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Vantec Iceberq Chipset/VGA Cooler Review

Overclocked Cafe has a look at Vantec's Iceberq Chipset/VGA cooler. This is an all copper cooler, that has a small enough footprint to fit almost any board.

My ongoing battle against the forces of evil (read that as heat) extend beyond just the CPU, chipsets are the next in line when it comes to heat aversely effecting performance of a system, and I have tried everything from cutting down socket 7 active coolers, peltier coolers (dismal failure) all the way down the gambit, for the most part the increases in cooling I have gotten have at best been minimal.
More information at Overclocked Cafe


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Belkin Regulator Pro™ Gold Series Uninterruptible Power Supply Review

Jsi Hardware have just finished their review of the Belkin Regulator Pro™ Gold Series Uninterruptible Power Supply.

Since using the Belkin Regulator Pro™ Gold Series Uninterruptible Power Supply I have not had any problems at all and also with its ability to power my computer when there is a black out means I would have time to save my important work and shutdown safely this also means there is less risk of hard drive damage and data loss.
More information at Jsi Hardware


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Vantec 420w "Stealth" Aluminium Power Supply Review

Club Overclocker checks out Vantec's 420w "Stealth" Aluminium PSU.

It has been a very slow process, but the power supply manufacturers are catching up with the CPU race. It has taken them what seems like an eternity, but they are catching up. The funny thing is, due to the fact that the power supply companies took so long to upgrade their technology, other companies that you wouldn't have expected to see make power supplies have stepped up to fill in the gaps. One such company is a trusted manufacturer of cooling products, Vantec. I can only think of two, maybe three companies who currently make high quality power supplies worthy of putting in a high end computer system. Now it looks like we can add Vantec's name to that very short list. Vantec has just introduced their Stealth Power Supply that makes a giant leap in what we have come to expect from a power supply.
More information at Club Overclocker


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Coolermaster "Ultra Series" Rounded Cables Review

Icrontic has checked out Coolermaster's "Ultra Series" rounded cables for you.

Coolermaster, a name associated mostly with OEM heatsinks and top notch aluminum cases has stepped into the retail market with a new line of products. Among these products is its line of rounded cables. Their first line of cables was a simple, no frills type of cable, although it did boast a better build quality than the "average rounded cable" and aluminum foil shielding. Now, they've come up with a whole new model of rounded cables called the "Ultra series", not only do they have the same previous features but also have some very obvious new ones.
More information at Icrontic


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2 x Enermax EG365P-VE PSU Reviews is first up with their look at the temperature controlled fan model.

Enermax power supplies are among the best you'll find on the market, known for stable performance and operation. AMD and Intel both see the benefits of these power supplies; most of them are recommended by both. Often people overlook the importance of a power supply, and PSU flaws commonly cause or emulate almost every kind of hardware-and even software!--problem in computers. Near perfect watt, amp, and voltage settings and supply are crucial for each and every computer component.
More information at


------------------------------------- is next up with their look of the manually controlled fan version.

One the the foundation blocks of a fast, efficient and problem free computer system has to be the power supply. Most instability problems with stock or even overclocking ventures taken place at a workstation can more than often be boiled down to an inferior power supply with improper current flows on its certain voltage rails.
More information at


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CoolerMaster ATC-101 with Window, Case Review will take us on a tour of CoolerMaster's aluminium ATC-101 case with the ATC-SPW-VX1 windowed panel.

I don't know who this guy is. He just barged in and grabbed the window out of my hands! As you can see the window is the perfect size. The aluminum is cut very nicely. Unlike other pre-made
windows you may see, the aluminum has rounded corners. Very nice.
More information at


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Two New Additions To The Dan's Data Cooler Comparison

Dan has two new additions to Dan's Data Cooler Comparison, Bigger Than Some Planets, today. Maybe you havn't checked it out in a while but Dan has been adding more for a while now.

First, there's Microplex's Silent Twin, a groovy looking two-fan cooler that delivers more than acceptable performance despite being barely audible, and which really impresses if you stick a couple of medium power fans on it. And then there's Silverprop's Cyclone5 water block, which is big and beefy and modular, and also happens to be dead sexy
More information at Dan's Data


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Antec TruePower 480w PSU Review

Club Overclocker is at it again with a new review of the Antec TruePower 480w power supply.

In previous reviews and forums discussions we've covered the AMD Recommended Power Supply Issue and recounted endless circumstances in which a power supply was to blame for system failure. To briefly recap, a power supply rated at 300 Watts may very well be able to deliver 300 Watts. However, the filter and regulator circuits in that power supply may be composed of poor quality components and thus not able to properly normalize power output when a high strain is put upon the unit. Many a beginner system builder has emailed us with "Why does this power supply from Brand-X only cost $50 and this power supply from Brand-Y cost more than my case did?" It's what's inside that makes all the difference in the world. While AMD no longer maintains a list of individual power supplies that have met the "AMD Recommended" field test, they do maintain a list of Manufactures whose power supplies have passed all manner of tests and evaluations.
More information at Club Overclocker


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Spire P4 EasyStream CPU Cooler Review

3dXtreme has announced their review of the Spire P4 478 Easy Stream CPU Cooler.

Recently slapped on my desk to review was a CPU fan provided by the folks at Fanner. At first glance the Spire Easy Stream 9T236b1m3 looks like your average CPU cooler however taking a closer look at it, it's not so average. The state of the art locking mechanism is one that I have never seen before and comes first in its class.
More information at 3dXtreme


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