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DOTA 2's The International prize pool passes $20 million

By: Anthony Garreffa | More News: Gaming | Posted: Aug 10, 2016 5:32 am

DOTA 2 fans are some of the most hardcore gamers out there, with The International continuing to pull in more and more money. This year, DOTA 2's The International has a prize pool of over $20 million, and it will continue to expand throughout the week.




Rewinding back to 2011 with The International debuting with $1 million up for grabs, but then Valve changed things up in 2013 with the saleable Interactive Compendium which raises money from the crowd, and hit $2.8 million at the time. Last year, The International had a huge $18 million prize pool and now we're already past that and into unknown territory.


If we consider that the largest prize pool for Hearthstone hit $1 million, CS:GO with the same $1 million and Halo with $2.5 million, DOTA 2 blows them all away with money to spare.

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Telltale's Batman game runs at just 1280x614 on Xbox One

By: Anthony Garreffa | More News: Gaming | Posted: Aug 10, 2016 3:32 am

Telltale has found itself in a web of utter crap surrounding the launch of Batman - The Telltale Series, with more than enough problems on the PC version of the game to keep the developer in gamers' bad books for years. But what about the console version, surely that's fine? Nope.



Digital Foundry's latest analysis on the game could see Batman - The Telltale Series as one of the worst performing games of recent memory, with the site reporting that the letterboxed presentation has the PS4 rendering the game at 1600x766 while the Xbox One version is barely capable of 1280x614. DF notes that the Xbox One version is utilizing some anti-aliasing, so there's that.


Digital Foundry writes: "[it] runs very inconsistently on both consoles", where the PS4 version of Batman - The Telltale Series hits 60FPS, but at times runs at below 20FPS. The Xbox One is much closer to the 30FPS average mark, but it's still not ideal at all.


I do have one question: what the HELL is going on, Telltale?!

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Pokemon GO has made $200 million in its first month

By: Anthony Garreffa | More News: Gaming | Posted: Aug 10, 2016 1:33 am

We all know someone who has been playing Pokemon GO obsessively over the last month, but it comes as a huge shock that Niantic has pulled in a mammoth $200 million in its first month with Pokemon GO.




Thanks to a chart from Sensor Tower, we can compare it against Clash Royale and Candy Crush Soda Saga, which both made immense amounts of month in their first month of release, but they simply can't compete with the numbers that Niantic is throwing out.


Things get better for Niantic with the $200 million made up from worldwide iOS and Android revenue, and even more money is being made from microtransactions and deals signed with McDonalds in Japan, and others that haven't been announced yet.

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Dead Rising to support 4K, 144Hz, G-Sync with PC debut

By: Sean Ridgeley | More News: Gaming | Posted: Aug 9, 2016 8:01 pm

Capcom is going the extra mile as usual with the upcoming debut of Dead Rising on PC.



The game will feature five save slots, native support for Xbox 360, Xbox One, and Dualshock 4 controllers, 4K resolution and beyond, uncapped framerate, 144Hz support via G-Sync, and key rebindings. In other words, pretty much everything you could ask for.


Graphics-wise, it's looking pretty good in screenshots and footage for a 10 year-old game, and of course will look even better in 4K.

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Battlefield 1 horse, train gameplay planned for Gamescom

By: Sean Ridgeley | More News: Gaming | Posted: Aug 9, 2016 5:17 pm

DICE is nearly set for its next big Battlefield 1 reveal, and have teased what's to come and when on the game's official website.




On Tuesday, August 16 at 12PM PT/9PM CEST, a second livestream will debut alongside another trailer. Naturally, there is lots of new stuff to look forward to, including a new map, as well as train and horse gameplay.


"Will anyone blow up a tank from horseback?" asks DICE, implying you will indeed be able to throw explosives from horses as hoped.

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No consoles can handle Quake Champions, says Bethesda

By: Anthony Garreffa | More News: Gaming | Posted: Aug 9, 2016 1:28 pm

It's about damn time that we have a PC only game that simply can't be done on consoles because for one, the Xbox One and PS4 are so severely underpowered, and two; the TVs we have right now can't handle anything above 60FPS.




During QuakeCon 2016 last week, Bethesda boss Pete Hines told GameSpot: "There is not a console that supports our vision for [Quake Champions]. You know, Quake Champions, maybe anybody else would've been like, 'No, you have to do it, and it's got to work on every platform.' We were like, 'No, it's a PC-only thing. It's this kind of game. It's got to have this kind of performance, and it's going to be on PC full stop.' We feel very comfortable in making those calls".


Hines continued: "I guess theoretically there's a chance [it could come to consoles]. Who knows what future consoles look like? But this is full stop a PC product: 120Hz, unlocked frame rate. That's the experience we want folks to have".

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Pokemon GO updated, another load of improvements arrive

By: Anthony Garreffa | More News: Gaming | Posted: Aug 9, 2016 10:31 am

Niantic has updated Pokemon GO for iOS and Android, bringing the version numbers to 1.3.0 and 0.33.0, respectively. The new update adds some new stuff, and improves a lot of what people have been complaining about for a while now.




Here's the full changelog:


  • Added a dialog to remind Trainers that they should not play while traveling above a certain speed. Trainers must confirm they are not driving in order to continue playing
  • Made improvements to the accuracy of a curveball throw
  • Fixed a bug that prevented "Nice," "Great," and "Excellent" Poké Ball throws from awarding the appropriate experience bonuses
  • Fixed achievements showing incorrect Medal icons
  • Enabled the ability for Trainers to change their nickname one time, so please choose your new nickname wisely
  • Resolved issues with the battery saver mode and re-enabled this feature
  • Added visuals of Team leaders - Candela, Blanche and Spark
  • We're currently testing a variation of the "Nearby Pokémon" feature with a subset of users. During this period you may see some variation in the nearby Pokémon UI.
  • Minor text fixes

Quake Champions could be free-to-play

By: Derek Strickland | More News: Gaming | Posted: Aug 8, 2016 8:41 pm

Much to the huge disappointment to its hardcore fanbase, Quake Champions could very well end up being a free-to-play arena shooter.



id Software turned quite a few heads when Quake Champions was announced at E3 2016. The multiplayer-only online arena shooter seemed to resurrect the long-lost art of blistering-paced visceral action, promising "no limitations" 120Hz action with unlocked frame rates. But all of that hype could be crushed by soul-sucking microtransactions.


PC Gamer recently asked id Software's Tim Willits about Quake Champions being retail or F2P, and here's what he said: "I can definitely say that is a really hard problem, and so for us we're trying to figure out exactly what people want more of, and how they perceive it. And I'm not even trying to be cagey! It's not like we know and just aren't trying to tell anybody, we don't know and we're still trying to figure this out."

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Watch the No Man's Sky dev livestream right here

By: Derek Strickland | More News: Gaming | Posted: Aug 8, 2016 6:48 pm

Sean Murray is playing No Man's Sky right now on Twitch, showing exactly what you can expect from the new patch.


Watch live video from hellogamesofficial on;


After years of development, No Man's Sky is almost upon us. Tomorrow it launches on PS4 and our long wait comes to an end. Hello Games boss Sean Murray has launched a livestream of the game to sample some of the new content added in by the massive day one patch, taking us on a tour of what we can expect with our journeys on the morrow. He's also revealing quite a bit about the game, showing us some interesting tidbits, including what happens when you die, planet-specific discoveries, and tons of items.


Also remember that No Man's Sky servers will be wiped twice ahead of the game's launch, so no one will have the upper edge when it comes to discoveries. Anyone who has an early copy will have to delete their save data to play the new patch.


Be sure to check out our huge list of No Man's Sky content to catch up on the game, and enjoy the stream!

NX getting a MMORPG hints at home console component

By: Derek Strickland | More News: Gaming | Posted: Aug 8, 2016 5:43 pm

Square Enix has confirmed that popular MMORPG Dragon Quest X will be coming to Nintendo's new NX, hinting the NX will have its own console-like component.




Over the past few days there's been lots of speculation that Nintendo's new NX hardware will have its own dedicated console hardware and won't just be a transforming handheld. Now Square Enix has added some credence to the console argument by confirming to Famitsu (via DualShockers) that Dragon Quest X, a popular MMORPG, is coming to the NX. Some time ago Square Enix implied DQX would jump to NX, but then backpedaled. Now they've confirmed it.


There's just one huge problem here: MMORPG's aren't designed for handhelds. With tens of hours of grinding, MMOs are best played on dedicated central platforms like PCs or consoles. Oddly enough Dragon Quest X was released on 3DS and mobile phones in Japan, but the experience is absolutely awful as the game is streamed from Square Enix's servers, leading to constrained bandwidth and latency issues. So why would Square Enix even port Dragon Quest X over to NX if it's so bad on a handheld? Simple: because the NX could have a console portion.

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