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InHand creates most efficeint Atom based SBC

This is something interesting, a company has created an Atom based system board that can operate at just under 4.5 Watts.


The company's name is InHand Electronics, they put together a system board they are calling firefly. This is the world's smallest and most power efficient Atom single board computer.


To get this size they did not remove functionality. I have you have both onboard DDR2 and an expansion slot for an extra SODIMM.


In most current systems you need to have an additional power board to run the system and offer the same performance as the Firefly. The Firefly can act as a stand-alone board but also has spots for daughter cards to increase functionality.

InHand creates smallest and more power efficient Atom SBC




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Fujitsu planning ultimate gaming system

I have been trying to ignore this one all day but after a few persistent e-mails and some IMs I guess I need to get it out.


Fujitsu has a teaser site up for a new system called Celsius Ultra. There is no word on the specs, no word on price just a few tidbits that indicate Fujitsu is looking to make a hardcore system.


Some of the information that is being spoon fed out is that the new Celsius Ultra is capable of "Ultra" clocking. This, according to a few sites, is a combination of a special mainboard and custom BIOS that allows for overclocking the CPU, GPU, FSB, and RAM.


I am still not seeing too much to get excited about. In fact I did not even know there was a Fujitsu Gaming team or that Fujitsu had any plans to make a gaming system. I think it is the fact that this is coming out of the blue for most that will cause it a rough launch.


Fujitsu planning ultimate gaming system


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Acer releases new Predator Space heater

Well, well, well; Acer is going to have another go at releasing the Predator. This is the same system that had massive cooling problems earlier this year.


By massive we mean that some were reported to have actually caught fire.
So now they are going to put even more heat generating hardware in the box and stuff it inside that nice eye catching orange case.


The new specs are looking like;
Core i7-950 @ 3.06GHz CPU
6GB of DDR3 RAM (up to 12GB)
Intel X58 Express Chipset (board manufacturer not mentioned)
1TB SATA HDD @ 7200rpm
2x Nvidia GeForce GTS 250 1GB,
Blu-ray disc drive
11x USB 2.0 ports
2x eSATA ports
Multi-card reader
Two Gigabit Ethernet


I hope they upped the cooling in this system first.


Acer releases new Predator Space heater


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Apple servers struggle under the new OS launch

As we predicted a couple of days ago Apple's servers are unable to deal with the excessive amount of traffic caused by the availability of the new iPhone OS 3.0.


This is a sad repeat of the past 2 major releases and does show that Apple has not learned from their past mistakes. If this is not cleared up in the next couple of days new iPhone 3G S owners will find themselves not able to activate their shiny new phones.


On the other side this could be an intentional issue. It brings press to the launch, makes people wait and want it more. In general it drives interest.


Apple Servers struggle under the new OS launch


UPDATE - Good news! It seems like Apple has fed its servers some more muscle and now the activation server is back online. I'm updating my iPhone now and it seems to be working fine - CW.


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Apple gets the green light for servers in NC

It has been a while since I have done any major Apple news and while I was feeling the beginnings of withdrawals I found a blurb on Apple's plans to build a new data center in North Carolina.


It seems that North Carolina passed a bill to give Apple a nice $46 million state tax credit. The new site will only have around 50 full time employees but for some reason NC is claiming it will create 250-300 jobs in the region. I am not sure what math they are using but that sounds a little off to me.


No matter the data center will be good for the local economy, I just wonder if it will actually help the consumer, after all it won't be in place to prevent another iPhone upgrade fiasco that is sure to happen when iPhone 3.0 hits. But maybe just maybe it will impact iPhone 4.5…


Read more here.


Apple gets the green light for servers in NC


IChanges in the tax laws were not without opponents. Last week when the House voted in favor of the tax credit by a vote of 80-34, House Minority Leader Rep. Paul Stam was clearly upset with the incentives.


"They're playing us," Stam said. "And they're going to keep playing us as long as you agree to be played. They'll either come or they won't come, but whether they come I can virtually assure you it will not depend upon whether you pass this bill."


North Carolina said the Apple server farm will have about 50 full-time employees. One of the regulations that Apple has to follow is that the average wage in the facility exceed the wage standard in the county where it's located.


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Acer easyStore Home Server hits the market

As we have talked about the home is becoming more like the enterprise these days. We see PoE (Power over Ethernet) Home Servers, IP cameras, and complex wired and wireless networks.


Dell and HP already have Home Server products based on Microsoft's Home Serve Operating system and now Acer has one of their own.


The new system is called the easyStore Home Server and features a nice combination of features and expandability. With a price tag of $400 Acer is going to offer storage of up to 7 terabytes (1 TB built in and 3 extra 3.5-Inch bays, an Atom 230 CPU, and 2GB of DDR2 RAM.


This is not a bad way to enter the market if you ask me.


Read more here.


Acer easyStore Home Server hits the market


Acer's entering the home server market, and its first entry's gonna be the easyStore AH340-UA230N with built-in Windows Home Server. It's juiced up with Intel Atom 230 processor and 2GB DDR2 RAM, and in addition to 1TB of storage, you've got three 3.5-inch hot swappable bays for a possible total of 7TB of storage.


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Dell to put Via Nano in light duty servers

Via may have finally found a steady home for its Nano CPU. Dell is looking to make a new classification of server and wants to put the Via Nano under the hood.


The new servers should sell under the product name of XS11-VX8. They are not intended for high performance but for light server loads and should show up with a 1.3GHz Nano. No word on when they will hit the streets or other specs but pricing should be around $400.


Not too bad for a light duty server


Read more here.


Dell to put Via Nano in light duty servers


VIA got a break from the all-mighty silicon gods as the world's second-largest computer seller, Dell, has decided on using its Nano processors for a new series of servers. Before making it into Dell's offer, the Nano has found its way into the Samsung NC20, a 12-inch notebook. Dubbed XS11-VX8, the new Nano-powered machines are designed for light server workloads and put the emphasis on low power consumption, lower cooling requirements and compact size.


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Windows Vista/Server 2008 SP2 goes RTM

There may be good news in VistaVille, It looks like the 2nd Service Pack for the much maligned OS has gone RTM (Release to Manufacturer).


Although there is not a firm release schedule quite yet the RTM stage means that the new update is finalized and ready to go. One nice improvement over previous SPs is a single installer for both Vista and Server 2008 making distribution easier.


Fixes in the new pack include full support for Via's 64 Bit CPU, ability to record directly to BluRay media and other improvements for performance and compatibility.


Read more here


Windows Vista/Server 2008 SP2 goes RTM


The rumor mill has spit out a number of tidbits about the release schedule for Windows Vista's second service pack lately, but we'd heard very little in the way of official news. Well, Microsoft has now remedied that. Company blogger Brandon LeBlanc wrote a long post on the Windows Vista Team Blog to say Vista SP2 has hit release-to-manufacturing status.


That means the software is complete, and Microsoft is effectively just waiting to unleash it upon the public. LeBlanc doesn't mention a precise release time frame, though-he just says the software will be out some time this quarter. (Recent reports suggest the service pack may launch at the TechEd 2009 conference in mid-May.) To make the roll-out process easier for enterprise IT staff, Microsoft will provide a single installer for both Vista SP2 and Windows Server 2008 SP2.


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Windows Home Server won't work with Mac and Linux

There is nothing like compatibility; unless you are Windows Home Server, then just don't need it.


According to reports on the internet Windows Home Server is not compatible with Linux or Mac systems on your network. Systems such as remote backup, remote file sharing and monitoring are simply not available to MAC and Linux users at this time.


Maybe MS will add something in later, but I just can't see it with the "I'm a PC" ads out there.


Read more here


Windows Home Server won't work with Mac and Linux

However if you have Linux systems in your house or anything fruit flavoured you might as well forget it.


Microsoft is also making WHS available for free to software developers who subscribe to its MSDN or Technet networks. This is so that developers will write software add-ons for the thing.


Not included in Power Pack 2 is the ability to do automated backup and monitoring of Mac OS and Linux PCs in the network.


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Vista/Server 2008 SP2 RC Available To Public

Microsoft released both Windows Vista and Server 2008 SP2 release candidates today available to the public for download.


Windows Vista/Server 2008 SP2 RC available to public


The RC's are the same build that were released to TechNet and MSDN subscribers last week.


A single 32-bit installer is available for Vista and Server 2008, however there are two installers for 64-bit OS's: one for Itanium architectures and one for x64 architectures.


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