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Lenovo unveils ThinkStation E20 desktop

Many business users and consumers are quickly moving away from desktops in favor of notebook computers. There is still a big market for desktops though, especially in areas where computing power is needed more than portability.




Lenovo has unveiled a new workstation for CAD and digital content creation markets called the ThinkStation E20. The desktop can be fitted with a range of Intel processors including the Pentium, Core i3, Core i5, and Xeon 3400 series processors. The machine also supports ECC DDR3 RAM.


Graphics options include Intel Core HD and a variety of NVIDIA Quadro graphics cards up to the FX1800. The workstations certifications from ISVs like Autodesk and Siemens. Lenovo uses 50% recycled plastic in the construction of the E20. Shipping will start this month with prices as low as $600.


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Asus Eee Top ET1610PT AIO details surface

Netbooks are great machines for those who don't need tons of power and want a cheap and portable device. Netbook hardware is also appealing to those who are looking for a computer to use in a home or office, but want a larger screen to work on. This is where the nettop all-in-one computer class comes in.




A new Asus nettop called the Eee Top ET1610PT has surfaced that runs the Intel Atom D410 processor. The machine has a 15.6-inch screen with a resolution of 1600 x 900. Graphics are via Intel GMA X3150 and the machine will be available in black or white colors.


Other features of the machine include WiFi, 1GB or 2GB of RAM and a 160GB HDD. The screen is also touch capable for control with a finger. A version with the same specs minus the touch feature is also said to be coming to market. The machine was found after its model number and drivers were posted to the Asus support site.


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New Gateway SX SFF desktop and DX media PCs debut

I already mentioned that Gateway dropped a couple new gaming desktops on us today. Along with the gaming rigs also came a couple updates for more mundane machines including the SX series SFF desktops and the DX series multimedia machines.




The new SX2840-01 SFF desktop sells for $559.99 and uses an Intel Core i3 530 CPU. Graphics are via Intel GMA X4500HD and the computer has 6GB of RAM. Other features include 1TB of storage and a DVD burner. The machine runs Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit OS.


The DX4831-03 is the newest media computer in the DX line. The desktop has been upgraded with a Core i5 650 CPU, NVIDIA GT220 graphics, 8GB of RAM, a 1TB HDD, and a DVD burner. The machine also includes a Blu-ray drive all for $849.99.


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27-inch iMac shipment delay grows to 3 weeks

Apple helped to pioneer the all-in-one segment of the computer market with its iMac long ago. The machine is now one of the cooler and more popular Mac computers for many users. The 27-inch iMac is the largest of the bunch, but has had more than its share of issues since it launched.




The screen on many of the large iMacs has had serious issues. Today reports are coming in that the shipment delay on the biggest iMac has grown from the previous one-week estimate to three-weeks now. Apple has offered no official explanation for the delay.


It would be easy enough to assume the screen issues the machine is experiencing are at least a part of the reason for the delay. The 21.5-inch version of the iMac is still shipping within 24 hours.


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Kid Computers CyberNet Station debuts

When my son asked me for a computer, I did what most geeks would do and built one myself. However, if you need a computer for a kid and either you can't build one or you want an all-in-on machine Kid Computers has one just for kids.




The machine is called the Kids CyberNet Station and is an AIO machine with a 19-inch screen. The system has an Intel Dual Core E5200 CPU and that 19-inch screen is touch sensitive. Other features include 4GB of RAM and 500GB of storage.


The AIO machine has Intel GMA3100 3D enhanced graphics and HD audio. The machine ships with software packages for kids ranging from K to 12th grade. The big catch is that the machine is very expensive at right under $2000. You can certainly get more in an AIO package for that price.


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SPARKLE introduces tidy SFF nettop to market

At a time when focus is more toward compact and power efficient PCs (ie. netbooks and nettops), SPARKLE have added to the mix of options with its new CalibreCUTi Supermicro Computer.




This small form factor desktop PC uses Intel's Dual-Core 1.6GHz Atom processor paired with NVIDIA's Ion platform to provide 1080p capable video playback and DX10 graphics with PhysX support thanks to the integrated 9400 IGP.




Other features of this highly compact and power efficient PC include HDMI and S/PDIF output, DVI-I, 802.11n LAN (plus Ethernet), 5-in-1 card reader, Bluetooth (optional) and six USB ports.



It can take up to 4GB of DDR2 memory and comes with a 160 or 320GB SATA HDD (with the option to use up to 500GB capacity drives or go solid state.




For the full press release, head over to our press room here. No word on pricing or availability just yet.


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Rumors have Apple readying a 22-inch iMac

I have an iPhone, but I have never been able to convince myself that learning a new OS is a good thing for long enough to use a Mac. Some people love the Mac OS though and have a particular fondness for the iMac.




If you are the iMac type, this rumor is just for you. Engadget reports that Apple is said to be working on a 22-inch iMac computer set to debut sometime this year. According to reports, it will be built by Quanta like the other iMac machines.


The screen size would fit well between the 21.5-inch and 27-inch models, but why bother with only a half inch extra space? No details are available on the rumor at this time.


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Dell Froot concept is cool

I have used keyboards that are projected onto a surface with a laser light before and they sucked. I have also used a few pico projectors and while they are cool and work in dark rooms, they aren't ready for the big time just yet.




A new design concept submitted to a Dell design contest by Pauline Carlos has turned up today using both a pico projector and a projected keyboard. The thing looks cool, but with the tech available today it just won't work in most instances.


The concept is constructed from a biodegradable starch-based polymer and lacks a mouse. In the future Dell computers will just read your mind I guess.


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Lenovo debuts ThinkCentre A63 desktop

Many computer buyers are opting for notebook computers today for the portability and smaller space requirements that they offer. However, there is still a market for desktop computers. Many gamers, enthusiasts, and businesses still prefer desktops.




Lenovo has announced a new desktop computer called the ThinkCentre A63 that is aimed at small businesses. The desktop can be had with AMD Sempron, Athlon II, or Phenom II processors at a price starting at $329.


The machine can be fitted with up to 1TB of storage and uses 1333MHz DDR3 RAM. GPUs used in the computer support DirectX 10 and multiple monitors. The machines are also green and have the Greenguard certification. The A63 line starts at $329.


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