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216 Shader Processor GTX 260 caught on camera

NVIDIA is preparing to up the ante and stoke up its challenge, against AMD's HD 4800 series, with a tweaked GTX 260 part.


216 Shader Processor GTX 260 caught on camera


Beefing up the number of Shader Processors from 192 to 216, appears to be the order of the day and, the GTX 260 has been caught on camera by Bear Eyes to boot.


216 Shader Processor GTX 260 caught on camera


The above image gives a perspective on some of the branding we may expect to distinguish newer GTX 260 parts from their older brethren.


With the article also offering a sneak peak of the performance increases to be expected from the boosted number of Shader Processors, it appears we can expect an increase of roughly 8% in 3DMark Vantage tests.


Gaming titles pick up very nominal boosts in the titles tested too, with the most notable improvement being just under 8%, again.


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Sony Announce Alpha 900 DSLR Camera

Sony Consumer Electronics have announced via Engadget, the newest entry in the Alpha digital SLR camera range; the A900.


Sony STRDA5300


Aimed fairly squarely at the high end prosumer - professional market, the A900 comes packed with a range of salivatingly good features including full frame 24 mega pixel image sensor (yes, you read that right), dual Bionz image processors and full magnesium alloy body. However these luxuries don't come cheap. When available in the US and Australian markets from mid October, the body only (BYO lens) will retail for $2999 US and $4499 AUD respectively.


The ever reliable folks at DPReview have also posted their fairly in-depth preview.


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Sony Announce Two New T-Series Cameras

Sony Australia have announced the imminent availability of two new Cybershots in the popular, style conscious, T series.


The first model, the DSC-T77, features a Carl Zeiss lens, 10 MP sensor and 4 times optical zoom and continue to use Sony's strangely useful face detection and smile shutter technology. The 'clear photo' touch screen is 3.0 inches. The model will retail at $429.00 (AUD) SRP.


Sony T77


The premium model, the DSC-T700 features many of the same features: Carl Zeiss lens, 10 MP sensor and 4 times optical zoom, as well as face detection and smile shutter technology. However, the touch screen is slightly larger at 3.5 inches, and features 4GB internal flash memory, in addition to Sony's Memory Stick slot. All this in a metal body just 16mm thick! The model will retail at $599 (AUD) SRP.


Sony T700


Both models will be available from Sony Centre stores Australia wide, from mid September.


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Fatal1ty OCZ PSU caught on camera

OCZ's upcoming PSU range, adorned with the all popular 'Fatal1ty' branding, has been caught on camera by Fudzilla.


Fatal1ty OCZ PSU caught on camera


Specifications are elusive at the moment, yet it is presumed that they will be similar to the recently launched ModXStream Pro series.


The 'Fatal1ty' branding latches on to OCZ's offering and, makes its presence felt with red cable sleeving, a red glowing fan and unknown pricing, at the time of going to press, of course.


You won't have to wait long though. The OCZ Fatal1ty PSU series is expected to be available next month.


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Intel Penryn CPU die caught on camera

During a recent visit to Intel, PCGH managed to capture some very revealing shots of the 45nm powerhouse, fuelling Penryn derivatives of Intel's Core 2 family.


Intel Penryn CPU die caught on camera


Intel Penryn CPU die caught on camera


The second image, above, puts the proportions of the CPU die into real perspective, in comparison to the 1 Euro Cent coin placed next to it and, certainly endears to the old adage of good things coming in small packages.


With the Intel Developer Forum kicking off tomorrow, we will keep you updated with the highlights of coverage, as the week progresses.


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Sapphire HD 4850 1 GB SKU caught on camera

Images of an HD 4850 powered SKU from Sapphire Technology, boasting 1 GB of onboard GDDR3 memory have been, pictured in the wild, at ZOL.COM.CN.



AMD's much praised RV770 GPU, a real turning point in the fortunes of the Sunnyvale, CA based company, finds itself alongside 1 GB of Qimonda 1.0 ns GDDR3 memory, according to the report and associated images.



The PCB has been adorned in a distinctive blue tone, whilst GPU and memory clock speeds are assumed to be 625 MHz and 1986 MHz, respectively.


Whilst the PCB components appear to boast commonality with stock HD 4850 SKUs, the BIOS will obviously be fine tuned, to make the most of the extra memory befitting the card. To what tune this HD 4850 will benefit from the extra onboard memory, is unknown, however bandwidth limited situations may be the most thankful.


With an expected price point not currently known, the situation should receive eagerly awaited clarification, later this month.


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3D camera with 12,616 lenses

Humans have the advantage of stereoscopic vision. It gives us depth perception, as both our eyes give us a different view of where an object is, and thus a slightly different perspective, enough for our brain to work out depth perception.


Stanford researchers have developed a super 3D camera that has 12,616 lenses, so compared to the human eyes where we have only two lenses to make a depth judgement, the 3D camera chip has a whole lot more, with each one of the 12,616 lenses at a slightly different perspective and all the images combine to a single image giving the ultimate in depth perception.


Uses for such a device are endless, including robotic eyes for very fine tuned work, biological imaging, 3D printing, creation of 3D objects or people to inhabit virtual worlds, or 3D modelling of buildings.


The photos created by this camera have almost everything in focus in the combined picture, of objects both near and far, but the beauty of this product is that each layer, or lens perspective can be filtered in or out, giving a "map" or contoured outline of objects, allowing computers to map them in new ways.


The team from Stanford comprise of Keith Fife, a graduate student working with El Gamal, and H.-S. Philip Wong, two electrical engineering professors. The multi-aperture camera could be as cheap as modern digital cameras and could even be mounted into a mobile phone.


Read more about it at the Stanford website.


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Camera identifies your age and gender

Camera identifies your age and gender in real-time stemming from the technology rich country of Japan, an invention of an intelligent camera which can identify a person's age and gender real-time on the monitor to varying degrees of accuracy is going to become available to the public.


While face recognition technology is not very new to science and to the world at large, it still lacks the ability to know things about you, unless they have been previously recorded and inputted manually.
What this technology does, is it compares your face with thousands of other faces, and works out your age within a 10 year age variance and highlights you with the information on the monitor. In addition, it can, based on the information stored, evaluate your gender or if it has a copy of your face it will match them up.


Check out the clip to know more.



The days of George Orwell's "1984" are a little over twenty years late, but they are definitely on the horizon. People's lives are being monitored more and more, with little room left for privacy


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Robotic "Camerasaurus" Dinosaur @ CeBIT

A Reuters news clip has captured a unique dinosaur, apparently attracting a lot of attention at CeBIT in Hannover, Germany. The annual computer show is the perfect time for gadgets and gizmos to make an appearance, but this device seems to have a life of its own.



According to the report, the robotic dinosaurs are designed to emulate the behavior of a Camerasaurus. You can be forgiven for not knowing what that is, but once you see these cute cuddly "household designer pets" you might just want one of your own.


The report states that there are close to 2000 parts, more than 100 gears, 14 motors and a complex sensory network designed to respond to your touch, and other Camerasaurus' proximity. Furthermore via an infrared camera it collects direct feedback to the "Life" Operating System so it can actively recognize its surroundings and act as if alive and responding to your touch. This is supposedly the significant selling point, making "Pleo" the Camerasaurus stand out from the crowd.


The memory card slot on the belly gives software fiddlers and hackers the ideal opportunity to wreak havoc on the poor extinct creature. If I were a betting man, I would say a channel dedicated to these creatures antics on YouTube is a foregone conclusion.


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Microsoft intro new webcams/laptop mice

A trio of new mice for notebook users has been added to Microsoft's line-up this week, as well as a couple of new webcams.


Looking quickly over the webcams, there is the LifeCam VX-7000 which is designed for desktop use; this webcam boasts some pretty neat features such as a 2.0 MP sensor and ability to take stills at up to 7.6 MP interpolated. The lense is a 71-degree wide angle type.



Next up is the LifeCam NX-3000 which is a more compact offering designed for mobile use with notebooks. This model can handle a max resolution of 640 x 480, shooting stills at 1.3 megapixels. The lense can be swiveled for more flexible positioning and a carry case is also provided by Microsoft.


As we move to the mice, there is the Mobile Memory Mouse 8000, Wireless Notebook Mouse 7000 and Bluetooth Notebook Mouse 5000.


The most interesting of the three is the 8000 model as it is the first ever to include 1GB of embedded flash-storage, this built into its multi-talented transceiver.



You can read more about the complete new lineup over at the Dailytech folks.


Today Microsoft has announced a pair of new LifeCam webcams and a trio of new mice aimed at notebook users. The new webcams include the LifeCam VX-7000, which is intended for desktop use with its universal attachment base.


The trio of new mice Microsoft announced starts with the Mobile Memory Mouse 8000. Microsoft is billing the mouse as the industry's first notebook mouse to include 1GB of flash-based storage. The flash memory is inside the USB wireless transceiver. The mouse uses a magnetic recharging cable that connects to the end of the USB adapter and to the mouse allowing for charging without the need for a dock.


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