. At first glance we thought we were merely looking at a 3D version of the GT5 racing game, but on closer inspection, we noticed something else much more impressive was happening.


TweakTown image news/2/8/28240_1_sony_displays_84_inch_4k_tv_with_non_split_screen_shared_screen_3d_racing_in_gran_turismo_5.jpg


Sony used what we decided to call "reserve 3D technology" at the show - you know, it's kind of like 3D, but not really at all. So, basically with the gamer wearing 3D glasses they are able to get their own driving experience without having to use traditional vertical or horizontal split screen display. We're not exactly sure how the technology works, but it's pretty cool nevertheless.

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Valve founder Gabe Newell is worried more about Apple than he is about consoles

Valve founder and all-round awesome dude, Gabe Newell, recently had a talk at the University of Texas' LBJ School of Public Affairs, where he talked about Valve's biggest competitor. Newell talked about the upcoming battlefield, which is in our living rooms, where he said:


TweakTown image news/2/8/28226_03_valve_founder_gabe_newell_is_worried_more_about_apple_than_he_is_about_consoles.jpg


I think that there's a scenario where we see sort of a dumbed down living room platform emerging - I think Apple rolls the console guys really easily. The question is can we make enough progress in the PC space to establish ourselves there, and also figure out better ways of addressing mobile before Apple takes over the living room?


Newell also expects there to be products that will turn up shortly that will help bridge the gap between the living room and the PC, where Valve will be happy to join the club. Newell fears that Apple might beat them to it, which will hurt the PC to living room transition.

Google Maps, TiVo won't be coming to Wii U in January, have been delayed to early 2013

The Nintendo Wii U has just been struck another blow. Nintendo has had to delay both TiVo and Google Maps integration beyond their original January launch. Well, Google Maps was originally slated to launch in January 2013. TiVo, on the other hand, has already been delayed once before.


TweakTown image news/2/8/28222_1_google_maps_tivo_won_t_be_coming_to_wii_u_in_january_have_been_delayed_to_early_2013.jpg


TiVo was originally supposed to launch with the TVii service, which was set to launch with the console. TVii didn't come until late December and, when it launched, it was missing Netflix and TiVo integration. TiVo integration has now been pushed back to "early 2013," which isn't a very solid time frame.


Google Maps integration was announced back in December with a January 2013 launch. It has also been pushed back, though it has the more solid time frame of "first quarter of 2013." The Wii U is already said to be having sales below expectations, and these delays are certainly not going to help sales, or Nintendo.

Crytek accepting applications for upcoming Warface beta, a new free-to-play FPS

Warface, a new free-to-play FPS from Crytek, the makers of Crysis 3, is set to enter closed beta very soon and as a result, the company is now taking applications for gamers wanting to join the closed beta. Signing up is as simple as entering an email and your desired gamer tag.



Normally I do not get very excited over a free to play FPS game as they usually lack in quality, features and realism, but Warface just might be the exception. Warface was developed on the CryEngine, the same one used on Crysis 3, and was given a budget in the $10-$30 million range.


TweakTown image news/2/8/28172_1_crytek_accepting_applications_for_upcoming_warface_beta.jpg


Crytek will make its investment back by offering paid content and personally I am hoping that content is in the form of extra maps, camo and other non-critical gear. Being able to buy a more powerful weapon just takes the fun out of things. The game will offer combative and co-op modes. You can apply to join the closed beta by clicking the Source #2 link below. Who knows, maybe I will see you in-game!

Ouya's 'game jam' event sees 166 games prototypes created by developers

The Android-based gaming console, Ouya, hasn't even been released yet, and they're already hosting 'game jam' events in order to get developers interested in making games for the Kickstarter-funded platform.


TweakTown image news/2/8/28165_05_ouya_s_game_jam_event_sees_166_games_prototypes_created_by_developers.jpg


Before you think that something like this wouldn't be popular, it sees as though the game jam event saw 166 different game prototypes produced in just ten days - a huge milestone for any platform. The games will now go on and be judged, and awarded prizes. The team at Ouya have said that their software kid for developing games has already been downloaded over 22,000 times.


The console isn't even released yet, and we're already seeing some huge numbers. Let's just hope that this early buzz can continue when it's released, and after its released. I'm looking forward to getting my Ouya console with my username etched into the controllers, oh boy.

New Skyrim "Dragonborn" DLC set to launch on February 5th

Skyrim is one of those games that you can never seem to get enough of. Well at least that is the case for me anyway so whenever I hear of a new DLC for the third installment in The Elder Scrolls series, my ears perk up and my eyes get wide.


TweakTown image news/2/8/28143_1_new_skyrim_dragonborn_dlc_set_to_launch_feburary_5th.jpg


The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Dragonborn is the latest DLC and officially launches on February 5th, but impatient users can pre-purchase it now on Steam for about $20. You will still have to wait until next month to install and play it, though.



The Dragonborn story line takes us beyond Skyrim to the island of Solstheim, just off the coast of Morrowind. The place is home to Dark Elves and some native Nords called the Skaal. It is packed full of new dungeons, creatures, weapons, and more. Bethesda says there will also be new shouts that will let you "bend the will of your enemies and even tame dragons." If the screen shots and video are any indication Dark Lord Cthulhu himself will make an appearance as well.

The original Half-Life finally comes to Steam for Mac

If you're one of the unlucky souls trying to game on Mac OSX, Valve has your back. They have finally brought the original Half-Life game to Steam for Mac, just 15 years after it originally launched for PC. Half-Life was the game that brought Valve to the forefront of the PC gaming industry.


TweakTown image news/2/8/28116_1_the_original_half_life_finally_comes_to_steam_for_mac.jpg


The game originally launched in 1998 and has not been available on Mac until now. The game will set Steam for Mac users back $9.99, which seems like a slightly steep price, considering the age of the game. It has also been bundled into several different value packs, if that is the way you want to acquire it.


Interestingly enough, the Mac version of the game was actually developed back when the Windows version was released. However, Valve had some disagreements with Apple, which eventually led to the Mac version being canceled. The game is available in the Steam store.

Crytek announces acquisition of Homefront IP from THQ

Based upon Crytek's announcement today, it appears that the THQ bankruptcy hearing was accepted by the judge. Crytek has come out to say that they have acquired the rights to THQ's Homefront intellectual property. This means Crytek will now be able to develop games in the Homefront franchise.


TweakTown image news/2/8/28088_1_crytek_announces_acquisition_of_homefront_ip_from_thq.png


Crytek was actually already working with THQ on a second Homefront game, which it announced back in late 2011. Due to the recent bankruptcy filing by THQ, Crytek decided to buy the rights to the Homefront franchise. They submitted the high bid at the THQ assets auction and have purchased the rights.


Crytek CEO, Cevat Yerli, said: "Since we first reached an agreement to develop Homefront 2, we've been firm believers in the IP and its potential to excite and amaze players. Our cooperation with THQ was always positive and we would like to thank them for all their support over the last two years and express our sympathy to those affected by the recent events at the company."


"From day one, the Homefront 2 team has been committed to creating a game that takes the series to new heights and features the level of quality and innovation associated with Crytek," said Nick Button-Brown, General Manager of Games at Crytek. "Nothing has changed with regards our development of the game, and we look forward to sharing the finished product with players."

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