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Moore's Law will collapse, in about 10 years

Michio Kaku, a theoretical physicist has posted a video discussing the collapse of Moore's Law in around 10 or so years. It has been predicted before, with physicists predicting the end of Moore's Law for quite a while now, but Kaku's reasoning and the slowing down of processing power that we are seeing today definitely lends credibility to his claims.



If you're unaware of Moore's Law, it pertains to computer hardware, stating that the number of transistors that can be placed onto a integrated circuit board can be doubled roughly every two years. There's always been an 18-month time frame for this, where we see a leap of the previous-generation of technology. This modified cycle can be credited to Intel executive, David House, not Moore.


Kaku has predicted that in around 10 years, silicon power will be exhausted. Intel has already admitted Moore's Law is slowing down using silicon, one of the reasons behind us seeing Tri-Gate transistors used in Ivy Bridge CPUs, an effort to try and extend the effective life of silicon. Kaku attributes the problem as two-fold: heat and leakage. Intel processors of today have a layer that is almost down to 20 atoms across. Quite small.

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Support Huntington's Disease research and enter a raffle for a custom computer

Today has been a 'Friday Feel Good Day.' As reported earlier, TigerDirect teamed up with a Corsair and EVGA to make that computer that is being auctioned off on eBay. It's not the only charity build that's currently going on. Custom Case Modder Will Lyon has built a cool "Arctic Cat" themed case that he is now selling raffle tickets for. The proceeds from the raffle ticket sales go to support Huntington's Disease.




As originally posted by Will Lyon:


Help support a great cause and get a chance to win this custom rig built buy me. This rig includes lots of time and parts graciously donated by many great people and great companies! Huntington's Disease is a (currently) incurable and debilitating genetic disorder. You can help the HDSA to further their research and try to find a treatment or cure for this horrible disease. I personally am also giving away myr Arctic Cat computer to one lucky person who donates! All donations received will go go to the Huntington's Disease Society of America. The funds will enable the HDSA to continue their ongoing efforts to find a treatment or even a cure for Huntington's Disease. Just like with any other disease-related research they need all the help they can get! Me wife's best friend's mother died from Huntington's....[/quote]

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TigerDirect partners with companies to build PC to auction and benefit the National MS Society

It's nice when companies do things that benefit the community at large. This time it is TigerDirect's turn to do something for the greater good. They have partnered with Corsair Memory and EVGA to build a killer gaming PC which is currently being auctioned off at eBay. 100% of the proceeds from the auction will be donated to the MS Society to continue driving the fight against Multiple Sclerosis.




It's for a good cause, and it's a pretty amazing computer. I highly encourage you to take a look at it and throw in a bid. The auction is available here.

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Building turned Tetris in case of hack as high art

Those damn college kids are always doing some prank or another, and this time they have done something really cool that isn't destructive! The kids over at MIT, one of the leading technology colleges in the United States, have turned an entire building's windows into a playable Tetris game with different colors and difficulty levels!




Was this some mischievousness plan to take over the college or just some work of public art? The building in question is the Earth and Planetary Science departments' building. It has long been the target of many of MIT students' pranks. The grid layout of the windows made this building the best choice for this particular prank.


The video is pretty awesome. As a fan of Tetris, I'm tempted to see about doing this at my house. Better yet, if I ever get a big corporation in NY, I'm going to specifically design the side of the building as a giant Tetris game. Then everyone will want to come work for me! What are your thoughts? Good prank or no?

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Navizon releases new tech that can track you by your smartphone's wireless

Yet another assault on users' privacy has occurred today. Navizon I.T.S. (Indoor Triangulation System) is a system similar to what Google is using for indoor navigation at large venues. It, however, locates you for the owners of the establishment, rather than you locating yourself for directions.




Aimed at retail stores, shopping malls, museums, office buildings, and similar spots, the technology can be used for a couple of different purposes. One way is to use it as a security and surveillance system, as it could track approved Wi-Fi devices in a secure area or locate wireless devices on a campus.


Another way that it can be used is to study traffic patterns in certain areas or just generally see how many smartphone users there are at a given trade show. These ways are a bit less intrusive than using it for security, but it still raises concerns. Think about all of the pressure Apple and Google have gotten over WiFi geolocation.


Luckily, the system can't identify who you are. Rather, it can only get the signature of your device. It could, however, keep track of that signature and use it to track you every time you come back and then start to look for patterns. This is just one more way that smartphone users can be tracked, and many of these ways are without our knowledge.

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NBC will be streaming the London 2012 Summer Olympics Live over the Internet

NBC has announced that all sports in the London 2012 Summer Olympics will be streamed live on the Internet, to go alongside the prime-time broadcast. NBC has laid down plans to stream all 32 sports live on when the London 2012 Summer Olympics start this July.




Vice president and general manager of NBC Sports Digital Media, Rick Cordella, has said that the idea to stream on the Internet came from popular demand. Strange that in these Internet-connected days, and a multi-billion company that streams other shows on the Internet, that they had to wait for "popular demand" and it wasn't part of their normal scheduling. Just goes to show how far behind these companies are. Cordella says:


The hot topic is always, 'Why don't you show all your sports live?' We wanted to take care of that.


While all 32 sports will stream live on, the major events will not be archived until after the prime-time television broadcast. Major events like swimming, diving, track and field, beach volleyball and gymnastics are important to NBC's prime-time coverage, so the live streaming versions of these big events won't be archived until after the TV broadcast. All other events will be archived immediately.


Cordella adds:


Whatever is on schedule that day, if cameras are on it, we'll stream it.

Nicki Minaj closes Twitter account to protest Web piracy

The state of internet piracy, I'm sure, is at unprecedented levels. I think you would be hard-pressed to find a single household in the United States that hasn't done some sort of copyright infringement or straight illegal music downloading. Nicki Minaj has had enough after tracks from her upcoming, unreleased album ended up online.




So she took the protest to her fans via Twitter, or rather, the lack of her having a Twitter anymore. In silent protest, she closed her Twitter account on Sunday. "Like seriously, it's but so much a person can take," Minaj wrote Sunday on Twitter just prior to closing down her account. She told fans, "Good f---ing bye," according to multiple reports.


This whole tirade came after Minaj accused the fan site of posting some of the tracks from her upcoming album online. More and more artists are speaking out against web piracy. In her defense, studies have shown that rap music is among the most pirated genres. However, it could just be a marketing ploy since leaking copyrighted material before it reaches market is a criminal offense.

Amazon is adding CDs to its trade-in program, will exchange for gift cards

Announced today, Amazon is now accepting used audio CDs through its trade-in program. In exchange for your used and unwanted CDs you will receive Amazon Gift Cards. Amazon's current program allows old electronic gadgets, textbooks, DVDs, and games to be turned in for gift cards. The program covers shipping costs.




The CDs are expected to be added to the program today, but it's not yet available on the Amazon website. Because of this, I am unable to say just how much money you will get for your CDs, but I can't expect it will be much. I would hope it's at least enough to get digital copies of half the tracks from the CD you sent in. More as it becomes available.

Amazon CEO leading the attempt to recover Apollo 11 rocket engines from ocean

The Saturn V rocket is, in my opinion, the most beautiful space craft ever built. Oh, it's also the most powerful man-made vehicle ever built. On it's launch for the Apollo 11 mission, several of the engines fell into the Atlantic ocean and now the CEO of Amazon wants to recover them.




It's not clear how Mr. Bezos knows that these are indeed the engines from the Apollo 11 space mission, but any sort of artifact recovery is certainly very cool. "We don't know yet what condition these engines might be in," he wrote. "They hit the ocean at high velocity and have been in salt water for more than 40 years. On the other hand, they're made of tough stuff, so we'll see."


The objects are property of NASA, and NASA has not yet been contacted regarding this. "There has always been great interest in artifacts from the early days of space exploration and his announcement only adds to the enthusiasm of those interested in NASA's history," NASA spokesman Bob Jacobs said in a statement.


The bottom of the ocean is littered with engines and other parts of space craft that fall off after lift off. So, while they may not be from the Saturn V Apollo 11 mission, they most likely are from space mission.

Google Street View takes armchair tourism to the Alps

Tourism from the seat of your own home seems to be the way of the future. From Pinterest posters posting beautiful pictures of places they would like to travel, to Google taking Street View to the Amazon rain forest. Well now, you can use Google Street View to take a ride on the famous UNESCO World Heritage Albula/Bernina railway line.




The imagery is available directly in Google Maps like all Street View data is, but it is also available in its only gallery located here. The image collection process for this latest edition started last year just like the Amazon project. You can see a video about how they did it below. You can also visit the newly updated Street View Gallery.

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