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Doom 4 screenshots released in 4K resolution

E3 2015 - During the Bethesda E3 conference yesterday, id Software teased not just the crowd but the entire world with the first in-game footage from Doom 4. But now they're back, teasing some glorious 4K screenshots of the id Tech 6-powered first-person shooter.






If you missed the gameplayer trailer, we've embedded it for you below, which is in 1080p 60FPS. If you want to check out my thoughts on the footage (which looks far worse than the trailer below), check out our original post on Doom 4 here.


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Fallout goes mobile with Fallout Shelter for iOS

E3 2015 - Bethesda had the crowd wrapped around its little finger today at E3 2015 when they announced Fallout 4, but the big surprise was Fallout Shelter, an iOS-based game that will be out in just a few hours.




Fallout Shelter lets you build, manage, expand and care for your very own Vault and its inhabitants. The game is completely, 100% free, and doesn't require an Internet connection, or feature any annoying cooldown timers. Fallout fans are really going to dig Fallout Shelter, it's just a shame its exclusive to iOS, hopefully for now.

Fallout 4 starts before the nuclear bombs dropped

E3 2015 - Bethesda showed off Doom 4 and Dishonored 2 during E3, but it was Fallout 4 that had the crowd going nuts. The studio has been working on Fallout 4 since 2009, right after Fallout 3 was released.




You can play as both a male and female character in Fallout 4, another large change from the previous titles in the franchise. Fallout 4 starts before the nuclear bombs dropped and caused the world to go into turmoil, another large change for the franchise. Character creation is done before the bombs drop, where you can completely modify the look of your character and all of his or her facial features and hair.


You survive the nuclear attack, but emerge from Vault 111 some 200 years after the attack. Your city has been demolished, but it's an "enormous, dynamic world" where you can "create any character you want, go wherever you want, and do whatever you want", according to Bethesda.


Fallout 4 will be released on November 10 for the Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

Dishonored 2 officially announced at E3 for Xbox One, PS4 and PC

E3 2015 - Arkane Studios took to the Bethesda conference at E3 to officially announce Dishonored 2. The studio teased a trailer that wasn't in-game, but it looked impressive, and most of all, fun.




Dishonored 2 will be hitting the Xbox One, PS4 and PC sometime in 2016. Arkane Studios also announced Dishonored: Definitive Edition, a remastered version of the first game that will be released on Xbox One, PS4 and PC. The Xbox One and PS4 versions of the game will receive a graphically-enhanced version of the game, when compared against their previous generation counterparts.


Dishonored: Definitive Edition will include all of the DLC that was released for Dishonored, and will be made available in the fall.

Bethesda unveils Doom 4 at E3, with a bunch of gameplay footage

E3 2015 - Bethesda was the first to start up E3 2015, and for their first unveiling we have Doom 4. Yes, Doom 4! The next-gen first-person shooter was shown off in all of its gory detail, but does it live up to the hype?



Doom 4 is powered by id Software's id Tech 6 engine, where you play a marine based on a USAC facility on Mars, where you have to kill pretty much every single demon you can. From the gameplay video, there was a ton of gibs, with lots of violence to be had. There are a bunch of weapons to use, including the Super Shotgun, a fan favorite from the original Doom games.


But I did notice a considerable chunk of motion blur, and a very console-like experience. The field of view seemed like it was at 60, and most likely played on the Xbox One. The blood count was high in the first few minutes of the video, but then I noticed that the violence started to be toned down, with less and less blood being spilled from killed demons. I don't know if this was a resource-related issue that Bethesda didn't talk about, but I hope that it's not something that happens in the final game.

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Killzone developer hires Witcher 3 veterans for its new game 'Horizon'

Guerrilla Games has been working on an open world RPG for the PlayStation 4 for a while now, with the only thing we know about it, is that it's called 'Horizon'.




The studio has hired CD Projekt Red's Lead Cinematic Artist, Pawel Swierczynski and Quest Designer Dennis Zoetebier, just a few months ago. But news has broken that Guerrilla Games has also scooped away another staff member from The Witcher 3 developer, with Senior Technical Designer Shadi Dadenji, this month. Dadenji worked closely on many of the systems within The Witcher 3, including:


  • Designed and implemented various gameplay systems
  • Supported quest and open-world designers with scripts and tools
  • Took ownership of certain editor features and enhanced their usability
  • Provided debugging support for a wide range of AI and UI issues
  • Liaised between engineers and designers to ensure optimal communication

Square Enix will debut gameplay of Deus Ex: Mankind Divided at E3

Square Enix will be hosting its first press conference in two years at E3 2015 this week, where they will be showing off some of their hottest upcoming games, as well as Deus Ex: Mankind Divided.




Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu reached out to Square Enix, with a representative saying: "At this year's E3, we'll have our own conference for the first time after two years, where we'll deliver to everyone the rich line-up of the Square Enix Group. What we're going to show off at E3 is unprecedented in the history of Square Enix, with a strong line-up in which each can be considered a centerpiece. Since we plan to stream the conference live, it'll be at night [in Japan], but please watch it!"


Not only should we expect to see Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, but we should get a glimpse at the Unreal Engine 4-powered Kingdom Hearts 3, as well as Just Cause 3.

EA rumored to unveil next-gen Battlefield 5 at E3 this week

Very shortly after we posted our news on EA showing off three unannounced games with one of them being new IP, we had an industry source of ours say that they've heard that EA will be teasing Battlefield 5 at E3.




We shouldn't be surprised by this, as Battlefield is one of EA's largest franchises. It was shot in the foot majorly with Battlefield: Hardline, and with Battlefield 4 being on the market for 16 months now, it's time to start hearing about a new Battlefield game. EA is already busy with Star Wars: Battlefront, and the new Mirror's Edge Catalyst, but a surprising tease of Battlefield 5 would really shake the walls at E3.


Of course our insider could be wrong, but with EA already saying Battlefield 5 will be a military-themed shooter in the same vein as Battlefield 4, and a release of Q4 2016, it's not too far away anyway. One thing I would like to see with Battlefield 5 is a full concentration on the PC build of the game, where they water it down to consoles. This way we will get one of the best looking games ever released, and please EA - include VR support.


If we don't see Battlefield 5, we have a sneaking suspicion that EA could instead tease Battlefield: Bad Company 3, which would be equally, if not, more exciting.

EA rumored to be showing off '3 unannounced games' and new IP at E3

With E3 2015 right around the corner now, Electronic Arts is teasing its lineup of games that it will have at the show. Not only will EA be showing off games we already know about, but industry insider Shinobi602 says that EA will be showing off "3 unannounced EA games, one of which is a new IP".




EA will be presenting a large amount of games at E3 next week, including FIFA 16, EA SPORTS FIFA, Madden NFL 16, Madden NFL Moible, Minions Paradise, Mirror's Edge Catalyst, NBA LIVE 16, Need for Speed, NHL 16, EA SPORTS Rory McIlroy PGA TOUR, Star Wars Battlefront, and Star Wars: The Old Republic.


But it's the 3 unannounced games, with one of them being new IP that has me interested. I'm really hoping we get to see Battlefield 5 unveiled, with the player numbers on Battlefield 4 dropping, and Battlefield Hardline pretty much being a flop. Mass Effect 4 is sure to be shown off, but some new IP would be good to see, too.

ArmA 3's new terrain surface looks incredible in a recreation of Tanoa

Bohemia Interactive has had its upcoming ArmA 3 expansion detailed in a new leak, where we've been teased of a beautiful new environment that is a far cry from the maps we have in ArmA 3, as you can see in the images below.






The beautiful island of Tanoa, found in the South Pacific, is part of Horizon Islands. Tanoa is a lush tropical environment, with a thick jungle floor and very large geological features. Not only is Tanoa absolutely massive, but the upcoming expansion for ArmA 3 will feature new vehicles, weapons, attachments, gear, story content, and much more.




The developer will be detailing the ArmA 3 expansion during E3 next year, with the expansion due for release sometime in the first half of 2016.

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