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Thermaltake out with improved V14Pro CPU cooler

Thermaltake today took the covers off its latest CPU cooler, the "impeccable" V14Pro, as the marketing folk call it.


At first glance, it looks just like the old V1 cooler but Thermaltake has built on the dual-VTM architecture to create what they think is a faultless CPU cooler.


Thermaltake out with improved V14Pro CPU cooler

It doesn't get support at this stage for upcoming Socket 1366 Core i7 processors but it does get some pretty good features such as a silent operating monster 140mm fan, six copper heatpipes, copper base, 98 extended copper fins and it will work with Intel LGA775 and AMD Socket AM2/AM2+ based processors. It also gets fan speed control via the included VR Fan Speed controller which is able to adjust the fan speed from 1000 through to 1600 RPM based on your requirements.


Thermaltake has continued its trend of creating promo videos and upload them to YouTube. They've done the same again here for the V14Pro and you can watch it below.


You can get some more details on the cooler over at this press release.


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Foxconn makes G45 chipset board GREEN

Becoming green is the new trend for motherboard manufacturers. Along with the likes of GIGABYTE, ASUS and MSI, Foxconn are also focusing on making their boards much more energy efficient using their proprietory 3G technologies which can apparently reduce power consumption by around 68% during general Windows tasks. Thus, the mass manufacturer has put together a new lineup simply dubbed the "GREEN" series.


Foxconn makes G45 chipset board GREEN - G45MG


The first GREEN series motherboard from Foxconn was launched at the end of May, the Intel G31 chipset based G31MG-S. Today brings the arrival of the second GREEN board, based on Intel's new G45 chipset.


Foxconn makes G45 chipset board GREEN - G45MG


The new G45MG is an mATX motherboard with Intels integrated X4500HD graphics core, support for DDR3 and Core 2 Quad/Duo processors. Foxconn's arsenal of power saving technologies are of course incorporated into the boards design and it could be a very fitting choice for a HTPC build.


For further details on the new G45MG motherboard, you can find the official PR here.


Yantai, China, Oct 08 2008 - FOXCONN today launched the second motherboard in its expanding GREEN Series, with the G45MG based on the IntelĀ® G45 chipset.


First demonstrated at CeBIT 2008, the new GREEN Series range affords system builders, resellers and end users the capability to configure highly energy efficient computing solutions for business and home use. Innovative power management technologies combine to reward users with a significantly lower TCO (total cost of ownership) without adversely affecting system performance.


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We got our hands on a Core i7 "Nehalem" CPU (pics)

Intel's forthcoming Core i7 lineup of codenamed Nehalem processors are not due to go on sale till the second part of next month.


However, that didn't stop us getting our hands on an engineering sample Core i7 920 processor clocked at 2.66GHz (133MHz x 20) from a secret bunker hidden well underground... :)


 We got our hands on a Core i7 Nehalem CPU (pics)


(Click for the full version of the image)

Check it out below - we compared it in size to an old dual-core Celeron Socket 775 processor.


 We got our hands on a Core i7 Nehalem CPU (pics)
 We got our hands on a Core i7 Nehalem CPU (pics)


(Click for the full version of the image)

That is about all we can say or Intel will really kill us more than they might already.


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GELID out with its first silent CPU cooler

We first met up with a new Hong Kong based cooler company called GELID in at coffee shop during Computex this year and they only had a few products to show us including some case fans and thermal paste.


GELID out with its first silent CPU cooler Silent Spirit

Several months later, GELID is finally out with its first CPU cooler and its under its range of silent coolers. The first cooler is called the Silent Spirit and it features what looks to be like a fairly solid quad heatpipe setup and the good news is that it will work with just about any CPU, besides upcoming Socket 1366 Core i7 processors, of course.


GELID out with its first silent CPU cooler Silent Spirit

You can get the full run-down of the product over at this page.


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Rumor re-surfaces - NVIDIA to leave chipset market

It was mentioned in August that NVIDIA would most likely be leaving the chipset business, focusing soley on the success of their GPUs. This rumor, however, was quickly dismissed by NVIDIA, with the company denying any such truth to it whilst highlighting the fact that in Q2'08 they held 60% of the AMD chipset market as well as SLI still holding a big market share, thus the 790i being a favorite.


Rumor re-surfaces - NVIDIA to pull out of chipset market?!


However, fast forward a couple of months and the rumor surfaces once again. The giant company is apparently about to report another quarterly loss and the signs are pointing to the plausibility of such a move. A Pacific Crest analyst says "our checks confirm" NVIDIA has intent to pull out of the chipset market next year.


Dailytech have the full scoop.


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OCZ release HydroFlow CPU Waterblock

Where OCZ were once seen soley as a memory maker, they have been making a solid effort of branching out into other segments of the market for quite a while now with market presence all over the shop; including power supplies, CPU coolers, solid state storage and even do it yourself notebooks.


Advancing on their cooling solutions, they have just moved into the realm of accessories for liquid-cooling systems, introducing today their HydroFlow HF-MK1 CPU waterblock.


OCZ HydroFlow HF-MK1 CPU Waterblock


"The HydroFlow HF-MK1 targets the highest possible thermal exchange rate between a solid body and the surrounding fluid, while maintaining enough cross sectional area for superior thermal conductance within the fin structure," commented Dr. Michael Schuette, V.P. of Technology Development at OCZ Technology.


"Additionally, the relieved contact area concentrates the pressure on the actual die area of any processor, thereby minimizing the thermal interface material-induced loss in heat dissipation. In short, the HydroFlow epitomizes the recent advances in fluid cooling at an affordable price."


The HydroFlow will go on sale at an MSRP of $39.99USD. You can find the press release on it here, and the product page here folks.


Sunnyvale, CA-September 25, 2008-OCZ Technology Group, Inc. a worldwide leader in innovative, ultra-high performance and high reliability memory and computer components, today unveiled the "HydroFlow" HF-MK1 Waterblock for superior CPU watercooling. Designed with the highest possible exchange rate between the block and coolant, the HydroFlow can be easily integrated into any enthusiast system and help efficiently lower the processor temperature.


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AMD nears 45nm CPU release milestone

We've talked a fair amount about Intel's Nehalem microarchitecure recently, but what of AMD's own foray into the 45nm CPU playing field?


Courtesy of this article from Expreview, AMD appears to be adopting a rather interesting branding method for its upcoming SKUs.


AMD nears 45nm CPU release milestone


The Phenom X3 and X4 brands will remain as torch-bearers for Sunnyvale, CA based AMD's offerings, yet a five digit model number shall now distinguish each part from its brethren.


Two 45nm CPUs from AMD shall see the light of day before then turn of the year, according to the source. 2.8 and 3.0 GHz parts, known as the Phenom X4 20350 and 20550, respectively, shall feature DDR2 support and a total cache of 8MB. Both, of course, shall support the AM2+ platform. These parts will only, however, be available until Q2 2009, it is claimed and, have been introduced to give current AM2+ end-users, the opportunity to partake in some 45nm goodness.


Moving into 2009, the Deneb core offerings shall breach into DDR3 domain, together with the AM3 platform. A plethora of SKUs on the quad-core side are expected, ranging from those containing 3 MB cache, up to 8 MB cache.


AMD's tri-core forte isn't to be neglected though. Q2 2009 shall see three SKUs launched, offering from between 1.5 MB cache, to 7.5 MB cache, all with a TDP of 95W.


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NVIDIA uploads famous Mona Lisa GPU vs. CPU video

In an attempt to keep its NVISION show in the news a little bit longer, even though it finished long ago now, NVIDIA has just uploaded some HD footage of the famous Mona Lisa paint ball GPU vs. CPU rendering.


NVIDIA uploads famous Mona Lisa GPU vs. CPU video

Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage of the Mythbusters, were invited to NVISION to wow the crowd and they managed to do it by rendering the Mona Lisa with a paint ball machine, supposedly in some type of "scientific" way comparing the GPU to the CPU.


NVIDIA uploads famous Mona Lisa GPU vs. CPU video

We never really understood the exact comparison, but that doesn't make it any less super cool to watch, especially in 720p HD slow mo baby.


You can also download a 1080p HD version over at the NVIDIA website. Go grab the videos, over here.


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Intel's Atom dual-core processors ready now?

Tranquil PC, a UK based systems builder, has just announced availability of T7 Home Server with Atom2 CPU + GbE LAN.


As far as we knew, Intel's dual-core 64-bit Atom processor was still quite a way off from being released out into the wild but Tranquil PC seems to know better.


Intel's Atom dual-core processors ready now?

Supposedly you can now pick up one of these home servers for what works out to be about $620 USD (including the British tax) and that gets you a system with a 512MB DDR2, 500GB hard drive, the rest of the box and the new 64-bit ready Intel dual-core Atom Z330 operating at 1.6GHz. They also pre-install Windows Home Server for you.


Best of all, the whole system only chews up what Tranquil PC claim to be 33 watts of power - looking good. Where do we sign up for a review sample folks? Head on over to this link for more details.


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Nexus out early with Socket 1366 CPU cooler

Nexus has today introduced its FLC-3000 CPU cooler which not only works with current Intel Socket 775 processors and AMD AM2 processors, but is also compatible with the upcoming Socket 1366 which is what codenamed Nehalem Core i7 processors will use when released a little later on.


Nexus out early with Socket 1366 FLC-3000 CPU cooler

The FLC-3000 CPU cooler uses a mix of copper and aluminum to do its task, includes four 6mm copper heat pipes, three types of ultra-thin aluminum fins and a 92mm PWM controlled fan that operates between 900 and 2500 RPM creating a noise-output of only 15dBA up till a still truly quiet and impressive 24dBA. The fan even has two funky orange LEDs inside to spice things up inside your case.


Nexus out early with Socket 1366 FLC-3000 CPU cooler

GIGABYTE created a CPU cooler called the Volar sometime ago which was made with the fan sitting on an angle as to not only cool the CPU but also MOSFETS and other parts in the area. The FLC-3000 also employs a similar concept with the cooler on a 30 degree angle, hence creating a perfect flow over the motherboard.


You can find out more details on the cooler over at the Nexus product page, which is right here.


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