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Intel planning to release Core i7-2700K

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A leaked document from Intel lets us know there is a new top-end unlocked LGA1155 processor coming soon. It is the Core i7-2700K, of which the leaked document indicated its box part product code to be BX80623I72700K and carrying a spec code of SR0DG.


TweakTown image news/2/0/20818_04_intel_planning_to_release_core_i7_2700k.jpg


Official details on the chip in terms of clock rate etc. were not disclosed, but it can be easily assumed that given the i5-2000 and i7-2000 series are spaced in steps of 100MHz, the i7-2700K will likely come in at 3.5GHz with 3.9GHz Turbo Boost.


We still await a definitive release date for it, but it's quite possible Intel is planning to hit the market with it when AMD lets loose its first batch of FX processors, displacing the existing COre i7-2600K's price point and making it more competitive with the FX 8150 in particular.

Intel shows off solar-powered CPU

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IDF 2011 - Intel is committed to low-power computing and to show their commitment to it, Intel CEO Paul Otellini challenged the Intel Labs to create a demo of just how far Intel can push technology at this current moment in time. Paul added "the ultimate goal is the most power-efficient devices known to man". Intel Labs were able to create a CPU that was capable of running Windows, powered by a tiny solar cell.


TweakTown image news/2/0/20769_65_intel_shows_off_solar_powered_cpu.jpg


An Intel engineer stepped onto the IDF 2011 stage to show off a demo which involved a nodding cat wearing headphones. The engineer said:


What I'm showing here is technology that one day will make its way into future ultrabooks and a whole bunch of other devices...we've been experimenting with low-voltage circuits. What we have here is a microprocessor - it's an experimental prototype - which is capable of operating near to the threshold voltage of the transistors and is still capable of running Windows.

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AMD sets a world overclocking record with a Bulldozer at 8.429Ghz!

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AMD held a tech day for its upcoming Bulldozer architecture and while not much is allowed to be said, Anandtech have come out swinging with the overclocking potential of the Bulldozer chip. Most people wouldn't think it could hit these speeds, but just wait until you see what AMD can do. AMD used different overclocking experiments and had three different stations setup for people to look at.


The first one used a sub-$100 closed-loop water cooling solution from Antec in the form of the K├╝hler series, on this solution the Bulldozer was able to reach 4.8GHz as seen below:



The next test used phase change cooling. With the phase change cooling system, AMD was able to push the 8-core FX CPU up to a decent 5.894GHz at 1.632V, with a video of this achievement below:


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AMD Bulldozer FX-series pricing revealed

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Three microprocessors in AMD's upcoming Bulldozer FX-Series have been outed from the price list of online store, Bottom Line Telecommunications. The pricing breakdown is below:


TweakTown image news/2/0/20764_62_amd_bulldozer_fx_series_pricing_revealed.jpg


What we can see here, is the AMD FX-8210 and FX-8150 CPUs are eight-core models with 8MB L2 and 8MB L3 cache. The processors clock in at 3.1 and 3.6GHz, and listed at $222 and $266 respectively. These prices are expected to drop by roughly $10 - $20 once they actually hit retail shelves. This is because AMD official prices in 1000 quantities are usually $10 - $15 lower than prices of production chips in this store, which means we can expect pricing of $185 - $200 for the FX-8120 and $230 - $245 for the FX-8150.


Next up we have the AMD FX-6100 which is a six-core model. It only sports 6MB of L2 cache and clocks in at 3.3GHz with up to 3.9GHz when Turbo Core is active. It also includes 8MB of L3 cache and is listed at $188 with official pricing to fall between $155 - $170.

Latest news has it we'll see Sandy Bridge-E on Nov 15th!

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In a bit of a turn-around of events corrosponding to Intel's much awaited high-end Sandy Bridge-E platform, it's looking like the company is really pushing to get it out as soon as possible. It wasn't all that long ago we were hearing rumours of the company taking it easy and focusing on an early 2012 launch, but the latest word brings much more pleasant news for the many of us enthusiasts eager to get our mits on it.


TweakTown image news/2/0/20738_04_latest_news_has_it_we_ll_see_sandy_bridge_e_on_nov_15th.jpg


Slides via the folks at DonanimHaber indicate that we will witness launch on week 46 of 2011, which means right around November 15. Both a range of processors and Intel branded desktop motherboards will accompany that day's launch and should be ready for purchase immediately. We would be anticipating the big name motherboard vendors to have their first wave of LGA2011 offerings readied up at that time too.

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AMD ships first "Bulldozer" processors

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AMD have today announced revenue shipments of the world's first 16-core x86 processor, Bulldozer (codenamed "Interlagos"). Production of Interlagos began last month with shipments beginning to go to customers underway. The new Bulldozer chip is compatible with AMD Opteron 6100 Series platforms and infrastructure, Interlagos is expected to make a Q4 2011 appearance.


TweakTown image news/2/0/20729_43_amd_ships_first_bulldozer_processors.jpg


AMD say that many of the initial shipments are targeted for large custom supercomputer installations that are currently underway. Rick Bergman, senior vice president and general manager of AMD Products Group says:


This is a monumental moment for the industry as this first 'Bulldozer' core represents the beginning of unprecedented performance scaling for x86 CPUs. The flexible new 'Bulldozer' architecture will give Web and datacenter customers the scalability they need to handle emerging cloud and virtualization workloads.

AMD FX-Series rescheduled yet again - Will be an October launch

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This news certainly won't gel well for many of you at a time when we thought launch was imminent - AMD is once again choosing to delay the launch of its FX-Series desktop processors, now planned for release in October.


AMD's rescheduling for October is supposedly due to AMD wanting to make sure they hit all the right performance price-points with the first wave of models; thus they are said to be introducing seven models straight out the gate comprising four 8-core FX-8000 series chips, one 6-core FX-6000 series chip and two 4-core FX-4000 series chips.


TweakTown image news/2/0/20723_02_amd_fx_series_rescheduled_yet_again_will_be_an_october_launch.png


Looking at a chart compiled by the folks at Xbit labs after gathering data from unknown sources, the initial line-up of models will include the FX-8150 (a 3.6GHz part), FX-8120 (3.1GHz - avail. in both 95 and 125W variants) and FX-8100 (2.8GHz) as far as octo-core models go. The six-core model to accompany them is the FX-6100 running at 3.3GHz, while the two quad-core models are the FX-4170 and FX-4100, running at 4.2GHz and 3.6GHz respectively.

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Intel releases 16 new desktop and mobile processors

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Intel has just rolled out no less than 16 new processors this week into both the desktop and mobile spaces, which include new members to the Core, Pentium and Celeron families.


All new models are 32nm; eleven are desktop chips while the other five are for the mobile sector. The top dog in the pack of new desktop offerings is the Core i5-2320 with a clock speed of 3.0GHz, while the exorbitantly priced 2.7 GHz Core i72960XM sits atop the new pile of mobile processors.


Check out the chart below for the full rundown on all the new models :-


TweakTown image news/2/0/20695_05_intel_releases_16_new_desktop_and_mobile_processors.jpg

Gigabyte outs Bulldozer speeds on GA-990FXA-UD7, AMD FX-8150 3.6GHz will want to be on your motherboard

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Gigabyte has updated their CPU support page for the GA-990FXA-UD7 and with F4 BIOS and above, it will support the AMD Bulldozer range of CPUs. But with this information in hand, we now know the top to bottom clock speeds of the chips. First up we have the FX-4100 which will have a clock speed of 3.6GHz and a 95W requirement and the top of the pile FX-8150 with the same clock speed (double the cores) and a 125W requirement.


TweakTown image news/2/0/20662_24_gigabyte_outs_bulldozer_speeds_on_ga_990fxa_ud7_amd_fx_8150_3_6ghz_will_want_to_be_on_your_motherboard.jpg


As you can see above, the full listing is shown. We're inching closer til the Bulldozer arrives!

AMD Bulldozer, design details surface - team red kicks it up a notch or three

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AMD has released some nifty documents which outline the architecture behind their upcoming Core i7 competitor, Bulldozer. The Bulldozer CPU architecture is one of the biggest things to come from AMD in the form of CPU technology in a long time and the slides below outline Zambezi for the Socket AM3+ platform. The AM3+ socket infrastructure adds quite a few new things and a few surprises along the way. Check out the below images for a bit of a tease of things to come from team RED.


TweakTown image news/2/0/20579_64_amd_bulldozer_design_details_surface.jpg


One of the surprising things is older AM3 processors are plug-in compatible with AM3+ motherboards, which would allow people to pick up a board in preparation for the new CPUs and then upgrade as they see fit. As well as the impressive 72-bit DDR3 memory channels which will see support for DDR3-1866. Bulldozer is quite power-efficient too, as it will increase clock speeds if there is spare TDP headroom and when there is not much workload on the CPU, it will disable un-used cores.


TweakTown image news/2/0/20579_68_amd_bulldozer_design_details_surface.jpg


Very impressive, AMD. If it can keep up with Sandy Bridge-based Core i5/i7's, then we'll finally see some true competition in the CPU fight.

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