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New Intel Chipset Driver - Do NOT Install

There's a newish Intel Chipset INF Driver file being reported about on several news sites today, that is being mirrored at some French website I had never heard of before now. Anyway, I installed the driver (dated 9/3/02) on my PC and as a result experienced nothing but problems - It installed without a problem, but after rebooting the system was very sluggish and programs were not responding. For example, Internet Explorer was taking a minute to load - what fun. I have a feeling it wasn't detecting the IDE controller properly and was operating at ATA33, even though it felt as if it was running much slower.


Dreading the worst (a format), I checked out the Intel website and downloaded the latest OFFICIAL Intel Chipset INF Driver more info (dated 6/7/02) hoping to install over the top of the newer unofficial driver which is floating around today. After downloading, I went ahead and tried to install the older driver, but it wouldn't pass 30% through installation. Thinking I was in for a format, in a last ditched effort, I rebooted and started up in Safe Mode and tried to install the older official drivers, again - It worked, and fixed all the problems aforementioned.


If you were unlucky enough to install this new Intel Chipset Driver floating around, I hope this information has proved useful for you. I just wish news reporters would bother to test new drivers first before they post about them and give many users, like myself, an unneeded headache!


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Intel introduces 2.6 and 2.8GHz Xeon processors - DigiTimes

Is Intel out to shutdown AMD? Or do they just love taking more and more market share from AMD? It seems every market AMD used to have a lead on, Intel is shattering it... You know those beautiful Athlon MP's dominating the server and workstation market? According to Digi Times, it seems Intel has introduced the 2.6 and 2.8 ghz Xeon processors. The new Athlon MP killers... BOOYA!

Intel on September 11 introduced two of its latest Xeon processors, running at 2.8 and 2.6GHz, to target the workstation and server markets. Built on Intel's 0.13-micron process, the new products support 512K L2 cache memory
More info @ DigiTimes


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Intel said to sample Springdale chipsets this month - Digi Times

Umm excuse me but is Intel on Crack? What I mean is, they seem to be sending out new chipsets/cpus faster then you can say Intel! According to Digi Times, Intel will be sampling the new springdale chipsets this month...

Intel is reportedly planning to send out samples of its new-generation, Springdale-core chipsets to motherboard clients this month for product design purposes.


Scheduled to hit the market in the first half of 2003, the Springdale chipsets are Intel's latest products for its forthcoming Prescott-core Pentium 4 processors.


As for the 845GE, 845PE and 845GV chipsets, probably the last batch of products to be released this year, the chip giant has decided to officially start volume shipments on October 7. Intel began providing the products in small quantities after mid-August.

More information @ Digi Times


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Intel takes almost 60% of the chipset market in 2Q - Digi Times

Can Intel be stopped? Maybe Cyrix can step up :P?It seems like intel has taken 60% of the chipset market in the second quarter.. Read more about it at Digi Times.

Intel further consolidated its dominance in the chipset market with its global share rising from 57% in the first quarter to 59.6% in the second, according to figures released by market research firm International Data Corporation (IDC).
More info at Digi Times


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New AMD Athlon XP 2400+ & 2600+ CPU Reviews Out Now!

Athlon XP 2400+ and 2600+ "Thoroughbred" cored CPU's are now out.

SUNNYVALE, CA -- August 21, 2002 --AMD (NYSE: AMD) today celebrates the third anniversary of the award-winning AMD Athlon™ processor by announcing the world's highest-performing processor for desktop PCs, the AMD Athlon XP processor 2600+. AMD also introduced the AMD Athlon XP processor 2400+.


"The introduction of the highest-performing PC processor in the world is a victory for application performance and a resounding defeat for the 'megahertz myth,' " said Ed Ellett, vice president of marketing for AMD's Computation Products Group. "As the performance leader, the AMD Athlon XP processor 2600+ reigns as the superior choice and delivers outstanding application performance for richer, high-powered digital computing."


Since its debut three years ago, the AMD Athlon processor has achieved widespread industry acclaim as its architectural superiority continues to deliver award-winning performance. The processor and systems based on it have won more than 100 awards worldwide, including PC Magazine's Reader's Choice Award, Product of the Year 2001/2002; Microprocessor Report's Analyst's Choice Award for Best PC Processor in 2001; and Maximum PC's CPU of the Year in 1999, 2000 and 2001.


"Microprocessor cognoscenti have long understood the folly of using megahertz as a proxy for performance," observed Nathan Brookwood, principal analyst at Insight 64. "Processors used in today's high-end servers run at approximately one gigahertz, but outperform the fastest desktop PC designs. Even within the PC processor segment, differing approaches to chip design make simple megahertz-based performance comparisons somewhat ambiguous. This problem will only get worse over time. PC buyers should rethink their purchasing criteria, and focus on how fast their applications run, rather than on the PC processor's megahertz rating."


The AMD Athlon XP processors 2600+ and 2400+ feature QuantiSpeed™ architecture, which delivers performance advantages versus competitive PC processors on a broad array of real-world applications, including digital media, office productivity and 3D gaming.


AMD has begun shipping samples of the AMD Athlon XP processors 2600+ and 2400+ to major computer manufacturers worldwide with expected system availability in September.


The AMD Athlon XP processors 2600+ and 2400+ are priced at $297 and $193, respectively, in 1,000-unit quantities.


Reviews can be found at -


Hot Hardware
Overclockers Australia
The Tech Report
Tom's Hardware


(I'll add more as they come to hand so refresh this page.)


Hard OCP
x-bit labs


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AMD Athlon XP1800+ CPU & The VIA KT133A Chipset

Tech-PC have posted a review of the AMD Athlon XP1800+ CPU combined with the VIA KT133A Chipset and this maybe of interest to some out there.

In the second of our budget upgrading features we answer another question many people pose to us looking for cheap extra performance, "Is it worth running an XP1*00 in my older mainboard?"
It has been nearly two years now since VIA introduced the KT133a chipset. The KT133a added support for the 266 MHz FSB (133 MHz double pumped) front side bus, for the AMD processors. Also the KT133a still kept support for the 200 MHz FSB (100 MHz double pumped) front side bus. This let the user have the options of running either the older first and second Generation Thunderbird processor, or the Duron processor and now the new AthlonXP processors.
More information at Tech-PC


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AMD Opteron Processor Preview

Hardware Extreme has posted a preview of the new AMD Opteron "Hammer" Processor. Processors based on Hammer technology are expected to ship in the forth quarter of 2002.

AMD believes that the AMD Processors based on Hammer technology which is targeted for both desktop home user & enterprise will be priced affordably compared to other competitive brands and will dominate over 50% in the competitive positioning in year 2004. According to them, the AMD Processors based on Hammer technology is designed to allow Microsoft's operating systems to use the capabilities and full performance of 32-bit and 64-bit applications. This means that it's 100% backward-compatible with 32-bit software and no changes are required for existing software. AMD also stated that the AMD Opteron processor-based servers are expected to be among the highest performing 32-bit and 64-bit servers for enterprise environments.
More information at Hardware Extreme


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ATI IGP 320M Mobile Athlon Chipset Review

AMDZone takes its first look at the new ATI IGP 320M mobile Athlon chipset with integrated video. It comes in the form of the new Compaq Presario 900 series laptop, and is the mobile equal to the FIC AT31 Fusion IGP 320 powered motherboard.

It has taken a while, but finally AMD fans can have a laptop with quality 3D and 2D graphics with the ATI IGP 320M and the Compaq Presario 900 series. Testing has shown that the new ATI mobile video solution far out distances the next best competitor, the VIA S3 Twister KN133. In addition it also holds up well against the desktop SiS 740 based ECS desknote. ATI has provided best in class 3D performance while also adding great DVD playback support, and continuing their tradition of excellent 2D graphics.
More information at AMDZone


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VIA P4X400 and SiS648 Chipset Review

X-bit labs has a look at the VIA P4X400 and SiS648 P4 chipsets.

The situation in the chipset market is changing fast nowadays. New chipsets used to become available to mainboard makers a few times a year, but now I have to review them monthly. And not just one but several products are often to be reviewed. So what's happening to the market? Why are the manufacturers trying to smother the market in their new wares?
More information at X-bit labs


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AMD 762 Chipset Tweaking (MP/MPX) Guide

Neoseeker has a guide up on how to tweak your AMD 762 Chipset (MP/MPX), for those lucky enough to have one.

In this article we are going to look at improving the performance of the AMD's 760MP/MPX chipset which is designed for multi processor use. We have been digging into the white papers on this chipset over the past week to try and find out every last thing we could about this chipset and then figure out how all of you power hungry madmen with the duallies can make it run even faster! If you've been around this site for very long you know all about chipset registers by now.
More information at Neoseeker


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