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Cases, Cooling & PSU Posts - Page 62

Cases, Accessories & Mods

I've got some news this morning for you all so carve it up and while you're waiting for the rest just check these out.


- Lian Li PC6099B Aluminium Case @ Warp2Search
- Antec 1080AMG Case @ KEP Technologies
- Enermax 305B Pre-Modded Black Case @ 3dXtreme
- 4 LED fan and Tricolor RGB Cold Cathode @ Overclock Intelligence Agency
- SunBeam Multi-Color CCFL Kit @ SubZeroTech
- Poorman's Mouse Feet Guide @ GideonTech
- PC Power and Cooling Turbo-Cool 475W PSU @ Extreme Overclocking
- Creative Labs SBS250 Speakers @ Spode's Abode


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Kingwin Triple Fan 450 watt ATX PSU & Thermaltake Hardcano 5 Reviews

For those of you in need of a new power supply for that new setup or because the old one just isn't up to the task anymore might like to head over to Overclocker Cafe and check out their review of Kingwin's Triple Fan 450w PSU.

The selector switch gives you the option of auto, low, and medium. With the selector switch set to 'medium' the unit was anything but silent. Not annoying just very noticeable. In low mode, things were pretty much silent. Set in the auto position, the fan speed is controlled by a temperature probe embedded in the PSU's heatsink.
More information at Overclocker Cafe




This one maybe a little short but for those looking at buying Thermaltake's Hardcano 5 may find the information that PCReviewSpot has is more than enough to make that decission on whether to buy one or not.

As you can see in the graphs, the fan is capable of keeping the drive a full 7C below what it would normally be. This 7C could translate into a few years more of life for your drive! Overall this is a great product that has a great many uses. You can hook up virtually any fan to the fan switch, the thermal probe can be used to record temperatures on a limitless amount of things such as RAM, hard drives, cpu's, gpu's, north bridge chips, and even ambient case temps.
More information at PCReviewSpot


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Codegen ATX-6061 and ATX-6063 Midtower Cases

Over at Dan's Data today, Dan takes a look at two cases from Codegen that some people out their may like the look of so go and have a gander.

At a glance, you'd say these were fairly expensive tweaker-cases, since two of them have aluminium panels and three of them have side windows to show off the computer's guts. The ones with windows even come with a blue cold cathode fluorescent light (CCFL) as part of the package.
But these Codegen cases are actually cheapies.
More information at Dan's Data


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How Power Supplies Work @ Zephirtech

With our review of the Topower 520W Power Supply, you may still be left with some questions as to just how a PSU works, and what makes a good unit. Head on over to ZephirTech as they explain all this and more!


When you think about building a killer PC, do you spend a lot of time thinking about what power supply to buy? Probably not. If you have done your homework you probably know that today's components are becoming increasingly power hungry, and you should be getting something in the 250 to 350 Watt range...


Generally, though, most enthusiasts and system builders pick up a generic 350 Watt PSU... Some people have picked up through online forums and online PC builders guides that they should buy a name-brand PSU from a trusted company like Enermax, PC Power and Cooling, or Sparkle. Unfortunately, there are few that actually understand what sets a higher quality power supply apart from a lower quality one.

More information @ ZephirTech


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3 Case Reviews and a PSU Mod.

I've got 3 case reviews and a PSU mod here for you tonight so here they are. is first up with their look at the Antec SX1000 case.

Well, I finally got my Antec case. I've wanted one for some time, but due to budget restrictions when building my rig (I preferred better hardware to a better case) I just went with a generic case when I built this system. Some of you may have read my water cooling review/article, and noticed that my case was a generic one, which may have seemed odd since this is an Antec site. Well, I said in that article I wanted and Antec and hopefully would be getting one soon, and here it is.
More information at




Next up is with their inspection of the Nikao Cube Tower.

Okay Nikao, you guys impressed me this time around. Although I had never heard of the company before the review, I can now safely say that if these guys continue the way they have thus far, we can expect some great things in the future. After looking at their site, I noticed all the towers are steel based. I think if they decide to go with aluminum we'll see them popping up more and more in the den of modders. If you're looking for a tower with some nice features to work with, and you have the time to do a few mods, this will be the guy for you.
More information at




eliteHW has the last of the case reviews with their impressions of the Kool Cases Sante Fe Midtower.

Before we continue on into the review, I would like to point out a couple of things. First off, Kool Cases has the absolute BEST service I have yet to encounter with any company. I emailed them and within a few hours I had a reply. We exchanged emails several times, and all of them were prompt and detailed. Then, to top it off, Ed (the owner), even offered to drive the case to me! Nonetheless, I was impressed, and I must say that from now on, I will be ordering my customers cases from him, and him only! WOW! I wish all companies were so well based upon customer satisfaction…
More information at eliteHW




Gaming In 3D does a bit of "Amateur Case Modding" with the Antec TrueBlue 480 PSU and Blue LED Fans.

Let's face it; most of us don't have the time or sometimes the
expertise to do our own lighted fan mods, especially when it calls for
breaking open a power supply. Well now, there is an answer from one of
the best known names in case and power supplies. Today, Antec brings us
their TrueBlue 480 watt power supply and blue led fans, watch as we size
them up against the competition.
More information at Gaming In 3D


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3 Cooler Reviews

VR-Zone has done up a shootout among on the new GlobalWin CAK4 cooper series coolers like the CAK4-88T, CAK4-76T, CAK4-86 compared with the CAK-II38 and CAK-II58 coolers.

These days, trying to look for a suitable cooler fan for your brand new, high & mighty AMD Athlon™ XP processors can be such a "helluva" difficult decision making. There are simply too many brands, too many choices and too much reviews/ recommendations. There's 3 main factors many of us are very much concern when we wanna spent that couple of bucks on a brand new cooler fan, namely - Effectiveness, Performance & Noise Level.
More information at VR-Zone


-------------------------------------------- is up next with their review of the Zalman CNPS6000-Cu Socket A & Socket 370 cooler.

The first thing that you will note when you put your hands on the CNPS6000-cu, is its weight. The heatsink alone weights 462g (exceeding in 162g the specification from AMD, and 282g the specification from Intel). This situation has a good side and a bad (or at least, dangerous) side. With more metal to dissipate the heat from the CPU, you will lower its temperature, but by being so heavy, you will have to be extra-extra careful when you move your computer.
More information at




Spode's Abode heas a Socket Cooler Round Up.

Performance was not as expected. I hoped for great things from this unit, but got rather less than I'd hoped. Under load, the temperature would not stabilise, fluctuating in a 2ºC range almost periodically. It's most likely that the cooler was moving around on its pathetic clip so cooling in fits and starts. Change the clip if you get one.
More information at Spode's Abode


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Cooler Master ATC-101-SX2 Case Review

OCModShop has taken a look at an awesome case, the Cooler Master ATC-101-SX2.

There is no question about it, I love this case and there are many reasons to love it. This is an awesome case because not only is it made out of aluminum and looks really cool but it has so many great features. I cant say how nice it is to finally review a case which has a removable motherboard tray because I love these things. This case has front USB, it comes with 3 good fans and all of the cutouts are really good. I also love that Cooler Master spent the few extra bucks so that thumbscrews would be provided because they make everything so much easier and faster. There are a lot of spaces for hard drives and there are no sharp edges on any part of the case which is really nice because when you are installing those hard drives you won't have to bleed on them. I also really like the blue LEDs on the case they compliment it so well and are so much better than the normal colors. The only negative aspect to this case is the high price tag on it, if you want to pick this case up its going to cost you about $300 but let me tell you it is worth every penny if you are looking for a really good case.
More information at OCModShop


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The CPU Cooler Snap Judgement Guide

Over at Dan's Data! Dan has written an article about what he's learned in the course of reviewing HSF's plus what makes a good one and titled it The CPU Cooler Snap Judgement Guide.

I've written this CPU cooler comparison. It is, roughly speaking, the size of a cow.
In the course of writing, and regularly updating, the comparison, I have learned some general things about CPU coolers. Since there are about a squillion coolers out there that I haven't even seen, it helps to have some rules of thumb to tell you whether they're likely to work well or not. You can't count on being able to find a decent review of every cooler on the market.
The pics and links in this review are to coolers that are in my comparison, but the following rules ought to apply to everything.
More information at Dan's Data!


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Cases, Fans, a PSU & a HSF

I'll catch up with maniac mailbox yet, so here's a few more quickies for you to choose from.


- Enermax CSX305ILS Case @ OCModShop
- ThermalTake Volcano 9 HSF @ X-Treme PC TECH
- CoolerMaster ATC-101 Case @
- Titan TTC-ALC2 Fan Control @
- Antec TruePower True380 PSU @
- Rainbow LED Mod @
- Antec 80mm TriLite Fan @ TechWatch
- Antec Lighted Fans @ SubZeroTech


And remember to give us a vote please.


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Cases & Mods

Damn! There are a heap of these here so I'll just lob them at you.


- LM 317 Based 4-way BayBus @
- Lian-Li PC-6089A Case @
- Cooler Master ATC-710-SX2 Case @ Mikhailtech
- Lian-Li PC-86 Aluminium Case Mod @
- Shattered Web Appliques @ AusPCWorld
- AVGS PRISM Case @ PC PowerZone
- LIAN-LI PC60 MOD: Stage 1 @
- Cooler Master Rounded IDE and Floppy Cables @ Overclocker Warehouse
- CHROME Applique Kit @
- Impression IM-21 Mid Tower Case @ WhiningDog.NET


Enjoy them. ;)


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