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Antec Introduces Giant Five-Fan, Dual-PSU, Ultra Quiet Case

Antec have just added a new flagship chassis to their lineup of server/enthusiast level cases, this to stand over the top of the already beastly P180 as the new "P190" model.


Some of its many features include the option of a "Neo-Link" Dual 1200W PSU, five case fans including a massive side-mounted 200mm one, and stacks of sound-deadening materials.


For more info on it, grab the press release folks.


CES, Las Vegas, NV - January 9, 2007 - Antec, Inc., the leading global brand of high-performance computer components for the PC upgrade and Do-It-Yourself markets, has released P190. The case is Antec's most powerful yet with dual power supplies, and is based on the proven design concepts first introduced in their P180.


P190 is fueled by Antec's new dual power supply, the 1200 Watt Neo-Link. The spacious interior and extended ATX capabilities allow for multiple instances of virtually all system components. The 650 Watt and 550 Watt power supplies work together to power parts such as multiple core CPUs, multi card graphics solutions and 10,000+ RPM hard drives.


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Ultra will display 2000W power supply at CES!

Good god! PSU manufacturer Ultra Products have also let everyone know in advance that they will be making their presence known at CES in a big way, all because of one PSU.... Whats so special about it you say? It boasts a *MASSIVE* 2000W of power thats what!!!


Hrmmmm, overkill perhaps??!?!?!


If you feel the need to have a nuclear reactor in your gaming case, the 2000W ATX Power Supply from Ultra Products should be enough for you. Being unveiled at CES, the 2000W PS is modular, and feeds up to 1800W on the 12V connection alone.


With all that power, you're going to be able to support quad core, quad GPU cards, or a gigantic RAID system to store all your homemade movies. No word on price, but we're guessing somewhere around the PlayStation 3's price tag.


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Silverstone Intros 1kW Olympia PSU

After some SERIOUS power for your kickarse new rig? Where the sky's the limit, Silverstone are doing their best to reach it with their new monster PSU, the 1kW Olympia.


In terms of specs, this thing is pretty damn meaty with an intelligent fan controller for quiet operation (25 dBA @300W or below, 42dBA@ 1000W), a massive single 80A(88A peak) +12V rail and 1100W peak power output. The Olympia OP1000 features 4x PCI-E 6pin connectors, dual 8pin connectors, six Serial ATA connectors, Active PFC and support for ATX 12V 2.2 & EPS 12V.


More info at Techpowerup, and the official product page folks.


For SilverStone, reaching the 1000 watt milestone is another great opportunity to introduce a new direction for performance enthusiast power supplies. The Olympia OP1000 was built to withstand enormous loading requirements of high-end industrial server PCs at above average temperature of 50°C so its ability is unmatched by ordinary power supplies. However, to make this power supply more usable to more enthusiasts, SilverStone engineers altered several parameters such as inclusion of intelligent fan controller that adjust fan speed to run quietly at low to medium load and conversion to a single +12V rail. If the goal is to build a future proof multi-core CPU and GPU system, the OP1000 is a must have with its 80A ( 88A peak) +12V single rail and 1100W peak power output.


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OCZ Extends EvoStream PSU Family With 720W

OCZ have just released a new top-end 720W model into their "EvoStream" power supply lineup, complete with modular cabling and four 12V rails to ensure excellent stability.


For the full scoop on it, have a read of the press material over at OCZ's website folks.


Sunnyvale, CA-December 14, 2006-OCZ Technology Group, a worldwide leader in innovative, ultra-high performance and high reliability memory, today announced the availability of a 720W configuration in the EvoStream power supply family. This 100% modular PSU is equipped with EZMod technology to allow complete customization of your power system by utilizing only the cables you require. Ideal for the high-power user, the 720W EvoStream combines leading-edge technology for high power users with a classic, sleek look that enthusiasts and system builders enjoy including in their PCs.


As gamers and system builders continue to enhance their PCs with high-end components, power supplies are expected to remain stable for extensive amounts of time at elevated performance levels. The EvoStream line incorporates superior PSU technologies. By using a high-end core and advanced circuit design, Evostream PSUs ensure all your vital PC components are supplied a stable and vigorous source of power in even the most intense computing environments. OCZ pushes the envelope to controlling ripple noise, producing the cleanest power for high-end systems.


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World's First AMD Quad FX Platform Ready Chassis from Thermaltake

Following the launch of AMD's Quad FX platform last week, Thermaltake have just announced that they're the first PC Case maker to release a "Quad FX Ready" chassis series. Two of them in fact, these being the Armor Extreme Edition and Kandalf Exteme Edition series.


To learn all about them have a read of the official PR here.


Thermaltake Technology today announced the world's first AMD Quad FX platform ready chassis series, Armor Extreme Edition and Kandalf Extreme Edition series. These two chassis series are co-developed by AMD and Thermaltake to support AMD's latest and technologically advanced AMD Quad FX platform, which is a 4-core, dual-socket processor configuration uniquely designed with Dual Socket Direct Connect Architecture, designed to exploit the latest multi-threaded applications delivered on Windows Vista Ultimate and to further enhance the gaming experience.


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Mushkin Announces New HP-580AP Power Supply

Mushkin are one of several memory makers now venturing into the world of quality power supplies. They've today announced a new 580W PSU as detailed within this press release.


Denver, CO, November 30, 2006- Mushkin Enhanced, a leading manufacturer in high performance computer components, is proud to announce the addition of the HP-580AP Power Supply to its power supply product lineup. "The Mushkin HP-580AP Watt PSU is one of the best price to performance units available on the market today and we think enthusiasts will find it hard to disagree," says Lee Groninger, Mushkin Sales and Marketing Director. The Mushkin HP-580 Watt PSU is the third addition to Mushkin's Performance PSU product line, joining it's highly regarded predecessors the XP-650 and HP-550.


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Antec Introduces Green Power Supply to Prevent Environmental Blues

A new lineup of environmentally friendly power supplies has been launched by Antec today. Dubbed the "EarthWatts" series, these power supplies are said to increase power efficiency to 80% over the standard 70 to 75% found with the majority of other PSUs on the market.


For full details on them grab Antec's official announcement.


Fremont, CA - November 20, 2006 - Antec, Inc., the leading global brand of high-performance computer components for the PC upgrade and Do-It-Yourself markets, is now shipping EarthWatts, its most environmentally friendly power supply unit (PSU) yet.


EarthWatts allows system builders to do their part for the environment by reducing the amount of energy consumed by computers. The unit allows for this in three vital ways. First, EarthWatts is certified to be 80 PLUS(r) compliant, the newest standard for power supply energy efficiency. The 80 PLUS specification requires computer and server PSUs to be at least 80% efficient at 20%, 50% and 100% rated load ultimately saving users money on their electricity bills, computer reliability and cooling costs.


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Cooler Master Release "Real Power Pro 850W" PSU

Aimed primarily at systems running one of NVIDIA's 8800 series graphics cards, Cooler Master have just announced their new Real Power Pro 850W power supply. This puppy is designed to provide the most power hungry of systems (incl. quad SLI ones) nice and stable with dedicated +12V rails and high quality components all round.


You can get all the details on it via Cooler Master's press material here folks.


The Real Power for the Ultimate High Definition Gaming Experience Unleashed! Ultra-High End Image reality calls for increasing processing power to handle the graphic complexity. Cooler Master's all new Real Power Pro 850W answers to the call for the most reliable power source to back up the elite technology to deliver excellent performance and superb image quality. Being the World's First to truly support Quad SLI with dedicated +12V rails, Real Power Pro 850W is specially designed for NVIDIA's next generation High End Graphic Card G80. With our six ground-breaking +12V independent output rails for exceptional power distribution, Real Power Pro 850W reliably powers the cards while you enjoy the out-of-this-world gaming experience.


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ASUS Introduces Silent Knight All-Copper Cooler

Hardware Zone have posted up details of ASUS's new "Silent Knight" CPU cooler, designed for all current platforms on the market. Its based around a full copper design with 6 heatpipes and a 9cm LED fan.


Get more details on it here folks.


ASUS Technology announced the Silent Knight CPU cooler, which utilized 100% copper (an highly effective conductor) for its fins, base and heat pipes to enable efficient heat dissipation for the latest dual-core processors. The Silent Knight offers quiet performance and a unique design with blue LED, providing a peaceful computing environment and a stylish system interior.


Besides the fan, the Silent Knight is an all-copper CPU cooling solution. With copper, an effective heat conductor, large heat exchange area, lightweight design to relieve stress on the motherboard, and six curved heat pipes to transfer heat to the fins, processor temperature is always maintained at levels most suitable for high-performance and reliable computing.


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OCZ Adds 850W PSU to GameXStream Family

OCZ's award-winning GameXStream lineup of high quality PSUs has just been further complimented by a new 850W model which should keep the most powerful of systems nice and stable.


Get all the details on it via the press material here, and also at the product page here folks.


Sunnyvale, CA-November 1, 2006-OCZ Technology Group, a worldwide leader in innovative, ultra-high performance and high reliability memory and components, today announced the addition of an 850W power supply to the GameXStream family. Building on the acclaimed performance and features of the OCZ NVIDIA SLI™-Ready GameXStream series, the new 850W configuration offers a more powerful solution for today's advanced PC systems in the same compact form factor that is a necessity to many gamers and system builders.


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