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Antec TruePower 480w PSU Review

Club Overclocker is at it again with a new review of the Antec TruePower 480w power supply.

In previous reviews and forums discussions we've covered the AMD Recommended Power Supply Issue and recounted endless circumstances in which a power supply was to blame for system failure. To briefly recap, a power supply rated at 300 Watts may very well be able to deliver 300 Watts. However, the filter and regulator circuits in that power supply may be composed of poor quality components and thus not able to properly normalize power output when a high strain is put upon the unit. Many a beginner system builder has emailed us with "Why does this power supply from Brand-X only cost $50 and this power supply from Brand-Y cost more than my case did?" It's what's inside that makes all the difference in the world. While AMD no longer maintains a list of individual power supplies that have met the "AMD Recommended" field test, they do maintain a list of Manufactures whose power supplies have passed all manner of tests and evaluations.
More information at Club Overclocker


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Spire P4 EasyStream CPU Cooler Review

3dXtreme has announced their review of the Spire P4 478 Easy Stream CPU Cooler.

Recently slapped on my desk to review was a CPU fan provided by the folks at Fanner. At first glance the Spire Easy Stream 9T236b1m3 looks like your average CPU cooler however taking a closer look at it, it's not so average. The state of the art locking mechanism is one that I have never seen before and comes first in its class.
More information at 3dXtreme


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Coolermaster ATC-110 Case with Window Side Panel Review

Gaming in 3D takes a look at Coolermaster's ATC-110 case with Window Side Panel.

Most aluminum cases look somewhat the same, so when I saw an aluminum case with a feature that I've come to love in cases that break out of the beige box mold I knew I had to review it. Any of you who frequent my case reviews know I love cases that come in different colors, but you should also know that I'm just to lazy to paint my drives to match. For a long time I had thought of an aluminum case, after getting tired of lugging around the big black box at LAN parties, but thought I'd never find one that wouldn't look lame with beige drives stuck in the front of a beautiful silvery aluminum surround. So when I came across the ATC-110 with its coverall door and a beautiful, and not to mention light, exterior I had found the case I was looking for.
More information at Gaming in 3D


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Coolerguys Windtunnel IV Case Review

The Viperlair gets a look at the Windtunnel IV Case from the Coolerguys.

Many people wish to modify their case for at least one of two basic reasons, to increase the cooling ability or to make the computer look more appealing. The first choice, cooling, seems to be a motivator behind most of the mods we see so far. But the growth of the business of increasing the aesthetics of a computer is growing and Coolerguys seems to understand this as well as or better any other company.
More information at Viperlair


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Thermalright SLK-800 Socket A Cooler Review.

3dXtreme is excited to announce their Thermalright SLK-800 Socket A Cooler Review.

After the Thermalright SLK-600 was introduced there was even more of a demand for an higher performing 80mm version of it. It looks like their voices were heard and Thermalright has answered. Thermalright has finally released an 80mm version of the SLK-600, rightfully called the Thermalright SLK-800, which we will be reviewing today.
More information at 3dXtreme


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Coolermaster Socket A HSF Shootout has done a Coolermaster Socket A HSF Shootout.

In the never-ending battle of CPU cooling, we introduce 2 new competitors, which are manufactured by the one and only Coolermaster...The 2 new HSFs we've been chosen to review are the HSC-V62 (Auto speed CPU cooler) and the HHC-L61 (Alps). As many of you already know, Coolermaster is a quality name brand in terms of CPU cooling, so lets just get right to it and see if Coolermaster has done it again, or if they are loosing their touch
More information at


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Cooler Master ATC-600-VX1 Aluminium Desktop Case Review

Mikhailtech takes a look at Cooler Master's ATC-600-VX1, one of the very few aluminum desktop cases out there, though I think it would be a great looking loungeroom multimedia PC.

The Plexiglas panel in the front. After all it's what makes at least 50% of the scenic look of the case. It covers the two 5.25" bays and can be opened with just one finger. All you need to do is push softly on the aluminum sticker on the center, the cone that says "Cooler Master", and the panel will slowly open towards you. It's absolutely silent and a mechanism slows it down during opening and closure. You can see part of it on the sides and in this close-up picture.
More information at Mikhailtech


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CoolerMaster HSC-V62 Heatsink Review

myWORLD Hardware has done their piece on Coolermaster's latest HSC-V62 HSF.

Of course, with some modification such as adding a black 80mm delta fans helped a lot but another problem arises again! This time around is the noise factor! Could we do our daily computing task in such a noisy enviroment especially the noise generated by the heatsinks fan that rotates at insanely 8000rpm? Even when you are running a low CPU utilization program, does your heatsink fan really need to run at the optimal speed? The solution, an auto-speed control fan by CoolerMaster, based on their latest HSC-V62.
More information at myWORLD Hardware


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