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AMD 790GX chipset with SB750 arrives

AMD's latest 790GX chipset makes its debut today which can be considered as 780G on steroids; aimed more so at value conscious gamers and enthusiasts. The integrated Radeon HD 3300 graphics processor features all the capabilities found in 780G's IGP but comes clocked significantly higher and with sideport memory for up to 33% better performance.


AMD 790GX chipset launch


The much anticipated SB750 Southbridge makes its way onto this board as well, which not only adds RAID 5 support but also another feature called Advanced Clock Calibration (ACC) which should excite the AMD Phenom crowd with an apparent ability to overclock the CPUs quite a bit higher than otherwise possible with previous boards.


So far there has been coverage pop up from Hot Hardware, PCGamesHardware, Legit Reviews, MadBoxPC and the Tech Report which delves deep into the chipset and how well it all comes together in the real world. I'll be sure to add more sites with coverage to this post as they surface.


AMD 790GX chipset launch

The AMD 790GX is a tough product to categorize. It is targeted at value conscious gamers, enthusiasts, and multimedia buffs all at the same time. The block diagram above gives a high-level overview of the chipsets main features and illustrates how each component is connected in the architecture.


As you can see, the AMD 790GX Northbridge is connected to the AM2+ socket through a HyperTransport 3.0 link and it sports and integrated graphics core, along with a flexible PCI Express lane configuration. PATA, 6 SATA ports, HD audio, and 12 USB ports are supported by the SB750 Southbridge. Also, at the bottom of the diagram, a new feature you may not be familiar with, makes its debut--ACC, or Advanced Clock Calibration. More of ACC a bit later.


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Intel slashes desktop CPU pricing once again

Intel has cut prices once again on select models within its desktop lineup of CPUs. The good ole' entry-level Q6600 has finally dropped below the $200 price point at just $193, which is a steal for Intel quad-core goodness. The more recent E7200, E8400 and E8500 dual-core offerings also see drops down to $113, $163 and $183 respectively.


Intel price cuts (21/07/2008)


Tech Report has the scoop.


Say hello to Intel's first sub-$200 quad-core desktop processor. The world's biggest CPU maker has updated its price list with discounts on four of its desktop offerings, bringing the Core 2 Quad Q6600 down from $224 to just $193 and repositioning three dual-core chips.


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AMD Phenom X4 45nm Deneb caught in the wild

AMD's foray into 45nm CPUs is expected to set sail, at some point, during the remainder of this year. Those all famous engineering samples have been set loose again though, with the 45nm Phenom X4, codename Deneb, CPUs in 2.2 GHz and 2.3GHz flavours, being captured at ITOCP.


Here, the 2.2 GHz iteration, running with its 11.0x multiplier and a CPU-Z indicated core voltage of 1.224V, braves its shiny face for the camera:


AMD Phenom X4 45nm Deneb caught in the wild


AMD Phenom X4 45nm Deneb caught in the wild


It is followed by, its 2.3GHz brethren, running with its 11.5x multiplier and trying to rival its younger sibling, in more than just the speed stakes:


AMD Phenom X4 45nm Deneb caught in the wild


AMD Phenom X4 45nm Deneb caught in the wild


Now, of course, it must be hard to resist the temptation to put these unreleased CPUs to some work, which could explain why ITOCP dabbled in some good old overclocking, to satisfy curiosity. Stock speeds are so, last year, after all.


How about some Super PI 1M runs to allow the Phenom X4 Deneb to stretch its 45nm legs?


AMD Phenom X4 45nm Deneb caught in the wild


The above image depicts a 14.0X multiplier being utilised, with apparently, the same indicated CPU-Z core voltage of 1.224v, notching up 2.8 GHz.


AMD Phenom X4 45nm Deneb caught in the wild


Next, an indicated core voltage of 1.336v, the multiplier set at 15.0X and the above, is the result.


AMD Phenom X4 45nm Deneb caught in the wild


3.2 GHz follows, with a multiplier of 16.0x, together with another indicated core voltage value of, 1.424v.


AMD Phenom X4 45nm Deneb caught in the wild


Last, but by no means least, pushing the boundaries with an indicated core voltage of 1.568v, nets the above result.


The Deneb CPUs were supported by an AMD RD790 powered solution and 2 GB of DDR2 memory, running at timings of 5-5-5-18. The Phenom X4 Deneb 45nm SKUs will feature 6 MB of L3 cache (shared), representing a three-fold increase over their, eventual, Agena predecessors.


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AMD chipset roadmap reveals Southbridge 800 info

CHW has obtained information relating to AMD's upcoming Southbridge 800 in a new Chipset Roadmap that looks forward to 2009. Some of its most notable features include :-


* A-link Express 3.0 @ 4x5GHz
* PCI Express GPP - PCI-Express 2.0 @ 4x5GHz
* Support for Fusion CPU up to C6
* Ethernet MAC: Integrated Gb Mac
* Integrated Clock: Supported as option
* SATA III: 6Gb option


You can click on the image below for more details on the enhancements it will offer.



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AMD broadens its Phenom quad-core lineup

AMD is having another crack at the desktop processor market with the launch of three new quad core parts under the Phenom lineup. Today we see the introduction of a new flagship model; the Phenom X4 9950 Black Edition which operates at 2.6GHz and is said to bring a far better overclock ceiling.


The other two focus more on low-power and efficiency, these comprising the Phenom X4 9350e which operates at 2.0GHz as well as the Phenom X4 9150e at 1.8GHz.



A few sites have managed to acquire samples for early testing; you can locate the coverage via the below links :-


- AMDZone
- MadBoxPC
- Hot Hardware
- LegitReviews


Hot Hardware:-
AMD is launching a three-pronged attack on the desktop CPU space today, with the introduction of three new quad-core Phenom X4 processors. One of the processors, the new Phenom X4 9950 Black Edition, is AMD's latest flagship desktop CPU. The other two, however, are somewhat surprisingly "green", low-power quad-cores dubbed the Phenom X4 9350e and Phenom X4 9150e.


With its Black Edition branding, it should be obvious to the power user among you that the Phenom X4 9950 BE is targeted squarely at enthusiasts and overclockers. But the audience for the Phenom X4 9350e and Phenom X4 9150e processors is a little harder to quantify. We'll explain what we mean by this a little later. For now, let's take a look at these new processors' features and specifications to see what each brings to the party...


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AMD Phenom looking to be in a world of hurt

As it is, AMD are really struggling to attract much interest in their underwhelming lineup of Phenom desktop processors. The only good thing they have going for them is the pricetag, making it easier for people on a budget to become a part of the quad-core crowd.


If they think that's what's going to keep them afloat though, they'd better re-think their strategy, and very soon. Intel are planning to close the gap entirely next quarter by releasing new entry-level Core 2 Duo and Quad processors that will be as cheap as chips!


Talk of a Core 2 Quad Q8000 lineup is getting stronger, with a Q8200 offering to kick it off which sits at 2.33GHz and contains 4MB of shared L2 cache on a 1333MHz FSB. The most hurtful aspect of this as far as AMD's Phenom range go, is the price. Several asian websites are reporting that the Q8200 will come in at a mere $203, just slightly above what AMD charge at the moment for its 2.2GHz X4s/2.4GHz X3s.


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AMD Phenom X4 9850 overclocked to 3.71GHz

A Polish end-user by the nickname of MILANS has taken his AMD Phenom X4 9850 processor and overclocked it all the way to 3710MHz.


A report states that Pawe³ Milanowski (aka MILANS) only needed the aid of water cooling to take the factory clocked 2.5GHz all the way up to a world record speed of 3.71GHz, which is 212MHz bus speed x 17.5 multiplier.


He used a DFI LANPARTY DK 790FX motherboard with the CPU core voltage set to 1.48V.


You can check the submitted results yourself over at this website.


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Arctic launch Freezer Xtreme CPU cooler

Arctic Cooling has just taken the covers off its newest CPU cooler called the Freezer Xtreme.


It is a monster of a cooler with a total of eight heatpipes, 102 fins and it comes with a quiet PWM 12cm fan, which will adjust power between 800 and 1500 RPM according to processor temperature.


Arctic include brackets for both Intel and AMD processors including socket 775, 939, AM2 and AM2+ and claims that this cooler can handle up to 160 watts which is a staggeringly large amount of cooling capability.


Considering that an old Prescott core Intel Pentium 4 used up to around 150 watts and that was an absolute heater, now we have 45nm processors which produce far less wattage, this cooler should do rather well for overclockers not wanting to move into more extreme cooling such as water.


It weighs in at just over 600 grams, so it is no light weight. It will be on store shelves in July and will have an RRP of $39.95.


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Intel out with dual-core Atom CPU in Q3

Fudzilla claims it knows the future like a crystal ball (okay, they didn't say that, we did...) and says that Intel has confirmed that it plans to release its first dual-core small Atom processor in Q3 of this year.


The report suggests that it will be just like an Atom 230 processor with an extra core, both running at 1.6GHz with a 533MHz FSB and a total of 1MB of L2 cache (2 x 512KB) that is not shared between each core.


Fudo goes on to say that the dual-core part will only have a TDP of 8 watts which is rather decent for a chip that will start to offer rather solid performance for the markets it is intended - sub-notebooks such as the ASUS Eee PC and MSI WIND, mobile phones, Mobile Internet Devices (MIDs) and UMPCs.


You can read the rest of the story over here.


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Intel's first Nehalem chipset is X58

There are reports floating around the Internet saying that Intel will release its X58 Express chipset in Q4 of this year.


It is said to be the first chipset to support Intel's desktop Nehalem based Bloomfield processor, which is based on 45nm process technology with four cores, integrated with memory controller, Hyper Threading with up to eight processing threads and 8M cache.


It will be coupled with the ICH10R southbridge as well as triple channel DDR3 memory and dual PCIe 2.0 X16 or quad PCIe 2.0 X8 configurations.



More as it comes in.


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