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Nintendo Wii U gets teardown treatment

Anand himself has grabbed out his tool belt, and ripped Nintendo's latest, just released, next-gen console, the Wii U, and gave it a teardown treatment. The Wii U isn't too hard to open up and begin looking inside, according to Anand.


TweakTown image news/2/6/26821_06_nintendo_wii_u_gets_teardown_treatment.jpg


The included Wii U optical drive uses a custom format, offering 25GB of storage on-disc. Max sequential read speeds are actually pretty good compared to current-gen consoles, at 22MB/sec. There's two separate 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi controllers, one for the usual Internet connectivity, one for the Miracast display streaming between the Wii U and the GamePad display.


There's some Samsung eMMC included, and Toshiba NAND on the back of the board. Four 4Gb (512MB) Hynix DDR3-1600 devices are baked inside, with the memory shared between the CPU and GPU. We should have around 12.8GB/sec of peak memory bandwidth in the Wii U. Comparing this to the 5.6GB/sec available on the Wii, and we're looking at just over double the internal bandwidth - which isn't too bad at all.

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Skyrim's upcoming Dragonborn DLC gets some details and screenshots unveiled

Skyrim lovers get ready, as Bethesda have unveiled twelve new images to the upcoming Skyrim DLC, Dragonborn. Dragonborn is considered, by some enthusiasts, as the game's first "real" expansion, going above and beyond previous DLC packs by introducing an entire new, and very large territory to explore.



Gamers will be able to leave Skyrim, to travel over to the island of Solstheim, located northwest of Vvardenfell, and was previously mentioned in Bloodmoon. Bloodmoon being the second expansion to the 2002-released The Elder Scrolls III - Morrowind.


The terrain of Solstheim has been described as "ash wastes and glacial valleys", with Bethesda teasing that when you're on the island, you'll "encounter the Dark Elven Settlers of Raven Rock and the native Skaal as you unravel the mystery of a Dragonborn's return". New towns, dungeons and quests will be available to the player, with it ending in what should be your biggest battle yet - the first Dragonborn.

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More GTA V details released, PC version will be released a few months after the console releases

Grand Theft Auto V is set to pretty much be one of the biggest games of 2013, and one of the biggest games ever released - but with no PC version in sight, it is disappointing.


TweakTown image news/2/6/26817_10_more_gta_v_details_released_pc_version_will_be_released_a_few_months_after_the_console_releases.jpg


GTAForums, a community dedicated to everything GTA, has some more details on GTA V thanks to a recent Q&A session with Italian website, GTAForums published the finding in a recent thread, and there are some very big details on the game:

  • There is no lead platform for GTA V: Rockstar is developing the game for both PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 at the same time.
  • The PC version of GTA V is expected a few months after the console release.
  • Grand Theft Auto V's graphics raise the bar for the current-gen consoles, providing amazing in-game visual performances.
  • The GTA V demo currently possesses a lot of alias--which will, of course, be fixed before the game's release--and the frame rate wasn't perfectly executed, mirroring Rockstar's demo version of GTA IV five years ago.
  • Players cannot switch between the game's three main characters if they are in free-roam mode and are wanted by the police. However it's stated that Rockstar is still working on this particular feature, so it may be implemented and changed.
  • There will be multiple endings for GTA V.
  • The game's story arc is estimated at roughly 25-30 hours of play time.

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Nintendo Wii U review roundup

We will have our own in-house review of the Nintendo Wii U soon, but for now, we've provided a roundup of the reviews from around the world. The consensus is that it's a good console - but it's no homerun for the Japanese console maker.


TweakTown image news/2/6/26807_02_nintendo_wii_u_review_roundup.jpg


People seem to be loving the GamePad, not totally (low-res screen, touchscreen isn't so great) - but the general idea about it. Being close to portable console quality is nearly here thanks to Nintendo's foray into a tablet-like console. Most reviews are early days, but there are some "Review in Progress" looks at the console - which is an idea I personally love.


Reviewing consoles close to, or on day-one is hard. Launch titles can only be so good - there's day-one patches these days to consoles and games, and the usual bugs, etc. Anyway, on with the roundup!



The Verge




Recommended WiiU GamePad range is on the conservative side

People buying the WiiU might be upset that they must basically be in the same room as the WiiU to use the WiiU GamePad. While the recommended usage distance is in fact 26 feet, the designers of the wireless chipset used in the tablet say that it is capable of much, much more, but Nintendo wanted to be sure they wouldn't be sued by someone trying to use it too far away.


TweakTown image news/2/6/26790_1_recommended_wiiu_gamepad_range_is_on_the_conservative_side.jpg


Ultimately, the range comes down to the amount of wireless interference present in the installation location. If you're in an apartment building in New York City, you'll likely have much less range than someone out in the middle of nowhere, a location where not even cell phones get reception.


In the latter situation, Dino Bekis, senior director of Wireless Connectivity at Boradcom has said that people could likely get up to 100 feet of range. It also depends on what your house is composed of and different factors. The bottom line is that Nintendo went pretty conservative on the number to ensure that all users would receive a decent experience.


Bekis explains:


They have to make sure that it will operate in all of these different environments. If you're in an environment that has a lot of different (WI-FI routers) running simultaneously or other interference, you won't get the same range. We've done many multiples of (Nintendo's suggested range), but Nintendo's perspective is that they want to guarantee a flawless user experience.

Sony sells 70 million PS3s; 15 million PS Move controllers worldwide

Microsoft is celebrating its Xbox Live 10-year anniversary this month as it was officially launched back in November 15, 2002, but Sony has hijacked their party, popped their festive balloons and punched every celebratory cake in sight with its news of updated sales figures for the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Move controller.


TweakTown image news/2/6/26787_01_sony_sells_70_million_ps3s_15_million_ps_move_controllers_worldwide.jpg


Sony has announced today its PlayStation 3 has reached a total of 70 million units sold worldwide since its debut back in November of 2006, one year after the Xbox 360 was made available. Even with a one-year head start, Sony has caught up with Microsoft's Xbox 360 as they reached their 70 million units sold worldwide mark just last month. Seeing how Microsoft has always struggled selling its Xbox 360 in Japan, I'm sure Sony's dominance of the region helped reach today's goal.

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Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 sales hit record-breaking $500 million in first 24 hours

We should all know by now Activision's Call of Duty franchise will sell millions upon millions of copies every year. But I don't think any of us were prepared for the monster sales numbers Activision announced this morning as Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 had a record-breaking opening launch day by selling $500 million.


TweakTown image news/2/6/26784_01_call_of_duty_black_ops_2_sales_hit_record_breaking_500_million_in_first_24_hours.jpg


In the war between Halo 4 and Black Ops 2 sales, Black Ops 2 more than doubled Halo 4's $220 sales within its first 24 hours, but it could be argued it couldn't reach Black Ops 2 sales numbers seeing as Halo 4 is an Xbox 360 exclusive. Black Ops 2 even beat sales of the previous Call of Duty game, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, as it only sold $400 million in its first 24 hours.

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Nintendo TVii, Netflix, Hulu Plus and Amazon Instant Video delayed until Dec. on Wii U

With the Nintendo Wii U getting ready to launch this Sunday, Nintendo chose today to announce its TVii and all streaming video services will be delayed weeks after the launch of the console.


TweakTown image news/2/6/26783_01_nintendo_tvii_and_streaming_video_services_for_wii_u_delayed_until_after_launch.jpg


In a press release sent out today, Nintendo indirectly announced the delays through the description of the TVii and video-on-demand services.

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Crysis 3's latest trailer is here - get ready for some gorgeous graphics

I was a huge fan of the original PC-exclusive Crysis, at the time PC gaming was still going quite well, and having a AAA title like Crysis really pushed PC graphics. Multiple GPUs were required to run high-res, at high-detail, at high frame rates, but it was fine.



Crysis 2 dropped, and multi-platform gaming killed it. The graphics were much more "let's insert as much motion blur as possible", so that the game could render well enough on sub-par console hardware. Crysis 3 is set to ramp things up again, and by the looks of things, we should expect some great graphics. The latest trailer for Crytek's first-person shooter is here, this time showing off the single-player campaign.


We can see a few changes, starting with the Nanosuit. Sprinting usually drained the Nanosuit's power, but it no longer does in the third outing of the Crysis world. You can see the incredible graphics, but it still seems very scripted. While the graphics feel (from the video) a jump up from Crysis 2's graphics, we'll have to wait and see what the final product is like for final judgment.

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Skyrim's upcoming Dragonborn DLC offers new towns, dungeons on the island of Solstheim

New details for Skyrim's upcoming DLC, "Dragonborn," has been released today by Bethesda that gives players some insight as to what they should expect from the upcoming add-on.


TweakTown image news/2/6/26767_01_skyrim_s_upcoming_dragonborn_dlc_offers_new_towns_dungeons_on_the_island_of_solstheim.jpg


In Dragonborn, players will adventure off the coast of Morrowind, specifically to the island of Solstheim, where they'll experience new towns, dungeons, and, of course, quests through lands that are filled with ash and glaciers.

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