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Welcome to the NEW and IMPROVED SERVER!

By: Array

Ladies and gentleman, if you can see this news post you are viewing TweakTown from our all new and improved web server hosted by the friendly folks at Elite Internet Communications!


We are running on a dedicated server (with an Intel Pentium 3 1GHz CPU, 512MB SDRAM and 2x Seagate 7200RPM 60GB drives running in a RAID 1 configuration) out of a Class 1 Data Center in Pittsburgh, PA featuring multiple DS3 and OC3 connections to ATT, Sprint, and UUNet backbones. We will never be turning to a free hosting provider again - I've learnt over the months that the quote, "You get what you pay for...", is exactly right.


The exciting fact is that our server sits in the exact same room as the likes of AnandTech, VIA Hardware, Tweak3D and AMDZone. We have came a long way since the conception of TweakTown some 24 months ago - I never would have saw us sharing a hosting room with the rest of these high profile tech sites.


I'd like to take this opportunity to thank Jarrod "sKuLLsHoT" Mast and Clinton "SileNceR" Warburton for resurrecting the site and it's database after the crash we experienced a month ago on our old server. Without these guys, the site would most likely still be down, maybe for good - Thanks a million guys!


That's about all I have to say for now. I hope everyone finds the new server really fast just like we do, if you experience any problems feel free to contact any one of us, we'd more than happy to assist.


Yours sincerely,


Cameron Wilmot
Founder and Owner


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SkyHawk Aluminum Mini-Server Case Review

Have you been looking at the possibility of building your very own server? Well head on over to and see if this SkyHawk Aluminum Mini-Server Case is for you. here's a snip:


"One of the real pleasures to be found in better cases is the removable motherboard tray and the SkyHawk Mini-Server is no exception, but they have taken it one step further than most manufactures of aluminum cases, with their addition of a support bracket to help maintain the tray's rigidity. Take it from someone who has been there with other aluminum cases, the back panel tends to bend outwards from the tray with repeated use, not so with the MSR4610EP-D!! Another feature to be noted in our photo below is that Sky Hawk employs standard brass standoffs for motherboard installation and gives you enough of them to install any motherboard I've ever come across.."


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ADK Custom Gaming System Review

Go check out ClubOC and see their latest review. It covers not a component, but a complete ADK Custom Gaming System. here's a snip:


"Advanced Design of Kentucky is taking the concept of "one stop shopping" and adding a truly welcome twist. If you looking to build your next computer from scratch, then getting as many pieces from the same vendor may just save you on some shipping costs. The guys from Advanced Design are going an extra mile in customer satisfaction and service by custom building the entire rig! They already have quite a few selections to choose from, but your selections aren't just limited to what you see on the page. You can feel free to pick and choose any hardware swap you want. Of course, it's going to affect the price, but your getting exactly what you want! So, if you prefer a motherboard from I-will over another brand....poof! Your system will have an I-will board. it's just that easy!"


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Addtronics 7896A Server case Review

OK... I like the big cases, but this one is HUGE! Head on over to Virtual Hideout and see their take on the Addtronics 7896A Server Case. here's a snip:


"Well today I've got for you one the kings of the "cool case" market. The Addtronics 7896A is a big case. A very big case. When people see this case their first thought is usually "WOW, it's frickin HUGE!" :-) To give you a quick example, The 7896A stands just a hair under a full 6" taller then the ever-popular Antec Sx-1030 "server" case. LOL! Hmmm, so which is the "real" server case eh? was nice enough to send me this big boy to showcase to you guys today. They also added a special bonus. A big case should have a powerful power supply right? Exactly! So instead of the usual 300-350 watt psu, This big dog came with an Enermax dual-fan 550 watt power supply!! is located in the Netherlands and they've got themselves a very good shop for some high performance products. they're location is great for being able to ship to the USA and also to many other countries quite easily because of their "central" location. I know Addtronics products are hard to get for many outta the USA, but brings them alot closer to you."


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Directron D30B Server Case Review

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A Look Into a Modern Server

Servers are of vital importance to all who maintain a website, but what really makes them tick? To satisfy your curiosity, just head on over to TweakMax and check out their latest article entitled "A Look Into a Modern Server". here's a snip:


"Intel CPU's + more than 512 MB RAM = i8XX and RDRAM? No, actually not... Is it BX then? Nope, it's a ServerWorks HE-SL chipset that is powering a lot of server motherboards today. ServerWorks has found a niche that Intel currently is not serving, providing the cabability to, among other things, run Intel CPU's in up to 8x configurations featuring up to 8 GB of plain ol' ECC DIMMs, making it unneccesary for server manufacturers to jump onto the RDRAM bandwagon."


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