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TGi Chipset Gains Recognition from Top IT Media Worldwide

Motherboard chipset maker "ULi" have just issued out a press release which highlights that its latest M1695/M1567 HyperTransport™ PCI Express™ tunnel chipset has received highly remarkable commendations from leading IT media worldwide. This chipset is the world's first to incorporate TGi (Triple Graphics Interface), meaning it sports both a native AGP 8X AND PCI Express x16 interface, as well as the usual PCI graphics interface.


For the full scoop, grab the official announcement. If seeking more specific details towards the chipset itself, you can find the product page over at this section of ULi's website folks.


"The ULi M1695 is more than competitive with the best NVIDIA nForce4 boards that we have tested. The Business Winstone score for the ULi was the best that we have measured so far, and the Multimedia Content Creation Winstone was one of the top scores that we have seen....The fact that ULi competes very well with NVIDIA nForce4 in these benchmarks says a lot about the quality and potential of the ULi design.", quoted by Anandtech.


The remarkable overclocking feature and capability to support Dual 8x PCI Express linked, as tested by Ocworkbench, demonstrates the M1695/M1567's unique architecture and outstanding performance that has recently brought out huge discussions among key IT media worldwide.


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Intel Itanium 2 Processors Get Faster BUS Architecture

A press release from Intel earlier today has them introducing two new and improved Intel Itanium 2 processors, both operating on a faster 667MHz FSB versus earlier models which ran off a 400MHz BUS speed. Both models run at 1.66GHz, differing only in cache size with one model carrying 6 MB, and the other a whopping 9 MBs.


Further details on these pricey new server based processors within the official PR folks.


SANTA CLARA, Calif, July 18, 2005 - Intel Corporation today introduced two Intel® Itanium® 2 processors which deliver better performance over the current generation for database, business intelligence, enterprise resource planning and technical computing applications.


For the first time, Itanium 2 processors have a 667 megahertz (MHz) front side bus (FSB), which connects and transfers data between the microprocessor, chipset and system's main memory. Servers designed to utilize the new bus are expected to deliver more than 65 percent greater system bandwidth over servers designed with current Itanium 2 processors with a 400 MHz FSB. This new capability will help set the stage for the forthcoming dual core Itanium processor, codenamed "Montecito," which will feature the same bus architecture.


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Intel Releases Two New Processors & 945P/G Chipset

The Intel guns are making a scene today as they announce two new processors along with a fresh motherboard chipset to boot. Starting with the Pentium 4 670, this new addition takes hold of the flag in their Pentium 4 lineup, operating at 3.8GHz with 2MBs of cache aboard. Also uncovered is a new dual-core offering in the Pentium D 820, with 2 cores operating together at 2.8GHz. Which is better? Depends on what you use it for of course.


Finally, Intel have also introduced their new 945P motherboard chipset, offered with or without integrated graphics (in the G/P models respectively). This chipset is a more cost-friendly solution to the recently announced 955X platform, and without the inclusion of what Intel call "Memory Pipeline Technology". More details and performance figures on the new processors and motherboard chipset throughout each of the below reviews folks.


- Trusted Reviews
- Tech Report
- ByteSector #1
- ByteSector #2
- HotHardware #1
- HotHardware #2
- NeoSeeker
- Hexus
- ExtremeTech
- XBit Labs
- Bjorn3D
- Anandtech
- SimHQ


Tech Report)
IT'S THE GEEKY equivalent of a conversation that most guys would have about a Maxim girl versus the Olsen twins. Would you rather have a single, very fast CPU or a pair of somewhat slower processors? That's a tough question, and it's precisely the one that Intel has prompted by releasing a couple of new CPUs today, the Pentium D 820 and the Pentium 4 670. The P4 670 is the fastest single Pentium 4 processor ever released, running at nearly 4GHz. The Pentium D 820, meanwhile, runs a full gigahertz slower, but it has two complete Pentium 4-style CPU cores onboard for a very nice price.


Intel's dual-core chips won't work without a new core-logic chipset, so naturally, the Pentium D is arriving with a couple of friends, the 945P and 945G Express chipsets. Yes, Intel has retained the dorky "Express" in the name of the chipsets to remind everyone that these puppies support PCI Express. Fortunately, they've also retained all the snazzy features of the 915/925 Express series, including dual channels of DDR2 memory, High Definition Audio, and all the rest. We recently looked at the high-end, enthusiast-oriented 955X chipset in our Pentium XE 840 review. The 945 series is a higher volume, lower priced version of the 955X with most of the same features. There are, however, two versions of the 945: the 945G with integrated graphics, and the 945P without.


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Intel's Pentium 4 600 series processors unleashed

Intel have officially released their new 600 series of Pentium 4 processors today, with the main highlights being the first Prescott units which include full 64-bit extensions, improved power consumption and heat characteristics, and also a whopping 2MB of L2 cache added. The opening lineup includes the P4 660 at 3.6GHz, P4 650 at 3.4GHz, P4 640 at 3.2GHz and P4 630 at 3GHz. For the ultra enthusiast with plenty of bucks to burn, a 3.73GHz Extreme Edition version is also on offer with a 1066MHz FSB. Keen to see some performance characteristics? All the figures and info you'd like to witness are outlayed both within our latest article, and also at the following sites listed below.


Anandtech, HardCoreWare, Hexus, HotHardware, MBReview, Tech Report, Viperlair, Hardware Analysis, Beyond 3D, & XBit Labs


Hate waiting for availability of newly announced products? XBit report no problems this time around.


Tech Report :-
Today, in the dead of early Sunday morning, Intel is meekly unveiling another new Pentium 4 processor core, and it may be just as consequential. The Pentium 4 600 series is a new tier of performance-oriented Pentium 4 processors that will be sold alongside the existing P4 500 series. Based on the Prescott design, the 600-series core adds key features intended to pep up Prescott's performance and curb its power consumption. Not only that, but these are 64-bit CPUs. With the introduction of a 64-bit version of Windows approaching, Intel has finally turned on Prescott's dormant support for the 64-bit extensions to the x86 instruction set pioneered by AMD.


Recent lottery winners will also be pleased to learn of the emergence of a new Pentium 4 Extreme Edition processor. Based on the same new CPU core as the 600 series, this puppy runs at 3.73GHz on a 1066MHz front-side bus, and it has 64-bit support, as well.


Can this new variation of the Prescott core help Intel recapture its supremacy in desktop processor performance? We've had Intel's new CPUs on the test bench for over a week now, and we have some answers.


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ABIT Introduces CPU Accelerator Technology

Yet another step toward the ultimate in desktop overclocking, ABIT have introduced their "CPU Accelerator" feature which is currently implemented within AG8, AA8-DuraMAX and AA8XE motherboards, as well as the newly released Fatal1ty AA8XE. What does the feature do? Why it unlocks your P4's multiplier 'tis what! - Basically it opens up a whole new ballgame to overclocking your P4, allowing you to run your 800fsb chip at a 1066fsb bus if you so desire. Nice one ABIT!


November 9, 2004 - As the pioneer of overclocking, ABIT has introduced countless features that allow users to get the most out of their systems. From SoftMenu™, the world's first jumperless BIOS, to OTES™ cooling and OC strips, ABIT hardware is engineered for utmost performance and rock-solid stability. Today, ABIT is proud to introduce another technology to its extensive line up - CPU Accelerator™. With CPU Accelerator, users are able to realize the full potential of their PCs.


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VIA launches PT800 chipset for Pentium 4

VIA Technologies seemed down and out over the past 8 months with Pentium 4 licensing issues with Intel and battle in the AMD segment with nVidia and their popular nForce chipset series. Now that VIA and Intel have settled their differences with Pentium 4 licensing, it has enabled VIA to get back into the chipset game at full strength with no objects in their way.


As a step in the right direction for regaining their strong Pentium 4 chipset market presence once more, today VIA launched their newest chipset, the PT800 chipset for the Pentium 4 which is targeted at the performance mainstream segment. Coupled with VIA's new VT8237 Southbridge which was launched only last week, you have support for 800MHz FSB processors, FastStream64 DDR400, AGP8X, and native Serial ATA/RAID. We will spend tomorrow testing VIA's reference PT800 motherboard and we should have a complete review published in two days - if everything goes to plan!



Supporting 800MHz FSB and Intel Hyper-Threading Technology, the VIA PT800 chipset implements VIA's advanced FastStream64™ DDR400 Memory Controller and AGP8X graphics port in a synchronized North Bridge configuration that maximizes bus bandwidth efficiency. When coupled with the advanced new VIA VT8237 South Bridge, the PT800 delivers a host of advanced connectivity and multimedia features, including the VIA DriveStation™ Controller Suite, containing the industry's first full-featured native Serial ATA/RAID controller that enables the fusion of high-speed 150MB/s dual channel Serial ATA with RAID Level 0, RAID Level 1, and RAID Level 0+1 storage options while retaining support for up to four additional Parallel ATA-133 devices. The VIA Vinyl™ Multichannel Audio Suite provides superlative integrated and onboard 5.1 and 7.1 surround sound options while 8X V-Link serves as a high-throughput North and South Bridge interconnect, feeding a host of high-bandwidth connectivity options including support for up to eight high-speed USB 2.0 ports and 10/100Mbps Fast Ethernet.
More information in our VIA Forum


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Intel to launch new Pentium 4 chipsets for Value End

Digi Times are reporting that Intel will launch two new chipsets for Pentium 4 value end users. Think of the new chipsets as a cut down Springdale with Single Channel DDR.


Intel plans to release two new Pentium 4 chipsets supporting single-channel DDR400 and an 800Mhz FSB (front-side bus), Taiwanese motherboard sources said. The 848P, formerly rumored as the 865PL, will be marketed for the value-line end-user market, while the 865GV will target OEM customers.


Intel's 848P will share the same core and technologies as the existing 865P chipset, and only minor revisions will be needed to lower the 865P's memory bandwidth from dual-channel to single-channel and increase its FSB speed to 800Mhz.

More information @ Digi Times


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ATI enters Pentium 4 chipset market

Beyond3D has posted a preview of ATI's upcoming Radeon 9100 IGP with Dual Channel DDR-400, AGP 8x and Hyper Threading support but only 533MHz FSB support for the Pentium 4 line.


Much of the configurations of RS300 follows that of Intel's own Springdale chipset, with a Dual DDR 333/400MHz memory bus. At present ATI do not have an 800MHz FSB chipset license, meaning that although 400MHz DDR RAM can be used the CPU FSB will still be limited to 533MHz. Sources indicate that the chipset is fully capable of supporting and 800MHz FSB but its just a question of timing with the license - in other words, watch this space.
More information @ Beyond3D


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Intel announces Pentium 4 "C" processors and Springdale chipsets

Today Intel announced three new Pentium 4 processors which bring hyper-threading technology to mainstream PC users. The new Intel Pentium 4 processors include the 2.80C, and 2.60C, and 2.40C GHz and come equipped with HT Technology and 800MHz FSB.


Sydney, Australia, 21 May 2003 - Intel Corporation today announced three Intel® Pentium® 4 processors supporting Hyper-Threading (HT) Technology** and a trio of chipsets enabling faster and more feature-rich corporate and consumer PCs at mainstream price points. The new Intel Pentium 4 processors -- 2.80C, and 2.60C, and 2.40C GHz -- come equipped with HT Technology and an advanced 800 MHz system bus that allows information to flow to and from the processor more quickly.
More information in our New Products Forum


Additionally, Intel announced their Intel Springdale 865G and 865PE chipsets today which support HT Technology and 800MHz FSB at a lower cost than Canterwood based motherboards, thus enabling Intel to reach the mainstream user.


The 865G chipset marks the beginning of the new Intel® Stable Image Platform Program unveiled at the Intel Developer Forum in February. Previously code-named Granite Peak, the program provides at least 12 months of chipset hardware and software driver stability for corporate PC buyers. The program provides software image stability that IT managers can use to more easily manage the deployment and maintenance of their PC environments.
The Tech Report has posted a review of the new chipsets and the new processors. OC Addiction review the FIC VL11PE Springdale motherboard and MB Review check out the Intel D865PERL (i865PE) and Intel D865GBF (i865G) reference boards. And if you still want more action, EPoX let us know about their 4PDA2+ Springdale motherboard which you can read about in our New Products Forum.


This should keep you busy till our Springdale review which we hope to have posted later today or early tomorrow!


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nVidia announce nForce3 Pro - Opteron support galore!

As many of you will already know, AMD today announced their AMD Opteron 64bit workstation / server level processor.


Companies including nVidia and VIA also announced their supporting motherboard chipsets today in the nForce3 Pro and VIA Apollo K8T400M, respectively, along with a bunch of other IT companies announcing their support for AMD's world changing processor which help put AMD in a seemingly nice position at the moment as Intel remain without a 64bit platform on the market - at least for the time being.


NEW YORK CITY, NY-APRIL 22, 2003-NVIDIA Corporation (Nasdaq: NVDA), the worldwide leader in visual processing solutions, today introduced NVIDIA nForce™3 Professional, the Company's first single-chip, core-logic solution for professional computing environments. Optimized for the new 64-bit AMD Opteron™ processor announced earlier today, NVIDIA nForce3 Professional platform processors provide a compatible, stable, and reliable computing platform for professional workstation users who wish to exploit the benefits of both 32-bit and 64-bit computing environments. In addition, all NVIDIA platform processors take advantage of the NVIDIA Unified Driver Architecture-NVIDIA's "one driver for all platforms" design philosophy-which greatly simplifies IT deployment and enhance low-cost product life cycle management.
More information @ nVidia


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