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Skype Founders Announce Joost Online TV

The founders of "Skype" have for a while now been working on a new piece of software dubbed "The Venice Project" which happens to be based around an online TV service! It's obviously been working out well for them as they've just released their first beta software build for it, officially named "Joost".


For the full rundown on the new service, check out this article over at Digital Trends folks.


Just last month, Skype founders Janus Friis and Niklas Zennstrom revealed they were working on an Internet-based broadband television service dubbed "The Venice Project." The idea is to provide high-quality television programming via the Internet, and have the whole thing be supported by advertising-and this be free to users. The global platform would support copyright protection for content owners, while integrating "Web 2.0" technologies like tagging and community-driven interactivity.


Although still in a private beta testing phase, today the company formally dropped the "Venice Project" monicker in favor of Joost. "People are looking for increased choice and flexibility in their TV experience, while the entertainment industry needs to retain control over their content," said Fredrik de Wahl, Joost CEO. "With Joost, we've married that consumer desire with the industry's interests." The Joost site currently offers a blog and some screenshots-and invites interested users to sign up to beta test the service. Joost claims to offer instant channel switching and full-screen display in addition to interactive features.


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DEAL OF THE DAY - Apple - Pre-Order Apple TV for $299 with Free Shipping!

Deal of the Day details:


Offer: Apple had a revolutionary day at MacWorld today when they announced that Apple TV will be available to ship next month, and the big news about the iPhone. Apple TV comes with a 40GB hard drive that allows you to record up to 50 hours of video! Apple TV automatically grabs the digital media on your computer and makes it available for you to enjoy on your TV. Comes with HDMI (video and audio), component video, TOSLINK optical audio, 10/100 BASE-T Ethernet, USB 2.0 (for service and diagnostics), 802.11n wireless networking (compatible with 802.11a/b/g), and a Built-in IR receiver (works with included Apple Remote).


*** For more details on this deal and many more, visit our Deals page - it's the smart place to shop! ***


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CES 2007 - AMD Unveils ATI TV Wonder Digital Cable Tuner

AMD naturally have a few surprises for us at CES this week as well. The first of which is their new TV Wonder series Digital Cable Tuner card. This happens to be the world's first cablecard compatible card which allows for media center PCs to tune and record high-definition digital cable TV.


Both an internal and external version of the device is available, with the internal card only using a PCI or PCIe slot for retention purposes, it still connects to the PC via USB as is the case with the external version.


For the full rundown on it, there's coverage at The DailyTech, Tech Report, and of course the official announcement on AMD's website peeps.


AMD today unveiled the ATI TV Wonder Digital Cable Tuner - the industry's first and only device that enables users to watch and record premium HD digital cable content, such as HD ESPN and HD HBO, on their PCs. The ATI TV Wonder Digital Cable Tuner turns a PC into a Personal Video Recorder (PVR) with easy to use Microsoft Windows Vista Media Center menus and interfaces. It is scheduled to be available starting January 30, 2007 inside desktop and notebook PCs from the industry's top PC manufacturers.


"With the upcoming release of Windows Vista, more consumers are ready to make their Media Center PC the entertainment hub for the home," said Kevin Kettler, vice president and chief technology officer, Dell Inc. "Dell Systems that include the ATI TV Wonder Digital Cable Tuner finally provide consumers with a comprehensive HDTV option that combines all their favorite TV programming with the feature-rich functionality of a Media Center PC."


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Compro VideoMate V600 high-end standalone TV box

Compro have just added a new product to their VideoMate family of tv tuner solutions, this being the VideoMate V600 high-end standalone TV box with support for resolutions of 1680 x 1050 / 1600 x 1200 / 1440 x 900 and 2D+3D Y/C Separation. The best thing about it is that its free from driver/software installations and incompatibility issues, you simply just plug it directly up to a monitor or projector and it handles everything on it's own.


For the full scoop on it, grab Compro's official announcement here.


The easiest way to enjoy your favorite TV shows! You don't need the PC system or software installation anymore. Compro Technology, a leading developer and manufacturer of multimedia products presented VideoMate V600 which is a high-resolution standalone TV box with up to 1680x1050, 1600x1200 and 1440x900 resolutions for watching analog TV shows on your CRT/LCD/PDP monitor. Free from driver/software installation and compatible problems with computers, just simply connect to your monitor or projector and TV cable/antenna feed, you can watch TV on your monitor easily.


The high-resolution of VideoMate V600 can fit 15" to 22" monitors including standard 4:3/5:4 CRT/LCD and 16:9/16:10 wide screen LCD/PDP. Also, for providing better video quality, VideoMate V600 built-in the professional 2D+3D Y/C separation and noise reduction chip with 3D motion adaptive deinterlacing brings you a crystal clear and sharp image on your monitor. More than this, VideoMate V600 provides the exclusive OptiMode scenes selection feature. You can select from 3 optimized scene modes for standard TV watching, video game playing, and movie watching (cinema mode will automatically enable the 3:2 Pull-down correction) to enjoy the high quality TV/movie watching and game playing from your LCD/CRT/PDP monitor.


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HD-DVD Movies Cracked! - Well, Mostly

This was bound to happen sooner or later. A member of the Doom9 DVD conversion forums has just released his first build of "BackupHDDVD", a tool used to decrypt AACS copy protection (found on HD-DVD based movie discs). Just goes to show, no matter how supposedly strong the protection is, it's gonna be cracked eventually.


There is a catch with this however, the program is not able to grab the cryptographic key which is first needed to be able to decrypt the actual movie, you are required to add your own keys once you've determined what they are. Apparently the key is encrypted on the movie disc which when played becomes decrypted somehow, as for being able to obtain that decrypted key for use with BackupHDDVD is anyone's guess just now.



We've written up a dedicated article covering it in full detail, and there's more feedback on it over at the Doom9 forums folks.


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CyberLink launches PowerDVD Ultra for HD DVD and Blu-ray

Today our friends at CyberLink in Taiwan let us know that they've launched their latest version of their popular DVD playback software called PowerDVD Ultra.


The new version is called "Ultra" and includes fully GPU hardware accelerated playback of HD DVD and Blu-ray movies. You can pick up a copy for $99 USD just in time for the holidays.



Taipei, Taiwan----December 22, 2006----CyberLink Corp. (5203.TW), a world leader in digital home solutions, today launched the HD DVD and Blu-ray version of its industry-defining movie player software, PowerDVD. Featuring optimized hardware acceleration for graphics processors, and compatibility with leading HD DVD and Blu-ray Disc drives, PowerDVD Ultra delivers the ultimate high-definition movie experience on both desktop and notebook computers.


We are working with CyberLink on this software and will have an article online soon about the whole HD DVD scenarios next week after Christmas.


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Hauppauge Releases Tri-mode WinTV-HVR-3000 Tuner

TV Tuner card specialist "Hauppauge" have just extended their WinTV range with the new WinTV-HVR-3000. It has the ability to tune into DVB-S, DVB-T, and analog cable as well as FM radio.


The Dailytech have more info on it here, or you can get straight to the official PR on Hauppauge's website.


Hauppauge has released a new addition to its WinTV product lineup: the WinTV-HVR-3000. The new WinTV-HVR-3000 can tune into three different video sources.


The new tri-mode TV tuner can decode DVB-S satellite, DVB-T terrestrial and regular analogue cable sources. The new tuner also supports FM, DVB-S and DVB-T audio broadcasts.


In terms of recording the WinTV-HVR-3000 can store audio and video in MPEG2 or MPEG1 formats. Hauppauge bundles its own WinTV application with WinTV-Scheduler for automated recording features. Automated recording features are also backed by a 7-day electronic program guide too. An IR remote is also included for use with the Hauppauge WinTV software as well.


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DEAL OF THE DAY - Expires TONIGHT! - Lite-On LVW-5115GHC+ DVD Recorder W/TV Tuner (Refurbed) for Only $59.99!

Deal of the Day details:


Offer: Record, play, and even use it as tuner from one unit for only $59.99! Refurbished to be new, this puppy does everything you could need in one slim design. It has great reviews and people are saying to not let the price fool you into thinking it's a "lesser" model. Digital media formats supported: DVD-Video, DVD+R / DVD+RW, DVD-R / DVD-RW, CD-R / CD-RW, SVCD, VCD, Audio CD. Use coupon code: NOTAPES (expires 12/15/06)


*** For more details on this deal and many more, visit our Deals page - it's the smart place to shop! ***


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DEAL OF THE DAY - HOT! Newegg - Syntax Olevia Black 37" LCD HDTV w/ ATSC Tuner and 8ms Response Time for Only $699.99 with $59 Shipping!

Deal of the Day details:


Offer: Great price on a top end! This deal was running around for awhile last week but that coupon was shady and there was no guarantee that it would work for you folks, but this one is tried and true so if you want a huge TV that does everything (including all your gaming needs on it) then get this now before they start pulling this coupon. Use coupon code: EMC1210BLKOLVIA (expiration unknown).


*** For more details on this deal and many more, visit our Deals page - it's the smart place to shop! ***


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Blu-ray & HD-DVD - Look out!

How's this for "wow" material. A uni student in India thinks he has found a way to store up to a whopping 450GB of data onto............wait for it.......................A PIECE OF PAPER!


Abideen, who hails from the Kerala, India, claims that that his Rainbow system is better than a binary storage because instead of using ones and zeros to represent data, Abideen uses geometric shapes such as squares and hexagons to represent data patterns. Color is also used in the system to represent other data elements. According to Abideen, all that's required to read the Rainbow prints is a scanner and specialized software.


Though in very early stages of development, there doesnt appear to be anything major getting in the way of this yet to be proven technology.


For the full rundown on it have a read of this article over at the DailyTech peeps.


According to a report from the Arab News, a university technology student named Sainul Abideen has invented a method of storing massive amounts of digital data on a plain piece of paper that he claims could store many times the capacity of the best Blu-ray or HD-DVD discs. In fact, Abideen says that his Rainbow technology can enable him to store from 90 to 450GB on a piece of paper. As far as a real life demonstration of a 450GB paper goes, the technology still needs development.


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