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AMD Fusion plans revealed

KitGuru have an exclusive interview with AMD Marketing Director, Bob Grim.




Without spoiling it, here are some things Bob had to say:


"AMD Fusion APUs represent a new type of x86 processor design and software development", said Bob. "This will enable breakthroughs in visual computing, performance-per-watt and device form factor. AMD Fusion APUs are engineered to deliver powerful CPU and GPU compute capabilities in a single-die processor for today's HD video, 3D and data-intensive workloads"


Availability is "early 2011".


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New CPU's from AMD released

While AMD may not seem to be "on top", it doesn't mean they have been stagnant with releases.




Today proves this - AMD released a few new CPU's in their popular Phenom II series of proessors, we have 3 CPU's released today. The top end X6 1075T, an X4 970 Black Edition and an X2 560 Black Edition.


The 1075T sits in-between the already released 6 core 1090T and 1055T while the X4 and X2 compliment the respective AMD CPU families.


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VIA labs offers USB 3.0 host controller support four ports

If you are lucky enough to have a desktop or a notebook with USB 3.0 ports, you probably have two ports at the most. The reason for this is that the host controllers typically only support a pair of the USB 3.0 ports.




VIA Labs has announced that it will be showing off a new host controller at Computex that is called the VL800. The VL800 supports the simultaneous use of four USB 3.0 ports.


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AMD refreshes its Athlon II desktop CPU family

AMD has made another step forward only a short time after releasing its new crop of six-core Phenom II X6 processors. Today brings the introduction of six new processors in its lower end Athlon II line-up.


These new processors are designed to take top spot in each of the Athlon II X2, X3 and X4 families (with their being new top models in their more energy efficient 'e' series as well). Aside from a few other minor tweaks made including the move to a C3 silicon stepping which gives an increase in supported memory speeds, each of these processors gets a minor 100MHz bump in clockspeed over its preceeding top-end chip, pushing the others down a notch with lower pricing. Though, the Athlon II X3 415e gets some special treatment with a 200MHz clock speed jump over the existing Athlon II X3 405e.




A bit of sour news comes with todays launch, however. Recent reports and sightings of a yet to be released Phenom II X4 960T gave much anticipation due to it being based on Thuban, screaming out core unlocking abilities and thus, super duper value. Unfortunately it's been learned that while there has been confirmation of this chip's existence, they were of engineering samples that AMD has no intent to release to market; at least not any time soon.


And here's today's coverage looking at some of these processors in closer detail :-


- Hot Hardware
- Neoseeker
- Legit Reviews
- HiTechLegion
- Benchmark Reviews
- Overclockers Club


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Intel set to launch new mobile CPUs

It's hard for Intel to keep a lid on its new products that are coming to market. There are too many firms and people that know about its parts to keep a tight lid on things. A service manual for the HP Envy 17 has surfaced that points to some new Intel CPUs coming soon.




The new CPUs will find their way into the Envy 17 notebook and include the Core i5-450M at 2.4GHz and consuming 35W of power. A pair of new quad-core parts will also be unveiled called the Core i7-740QM at 1.73GHz and the i7-840QM at 1.86 GHz.


Both of those quad core offerings eat 45W of power. There are some other rumored chips coming soon as well from Intel including the Core i5-530M/550M and a new Core i7-940XM extreme quad-core offering.


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AMD CPUs to land in bunches of notebooks this summer

Things are starting to look up for AMD. The company has launched its first 6-core processor and it has been well received by consumers on a budget. AMD is also set to cram its processors inside more notebooks than ever this summer.




Reuters reports that AMD is set to make its largest foray into the notebook market ever with a new line of CPUs set to debut next week. The new CPUs are expected to be in about 109 mainstream notebooks this year.


Last year AMD processors were only in 40 different laptop models. The much higher availability of notebooks with AMD parts should mean a good increase in sales as AMD struggles to fight Intel in the market.


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CoolIT ECO ALC supports Phenom II X6 CPU

Say liquid cooling to an enthusiast and we tend to think of huge radiators attached with big bore tubing to copper water blocks to allow the most overclocking from a CPU or video card. There is a line of water cooling gear for the more casual user as well looking for something with good cooling that takes up less space than enthusiast systems.




One such liquid cooling system is from CoolIT and is called the ECO ALC. The ECO ALC system has been around for a while now and is compatible with a number of CPUs and mainboards.


CoolIT announced this week that the ECO ALC supports the new AMD Phenom II X6 CPU as well. This new 6-core CPU is very popular thanks to its low price and good performance. The ECO ALC system can be purchased now for under $75 on Newegg.


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CyberPower offers new gaming rigs with AMD Phenom II X6 CPU

The AMD Phenom II X6 6-core processor is now official and there are many computers being offered that use the processor. CyberPower has announced a full range of gaming machines that take advantage of the new low cost 6-core CPU from AMD.




The high-end computers in the range include the CyberPower Gamer Dragon CrossFire Ultimate and the Gamer Ultra CrossFireX Pro gaming desktops are the high-end systems. The new AMD processor is also being offered in lower end machines with prices starting as cheap as $699.


The new CPU is being paired with mainboards that use the new AMD 890FX chipset. Buyers can choose boards using the new chipset from brands including Asus, Gigabyte, and MSI. You can count on fully loaded machines selling for much more than the $699 starting price.


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Situation worsening for mobile Core CPU availability

We were first hinted on a shortage of Core mobile CPUs from Intel last month and it doesn't look like it's going to get better anytime soon.


According to a fresh report over at PCWorld, available 32nm Core i3, Core i5 and Core i7 notebook processors for partners are lessening and it's apparently causing some laptop makers to postpone launches by up to three months or more.




Another downside to the shortage is cost. A bidding war has been triggered for these parts out of desperation which has shown price hikes of as much as 20%, which of course will be pushed onto the consumer.


As a result, it opens the doors wider for AMD to gain some more market share in what is one of the fastest growing segments in the PC industry.


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AMD's Thuban arrives - Phenom II X6 six-core CPUs out to play

It's a big day for AMD today as they officially launch their latest and greatest desktop parts to market; the highly anticipated Phenom II X6 (six-core Thuban) processor range and a co-inciding chipset refresh in the form of the 890FX.


The highlight of Phenom II X6 isn't so much the fact it comes packed with six physical cores inside, rather how much (or little, I should say) you pay to get hold of this six-core grunt.




While Phenom II X6 was never expected to overtake Intel's new six-core monster (the Core i7-980X) in the performance catagory, it does when looking at the range from a value perspective. The top dog 1090T (3.2GHz) model that we reviewed in full today can be had for less than a third of what you'll pay for Intel's six-core chip at around $300.


890FX boards have been leaking out for a short while already. While Phenom II X6 is backward compatible with the AM2+/DDR2 platform as well as older AM3 chipsets, 890FX brings a nice refreshment in the top-end segment that takes over where the well regarded 790FX chipset leaves off and would be the ideal partner for your new Thuban six-core chip. We will have our first full 890FX chipset review online shortly which will outline new technologies and feature-sets this chipset brings with it.


In the meantime, you can check out a bunch of coverage on the new Phenom II X6 processor family via the below links :-


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- Hardware Canucks (890FX Chipset)
- Hardware Canucks (X6 CPU)
- Lost Circuits
- Hi Tech Legion
- PureOverclock
- Benchmark Reviews
- Technic3D


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