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VIA Announces PCI Express Chipset for Vista-Ready Mobility

VIA make headlines today with a new "Vista certified" mobile IGP chipset dubbed the "VN896" which includes their DX9 based Chrome9 HC integrated graphics processor and supports C7-M and Intel Pentium M processors with an FSB of up to 800Mhz, DDR2-667 or DDR-400 memory, as well as PCI Express x1 and x16 expansion ports.


For further information on it, have a read of VIA's announcement here.


Taipei, Taiwan, 24 January 2007 - VIA Technologies, Inc, a leading innovator and developer of silicon chip technologies and PC platform solutions, today announced the launch of the VIA VN896 digital media mobile IGP chipset, certified Vista Basic-ready by Microsoft and designed to provide users with unsurpassed visual clarity for notebooks and the new breed of ultra mobile devices.


The VIA VN896 chipset features the VIA Chrome9™ HC integrated graphics processor (IGP) featuring a DirectX® 9.0 3D accelerator for high performance and a 2D accelerator for productivity applications. The 3D graphics engine of the VN896 chipset offers the industry's only simultaneous usage of single-pass multitexturing and single-cycle trilinear filtering, providing stunning image quality without performance loss.


Also integrated is the latest generation Chromotion™ video display engine, featuring advanced video processing, including acceleration for MPEG-2 decoding, and picture enhancement through adaptive de-interlacing technology and video deblocking, all executed in hardware to offset the processor workload. The VIA VN896 also features versatile LCD panel, CRT and TV-out support, to as high as 1080i high definition, while separate display engines enable two outputs to display at the same time, with different information at different resolutions, pixel depths and refresh rates.


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Four Intel DDR 3 chipsets to arrive in Q3 2007

The Inquirer have obtained details of some upcoming chipsets from Intel to use next-gen "DDR3" memory, these to apparently surface sometime during Q3 of next year. The first two chipsets to show up will support either DDR3 1066 or DDR2 800 memory to allow for a more flexible upgrade path.


Get the full rundown on 'em here peeps.


INTEL plans to introduce four new chipsets in 2007. It will debut with two that will support DDR 3 1066 or DDR 2 800. I think that customers will have to choose between the two and you will see boards with the same chipset supporting DDR 2 or DDR 3 memory. The first is called P35 and it comes with FSB 1333 support. This chipset is set to replace the G/P965 one.
The second one, set to debut in Q2 2007, is an integrated one called G33. This also supports FSB 1333 or slower, DDR 2 800 and DDR 3 1066. it has support for Intel Clear Video marchitecture but there's no whisper of DX 10. This chipset is set to replace the 945G/P 946GZ.


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SiS to Present Whole New Chipsets Ready for Microsoft Windows Vista

SiS have made headlines today as they announce a couple of new motherboard chipset families all tricked up for Windows Vista, these being the SiS671 and SiS771 series chipsets designed for both desktop and mobile Intel / AMD platforms respectively.


For the full rundown on them, head over to SiS's website.


Taipei, Dec. 4th, 2006-SiS today unveiled its latest chipsets of the SiS671 series and the SiS771 chipsets ready for Windows Vista™. The SiS671 series and the SiS771 chipsets are designed for Intel and AMD platforms respectively. To catch the trend of Microsoft's oncoming Windows Vista operating system, SiS has been actively involving in the development of new technology. The SiS671 series and the SiS771 chipsets are considered the most valuable products for customers.


SiS provides a full line of chipsets supporting Windows Vista. To process a large volume of data, Windows Vista basically requires hardware support 800MHz CPU, 512MB memory, and DirectX9-support graphics processor. If you'd like to have a more efficient and advanced operating performance, Windows Vista needs hardware equipments of a 1GHz CPU, 1GB memory, 128MB graphics memory, and Aero graphics interface.


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ZAWARD launches Advanced High efficiency Sylphee CPU Cooler

How's this for an oddball looking CPU cooler? And from an oddball named company at that (or at least, one I haven't heard of before). "ZAWARD" have just released their new Sylphee cooling solution for both the current crop of AMD and Intel motherboards, said to provide excellent performance with minimal noise from the dual embedded fans (18Dba apparently).


If interested, have a read of the official press release here, or just head straight over to the product page here for specs and info on it.


Taipei, Taiwan (TechMessenger) -- Zaward Corporation, a professional thermal provider aims to create best product to user's demand. Today it launches its new cutting edge design, revolutionary ultra silent dual embedded fan (only 18Dba) CPU cooler "Sylphee" satisfy the needs for gamer and PC users.


Sylphee is built for high performance and ultra silent. Applicable with the latest CPUs of AM2, K8 and Intel Core 2 duo, Pentium 4 and . Aluminum fin makes cooler light-weighted and delicate and avoid fear of bending the motherboard; Copper base absorbs heats immediately from CPU and transfers to its high efficient copper heatpipes to dissipate heats.


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VIA Plans Unified Chipset KT/KM960 for AM2+

HKEPC have sourced details on an upcoming AMD AM2+ unified chipset for the budget focused buyer. Two models will be released dubbed the KT960 and KM960 with integrated Chrome9 HD video.


Get the full scoop on them here.


According to a friend from main board manufacturing market, VIA has scheduled its next-generation unified chipset for AMD platform in 2H07. As a unified chipset, the new model would help VIA to fight in the value market more effective by a lowered cost. Further, supporting Hyper-Transport 3.0 means the chipset is also ready for AMD AM2+ processors.


In fact, VIA's competitors NVIDIA and ATI have already announced their unified chipset in the earlier time, where NVIDIA has introduced unified design in MCP61 and ATI's SC780 would come in 2H07. Unified chipset is a marketing trend for the value market that no one could deny, said a friend from the market. VIA's move is just following the trend, and there will be 2 chipsets released from VIA for AMD platform. These new models include KT960 and KM960 which has build-in Chrome9 HD IGP?KM960. They are in unified design, which helps in lowering the cost.


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NVIDIA at work on combined CPU with graphics

Who would ever have thought..... In response to AMD/ATI having shown a few signs recently that they're actually working on a combined CPU/GPU processor, NVIDIA appear to be working on a similar tech according to the Inquirer. Most would've found it easy to assume Intel would play a role here, but apparently NVIDIA are preparing to go it alone!


WE MANAGED to confirm that Nvidia has started to develop a CPU.


Charlie wrote about the interesting implications of Nvidia's good fortune in acquiring some folk from Stexar, a company that was known for its X86 marchitectural expertise.


And now we hear that development is underway at Nvidia's just-announced Portland, Oregon, Design Center, where chip folk are beaving away on 45 nanometre designs.


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AMD RD690 chipset comes in November

Together with the expertise of ATI, AMD-ATI will soon release what may turn out to be the first "AMD" branded chipset for the AMD AM2 platform.


The upcoming RS690+SB600 uses an X700-like graphic card on a socket AM2 platform. We strongly believe that the pipeline count on this Shader model 2.0 supporting chip has to drop down from eight to four. There is simply not enough space on a chipset Northbridge chip to put the whole X700 core with its 120 million transistors inside. The previous ATI integrated graphic had only two pipelines, so the number four is the logical evolution.


The Inquirer have all the details.


THIS MIGHT be the first chipset to be shipped under the AMD brand.


Even if not, it is likely to be the first AMD integrated chipset that really runs Vista's graphics. That can make a huge difference in the OEM and retail market. The currently-shipping RD485 and its X300 crippled graphic works well under Vista but the X700 will do much better with the new shiny OS.


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Scythe Intro Ninja PLUS Rev.B CPU Cooler

Scythe are keeping owners of AMD AM2 based systems happy with a modifed version of their Ninja PLUS CPU Cooler to suit the AM2 socket design properly.


For full details, have a read of the comments below and also check out the product page on Scythe's website.


Due to the new socket addition from AMD, "Socket AM2", we have adjusted the current Ninja PLUS CPU Cooler to be compatible to AM2 socket. Because of the complicated construction of the Ninja heatsink, we were unable to come up with the "replacement" clips, instead, we had to modify the heatsink base & create the new mounting clips for AM2 as well as other sockets. The changes to the product are:
- AM2 socket Compatibility (Addition)
- Lower Fan Noise Level (23.5dBA -> 20.94dBA!!)
- More Airflow (46.5CFM -> 49.58CFM!!)
- Easier Installation (Semi-VTMS Clips -> Easier to mount than former models!!)


For further information regarding this "Revision B" version, please refer to the following:
Model Name: Ninja PLUS CPU Cooler Revision. B
Model #: SCNJ-1100P
Compatibility: Intel® Socket 478/T (LGA775)
AMD Socket 754/939/940/AM2
Dimension: 110x110x150mm (Overall)
120x120x25mm (Fan)
Fan Speed: 1200rpm
Fan Noise: 20.94dBA
Air Flow: 49.58CFM
Weight: 640g (excl. fan weight)
MSRP: 39.95 (EURO) excl. VAT


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VIA CX700M -Unified Chipset with HDTV support

Designed for their C7 and Eden processor lineup, VIA have just unveiled the new CX700M digital media IGP chipset, a unified chipset which integrates graphics, audio, memory, storage, and HDTV support together; this platform ideal for use in a small form factor environment with reduced power consumption and easier cooling.


For full details, check out the press material on VIA's website.


Boston, MA, 26th September 2006 - VIA Technologies, Inc, a leading innovator and developer of silicon chip technologies and PC platform solutions, today introduced the VIA CX700M digital media IGP chipset for the VIA C7® and Eden® processor platforms.


Designed specifically for the embedded market, the VIA CX700M integrates premium graphics, audio, memory, storage, and HDTV support all in a single chip design. This unified design enables the creation of smaller form factor designs, reduced power consumption, and easier cooling, all of which opens the door for an expanded range of embedded solutions.


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Quad-core Xeon Details Unveiled

With Intel's "Kentsfield" and "Clovertown" Xeons around the corner. the DailyTech have scooped up some hot details on them and discover that both the Xeon X3220 and X3210 processors will be basically identical to the recently named Intel Core 2 Quadro processors (sharing the same Kentsfield core).


The Xeon X3220 and X3210 processors will operate at 2.4GHz and 2.13GHz respectively, with a bus frequency of 1066MHz and 8MB's of L2 cache.


For full details check out this article over at the Dailytech.


There will be no architectural or socket differences between desktop Core 2 Quadro and Xeon X3000 series processors, with the exception of product placement and marketing. The new Xeon X3220 and X3210 processors will arrive clocked at 2.4 and 2.13 GHz with a 1066 MHz front-side bus respectively. Both Kentsfield Xeon X3000 processors will feature 8MB of L2 cache. Expect the Intel Xeon X3220 and X3210 to arrive in Q1'07 for $851 and $690 in 1,000-unit lots.


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