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The NSA is tipping the DEA off, while the DEA covers it up

I've said it once, and I'll say it again, there is no privacy anymore. If you're connected to an electronic device, or live in a country with electricity and technology, then you're monitored in one way or another. But just how bad can it get?


TweakTown image news/3/2/32162_02_the_nsa_is_tipping_the_dea_off_while_the_dea_covers_it_up.jpg


Well, the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) have been receiving tips from the National Security Agency (NSA). DEA officials in a highly secret office dubbed the Special Operations Division (SOD) are assigned to handle tips from the NSA. These tips are added to a DEA database that includes "intelligence intercepts, wiretaps, informants and a massive database of telephone records."


The SOD's work is completely classified, so that DEA cases that started from NSA tips can't be tracked back to the NSA as its source. But what exactly does the DEA do? Well, they create a story of how they came to the case, in something they call "parallel construction," reports Reuters. Reuters explains this: "Some defense lawyers and former prosecutors said that using "parallel construction" may be legal to establish probable cause for an arrest. But they said employing the practice as a means of disguising how an investigation began may violate pretrial discovery rules by burying evidence that could prove useful to criminal defendants."

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Justin Bieber becomes Anonymous' latest victim

After working for three years with TweakTown, I never thought I'd be typing the words "Justin Bieber" into a news post, but here I am. The teen pop sensation has a new enemy in Anonymous after he wore the iconic Guy Fawkes, or "anonymous" mask. Anonymous has struck back, creating a Facebook event with the tag #OPButtHurtForBieber. The creator of the page says:


TweakTown image news/3/2/32115_06_justin_bieber_becomes_anonymous_latest_victim.jpg


Greetings citizens of the world we are Anonymous!

It has come to are attention that Justin Bieber has made mockery of anonymous

we now unite and make it known to justin that anonymous are not to be taken lightly

faze one

flood his Twitter and Facebook

We Are Anonymous

We Do Not Forgive

We Do Not Forget

Expect US!


I don't think anything will happen, but Bieber's Facebook or Twitter pages could be hacked in the coming days. Or maybe 1000 Anonymous people will spit on Bieber from a rooftop, maybe.

Snowden reveals another NSA spy program: XKeyscore

It looks like conspiracy theorists aren't so crazy after all, with the last couple of weeks proving them more and more right. Well, now we're getting told about yet another NSA spy program: XKeyscore.


TweakTown image news/3/2/32091_07_snowden_reveals_another_nsa_spy_program_xkeyscore.jpg


What is XKeyscore? Well, we'll let the NSA tell you: XKeyscore is their "widest reaching" system for developing intelligence from the Internet. XKeyscore gives NSA analysts the ability to search through the entire database of your information, without any authorization whatsoever. This means they don't require a warrant, court clearance, or any signature from anyone above their pay grade.


All an NSA analyst must do is complete a simple on-screen form, and just mere seconds later your online history appears before their eyes. The NSA claims that XKeyscore covers "nearly everything a typical user does on the Internet."

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Snowden still stuck in Moscow airport after more than a month

Edward Snowden, the former NSA employee who blew the whistle on PRISM, has been sitting in a isolated room at the Moscow Airport since June 23 and has not been allowed to leave or fly to another country. Today, he met with his lawyer in hopes of seeing his temporary request for asylum granted.


TweakTown image news/3/2/32074_1_snowden_still_stuck_in_moscow_airport_after_more_than_a_month.jpg


Today around 2:18 BST, Snowden met with his Russian Lawyer, Anatoly Kucherena, and shortly there after, the lawyer addressed the press saying that Snowden would be staying in the airport's transit zone for now. He said that the immigration officials are still looking at the request for asylum and are drawing the process out. Snowden withdrew the permanent request and filled a temporary one which would allow him up to one year, but comments from Kucherena seem to sound like Snowden might stay in Russia permanently.


He is not planning to leave for now. He asked for temporary asylum, which in the case of a positive decision, is granted for a term of one year. Currently his final country of destination is Russia.


He's planning to arrange his life here [Russia]. He [Snowden] plans to get a job. And, I think, that all his further decisions will be made considering the situation he found himself in.

Starbucks adds wireless charging stations to stores in Silicon Valley

Starbucks has began upgrading its Silicon Valley stores to include wireless charging tables that allow a patron's wireless device to get a boost of energy while their owners get their much needed recharge as well. The company says that 10 of its stores located in Silicon Valley are getting tables that are outfitted with high-tech Duracell Powermat equipment.


TweakTown image news/3/2/32009_1_starbucks_adds_wireless_charging_stations_stores_in_silicon_valley.jpg


"More and more customers are using Starbucks as their home base, and they are looking to recharge in a number of ways," said Adam Brotman, chief digital officer, Starbucks Coffee Company, in a statement to the press. "We have seen positive customer response to wireless charging through our tests in Boston and are pleased to now extend this experience for our customers in the Silicon Valley area."


Unfortunately, not all wireless charging platforms are compatible with the tables as there are at least three different wireless charging standards out at the moment. The company says that the tables are compatible with those that adhere to the Power Matters Alliance (PMA) standards which have been adopted by Google, BlackBerry, HTC, LG, Samsung, ZTE, and a few other brands.

Yandex co-founder Llya Segalovich dies suddenly at 48

Today, Reuters has reported that Yandex Co-Founder and CIO of the Russian search giant Yandex has been pronounced brain dead. Llya Segalovich was recently diagnosed with a treatable form of cancer and has been receiving treatment for some time now and this turn of events came abruptly and was quite unexpected.


TweakTown image news/3/1/31937_1_yandex_co_founder_llya_segalovich_dies_suddenly_at_48.jpg


"Mr. Segalovich had been diagnosed with a treatable form of cancer and was responding well to treatment and working a full schedule, before unexpectedly succumbing to complications last night," the Russian company said in a statement at 10:55 a.m. in Moscow, after receiving information that he had died.


"We want to clarify an earlier statement that the company put out. We have since learnt that Ilya is in coma and on life support although not showing any brain function. Our thoughts are with him at this time," Arkady Volozh said on a conference call later in the day.


Segalovich co-founded the business over two decades ago with Volozh when they created software that allowed searching The Bible based on context, and then in 2007 they created, Russia's largest Internet search engine. Back in March, Segalovich sold off 0.2 million of his shares and had planned on donating the money to charity. This left him with 2.5 percent of the company, while Volozh retained 10.5 percent.

Here's a list of the US Congressmen who voted for, and against the amendment to stop the NSA spying on the world

Ah, US politics - it's all a House of Cards. Well, the NSA nearly had their funding cut earlier today, but there were more 'for' votes than 'against' votes with Congress today.


TweakTown image news/3/1/31924_01_here_s_a_list_of_the_us_congressmen_who_voted_for_and_against_the_amendment_to_stop_the_nsa_spying_on_the_world.jpg


Representative Justin Amash presented an amendment to the Defense Appropriations bill, which would have seen the NSA lose their ability to use tax payers money to spy on everyone. TechCrunch embedded a Scribd document, where you can see all of the members' votes. It's interesting, to see just who is with the Americans, and who is not.


We're not trying to start anything here, but any Congressmen who votes for the spying of the American people doesn't sound too patriotic now, do they? Check out the list here.

Porn to be filtered by default in the UK says David Cameron

During a press event later today, UK Prime Minister David Cameron is expected to announce that all UK broadband accounts will have adult content filtered by default before the end of the year. These restrictions can only be removed by the account-holder calling up their ISP and specifically requesting that porn be allowed on their account. Additionally, public Wi-Fi providers will now be forced to advertise if they utilize the porn filter or if they have removed it.


TweakTown image news/3/1/31852_1_porn_to_be_filtered_by_default_in_the_uk_says_david_cameron.jpg


Cameron has also made it known that he wishes to outlaw what he calls "extreme pornography," of which the details are vague but we do know that it includes child pornography, and other extreme acts that are considered illegal in the UK. He will be requesting that the Child Exploitation and Online Protection center compile a "blacklist" of terms that might be used to search for such "extreme pornography." This was would then be used to block searches containing the terms. Additionally, ISPs have no choice in participating in the blacklist-filtering as Cameron says that they will be forced into action.

The founder of Bose, the high-end audio company, has died at 83

The founder of Bose Corp., Amar Bose, died on Friday, aged 83. Bose had been a professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology unveil his death.


TweakTown image news/3/1/31690_03_the_founder_of_bose_the_high_end_audio_company_has_died_at_83.png


Bose's discoveries lead to new designs for speakers and other audio components that led him toward his path of being a billionaire. Bose's first contracts were actually quite large, with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration - you know, NASA - for improvements on audio communications.


It wasn't long after this contract that Bose entered the commercial audio market and have seen huge success since.

Snowden to file for asylum in Russia, then head to Latin America

Human Rights Watch's Senior Russian Researcher Tanya Lokshina has just revealed that Edward Snowden is planning to file for asylum in Russia and will then prepare to travel to Latin America. Lokshina was a member of the team of human rights experts that were invited to meet with Snowden recently. New York Times reporter Ellen Barry replayed Lokshina's reports via Twitter early this morning.


TweakTown image news/3/1/31664_1_snowden_to_file_for_asylum_in_russia_then_head_to_latin_america.jpg


Latin America would be a very friendly place for Snowden to travel to as Venezuela, Bolivia, Nicaragua and Ecuador have all offered him asylum. Venezuela is the only official offer that is outstanding. The other countries listed require Snowden to be in-country before the request for asylum can be processed.


Russian president Vladimir Putin commented that his country would only grant asylum to Snowden if he ceased any activities with which he intends to harm Russia's "American Partners." Snowden replied by saying "No actions I take or plan are meant to harm the US." I wonder if he meant no harm when he disclosed US spying activities to the Chinese?

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