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Grand Theft Auto: Vice City 10th Anniversary available on Android, iOS on Dec. 6th

Last year, Grand Theft Auto III: Anniversary Edition was released onto iOS and Android devices and brought back a ton of great memories I had with the game 11 years ago. Now, it's Grand Theft Auto: Vice City's turn as Rockstar Games has announced it will also be releasing an anniversary edition of the game onto mobile devices.


TweakTown image news/2/6/26876_01_grand_theft_auto_vice_city_10th_anniversary_available_on_android_ios_on_dec_6th.jpg


Grand Theft Auto: Vice City 10th Anniversary Edition will be making its way onto iOS and Android devices on December 6th for $4.99, nearly one year after the released of Grand Theft Auto III: Anniversary Edition.

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Jetpack Joyride now available on PlayStation Network for $3.99

One of my favorite mobile endless running game has to be Halfbrick's Jetpack Joyride. The game launched as a free-to-play title and now it's available on the PlayStation Network for $3.99.


TweakTown image news/2/6/26874_01_jetpack_joyride_now_available_on_playstation_network_for_3_99.jpg


Halfbrick has made the Jetpack Joyride on PSN the most recent version of the game which includes gadgets, unlockable jetpacks and other goods and challenges.

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Hulu Plus launches on Wii U with full GamePad support

The Wii U may have stumbled over the finish line when it launched this past Sunday as days before its launch, Nintendo unofficially announced delays in video streaming applications such as Netflix, Hulu Plus and Amazon Instant Video until December. Netflix made its way to the Wii U a few days ago, and now Hulu has stepped into the Wii U video-streaming ring as Hulu Plus is now available to download.


TweakTown image news/2/6/26873_01_hulu_plus_launches_on_wii_u_with_full_gamepad_compatibility.jpg


Hulu Plus for the Wii U takes full advantage of the Wii U GamePad as users will be able to use the service not only on their TV, but also on the GamePad if the need to suddenly give up their television arises.

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Star Citizen breaks crowdfunding record, raises $6.4 million

You might remember a little game called Wing Commander, and if you're like me, you'll remember it quite fondly as one of the best games of its time in the 90s. Well, the man behind that, Chris Roberts, has another game coming out under his company Cloud Imperium Games Corporation called Star Citizen. Star Citizen is powered by a modified version of CryEngine 3.



Star Citizen is a crowd funded game which has just finished its round of funding, closing at an astonishing $6.4 million. This breaks all previous crowd funding records, with its original goal of $2 million being blown out of the water. The crowdfunding took place on Kickstarter, as well as the game's home page at Roberts Space Industries (RSI).


$4,290,962 was raised on RSI, with the remaining $2,134,374 being raised on Kickstarter. This gave Star Citizen a total of $6,425,336 in funding - quite the achievement indeed. The minimum pledge in order to get a copy of the finished game is $37, with the game set to be completed and distributed in two years' time, in November 2014. The game is explained as "a rich universe focused on epic space adventure, trading and dogfighting in first person".

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NVIDIA releases new beta GeForce drivers, just in time for the holidays

NVIDIA has just swooped in before the huge holiday rush with a new set of beta GeForce drivers in the form of the 310.61 beta. They're only a slight update on the last 310.54 before release, offering up improved support for PlanetSide 2 and Hitman: Absolution.


TweakTown image news/2/6/26862_04_nvidia_releases_new_beta_geforce_drivers_just_in_time_for_the_holidays.jpg


Call of Duty: Black Ops II gamers running on multi-GPU setups will also enjoy the new GeForce 310.61 beta drivers, as there's a new SLI profile included. 310.61 offers up all of the tweaks that were baked into the 310.54 drivers, including performance improvements such as 26% more performance for COD: Black Ops II, and 18% in Assassin's Creed III when compared to the 306.97 WHQL driver.


There's the usual blanket of performance improvements for other games such as Battlefield 3, MoH: Warfighter, Batman: Arkham City, Skyrim, StarCraft II and Dragon Age II. New or updated SLI profiles are also here, with Dirt: Showdown, Dota 2, Dou Zhan Shen, F1 2012, FIFA 13, Hawken, Hitman: Absolution, Natural Selection 2, Primal Carnage and Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad getting some lovin'.

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Capcom releases DmC: Devil May Cry demo on Xbox 360, PS3

Capcom's DmC Devil May Cry game has many faithful fans of the series scratching their heads seeing as the upcoming title is supposed to be a complete reboot. Dante and the world around him look completely different from what we're used to in a Devil May Cry game, but seeing as Capcom announced a demo is available for DmC Devil May Cry, it looks like they're trying to win back those fans who may not like the turn the series has made.


TweakTown image news/2/6/26851_01_capcom_releases_dmc_devil_may_cry_demo_on_360_ps3.jpg


The DmC Devil May Cry demo is currently available on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 and contains two levels to play across with a boss battle with a female demon Succubus. Dante will be equipped for battle as he'll wield Rebellion and Ebony & Ivory. When players complete the demo, they'll be treated to a "Son of Sparda" difficulty level, which judging by its name stands for "really, really hard mode."

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Sony rolls out PS Vita system update 2.00 with email client and improved browser; PS Plus support coming later today

One of the PS Vita's biggest updates has officially been rolled out and is now available for you to download at your leisure, but you may want to update it fast as the sooner you update to version 2.00, the sooner you'll be able to access PS Plus on your Vita.


TweakTown image news/2/6/26845_01_sony_rolls_out_ps_vita_system_update_2_00_with_email_client_and_improved_browser_ps_plus_support_coming_later_today.jpg


As we reported last week, PS Plus is coming to the Vita and if you're a member, then you know exactly why all Vita owners are excited about this news. Unfortunately, Sony hasn't flipped the switch to allow for PS Plus to be accessible on the Vita right now, but have promised the feature will go live sometime later today when the PlayStation Store updates. For now, let's take a look at what you can expect in the Vita's 2.00 update.

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Grand Theft Auto V could make its way onto the Nintendo Wii U

Rockstar Games has suggested that Grand Theft Auto V could be the first-ever Grand Theft Auto game to make it onto a Nintendo console, with co-founder Dan Houser saying that "everything else is up for consideration." He explains how they are a third-party publisher and have no alliance to any one console.


TweakTown image news/2/6/26844_1_grand_theft_auto_v_could_make_its_way_onto_the_nintendo_wii_u.jpg


"Everything else is up for consideration. That's all I can give you," Houser told IGN, "The main thing is...we are a third-party publisher. We're not Nintendo, we're not Sony, we're not Microsoft. We love all of them in different ways. But we can do what we want whenever there's the appropriate business opportunity and chance to find a market. If that's on Apple we put something on Apple. Wherever it might be. I think that's the fun in what we do. We see ourselves as a content company that uses technology. We don't make it; we use it to make the most fun stuff."


The Wii U is already seeing more support from third-party gamers than previous consoles. It has launched with a good number of games from a variety of different publishers. The tablet controller definitely gives the Wii U a possibility to employ unique gameplay and Rockstar Games would have to make sure to make use of it if they bring GTA V to the console.


It's important to note that Rockstar has not given a solid answer that the game will be coming to either PC or Wii U, just that it has the possibility.

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'Karaoke' coming to Xbox 360 this holiday with hourly charges and SmartGlass integration

If there are two things I enjoy than life itself, it's singing karaoke and never leaving my home. Thanks to a new collaboration between Microsoft and The Karaoke Channel, I won't have to as the company will release a Karaoke application for the Xbox 360 this holiday season.


TweakTown image news/2/6/26835_01_karaoke_coming_to_xbox_360_this_holiday_with_hourly_charges_and_smartglass_integration.jpg


Karaoke will allow users to rock out by the hour as they'll need to purchase blocks of time, which are said to be two, six and 24-hours of time, although I'm sure the 24-hour block of time won't need to be used all at once or you could end up with no voice for days after your marathon performance. Players will also be given the opportunity to select a number of free karaoke tracks to sing through.

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Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Nuketown 2025 pre-order bonus map playlist removed

One of the biggest selling points for Black Ops 2 fans to pre-order their game, aside from playing the latest and great Call of Duty game, had to have been the return of one of the most popular multiplayer maps in Call of Duty: Black Ops, Nuketown 2025. The pre-order bonus had its own playlist where players could play Nuketown to their heart's content with other Nuketown fans, but it looks like the plug has been pulled on the map's dedicated playlist as it no longer is available to play through matchmaking.


TweakTown image news/2/6/26831_01_nuketown_removed.jpg


Confirmation of the playlist's removal came from the Twitter account of Treyarch's game design director, David Vonderhaar.

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