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ARM CEO expects 20% of notebook PC market

ARM's CEO has some hefty expectations when it comes to the future of the notebook PC market, where he predicts the company will have processors inside between 10- to 20-percent of the notebook PCs by 2015.




Warren East spoke to The Wall Street Journal, where he said that ARM will have a bigger impact on the PC market than rival Intel will have, as it attemps to enter the smartphone market.


East may expect up to 20-percent market share for ARM-based notebooks by 2014-2015, but he believes Intel-powered smartphones will only take between 5- and 10-percent of the smartphone market. Intel-powered smartphones have just begun their roll-out, with many more over the coming months.

Facebook completes first post-public acquisition, acquires Karma

There's been a lot of news today about Facebook and its IPO and here is another. Facebook has just completed its first acquisition after becoming a publicly traded company. The mobile commerce startup Karma has been acquired by Facebook. Karma specializes in apps for gifting friends and family. The acquisition sees 16 employees joining Facebook.




The terms of the deal are undisclosed as of now. The acquisition should help Facebook monetize its app and mobile offerings, something its admittedly weak in. Facebook said in a statement: "We've been really impressed with the Karma team and all they accomplished in such a short time. This acquisition combines Karma's passion and innovative mobile app with Facebook's platform to help people connect and share in new and meaningful ways."

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Facebook IPO is first to trade 500M shares in first day

A lot of the talk today has been about Facebook's IPO which, while successful, did have a few surprises in store for Facebook and onlookers. First, Facebook didn't start trading on time due to a Nasdaq glitch. Apparently Nasdaq had an issue with its message relay system which wasn't sending out confirmations of purchases and sales.




That glitch doesn't seem to have affected total trade volume, however, as the Facebook IPO becomes the first one ever to trade 500M stocks in its first day. Prices for the stocks remained fairly level, spiking up to $42 and closing at $38.37. The stock price was set at $38 to start trading off. Within the first 30 seconds, 82 million shares had been traded.


It's a bit surprising that the stock didn't spike above $42 given the hype surrounding the IPO. The fact that it traded pretty level is a good indication that Facebook chose a good opening price. As such, it netted Facebook just about as much money as it possibly could and didn't give the early traders the money instead.

A new study shows BitTorrent piracy leads to higher album sales

BitTorrent may not be all bad for the music industry which is contrary to how they would like to portray it. It seems that piracy could aid album sales, if a new study is to be believed. North Carolina State University assistant professor Robert Hammond examined prerelease albums being BitTorrented and the album sales of said albums.




The investigation netted some interesting results. What he found was that there was a correlation between the two, although it was pretty small. Keep in mind that correlation does not equate to causation. Since this is an observational study rather than an experiment, it's impossible to say with certainty that BitTorrent aids album sales.


It is, however, possible to indicate that they seem to. After watching 1095 albums, Hammond noted "The findings suggest that file sharing of an album benefits its sales. I don't find any evidence of a negative effect in any specification using any instrument." The average increase in sales was around 59.6 albums, so its not a landslide increase.


This study also does not account for BitTorrent use after the release, nor does it account for singles downloads and sales, which are more likely to occur with a casual pirate. In other news, a similar study has shown similar results in that movie rips don't seem to affect box office revenues.

Facebook sued for $15 billion over alleged privacy violations

It looks as though Facebook may have to sell just a bit more stock to pay for a lawsuit that has been filed in San Jose, California Federal Court. While things may be looking great Wall Street, the courtroom picture is a bit more bleak. Stewarts Law US has combined 21 individual lawsuits into one amended class action suit seeking $15 billion.




The previous lawsuits date back to 2011 and allege that Facebook violated user privacy by tracking web usage. The new class action lawsuit alleges that Facebook violated the US Wiretap Act, the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act and the Stored Communications Act, along with others. The US Wiretap Act grants up to $100 a day per violation up to $10,000.


Specifically, the lawsuit makes claims that Facebook tracks users even once they are no longer logged in. "This is not just a damages action, but a groundbreaking digital-privacy rights case that could have wide and significant legal and business implications," David Straite, a Stewarts Law partner told Bloomberg via e-mail.


This isn't the first time someone has sued the social media giant over alleged web tracking. Back in 2011, a Mississippi resident filed a lawsuit after 42-year-old Kansas lawyer John Graham did. These aren't the only instances, just the ones that come to mind. At the time of writing, Facebook has not commented on the lawsuit. I imagine they are all sleeping after the all-night hackathon.

Microsoft renews 'buy a PC, get a free Xbox' promotion for students in US, Canada

If you missed out on Microsoft's deal last year, don't fret as they have brought it back again this year. Requirements are similar, though it seems as though Canadian's are getting a slightly better deal than Americans. The promotion? Buy a new PC worth at least some amount at a participating retailer and get a free Xbox360!




Here are the requirements as Microsoft says, so that I won't be held to anything:


Starting May 20th in the U.S., students who buy a qualifying Windows PC worth $699 or more at participating retailers can get a 4GB Xbox 360 console for free, just like last year! Starting May 18th in Canada, students who buy a Windows PC worth $599 or more can also get a 4GB Xbox 360 console for free!


Participating retailers in the US include Best Buy,, Fry's Electronics,, Microsoft Stores, and In Canada, they include Best Buy,, Future Shop, Staples and The Source.


Canadians only have to purchase a computer worth $599 whereas Americans have to spend $699. Computers at those price points are pretty nice all-in-all and will net you a free Xbox360 if you can prove you are a student. Sure, most people like either gaming on Xbox OR PC and not really both, but it is still a good deal.


If you're a PC gamer, you can just sell the Xbox 360 to a college friend. If you're an Xbox gamer, you probably already have an Xbox.

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Apple wins domain name

Apple really wanted that domain, and they've fought hard to get it. The company took its complaint to the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), where they've successfully won its dispute over the domain.




WIPO has displayed the domain as 'Terminated' on its website, with the domain owner expected to have relinquished ownership. The domain is now held by brand protection agency Corporation Service Company, which could've been used by Apple to take ownership.


Even now that Apple have won their dispute, it's not clear whether Apple's new iPhone will actually be called 'iPhone 5', but it's definitely a step in the right direction of finding out. With so much news flying left, right and center over the new iPhone, I really hope we see something at their WWDC event next month.

Activision and EA settle $400 million Call of Duty lawsuit

Activision and Electronic Arts have finally reached a settlement over the $400 million lawsuit involving the developers of Call of Duty. Activision lawyer Beth Wilkinson said yesterday in a hearing in the Los Angeles Superior Court:




Activision and Electronic Arts have decided to put this matter behind them.


The settlement removes EA from the trial that involves Activision versus the former Infinity Ward heads, Jason West and Vince Zampella. It's alleged in 2010, the duo plotted with EA to leave Activision and set up a new independent studio. Activision had accused EA of disrupting Infinity Ward by trying to secure the two developers while they had two years left on their contracts.




West and Zampella sued Activision after they were fired, and seek more than $1 billion (that's with a B) in damages. Keep in mind that the duo originally were after $36 million, but there's no explanation as to why the number has meteorically risen since then. I'm guessing because of the multiple billions of dollars the Call of Duty games have raked in between when they left the studio, and now.

HTC and Apple have been ordered to enter settlement discussions, will meet on August 28

Just over 24 hours ago, we reported that HTC One X and EVO 4G LTE handsets were stopped from entering the US by Customs, and now, it's gotten a bit of attention and the US District Court of Delaware has ordered both company's to enter settlement discussions.




Judge Sherry Fallon will moderate the talks, with the order requesting lawyers from both sides to meet in Delaware on August 28 in an attempt to resolve the ongoing patent dispute. It's unknown whether a settlement will be reached, but pressure will be on HTC to make some sort of concession, following the International Trade Commission ban on HTC handset imports coming into force.


The ITC ban was disclosed on December 19, after a judge determined that HTC's messaging and browser apps in Android violated Apple patents.

Google looking to acquire 4chan

If you've ever visited 4chan, you'll know it's the seriously dark corner of the Internet. My curiosity led me there years ago, and some of the stuff is truly, hands-down hilarious. But, there are some pretty disgusting things there too. It's not like it's just 4chan, that's the Internet for you - if you go looking, you can find almost anything.




The latest out of the Mountain View-based and search engine giant, Google, is they could acquire 4chan, which would 'bring with it a large user base', according to a press release from It's a bit of a weird one, but a very, very interesting move if it turns out to be something Google end up doing.


Would Google remove all of the illegal content that is on the site? 4chan is also said to be the semi-home of some Anonymous members, and a chunk of 4chan members don't like corporations and large companies who do bad things with users' data like Google.

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