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New LG HD-DVD and Blu-ray dual ROM drive

LG has done its bit in helping bridge the HD format wars by releasing the Super Multi Blue GGCH20L ROM drive which is capable of reading both HD-DVD and Blu-ray disks!


On top of that, it will also read regular CD's and DVD's and burn DVD+R at 16x. Being a new drive, naturally is utilizes the much more future-proofed Serial ATA interface and includes 4MB cache buffer.


Google Products is listing it between roughly $300 - $360 USD with one store offering it up for a tad under $300. It's a fair bit more expensive than the cheaper Blu-ray readers but given that it is also able to read HD-DVD disks, it's really a rather impressive price.


If you're a HD enthusiast and building a new Home Theater PC over the holidays, you wouldn't be blamed for putting the LG GGCH20L ROM drive near the top of the shopping list. You can find a full list of the specifications of the drive at this website.


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Palit announce HTPC-happy HD 3850

Palit have launched both HD 3850 and HD 3870 cards this week, and although the 3870 offering appears to be just a bog stock offering, Palit's 3850 on the other hand isn't; it uses a superior heatsink/fan combo which is said to lower temperatures noticably whilsts also dropping noise levels. Not only this, but there looks to be native HDMI on the card as well, dismissing the need for one of those annoying dongles.



These qualities would make Palit's 3850 most appealing for those looking to whack one of these new ATI cards into their home theatre box. Not to mention Palit are reknowned for their very aggressive pricing too.


For further information, grab the announcement here.


Palit Microsystems, the leading graphics card manufacturer, today excitingly announces Palit Redeon™ 3800 series graphics processor: Palit Radeon™ HD 3850 and HD 3870 which are AMD's first series of products support PCIe 2.0 technology and are both based on 55nm process technology allows to provide full performance with lower power consumption. For Palit's own design HD 3850, we provides something more and above the reference design.


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Fujitsu launches Blu-ray notebook

Fujitsu has just announced its latest notebook in Australia, the LifeBook N6460 and this baby packs some serious hardware. Starting from the top, well, of the spec sheet at least that is, it comes with a Core 2 Duo T7700 processor which is clocked at 2.4GHz and has 4MB of L2 cache. This is just about as good as it gets when it comes to mobile processors at the moment, although there are a couple of faster models, but we're not going to be that picky now and they would've made this notebook even more expensive.


The N6460 also comes with 2GB of DDR2 667MHz RAM, although it supports up to 4GB. Fujitsu has also fitted a 1GB Intel Turbo Memory module to the system and it has no less than two 250GB 2.5-inch SATA drives, although sadly these are most likely only 4,200rpm drives. However, the Australian Fujitsu site doesn't list the drive speeds, so we can only go with what's available on the US site.


A Blu-ray drive is also part of the package and again we have to rely in the specs from the US website which lists the drive as a single speed Blu-ray burner that will write to both BD-R, BD-R DL, BD-RE and BD-RE DL media as well as DVD+/-R at 8x and 4x for the re-writeable versions and 2x for dual layer media. Finally it will also write to CD-R at 8x and oddly enough to CD-RW at 10x, but our guess is that the CD-R writing speed is wrong. It will of course read all those format as well.



But the features don't end there as it has a 17-inch widescreen LCD, but sadly it only supports 1,440x900 resolution which is the only real downside to this otherwise nicely specified notebook, as it means you won't be able to watch all those Blu-ray movies in 1080p. Luckily it has an HDMI port, so as long as you have a TV that supports higher resolution, you can still watch the movies in 1080p.


Graphics power comes from a Mobility Radeon HD 2600, although Fujitsu only lists it as having 512MB of HyperMemory, but we'd dare to guess that this is a 256MB part. It also offers S-Video and composite video out and there's even a set of stereo audio RCA outputs as well as an optical S/PDIF. The notebook itself features a pair of stereo speakers as well as a small "subwoofer".


Other features include both a PC Card slot and an ExpressCard 54 slot, as well as a multi-format memory card reader that accepts all standard formats bar CompactFlash. It does of course have the latest 802.11n Wi-Fi standard onboard and there's also wired Gigabit Ethernet and an old fashioned dial-up modem for those that need that. The biggest downside is the retail price of AU$5,299 incl GST which puts it out of reach for most of us.


You can find the full specifications here


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ATI releases trio of HDTV Tuners

Three new TV tuners make their way into ATI's TV Wonder series today, each of these bringing HDTV to the PC. These new models comprise the ATI TV Wonder 650 Combo USB, ATI TV Wonder 600 PCI and ATI TV Wonder 600 PCI Express; the 650 Combo is the priciest and most feature-packed of the three, coming in at $149, whilst the other two will show up with RRPs of $99.


For full details on the new lineup of HDTV ready TV Wonders, head over to the Dailytech.


ATI announced three new TV tuners today that enable HDTV on the PC. The tuners are called the ATI TV Wonder 650 Combo USB, TV wonder 600 PCI Express and the TV Wonder 600 PCI.


The TV wonder 650 Combo USB carries an MSRP of $149 and has two TV tuners inside allowing for users to watch one channel of over-the-air TV/HDTV and record another. This is the USB version of the PCI Express tuner launched in July. The USB tuner is also capable of recording unencrypted digital TV (ClearQAM).


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Leadtek release value DTV1000 S tuner

Leadtek have recently expanded their WinFast DTV series of digital TV tuner cards with the new DTV1000 S, an affordable choice with support for high-definition TV/AC3 audio and DVB-T radio sources.


Recording/capturing video content from digital TV/VCR/camcorders/DvD players etc. is also made possible.


For the full scoop on it grab Leadtek's announcement here folks.


Taipei, Taiwan, October 1st, 2007: Leadtek Research Inc., a world leader in the manufacture of multimedia products, has been dedicated to offering value added premium TV tuner products to users for more than two decades. Leadtek's newly released WinFast DTV1000 S digital TV card is no exception - a brilliant digital TV experience and a real bargain that turns your home PC into an all-function digital TV and DVR. Never miss out on live games and TV shows again!


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Acer unveil Blu-ray & HD-DVD rdy PC

Acer Australia have issued out an announcement today which supports the release of their first multimedia PC which is capable of playing back both Blu-ray and HD-DVD content via the included combo optical drive.


The Acer Aspire M5630 series is based around Core 2 architecture with its quad-core Q6600 processor, 2GB DDR2 memory, 500GB SATA HDD, ATI X2400 Pro PCI-E graphics (though no mention of HDMI which is a dissapointment) and an Acer 22" WS LCD.


Acer have planned to retail the system for $2299 AUD. For more information check out the official PR here folks.


Sydney, 2nd October 2007 - Continuing the tradition of leading the market in desktop PCs with quad core processors, Acer produces another first with the Acer Aspire M5630 series, a multimedia PC featuring a Blu-ray and HD-DVD combo drive.


The Acer Aspire M5630 range tops Acer's multimedia PC category by also featuring an Intel® Core™ 2 Quad processor Q6600 (2.4GHz with 8MB L2 cache). Along with greater processing power to enable a full range of gaming and video editing needs, the Aspire M5630 introduces the ability to playback full high definition content in maximum resolution of 1920 x 1080 using either Blu-ray or HD-DVD format.


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New HTPC chassis' from ThermalTake

Thermaltake have introduced a couple of snazzy new home theatre PC cases into their existing Digital Home Series today, these being the DH 101 and DH 102.


The DH 101 sports a neat slim LCD display which has a subtle blue background and support for multiple languages. The DH 202 has a full 7" colour touch screen with more features than you can poke a stick at.


To check them both out in more detail have a read of Thermaltake's news release here.


Thermaltake has introduced the new digital Home Theater PC Chassis, the DH (Digital Home) series. Designed with the latest multimedia module and high quality piano mirror coating front panel, the new Digital Home series shines with elegance and charm!


There are total of four models to choose from the new Digital Home Series; DH101 was designed with the latest LCD Display that not only supports multiple languages, but also allows different display selections with its blue glowing background. DH 102 on the other hand, comes with the aluminum piano mirror coating and the hottest 7 inch Touch Screen front LCD display bringing all the media function controls easy and fast at user's fingertips.


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Sony ships Memory Stick with free movie

Sony has announced a new range of Memory Stick PRO Duo cards in 2 and 4GB sizes that ships with a DVD loaded with four movies from Sony Pictures Entertainment. The movies are Click, Ghost Rider, RV and Stomp the Yard. You do need a computer to take advantage of the free movies though and you can only "unlock" one with each purchase of a Memory Stick.



The movies are formatted at 720 x 480 resolution and they will play on the PSP as well as on the PS3. The 2GB card will set you back US$55 and the 4GB version is priced at $90. In related news, Sony will be releasing a 2GB and 4GB version of its Memory Stick Micro card in November. The Memory Stick Micro format is commonly used in Sony Ericsson mobile phones and some Sony Cyber-shot digital cameras. The pricing is the same as for the Memory Stick PRO Duo cards.


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PROLINK intros "PlayTV Media Box"

PROLINK have today introduced a new multimedia product to the market, this a new member of their PixelView family in the "PixelView PlayTV Media Box".


This media solution allows you to watch slideshows of your photos, listen to music, record TV shows, play downloaded movies or home videos and more. Recording is done directly onto either an SD memory card or a USB based hard drive, doing away with needing a computer for the task.


For full details on it you can check out the official PR here folks.


Taipei, Taiwan (Tech Messenger) -- World leading VGA & Multimedia manufacturer, PROLINK Microsystems Corporation today announces PROLINK's cutting edge "PixelVeiw PlayTV Media Box" provides an ultimate media center experience without any PC. Bring your digital multimedia contents into your life with "PixelView PlayTV Media Box".


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ProLink has Express card TV tuner

ProLink has released its PixelView PlayTV Xpress Express card TV tuner card. It's quite a well features Express card, it supports all worldwide TV standards as well as it's got a built in FM radio tuner and video capture features. It doesn't support any digital TV standards though, which makes it a bit less appealing when you're considering that more and more countries are going digital and killing their analog TV networks.


The PlayTV Xpress uses the PCI Express bus rather than USB which is also an option for Express card devices and it's a 54mm Express card. It's also compatible with Windows Media Center Edition and it supports time shift recording.



It will capture video from an S-Video or composite video source as well as stereo audio via two RCA stereo connectors. It will only record video in MPEG 1 and 2, which is a shame, as both formats takes up a lot more space than MPEG4. A dongle has to be attached for video capture. The PlayTV Express is supplied with a remote control. You can find out more here


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