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Citrix Makes its XenServer 5.0 free to all

Looks like Citrix has found a new way to compete with VMWare; they are going to give XenSever 5.0 away for free.


Of course the Express Version has been free for a long time, but Citrix is claiming that the enterprise version is also now free. The problem is one of features. According to Roger Klorese "the new free XenServer does not include high availability, advanced StorageLink storage integration, persistent performance management, or monitoring -- which continue in Enterprise Edition and Platinum Edition -- or dynamic provisioning services -- which continue in Platinum Edition."


Citrix is a new comer in the Virtualization market, but have scored a big win by partnering up with Microsoft and getting a great Interoperability deal between their XenServer product and MS' Hyper-V.


True Citrix's new Free XenServer has its issues and limitations, including missing many enterprise class features, but to get an enterprise class virtualization product for free is still a good thing.


If you are more of a VMWare fan you can grab VMware's ESXi server for free also.


Read more here at Roger Klorese's Blog.


Citrix Makes XenServer 5.0 free to all

XenServer, our enterprise virtual infrastructure platform is now free (including resource pooling and live relo), and we have announced Citrix Essentials for XenServer, and Citrix Essentials for Hyper-V as our virtualization management portfolio that offers a rich set of automated functions that drive the compatible virtualization layers beneath - the free Hyper-V hypervisor from Microsoft, and the free XenServer Enterprise virtual infrastructure platform from Citrix. Finally, and most importanly, we announced a powerful go-to-market roadmap with Microsoft.


Response to our announcements has been extremely positive, from our partner Microsoft to our channel partners and resellers, and many many customers and users. There are the expected nay-sayers too, but someone had to drink the only thing that you get free from our competitor - VMware koolaid.


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Thecus to show off new NAS servers at CeBIT 2009

With CES out of the way, Thecus Technology has announced some of their plans for the upcomming CeBIT in Hannover. First up are their new N7700 and N8800 NAS servers. The N7700 houses 7 SATA drives for massive storage and can be stacked with an additional five N7700's. If you have room for the NAS in the rack, the N8800 comes in a 2U form factor and ups the ante a bit with an eigth drive. Both support iSCSI making it easy to centrally manage and deploy storage for an entire network.


Thecus Lineup


(Click the above image for the large version)


Thecus will also have several new units on display. First up is the N5500. This 5-bay NAS is a follow up to the N5200PRO and comes with an Intel Celeron processor and 1GB of DDR2. It also supports iSCSI and multiple file systems including XFS, Ext3, and ZFS. Home users will get the new N0204. It has two drive bays for RAID 0/1/JBOD support and also functions as an iTunes, media, and photo server. Rounding off their full range of NAS units will be the multimedia-friendly M3800 and N3200PRO. The M3800 is a revamped N4100PRO and the N3200 is powered by the AMD Geode.


"As the demand for storage capacity continues to grow, businesses are requiring greater integration of storage into their environments," said Seth Bobroff, general manager, Intel Server Platforms Group - Storage. "Using Intel® architecture allows Thecus to deliver the performance, features, expandability and reliability to satisfy these increasing customer requirements."


"This year's CeBIT is going to be sensational as Thecus® kicks off the New Year with some of our most exciting products,"
said Thecus® General Manager Florence Shih. "I look forward to meeting some of our most valued partners as well as some Thecus® fans at CeBIT 2009. See you at the show!"


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New SQL Server Exploit Found

It looks like there is a new Bug in SQL server that can allow for remote detonation of the server. Well ok not detonation but this newly discovered flaw can allow for remote execution of code.


According to MSA (Microsoft Security Advisory)961040, the flaw affects SQL Server 2000, SQL Server 2005 (with SP 2 or lower) SQL Server 2005 Express Edition, MSDE 2000, WMSDE, and Windows Internal Database.


SQL 7.0 With SP4, 2005 with SP3 and SQL Server 2008 are not affected.


Read more here.


New SQL Server Exploit Found

Customers who believe that they have been attacked can obtain security support at Get security support and should contact the national law enforcement agency in their country. Customers in the United States can contact Customer Service and Support at no charge using the PC Safety hotline at 1-866-PCSAFETY. Additionally, customers in the United States should contact their local FBI office or report their situation at Internet Crime Complaint Center.
Mitigating Factors:


• This issue does not affect supported editions of Microsoft SQL Server 7.0 Service Pack 4, Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Service Pack 3, and Microsoft SQL Server 2008.


• This vulnerability is not exposed anonymously. An attacker would need to either authenticate to exploit the vulnerability or take advantage of a SQL injection vulnerability in a Web application that is able to authenticate.


• By default, MSDE 2000 and SQL Server 2005 Express do not allow remote connections. An authenticated attacker would need to initiate the attack locally to exploit the vulnerability.


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VIA shows its new ARTiGO A2000 storage server

VIA Technology has today taken the covers off the ARTiGO A2000 storage server. It is designed to be a small, affordable yet capable basic storage server.


It is based on a system using a 1.5GHz VIA C7-D processor and VIA VX800 Unified Digital Media IGP chipset. It supports two SATA-II hard drives up to 1.5TB each. The operating systems supported are Windows XP, Vista, Ubuntu 8.04 and SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 10 with Service Pack 2. However, those were all that were tested, others may also work.


What is interesting with this system is that the OS is installed on a CompactFlash (CF) card which supports DMA mode.


You can view the product page here for the complete run-down on the product.


VIA is also holding a name contest for the A2000 - the winning name will be given one of these systems. Go here to suggest a name and possibly win one.


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Sonicwall Licensing Servers leave Users Exposed

There is nothing like having your firewall shut down in the middle of a busy day. But this is exactly what happened to many Sonciwall users.


According to a short article at Fudzilla certain Licensing Servers at Sonicwall started recieving erroneous information that caused them to shut down. This left many Sonicwall users in the dark as their licensing keys reset.


Read more here


Sonicwall Licensing Servers leave customers exposed

"This may have caused the product license key to be reset, and in some cases may have affected the products' operation. The issue has been corrected and all servers and licensing functions have been restored," says SonicWall.


Since the products listed included SonicWall UTM Firewall Appliances-PRO series, TZ series and NSA series; all SonicWall Email Security Appliances and Email Security software; SonicWall Content Security Manager Appliances; all Continuous Data Protection Appliances; and SGMS managed appliances, it would have left many companies completely vulnerable for three hours.


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XenServer Part III

***New information***


In Part III of our XenServer 5.0 soap opera, I have been contacted by Citrix directly who are stating that XenServer 5.0 does indeed have Windows 2008 Server support.


They explain that they lack of Widows 2008 server in their supported OS page was an "our bad" mistake. They have also provided me links to their "what's New" page that references Windows 2008 server. The What's new page goes on to state "Tuned for Windows - XenServer adds support for Windows Server® 2008, has been optimized to run Windows-based workloads (up to 30% faster) and has been certified on both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows Server through Micrsoft's Server Virtualization Validation Program (SVVP).". XenServer 5.0's installation Guide also lists Windows Server 2008.


**** Citrix has sent links to Microsofts VSSP for both XenServer Embedded Edition and Standard XenServer ****


I have asked Citrix about the installation issues that many are reporting with XenServer 5.0 and Windows 2008 Server (BSODs during install etc). I will follow up with their response.


*** Citrix's response to this is a potential fix contained in Update 1 for XenServer ***


XenServer 5.0 What's New.


Read the original article here.


The follow on is here.


XenServer Part III

Your article on XenServer 5 and lack of Windows Server 2008 support came up in my daily newsfeed. Boy was I surprised, because XenServer 5 does indeed have support for Windows Server 2008.


The page you've noted for some reason doesn't list Windows Server 2008, so "our bad" on that.


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Xen Support for Server 2008 Follow On

Yesterday I wrote that Citrix's XenServer and XenDesktop 5.0 do not have native support for Microsoft's Windows 2008 Server. I have received a couple of e-mails disputing that statement. I thought I would clear some items up.


First: In September 2008 Microsoft and Citrix announced they were working on inter-operability between Server 2008 and Xen this was in relation to the HyperVisor product only. Meaning they were working on ways of porting VMs between the two products and allowing VM's on Server 2008's Hyper-V to be "Virtualized" (or delivered) through XenDesktop.


Second: I referred to "the desktop version of XenServer" I should have said XenDesktop. XenDesktop is not literally speaking a Desktop VM product. It is a means for delivering a virtualized Dekstop to remote users.


Third: I am not talking about XenSource (which was bought by Citrix) or Xen Project but Citrix's implementation of these products. Citrix's Xen 5.0 line of products does not have native support for Widows Server 2008.


What has yet to happen is complete validation and functionality of Windows 2008 as a guest(or virtualized desktop) in either of these products. To get Windows 2008 server to run on XenServer you have to custom configure quite a bit and set it up as a hardware VM not the stock type (as I linked in my article).


Interoperability announcement here.


Xen Support for Server 2008 Follow On

Citrix virtualization infrastructure products leverage a broad array of "dynamic virtualization services" that provide core components of an end-to-end virtual infrastructure - from servers to applications to desktops. These enabling technologies range from core innovation in virtual delivery protocols to breakthroughs in application workload streaming. Upcoming dynamic virtualization services such as real-time virtual machine (VM) streaming, VM interoperability, high-performance VM storage and VM high availability will allow Citrix to further extend Windows Server 2008 Hyper-V in the future through XenServer for server virtualization and XenDesktop for desktop virtualization.


As part of the company's VM interoperability services, Citrix is also developing technology to enable the portability of virtual machines between XenServer and Windows Server 2008 Hyper-V. By supporting both the Xen hypervisor and Windows Server 2008 Hyper-V, Citrix will allow IT organizations to leverage heterogeneous virtualization environments for different workloads, datacenters, or business units within an organization.


Continue reading 'Xen Support for Server 2008 Follow On' (full post)

Xen Server 5.0 lacks Server 2008 Support

**Edited November 25 2008 for clarity**


Software is a funny thing sometimes. When you buy a piece of brand new software you think that you are going to get the latest and greatest compatible with all the other latest and greatest software out.


Sadly that is not the case with Citrix's new Xen 5.0 Virtual server software. There are issues with XenDesktop's ability to deliver Virtulaized Windows 2008 Server desktops and XenServer will not run the OS Natively. This flaw takes away from the opening up of the RAM support in Xen Express which was limited to 4GB but now supports up to 128GB


This short coming will hurt the VM hopeful as many people currently using VMware and Sun's Virtual Box have no problems with Microsoft's latest server OS.


XEN 5.0 compatible operating systems listed here.


There is a work around to this for Citrix's XenServer if you want to spend the time here.


Xen Server 5.0 lacks Server 2008 Support

Supported guest operating systems


Microsoft Windows 64-bit:
Windows Server 2003 Standard, Enterprise, Datacenter Edition SP2


Microsoft Windows 32-bit:
Windows Server 2003 Web, Standard, Enterprise, Datacenter SP0/ SP1/SP2/R2
Windows Small Business Server 2003 SP0/SP1/SP2/R2
Windows XP SP2
Windows 2000 SP4
Windows Vista


Linux 64-bit:
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.0, 5.1
CentOS 5.0, 5.1
Oracle® Enterprise Linux 5.0, 5.1


Linux 32-bit:
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3.5, 3.6, 3.7, 4.1, 4.2, 4.3, 4.4, 4.5, 5.0, 5.1
CentOS 4.1, 4.2, 4.3, 4.4, 4.5, 5.0, 5.1
Oracle Enterprise Linux 5.0, 5.1
Novell SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 9SP2, 9SP3, 10SP1
Debian sarge (3.1), etch (4.0)


Device configuration
Physical NICs per server: 6
Virtual NICs per VM: 7 (Windows), 3 (Linux)
Virtual disks per VM: 7 (with XenServer Tools installed - 3 without Tools)
Plus 1 virtual CD drive


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Spotlight Video of AMD Maui HTPC system

The folks over at HotHardwae have a nice video spotlight on AMD's new HTPC platform called Maui.


This new products comes complete with Radeon Graphics, a 780M chipset (on an MSI Media Live DIVA 5.1 motherboard), and ATi TV tuners. All of this is wrapped up in a sleek package that would fit into anyone's home theatre system.



Read the blurb from HotHardware here.


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Seagate intros Maxtor Central Axis storage server

Seagate has just launched a new Maxtor branded dual-drive network storage server they call the Maxtor Central Axis Business Edition.


Seagate intros Maxtor Central Axis storage server


This unit is mostly targeted at the small-business crowd who seek simple reliable storage that's easily accessible with the added security of auto-backup and data protection.


Seagate intros Maxtor Central Axis storage server


The enclosure is easy on the eye and runs dimensions of 187.9 (H) mm x 51.25 (W) mm x 291.95 (L) mm. The unit houses two 1TB 7200RPM HDDs which operate in a RAID 1 (mirrored) arrangement and it can be connected via Gigabit ethernet or USB.


For added peace of mind, the Maxtor Central Axis Business Edition comes with a five year warranty. You can now pre-order it at a cost of $479.99.


For further details, check out the official PR here folks.


SCOTTS VALLEY, Calif.-November 12, 2008-Seagate (NASDAQ: STX), the world leader in storage solutions, today introduced the Maxtor® Central Axis™ Business Edition dual-drive network storage server, a storage solution designed to satisfy the long-term business continuity needs and growing storage requirements of small businesses.


The Central Axis Business Edition network storage server takes the guesswork out of network storage management by providing simple, automatic backup with solid data protection and secure remote access to business critical information from any web browser. Available in early November, this small-business network storage solution will help companies keep their competitive edge by delivering access to, and protection for their business critical information while in the office or on the road.


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