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Interactive Movie Posters

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Now this is cool! Imagine you're standing in line at the local theater to buy tickets for that new movie you're just dying to see. Suddenly, a dinosaur roars, a battle rages, or a pretty actress winks at you. It's not your imagination. The next step in your moviegoing experience may be the way of the interactive movie poster.


MOVIE posters - paper-and-ink enticements that can be traced to the days of nickelodeons - have over the decades become so commonplace in theater lobbies that they have practically faded into the wallpaper for millions of American moviegoers. Noticed, maybe, yet never really seen.


But what if those posters could talk? What if Leonardo DiCaprio could stare out from a wall and wink at passers-by? What if, rather than being frozen on a poster for the latest James Bond movie, Pierce Brosnan and Halle Berry could leap in a full-motion, fist-flying fury to a stereo soundtrack? And what if these posters could interact with film patrons, recognizing their tastes and quickly matching their interests with trailers and show times for movies that they most likely want to see?


For the last five years Stephan Fitch and his company, Thinking Pictures, have been quietly working to recast movie posters with precisely those capabilities and more!

More information @ The New York Times


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Copy Protected Digital TV?

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With the shadow of Digital TV growing, there could be some unexpected surprises in the future ahead. While Digital TV is definately going to be the next best thing in the world of Television, some of the things we're used to might not be there when Digital TV steps up to the plate.


Television broadcasters are required to switch to digital, copy-protected signals by January 1, 2007. When this happens, more than 300 million televisions and VCRs will be useless.


The draft being considered by the House subcommittee also lays the groundwork for "broadcast flag" content protection. Broadcasters would send their video encoded with a security "flag" that would prevent customers from taping a program on one system and moving it to another for viewing. The FCC should require all digital devices to contain such copy controls by January 1, 2006, according to the subcommittee's draft recommendation.

Notice that these quotes state that your TV's and VCR's will be useless.. not could. Of course, I'm sure new technology will move in to fill that void, but it's still the principle of it all that gets my feathers ruffled.


More information @ Yahoo! News


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The movie "Signs" in four easy steps

By: Array

This is a classic. For those who have seen the movie "Signs" you need to take a couple minutes to read what this person has to say about the movie in his four easy steps to understanding the movie.


This movie wouldn't have been so bad if it actually went somewhere. It was like a porno with no money shot. One of those slow motion soft-core Showtime specials that start out as being mediocre detective melodrama, but you keep watching any way because it's starring Shannon Tweed and you know there's going to be a shower scene but you know it's going to suck because some dude inevitably comes in and starts man handling her and the camera man does nothing but zoom up on his ass. That's exactly what "Signs" is like: the camera man zooming up on some guy's ass for two hours.
Laugh here!


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Lifeview FlyVideo 3000 TV Tuner Review

By: Array

Cameron "Sov" Johnson has just finished up testing on the Lifeview FlyVideo 3000 TV Tuner for your viewing pleasure. It is an add-on board that bring the wonderful world of television right to your desktop, but can it di this job at a reasonable level of quality, and while your still doing other tasks on the system? Come join us as we find out!


- Discuss it in the Forums


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Elsa Gladiac 511 PCI and Gladiac 511TV-Out Dual Review

The folks over at RipNet UK dare to compare as they do a dual review on a couple of video cards... namely the Elsa Gladiac 511 PCI and the Elsa Gladiac 511 TV-Out. here's a snip:


"One of the benefits that the GeForce 3 has brought is that it's helped to drive down the prices of lower specced GeForce cards. Provided that you can live with not being on the absolute cutting edge there is a lot of performance to be had for not too much money. Now the latest incarnation of the nVidia GeForce chipset is upon us, the GeForce 2 MX 400. ELSA have recently launched a pair of cards based on this chipset, the Gladiac 511 PCI and the Gladiac 511 TV-Out (which is an AGP card), and they were good enough to send us one of each to review."


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