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OCZ Now Producing SD Cards / New PSU Lineup

A couple of announcements were made from OCZ just recently, the first of which outlines their move to enter the Secure Digital Memory market. Their new lineup of SD modules has been kicked off with several varying cards on offer, differing in speeds and capacities of up to 133X and 2GB respectively.


Both the official announcement and product page provides all the details.


Sunnyvale, CA-April 24, 2006-OCZ Technology Group, a leader in innovative, ultra-high performance and high reliability memory, today announced the launch of its new Secure Digital™ (SD) flash memory cards designed to be the ideal storage solution for the latest media electronics and digital devices. Speed-rated up to 133X, OCZ SD Flash delivers fast and flawless performance and reliable storage for MP3s, digital images, and more.


Today's electronics increasingly need memory solutions that can support the units' operation and users' workflow whether they are using a MP3 player, GPS unit, or digital camera. OCZ SD cards promote dependable, high speed transfer of images and information so you are never waiting on your memory to capture the next photo or store the next set of MP3s.


OCZ's popular power supply range has also just been further expanded, with them having launched the new "GameXStream" series. Both a 600 and 700W model shapes the new series thus far, these being OCZ's most powerful PSUs produced to date. As demands in this area get increasingly higher, it's good to see OCZ delivering promptly yet again.


The official announcement resides here, and the supporting product page here folks.


Sunnyvale, CA-April 26, 2006-OCZ Technology Group, a worldwide leader in innovative, ultra-high performance and high reliability memory and components, today announced the launch of the extremely powerful GameXStream Power Supplies-a new line of PSUs for performance-minded gamers. After their first power supply release in June 2004, OCZ has become known as a pioneer in high-performance PSUs for overclockers and gamers. With the release of the 600 and 700 watt GameXStreams, OCZ offers affordable power solutions that are among the most powerful power supply units on the market today.


Next generation processors and video cards are essential to hardcore gamers and enthusiasts and sufficient power is needed to experience the full graphics potential of the hardware. The SLI-ready GameXStream line incorporates a high-end core and circuit design ensuring all your vital PC components are supplied a stable and vigorous source of power in even the most intense gaming environments.


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Sharkoon Intro The "Home Digital HD-3" Home Theatre Chassis

Catering to those wanting to build up a swish looking HTPC for their loungeroom enjoyment, Sharkoon have just issued out an announcement which details their new standalone Home Digital HD-3 case.


Sharkoon is presenting its new Home Digital HD-3 home theatre case, whose design and features make it the perfect living room PC. The user can assemble his own individual entertainment center using whichever components and operating system he likes, and the integrated vacuum-fluorescent display, remote control, and included iMON software offer diverse options for displaying information and operating the system. Measuring 435 x 148 x 460 mm (w x h x d), the HD-3 is compatible with pre-existing HiFi equipment, and the solid front plate of brushed aluminum gives the case an attractive look as well.


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Antec P180 Chassis Now In Black

Just a quick note from Antec letting us know that their P180 Performance One Chassis is now available in black. The P180 product page with all the details on this very nice case can be located here folks.


Just to let you know, Antec has released its P180 case in black - expanding the options for users to modify the style of their systems for a sleek, uniform appearance.


The case contains all the standard features of the original silver P180. These features include the innovative dual chambers to isolate the power supply and CPU in separate cooling zones, sound-deadening three-layer side panels and eleven drive bays for maximum expandability. The chassis supports up to standard ATX motherboards, and features a highly configurable cooling system


Antec's P180B is available for $169.


SAPPHIRE Blizzard Cooler Pushes X1900XTX Limits

ATI Partner "SAPPHIRE" have just released their new kickarse "Blizzard RADEON X1900XTX" graphics card, sold with a silent yet extreme liquid cooling solution dubbed the "BLIZZARD" cooler (and designed with the help of Thermaltake).


Given how well cooled the card will be with this bigarse aftermarket monster cooler attached to it, SAPPHIRE assure us that the flagship ATI card will overclock *well* above stock speeds with the use of SAPPHIRE's exclusive TRIXX overclocking software, of course bundled with the card.


For the full scoop, grab SAPPHIRE's official PR here folks.


Now adding silent cooling to the highest levels of graphics performance ever achieved in the PC industry, Sapphire Technology has just introduced a new Blizzard liquid cooled model in its Radeon X1900 series.


Taking up a single PCI slot in addition to the PCI-Express slot occupied by the graphics card, the new Blizzard cooler is a sealed and silent liquid cooling solution. Maximum efficiency is achieved by the use of a Pure Copper Water Block on the GPU for superior heat conductivity together with a Pure Copper Radiator in the Blizzard cooler for great heat dissipation. Coolant is circulated with a Silent yet powerful 12V mini pump with superb reliability. Air is extracted from the case by an integral transparent blue LED fan, passed through the radiator and vented out of the case at the rear mounting bracket. Two speeds of operation give a choice of lower noise or higher efficiency. (18dBA at 2000RPM, 26dBA at 2500RPM).


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Coolermaster Unveil Centurion 534 Series Chassis

Advancing on their previous Centurion 500 series chassis, Coolermaster are about to release a superior offering in the "Centurion 534" case. As well as being a tool-free design, better airflow is said to be easily achieved with this new model, having support for 120mm case fans at the front and rear.



More details found over at the product page folks.


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Scythe Intros The Kama Bay 5.25" System Cooler

Scythe have just unveiled their new Kama Bay 5.25" System Cooler, a unique cooling product designed with versatility in mind. The description below along with the info and pictures located on the official product page give you a good idea of its multiple uses.


Scythe Co., Ltd (Tokyo, Japan) announces the 5.25" bay system cooler KAMA BAY. This 5.25" bay system cooler is so unique that you can mount in 3-ways, using it as HDD cooler (hidden or exposed) or an extra fan for your system cooling (for visual description of mounting, please go to the product website)! Versatility and silence are extra features to make this product to outstand comparing to a normal 12cm case fan. 3 different color to match to your case!


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GIGABYTE Launch New Desktop Cases

GIGABYTE have just issued out two press releases detailing their newly released Poseidon and Triton mid-sized desktop tower cases. For specific details on each, grab the seperate Poseidon and Triton announcements in doc format.


Taipei, Taiwan Jan 3rd, 2006-Poseidon is the god of the sea, who has the power to calm the seas. GIGABYTE Poseidon Chassis series, named after the god of the sea represents the superior Aluminum covers. By the design of 12 cm front and back silent fan, it provides optimal system thermal solution. The most special here is users can easily install and maintain the system by its internal compact wiring and tool less design. Another characteristic needed to be highlight here is the patent front side light beam projector and changeable side panel, which help users to create their own style.


Taipei, Taiwan Jan 3rd, 2006 -Technology has always given us a mechanical impression in the past that could not be combined with our daily lives. In order to let technology integrate with our life, GIGABYTE presents a whole new chassis- Triton middle tower chassis, a minimalism style art work. GIGABYTE Triton Chassis series adopts superior aluminum design, 12cm front and back silent fan, adjustable ventilation hood, providing optimal system thermal solution. Users can easily install and maintain the computer system by its internal compact wiring and tool less design, and further enjoy their won unique style.


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Scythe> Return of Samurai Cooler

An announcement by Scythe yesterday lets us know of a new suped-up edition of their original Samurai CPU heatsink/cooler. The new Samurai Z sports a unique mounting mechanism thats tool-free whilst still designed for multiple platforms.


Details including a full specs listing can be found here folks.


Scythe Co., Ltd (Tokyo, Japan) announces the “power-up” version of previous CPU Cooler, “Samurai”. The new Samurai Z CPU Cooler is equipped with the “patent pending” new mounting mechanism called “VTMS” (Versatile Tool-Free Multi-Platform System) which allows users to install the cooler without using any tools! The cooler weight is only 360g & the installation is very simple that it could be done in less than 1 minute! Did you ever wonder that you cannot find a multi-socket CPU cooler with simple installation??? Then, this new Samurai Z CPU Cooler is the solution for you!


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Antec Unveils P150 Chassis / Neo HE PSU Series

Two seperate announcements were made by Antec over the past 24 hrs, with one introducing a new member to their Performance One series of cases in the "P150" chassis, and the other informing us of a new energy-efficient line of PSUs in the Neo HE range. Pairing these two together is said to be a terrific combination for those that desire a silent yet powerful system.



P150 Enclosure:-
Fremont, CA - October 4, 2005 - Antec, Inc., the leading manufacturer of computer hardware and accessories for the upgrade and build your own (BYO) markets, has launched P150, the latest case in its innovative Performance One series. P150's quiet computing enhancements and gleaming white and brushed aluminum finish with blue front bezel LED accents make it ideal for a broad range of computing environments.


The case was designed from the ground up for silence, featuring sound-deadening polycarbonate side and top panels to reduce overall noise. P150 also comes with four removable hard disk drive (HDD) trays with silicone grommets to isolate noise-causing vibrations. For even quieter performance, the drive trays can be removed and Antec's pioneering HDD suspension system can be used for up to three hard drives, thus completely eliminating direct contact and resultant noise between the drives and chassis structure. The P150 also includes an Antec 120mm TriCool selectable-speed fan, which allows users to adjust the fan speed to their desired cooling level and quietness.



Neo HE PSU Family:-
Fremont, CA - October 4, 2005 - Antec, Inc., the leading manufacturer of computer hardware and accessories for the upgrade and build your own (BYO) markets, has launched Neo HE, a quiet and environmentally friendly PC power supply. With its unprecedented high efficiency design and ultra-quiet operation, Neo HE consumes up to 20% less energy than standard power supply units (PSU), making it ideal for virtually any PC use.


Available in 380W, 430W, 500W and 550W models, Neo HE features universal input with active Power Factor Correction (PFC). Its improved circuit design and 0.99 power factor result in an environmentally friendly power supply that saves energy and has positive effects across the power grid. Since the PSU generates less heat than traditional power supplies, a slow turning, single 80mm fan keeps Neo HE cool at a less than 18dBA noise level, as independently tested to ISO Standard 7779.


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New Turbo-Cool 1 Kilowatt PC Power Supply

With demands on higher amounts of power from hardware devices as they get faster and hungrier, its not surprising maker's of power supplies are continually working to provide us with beefier units for our systems. But who'd ever have thought we'd see 1000w (or 1 kilowatt) monsters pop up so soon? - Developed to power next-generation graphics and high-performance servers, the Turbo-Cool 1KW from PC Power & Cooling will ship worldwide in September 2005. With a form factor that fits most ATX cases, the ground-breaking power supply delivers 1000 watts (one kilowatt) of continuous power with a peak power of 1100 watts. The unit will retail for $489.00 US and carries a 5-year warranty.


For further details, have a read through the official announcement. You can also obtain a product brochure in PDF format here folks.


The upscale technology behind the Turbo-Cool 1KW was first introduced by PC Power & Cooling in its Turbo-Cool 850 SSI power supply, the industry's current performance leader. Released in February 2005, the 850 SSI has been recognized for excellence by NVIDIA corporation, Tom'sHardware, Maximum PC, and many other high-performance experts.


In order to generate one kilowatt of continuous power from the existing 850 SSI platform, the Turbo-Cool 1KW's power modules were engineered for greater thermal efficiency and key components throughout the unit were upgraded to handle the additional current. The result is an EPS12V/SSI/SLI power supply with unprecedented output (66 amps total on the +12VDC rails) in a form factor that fits most ATX cases.


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