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Palit to acquire Galaxy

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Palit's continuing trend to flourish the graphics card market with quality products at lower prices has allowed them to grow rapidly over the past few years in particular; as such they have swallowed up a multitude of smaller companies along the way, including none other than Gainward.


Now it looks like they're shifting their attention toward Galaxy which was established in Hong Kong in 1994, then went on to become add-in board partner for NVIDIA in 1999.


The first steps of an acquisition have apparently been made by Palit, this to help offload excess stock to the new subsidiary due to an over-ordering issue under the Palit branding.


Digitimes have the scoop.


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OCZ acquire a performance PC vendor

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Not long after the acquisition of PC power supply manufacturer "PC Power & Cooling", OCZ have now swallowed up another company to further extend their portfolio and make their presence felt in another area of the industry.


In the form of an official announcement they have just acquired a high-performance computer system builder "Hypersonic-PC"; this means it shouldn't be too long before we start seeing whole desktop systems and notebooks exclusively using OCZ components such as their RAM and power supplies.


Sunnyvale, Calif.-October 25, 2007-OCZ today announced immediate plans to bring Hypersonic PC into the OCZ Technology Group. Known primarily as the worldwide leader in innovative, high-performance computer memory and power supply units, OCZ acquired Hypersonic PC to employ their rich expertise in high-end system building and take the organization and mobile gaming to the next level. Hypersonic has been paving the way in maximum performance computing since 1996 and established themselves as a leader attributable to their diligent focus on technology, quality, craftsmanship, and world-class support. Under the OCZ Technology Group, the Hypersonic vision can be taken to new heights and grow in key areas of innovation, product development, and market reach.


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Dell Vostro small business computers

By: Array

Dell has launched a new range of PCs and notebooks for the Small Business market and the Vostro range looks to be quite a decent option for those looking for simple, but serious business machines. The desktop systems starts at US$319 for the mini tower version and the slim tower starts at $349.


Both of the desktop systems are based on the Intel G33 chipset. The basic model comes with a Celeron 420 and 512MB of RAM for either model, as well as an 80GB hard drive and a 16x DVD-ROM. You can of course as always configure your own system and Dell offers a wide range of options up to an E6700 processor and various graphics options.



The Vostro notebook range is available in four different models, the 1000, the 1400, the 1500 and the 1700. The 1000 is as the name suggests the most basic model and it comes with an AMD Sempron processor and the ATI Radeon Xpress 1150 chipset as well as 512MB of RAM and a 60GB hard drive. Options with AMD Turion 64 X2 processors are also available. The 15.4-inch screen has a native resolution of 1,280x800 and this model starts at $449.


The remaining three models features an Intel processor and the 1400 and 1500 comes with a Celeron 540M as standard, while the 1700 comes with a Core 2 Duo T5470 (yeah, we don't know exactly what one of those are either, but it's clocked at 1.6GHz, has 2MB of cache and an 800MHz FSB). The 1400 and 1500 starts with 512MB of memory and an 80GB drive, while the 1700 comes with 1GB and 120GB.


The 1400 and 1500 starts at 1,280x800 resolution, but higher resolution options are available. The 1700 starts at 1,440x900, but again, higher resolution options are available. The 1400 starts at $549, the 1500 also starts at $549and the 1700 at $799. All three models are available with optional discrete graphics as well.


You can find out more here


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CeBIT 2007 - Foxconn "gaining momentum" in VGA business

By: Array

An announcement from Foxconn today talks about all of their goodies currently being showcased at CeBIT. With the main focus on their now well established presence in the graphics card market, found at their booth are a range of overclocked VGA cards, new motherboards, PC cases, coolers and more.


Grab the press release here for more details folks.


Hannover, Germany, March 15th 2007 - Foxconn today announced more details about the new products appearing on its booth at CeBIT, which include overclocked VGA cards, and a number of new motherboards, chassis and coolers.


Through a theme of "creating", Foxconn will celebrate the role of end users and customers in both the component and PC development process. With a display area for customer solutions, visitors will be able to explore Foxconn's relationship with real clients, and on-booth programs will allow end users to participate in PC related activities.


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BitTorrent Makes Downloading Torrents Legal

By: Array

The BitTorrent crew have just launched a new website they call the "BitTorrent Entertainment Network" which will allow people to download stacks of content legally (such as movies, tv episodes, and music videos). Of course in order for it to be legal, one must pay to be able to download the majority of this stuff. In fact, movies are only available on a rental basis at $3.99 for new releases and $2.99 for catalog titles, whilst tv shows and music vids are for keeps at $1.99 each.


More info can be sourced regarding the new site at the DailyTech folks.


BitTorrent today announced the launch of the BitTorrent Entertainment Network, featuring a comprehensive library of downloadable digital entertainment content from 20th Century Fox, Lions Gate, MTV Networks, Paramount Pictures, Warner Bros. and, the latest studio on the bandwagon, MGM. The BitTorrent community can rent movies, purchase television shows and music videos, and even publish and share their own content to be displayed alongside titles from the world's largest studios.


"BitTorrent has the infrastructure, technology and established user base to significantly move the needle on digital distribution with quick, easy and affordable delivery," said Thomas Lesinski, President, Paramount Pictures Digital Entertainment. "The final piece of the puzzle is a wide array of content and Paramount is very pleased to be providing a vast selection of filmed entertainment to the site."


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DailyTech Acquires Final "R600" Specs

By: Array

Once again the Dailytech dish up the goods for us as they manage to obtain some more definitive specifications on AMD/ATIs upcoming R600 monster.


In the form of the "Radeon X2900 XTX", these cards will apparently kick off on March 30 with plans for AMD to make sure that they become available in stores on launch day. The full blown variant will sport 1GB of GDDR4 based memory with a cheaper offering to soon follow with 512MB of GDDR3.


Further info here.


Late yesterday DailyTech was briefed on the final details for the upcoming R600 retail specifications, just in time for everyone to go on vacation for Chinese New Year. AMD has briefed its board partners on the specifications that will appear on the marketing material for the card launches.


AMD's guidance claims R600 will feature 700 million transistors. By comparison, the Radeon X1900 series R580 GPU incorporated 384 million transistors into its design; the half-generation before that, R520, only featured 320 million.


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DEAL OF THE DAY - Newegg - Canon SD600 6.0MP Digital Camera for Only $206.99 with FREE 3 Business Day Shipping!

By: Array

Deal of the Day details:


Offer: This is about as low as they've gotten with the exception of one little blip where it dipped to $202 once upon a past. And if you know anything about Canon, you know that they don't keep "old" models around and they simply eliminate certain model lines (in a sense, so that you can't buy last year's fashion for a bit cheaper - they force you to buy their latest and greatest), and with the biggest photo show right around the corner, if you want to get a nice 6 megapixel digital camera that comes with all of the features you'd come to expect, this is a good one to consider.


*** For more details on this deal and many more, visit our Deals page - it's the smart place to shop! ***


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Corsair Distributes Over $1 Million Dollars in Profit Sharing to its Employees

By: Array

Corsair are looking after their employees in a big way following their record quarterly profit in the last quarter, they decided to distribute over $1Mill in profit sharing to the people that made it all possible.


Grab the official announcement here for full details.


Fremont, CA (October 25, 2006) -CorsairĀ®, a worldwide leader in high performance enthusiast computer products, today reported record quarterly profit and announced distribution of over $1 million dollars in profit sharing to its employees. Fueled by the company's unique market positioning and precise product launch execution, Corsair enjoyed rapid sales growth in all regions worldwide. In accordance with the company's philosophy that its employees are its biggest assets, Corsair was proud to announce the largest profit sharing amount in the company's history. Headquartered in Fremont, California, Corsair is ranked as the 8th largest memory module supplier in the world according to iSupply.


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AMD Reports Third Quarter Results - Looks Ahead To Bright Future

By: Array

AMD have just made a public announcement which reflects on their fiscal results for the quarter ending October 1st. Sales are said to have reached $1.33 billion with a net income of $134 million / $0.27 per share. This shows a sales increase of 9 percent compared to the previous quarter, and 32 percent when looking back to this time last year.


For full details head over to AMD's website, and if interested you can also grab their Q3 financial tables in PDF format folks.


AMD's outlook statements are based on current expectations and exclude ATI operations and ATI acquisition-related charges. The following statements are forward looking, and actual results could differ materially depending on market conditions and the factors set forth under "Cautionary Statement" below. AMD expects demand for its products to be seasonally strong in the fourth quarter and sales to increase sequentially.


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Google to Acquire YouTube for $1.65 Billion USD

By: Array

2006 seems to be the year of acquisitions, details have emerged at the DailyTech regarding Google's decision to acquire YouTube for 1.65 Billion. There's also an article up over at The TechZone explaining Google's reasoning behind such a big move.


DailyTech reported last week the Google was in talks to buy online video site YouTube. The site currently holds nearly 50% of the online video search market and serves as many as 100 million videos per day.


Today, Google confirmed all of the rumors and announced that it has agreed to snap up YouTube Inc. for 1.65 billion dollars in stock. With the purchase, however, comes YouTube's baggage which consists of issues with copyright infringement and numerous lawsuits. The company is currently embroiled in a rather nasty fight with Universal Music.


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