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Intel teases next-gen Xeon Phi chips, uses Hybrid Memory Cube tech

After watching season three of Game of Thrones, Intel's Knights Landing just reads and sounds like Kings Landing... but, onto the news. Intel has just announced its next-gen Xeon Phi chips, codenamed Knights Landing, at the International Supercomputing Conference being held in Leipzig, Germany.


TweakTown image news/3/8/38633_11_intel_teases_next_gen_xeon_phi_chips_uses_hybrid_memory_cube_tech.jpg


The new processors will be capable of delivering close to three times the peak performance power of its predecessor, Knights Corner. The new Xeon Phi CPUs will use a new high-speed fabric technology - Intel's own Omni Scale fabric - that should help with performance, scalability, reliability, power and density requirements to speed up the rate of scientific discovery.


Intel's new Knights Landing processors will use 16GB of stacked memory, something that will be based on Micron's incredibly fast Hybrid Memory Cube technology. This technology is capable of 15x the bandwidth provided by DDR3, and 5x the bandwidth of DDR4, all while being 5x more power efficient, and only requiring 1/3 of the space.

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Intel to launch its next-gen Haswell-E platform in September

Intel will reportedly launch its next-generation high-end desktop (HEDT) processors in mid-September, with the new Haswell-E chips arriving with the new X99 desktop platform too. We should see Intel officially launch its Core i7-5960X, the Core i7-5930K and the Core i7-5820K on the 14th of September.


TweakTown image news/3/8/38597_03_intel_to_launch_its_next_gen_haswell_e_platform_in_september.png


On the same day, we should expect the chipmaker to launch its new X99 chipset, designed to power the new CPUs. One of the exciting new things about Haswell-E and X99 is that it supports DDR4 RAM, and that the top of the line Core i7-5960X is a 16-theaded CPU (8 cores, 8 HT threads = 16 threads total). The Core i7-5960X will arrive with a base clock of 3GHz, 20MB of L3 cache, support quad-channel DDR4 RAM up to 2133MHz, and will be an unlocked part for overclockers to have some fun with.

AMD wants to see 'several days of battery life' in future PCs

AMD has quite the claim for the future, where the chipmaker wants to see the power efficiency in mainstream processors increased by 25x, with a goal of 2020 to reach this point. The company wants to see laptops and other devices with "several days of battery life" according to AMD Researcher Sam Naffziger.


TweakTown image news/3/8/38572_09_amd_wants_to_see_several_days_of_battery_life_in_future_pcs.jpg


Naffziger says that larger gains for the world are capable with more power efficiency in its processors, noting that there are over 3 billion PCs in the world that consume 1% of the entire power output of the planet, with 20 million servers consuming another 1.5%. Naffziger also said that power management is improving so quickly that soon a CPU will be capable of shifting into low-power between user keystrokes, or between frames in a video.


This concept, is something called "race to idle" which turns off portions of the processor rapidly, or as quick as possible following a processor-intensive job. Mark Papermaster, AMD's Chief Technology Officer says that this is a big move away from the process-based improvements that we have been seeing until now, something that makes up the framework of Moore's Law. Papermaster says that power management and efficiency improvements are "going to have a big impact on the industry".


Papermaster continued: "Through APU architectural enhancements and intelligent power efficient techniques, our customers can expect to see us dramatically improve the energy efficiency of our processors during the next several years. Setting a goal to improve the energy efficiency of our processors 25 times by 2020 is a measure of our commitment and confidence in our approach".

Intel Core i7 4790K 'Devil's Canyon' CPU already pushed to 7GHz

Nick Shih, legendary overclocker who now works with ASRock, has just posted on his wall a CPU-Z screenshot validating one of the biggest overclocks I've seen in quite sometime: an Intel Core i7-4790K CPU clocked at an incredible 7GHz, or 7003.38 MHz.


TweakTown image news/3/8/38446_10_intel_core_i7_4790k_devil_s_canyon_cpu_already_pushed_to_7ghz.png


Shih used the ASRock Z97 OC Formula motherboard to get there, and a huge 1.792V on the CPU to reach the milestone. The Core i7-4790K used was an Engineering Sample (like most for these overclocks) with two cores disabled. But still, 7GHz! Wow.


TweakTown image news/3/8/38446_11_intel_core_i7_4790k_devil_s_canyon_cpu_already_pushed_to_7ghz.jpg


The picture above is what Shih is working with, just as a teaser. Shih has even teased that 7.2GHz "is coming" - we await your overclocking skills, Nick!

ASRock Shows X99 Extreme4 and Extreme6 - DDR4 and Ultra M.2 Support

Computex 2014 - In typical Computex fashion, embargos-be-damned! At the show we saw a handful of X99 boards behind closed doors but a few brave decision makers publicly displayed the upcoming chipset in bold fashion.


TweakTown image news/3/8/38324_01_asrock_shows_x99_extreme4_and_extreme6_ddr4_and_ultra_m_2_support.jpg


ASRock had two boards on display, Extreme4 and Extreme6. Both utilize new technology standards designed to decrease system latency while optimizing power consumption and increasing the user experience.


TweakTown image news/3/8/38324_02_asrock_shows_x99_extreme4_and_extreme6_ddr4_and_ultra_m_2_support.jpg


First up is the Extreme6. As you can see the board doesn't have a heat sink on the PCH but the company has some time left to iron out the details as this chipset shouildn't hit the market till later this year.

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Intel shows off Devil's Canyon, its first 4-core, 4GHz Core i7 CPU

Computex 2014 - We've been hearing about Intel's "Devil's Canyon" CPU for a while now, the Core i7-4790K processor. What's so special about the new Core i7-4790K is that its Intel's first Core i7 processor that has a stock clock speed of 4GHz. But don't worry, we still have Hyper-Threading here.


TweakTown image intel_shows_off_devil_s_canyon_its_first_4_core_4ghz_core_i7_cpuTweakTown image intel_shows_off_devil_s_canyon_its_first_4_core_4ghz_core_i7_cpu


The max Turbo Boost speed on the Devil's Canyon-based Core i7 processor is a huge 4.8GHz, so we should expect to see some truly massive overclocks in the coming weeks and months. Better yet, we should see some world records broken in multiple benchmarks from the world's best overclockers. The new Core i7-4790K is still based on Intel's LGA 1150 socket, has a max TDP of 88W, and was running at 1.39V when we saw it today in the halls of Nangang.

Intel launches Core M processors aimed at tablets

Intel has rolled out a new line of processors that are aimed at tablets called the Core M series. The processors are designed to reduce power consumption and bring more performance to the tablet market. Core M processors are based on the architecture that is used in the Core i3, i5, and i7 line used mostly in laptops and desktops.


TweakTown image news/3/8/38185_2_intel_launches_core_m_processors_aimed_at_tablets.jpg


Intel says that the processor series will draw less than 10 watts of power. That is a clear distinction between the Core M and Core line of CPUs that draw over 10W. Intel has been showing off the processors inside a 12.5-inch tablet measuring 7.2mm thick and tipping the scales at 672 grams.

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Three of upcoming Intel Haswell-E desktop processors detailed

More details about the Intel's next generation HEDT processor lineup 'Haswell-E' has surfaced. The new HEDT lineups will be launched at three price segments to replace Core i7-4820K, i7-4930K and i7-4960K processors. The newer lineups will be using Intel X99 chipset and will have 2011 pins. However it is being reported that it won't be compatible with the existing LGA 2011 socket.


TweakTown image news/3/8/38009_1_three_of_upcoming_intel_haswell_e_desktop_processors_detailed.jpg


It is also known that Haswell-E will be the first to use DDR4-SDRAM memory, and therefore will support DDR4-2133 MHz out of the box. All three processors have a TDP rated at 140W.


It is expected that the HEDT processor lineups will be launched later this year.

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Intel Devil's Canyon and Unlocked Pentium's pricing and details leaked

New details have surfaced that sheds more light over the upcoming Devil's Canyon CPU and the unlocked Pentium series processors. It was previously reported that the Devil's Canyon will use a new packaging and better thermal paste.


TweakTown image news/3/7/37994_1_intel_devil_s_canyon_and_unlocked_pentium_s_pricing_and_details_leaked.png


There are two of such CPUs: i7 with Quad Core and hyper threading, and i5 which uses quad-core. The i7-4690K is clocked at 4 GHz with turbo boost up to 4.4 GHz, along with 8MB L3 Cache and 88w TDP. This is said to be priced for around $362.


The i5-4960K has a base clock of 3.5 GHz with turbo boost of up to 3.9 GHz paired with a 6MB L3 Cache and also has a TDP of 88w. This processor will be priced for ~$254.

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Intel reportedly pushing back the launch of its next-gen CPUs

Intel is expected to launch its new Devil Canyon-based CPUs at Computex on June 2, but it looks like this will just be a show-and-tell, and not a full release. Retail availability on the Devil Canyon chips will reportedly now be late September.


TweakTown image news/3/7/37947_01_intel_reportedly_pushing_back_the_launch_of_its_next_gen_cpus.jpg


The new Devil Canyon CPUs were expected to bring forward faster clock speeds, better packaging materials, design that is better for overclocking, and better TIM between the IHS and die of the processor which would result in higher overclocks. The Core i7-4790K was meant to be the star of the show, but along with the Core i5-4690K and Pentium G3258 CPUs, retail launches won't happen until later in the year.


This is why we haven't seen the high-end enthusiast boards on the Z97 chipset unveiled yet, as motherboard makers are waiting for Intel to launch its Devil Cayon CPUs - but with this delay, we might not see much of these motherboards unveiled. But, at Computex, we should see the new LGA 2011-3 motherboards, which will feature the enthusiast X99 chipset - something we look forward to seeing ourselves.

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