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Research: 35% of Americans own at least one smart device besides phone

Thirty five percent of US consumers now have at least one smart device besides their smartphone, according to a new research report from TRUSTe. Smart TVs (20 percent), in-car navigation systems (12 percent), fitness bands (5 percent) and home alarm systems (4 percent) are the most popular connected devices - but with so many different emerging products, the industry could change at a rapid pace.




However, there are concerns related to IoT, with 79 percent of consumers concerned about personal data collection, with 69 percent of users believe they should own data that is being collected. Furthermore, 27 percent of consumers also have concerns regarding security, whether from mobile devices, or the connected devices themselves.


"The Internet of Things market continues to gain traction as many consumers are embracing the convenience and benefits of connected devices," said Chris Babel, CEO of TRUSTe. "However, privacy questions over the personal data being collected, including who has access and ownership of this data is still a major concern for consumers and a big question that the industry must address moving forward."

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BeoSound Moment music system matches your mood with music playlist

CES 2015 - Danish company Bang & Olufsen announced its BeoSound Moment smart music system, able to adapt to listening patterns and make music and radio recommendations.




The BeoSound Moment utilizes an aluminum interface and a built-in touchscreen to make it easier for owners to browse radio stations and their own music collection. Bang & Olufsen partnered with Deezer, which has a catalog of more than 35 million songs, so there are plenty of music choices that can be provided.


In addition, a custom MoodWheel provides an easy method to find the appropriate type of music based on user moods.

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Delphian Systems shows off SecuRemote IoT automation system

CES 2015 - Delphian Systems is promoting its SecuRemote technology platform during CES 2015, showcasing the Internet of Things (IOT) automation technology. SecuRemote helps ensure OEM products, devices and sensors are interoperable for mobile users on Google Android and Apple iOS devices.




Using the SecuRemote miniaturized electronic module, connected devices are able to interconnect with smartphone, tablets and directly into the cloud. More importantly, SecuRemote provides smart devices interconnection with one another, creating a high-security network with multiple nodes.


Expect the Delphian Systems' SecuRemote to be available during Q2 this year.

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Waxman Industries shows off leakSMART connected smart home tech

CES 2015 - Waxman Industries debuts its leakSMART home water protection system that stops water leaks automatically and has the ability to shut off a home's water in less than five seconds. Using the leakSMART smartphone app, home owners also can receive updates, track water usage, and remotely manage any problems.




"leakSMART makes the smart home something practical for the average homeowner," said Larry Waxman, president and CEO of Waxman Industries, in a press statement. "leakSMART has more than a 'cool gadget factor.' With leakSMART, the everyday homeowner can prevent water leaks in their house, eliminating the possibility of water damage and the thousands of dollars of loss associated with it."


Smart technology will become more prevalent in our homes, and continues to evolve away from just gimmicky, useless features. CES will be a showcase for smart devices, though only 1.5 million households in the United States have smart-enabled devices already in place, according to NextMarket Insights.

Word-of-mouth driving IoT adoption, as privacy concerns remain

The Internet of Things (IoT) has a large amount of momentum to start 2015, with 65 percent of American consumers reportedly moderately or extremely interested in adopting some type of smart home product, according to the Internet of Things Consortium (IoTC). There is great potential for manufacturers to sell these products to consumers, with 54 percent of consumers saying word-of-mouth is the largest consumer factor.




It is now up to manufacturers to make affordable, easy-to-use solutions, along with creating proper security protocols to keep customers safe. Constant connectivity could be a great asset, but not if customer data and privacy are at risk.


"This survey highlights that IoT is moving towards mass adoption, but that industry leaders must make their connected home solutions intuitive, simple and cost-effective to put into play," said Nate Williams, CMO of Greenwave Systems, in a press release. "Consumers don't really care how they manage their smart devices, but they want a frictionless experience - ideally with a solution that someone else installs for free - that saves them money and improves their quality of life over the long-term."

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Internet of Things will become more disruptive, shaking things up

The Internet of Things (IoT) will be a multi-trillion-dollar industry with upwards of 30 billion Internet-connected devices over the next five years - and companies will need to act fast if they don't want to be left behind. Overall, the IoT market is expected to present one of the largest growth opportunities in the industry, with more hardware and software manufacturers stepping up.




As solutions begin to mature, there will be additional investors jumping on the bandwagon, only accelerating the market faster. Connected devices will take over the home, office, vehicles, and everything else as Internet-connected technologies continue to invade our daily lives, analysts predict.


"This is an enormous opportunity that will not only transform healthcare, but every other industry as well," said Jeff Kagan, wireless industry expert, in a press statement. "This is huge. In the beginning, companies in this space will have a competitive advantage. Eventually it will become commonplace and companies who are not in this IoT space will be seen as competitively disadvantaged."

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Connected technology expected to invade the market in 2015

Devices in the household are getting smarter, and that trend will increase in 2015, as more consumers test connected devices away from TVs and set-top boxes, analysts believe. There are high expectations for security systems to enjoy strong smart growth, with the ability to arm systems from mobile devices, access live video streams remotely, and have systems learn behavior patterns.




However, manufacturers need to be careful not to add connectivity just for the sake of adding internet and other features simply because they can.


"It's one thing if [the technology] seamlessly fits in and there's a benefit, it's another if you're asking people to get out the screwdriver and pliers or change the way they do things," said Robert Brunner, founder of the Ammunition design firm that helped create the Beats headphones, in a statement published by NBC News. "Do you really need a smart can opener that texts you when the can is open?"

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LG to show off their new Wi-Fi Music Series at CES 2015

LG are looking to show off a full new series of gear at the upcoming world-class technology exhibition, CES 2015. Their new range of Wi-Fi units will be out in force - including products such as speakers, Sound Bars and Blu-ray players.




Their first foray into the battery-powered Wi-Fi speaker market will be displayed, seeing their Model H4 Portable speaker being showcased, alongside their HS7 and HS9 Sound Bars and an interesting wireless Blu-ray player called the BP550. All of the speakers on display have been announced as compatible with both Android and iOS devices.


These new LG units will be able to connect to one another wireless or work independently, meaning you can setup a wide network of speakers across your house, room or establishment without the need for wiring. As their H4 potable is battery powered, this is great for setups in public areas and small gatherings of friends as you can simply pick them up when you leave.

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Google Fiber expansion into 34 new cities has been delayed

Google teased earlier in the year that it was expanding its Fiber service into 34 new cities in nine metro areas, but the Mountain View-based search giant has now delayed these plans.




The company has said that it will update everyone in 2015, adding "While we were hoping to have an update for cities before the holidays, we have a bit more work to wrap up; we'll be back in touch sometime early next year." The metro areas that have been placed on hold for Fiber include Raleigh, Durham and Charlotte in North Carolina, Atlanta, San Antonio, Phoenix, Salt Lake City, Portland (Oregon), and San Jose (California).

Berg Insight: Connected wearables shipments to reach 168M in 2019

Shipments of connected wearables will reach 19 million by the end of the year, impressive growth from 5.9 million devices in 2013, according to Berg Insight. Smartwatches, smart glasses, fitness & activity trackers, people monitoring and safety devices will see a 54.7 percent compound annual growth rate and reach 168.2 million units in 2019.




Bluetooth will be the No. 1 connectivity option, but embedded cellular connectivity will increase, largely in part to smartwatches and people monitoring and safety products. Smart wearables are going to greatly increase as the Apple Watch hits the market in 2015, introducing new consumers to the booming market.


"This product category is now facing fierce competition from smartwatches that have activity tracking features," said Johan Svanberg, Berg Insight Senior Analyst, in a press statement. "Decreasing prices and new form factors will still enable dedicated fitness & activity trackers to reach shipments of 42 million units in 2019."

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