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Book scanning device can do 1000 pages in 4 mins

According to Wikipedia, Google is using a camera that is capable of scanning Google Books (the company's online digitized collection) at an alarming rate of 1,000 pages per hour.


While that sounds like quite a healthy pace, it's got nothing on the scanning device a very skilled team at the University of Tokyo have managed to put together; said to be capable of scanning a 1,000 page book in just four minutes!




The core component of the device is a high-speed camera that can make 500 shots in a single second and is based on infrared laser technology. Users are required to manually flip the pages under the camera, which then makes shots of the print material. The device is able to scan everything that's printed on paper, from character written in latin or other languages to graphs or photos.


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First nettop spotted running Intel's Pine Trail Atom

Slashgear has discovered the first all-in-one nettop running off Intel's next-gen Pine Trail Atom refresh. The unit is from KND, a chinese maker with the model being K1850.




Specis include a dual-core 1.66GHz D510 (Pineview) chip, 18.6-inch display, 250GB HDD, 2GB RAM, WiFi, 3-in-1 card reader, three USB ports and a DVD drive.


Pine Trail moves the Pineview CPU and both the memory and graphics controllers onto a single chipset, to be accompanied by a separate I/O controller called Tiger Point. That, Intel claim, means power requirements are reduced, speed is increased and heat output drops; admittedly, those factors might be more useful in a netbook, where you could squeeze out more runtime from a battery or even go fanless.


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Gateway unveils two new multi-touch all-in-one PCs

Two new all-in-one PCs have surfaced from Gateway today, both of which run Windows 7 and use multi-touch capable touchscreen displays. Both the Gateway One ZX6800 and ZX4800 respectively use a 23-inch and 20-inch display with resolutions of 1920 x 1080 and 1,600 x 900.




The ZX6800 runs an Intel Core 2 Quad 2.33GHz CPU with 8GB of RAM, ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4670 1GB graphics, a 1TB hard-drive and 64GB SSD (for apps and OS); there's also WiFi b/g/n, gigabit ethernet, a DVD burner and eSATA port. A hybrid TV tuner and 5.1 surround sound outputs take care of entertainment.


Meanwhile the cheaper ZX4800 uses a Pentium dual core 2.1GHz CPU with 4GB of RAM, Intel GMA X4500HD graphics, a 750GB hard-drive and the same connectivity of its faster sibling. However it doesn't have the SSD or TV tuner options.




Both models are said to become available by late this month/early next with the X6800 carrying an expected price tag of $1,399 U.S. and the X4800 $749 U.S.


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Intel kicks off the Core i7 Custom Desktop Challenge

Intel have put into swing their Core i7 Custom Desktop Challenge as of October 5 which allows participants to sign up online and be in with a chance to pick up some nice prizes such as Intel processors, a netbook, Flip HD camcorder, 160GB SSDs and more.




There are two contest categories you can choose from as follows :-


• Mod Creativity: a mod PC desktop that showcases innovations in lighting, cooling, liquid emersion, cut case and creativity.
• Lifestyle Innovation: a futuristic home automation PC platform to improve one's lifestyle through wireless media centers, lighting automation and security integration.


Submission and Contest Rules:


Interested participants can submit entries from Oct. 5 through 11:59 p.m. PST on Nov. 16. Final submissions will be judged on five factors by a panel of judges comprised of sponsors, Intel employees and industry experts. Contestants will be awarded up to ten points per factor, for a total of 50 points. The five factors are:


• Overall mod creativity
• Mod paint job/creativity
• Technical enhancements
• Demonstration creativity
• Futuristic vision


For contest info and registation, head over to the official contest site here. Keep in mind, in order to participate you must be over 18 years of age and reside in Belgium, Canada (except Quebec), Japan, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, United Kingdom or the United States.


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AMD Vision makes labeling simple

So, everyone loves taking a stab at nVidia for its rebranding and why not, it is fun and very easy to do. Plus re-branding is pretty dishonest.


So I wonder what the reaction will be with AMD's new "Vision" labeling system. To me is seems like a re-hash of their older "AMD Game" labeling.


The labels are meant to take the place of the usual stickers that list out the actual CPU and GPU names. They come in three flavors (just like AMD Game) and are; AMD Vision, AMD Vision Premium, and AMD Vision Ultimate.


Each of these levels is pretty self-explanatory but are intended to give consumers a simpler way to determine a systems performance. According to AMD CMO, Nigel Dessau, "Today's consumer cares about what they can do with their PC, not what's inside," Which is not entirely accurate as according to many polls brand name recognition accounts for a large amount of purchases.


So will the new AMD Vision Labels help? I am not so sure as consumers become more tech savvy they will want to know what's under the hood of their computer purchases more and more. Hiding this behind a blanket label could put some people off.






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AMD outs new Ultra Thin and Light Platform

Well well well, AMD is getting back into the thin and light game. After a few years of claiming the netbook was a fad and not really anything that AMD was interested in we see that AMD is preparing to release their platform for Ultra-Thin notebooks.


As is now typical with AMD this is a market they talked about and even demoed last year. However they were late to the ball game as Intel managed to get their CULVs into most thin and lights first.


So why would you be interested in AMD's version? Well there are a few reasons. The first is not as big of a deal as it sounds; this is 1080P playback for video. Now I love my HD TV and Projector, I even love the Blu Ray player on my notebook, but I my notebook is a 20-inch book so I can actually see the impact from 1080p Blu-Ray.


Since most thin and lights are between 13-15 inches 1080p on that size screen just does not make sense. Yes, you could connect it to your TV Via and HDMI or Display Port out but who is really going to do that.


The next item is actually the most important of the group; battery life.


Although no exact details were given AMD is claiming that with their newest ULV CPUs you will get an extra hour of battery life. Of course what you get in real life Vs what is put on paper are two different things. If AMD can really do this it will help out quite a bit as right now Intel is leading them in this race.


Last on the list is gaming. Now on a netbook I say that gaming is pointless and should not even be considered. It was a foolish idea for nVidia to push ION at the netbook and not reserve it for the nettop. All that Aside AMD is claiming a 77% better gaming experience over Intel's current platform. Sounds big on paper but in reality it was not a hard thing to do. Intel is not known for their powerful gaming GPUs so while it is nice to see it is not really a big deal.


At the time of writing we only know of two manufactures that are looking into using the new AMD ULV CPUs and platform (Asus and Acer) but you can be sure that more will follow.




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EeeBox PC EB1012 will get ION and 1080P

Well I suppose that after the Eee PC line up was leaked we needed some good information about the small Atom powered line. This time it is the EeeBox that we are hearing about. It is a confirmation of rumors from earlier in the year.


The EeeBox PC EB1012 was rumored to contain nVidia's ION and a dual core Atom (N330). Well it turns out the rumors were correct. The new box will feature the MCP7A ION (GF9400M) an Intel Atom N330 (Dual Core) a 250GB 2.5-inch SATA HDD, 2GB of DDR2-800 (supports up to 4GB).


The best thing is going to be the ability to push out 1080p video to your display. This would put the EeeBox PC EB1012 in line as a decent low cost HTPC. Unfortunately Asus has chosen to put Windows Vista Home Premium on the new EeeBox, It would be much better with Windows 7 but maybe they will change things once it is officially released.




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Poll Results - What type of PC do you use

In our most recent poll, we asked you all what type of computer you primarily use.


We had a good turn out with the voters bringing in almost 4500 unique results. A large percentage of 40% of our readers primarily use a gaming system, while 36% use a standard desktop system.


19% said that they mostly use a laptop, while 3% said they are using netbooks.


Only 1% said they mostly use a mobile phone or mobile device and 1% also use a home theater PC, while there wasn't enough votes to register a percentage vote for tablets or other devices.


That means a staggering 76% use a full size PC still, while only 22% of our audience is mobile.


For the actual numbers, go here.


In our latest poll, we want to know what type of storage you use in your computer system. Let us know! Please go here to vote!


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Asus ET2002T debuts with ION inside

Asus has officially released a nettop with nVidia's ION under the hood. The product in question is called the Eee Top ET2002T. This is a full 20-inch widescreen, touch capable nettop.


It will have a DVD burner, a 1600 x 900 resolution, a dual core Atom 330 1.3GHz CPU and a full 2GB of RAM.


Some of the more interesting features include an HDMI input. This means that you can connect an HDMI device to this and use the ET2002T as a monitor.


The ET2002T looks to be a nice system and should have enough power to do a few content creation tasks in addition to its role as web surfing outlet. Its all-n-one construction makes it a great space saver for any house. I could see this fitting into a kitchen, media/internet system if Asus would offer a TV tuner option.


As of this writing there is no word on pricing.


Asus ET2002T debuts with ION inside




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Deal of the Day: HP TouchSmart IQ524 22" Multi

Our Deal of the Day today is the - Refurbed HP TouchSmart IQ524 22" MultiTouch Desktop w/ 2.0GHz Core 2 Duo, 4GB RAM, 500GB HDD for only $689.99 Shipped FREE!.


Offer: The HP TouchSmart IQ524 is an All-in-One Desktop PC with a very nice 22" multitouch screen. While that is the coolest feature and the main selling point, it also has a 2.0Ghz Intel Core 2 Duo, 4GB RAM, a large 500GB hard drive, a slot load super multi DVD drive, wireless 802.11b/g/n, integrated sound, 5-in-1 memory card reader, FireWire, Webcam, and more!



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