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Eric Schmidt Resigns from Apple's Board

By: Array

Well the big news this morning is that Google's Eric Schmidt is resigning from the Board of Directors for Apple.


This is not a very big surprise, although it comes at an interesting time. The issue at hand is section 8 of the Clayton Anti Trust act that covers shared directors between companies with competing products.


Google and Apple compete on a number of products, they each have a browser, they each have a smart phone OS, and soon they will each have both a Desktop OS and a cloud based document application.


The resignation will probably cause the current investigation to be withdrawn but that is not always the case. This is especially true with the FCC looking into the issue over Google Voice.


Eric Schmidt Resigns from Apple's Board


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Sensitive Documents leak to P2P again

By: Array

There is nothing like someone accidentally putting sensitive information into a folder that is linked to your P2P share. But this is what happens again and again and again.


This time is was motorcade routes, the Presidential Family safe house and some nice documents covering details of every nuclear facility on the US.


So we have a couple of issues here, the first is simple user ignorance. It is beyond me how and why anyone would have a P2P file sharing application on any work related computer system but on top of that how can they not know that the folder the P2P apps use for sharing are pretty much open to everyone. Anything dropped in there is available on the P2P network you are using.


The next is how the supposedly tech savvy White House staff can allow something like this to happen.


You know, I see why P2P is bad, it is not because of the possibility of illegal file sharing, it is because once again, we see ignorance on the part of individual users and the companies and organizations they work for.


Sensitive Documents leak to P2P again


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Microsoft and Yahoo reach a deal

By: Array

Microsoft and Yahoo! have reached and accord. This accord will benefit both in some interesting ways. Yahoo will use Microsoft servers for their search functions and Yahoo! will handle the display ads.


This combination should have some excellent benefits for both of these companies as they try to catch up with Google.


Originally the idea was for Yahoo to be purchased by Microsoft. However, due to some bad management decisions by the CEO at the time the acquisition never took place. Instead there is just the agreement to work closely together.


Of course, there is always the possibility that someone will try to claim that MS and Yahoo are anti-competitive after all; it is only Apple and Google that are allowed to behave like that.


Microsoft and Yahoo reach a deal


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GlobalFoundries signs STMicroelectronics for 40nm

By: Array

GlobalFoundries has announced it first customer that is not AMD. Although the news had leaked out that they had a new customer earlier in the week no one was quite sure who the new customer was.


There was talk that it might be nVidia, Samsung, one of the other ARM manufacturers etc. In the end it turns out to be STMicroelectronics.


Right now GF is being asked to make 40nm low power chips, but the exact type has not been disclosed. If GF can make this one work it could open the door to many other customers. This is especially true in the 40nm space where TSMC, GlobalFoundries' largest competitor, is having yield issues with their 40nm process.


All eyes will be on this new relationship to see if the relatively new GF can meet the demands of multiple customers.


GlobalFoundries signs STMicroelectronics as 40nm customer


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Foxconn suicide payment to family increased

By: Array

Foxconn is trying very hard to dig itself out of a hole. The hole is not a financial hole; it is not a manufacturing hole. No this hole is a potential disaster for the large OEM manufacturer.


The problem started when a 25 year old technician committed suicide over the report of a missing fourth generation iPhone prototype.


According to the time line that is generally accepted on July 9th 16 fourth generation iPhone prototypes were delivered to Young Sun Dan. Young was responsible for packaging, sealing and shipping these to Apple.


There are differing reports about whether Young reported the missing phone before or after Apple received them but either way Foxconn began an investigation.


On July 16th Young jumped from a 12th floor window and fell to his death.


In between the 9th and the 16th there are reports of physical interrogation, unlawful searches, solitary confinement and worse. Foxconn began by denying the accusations but saying the event was sad. Apple followed suit.


The hole began when the suspended the director for Central Security, the turned him over to local police. Then released a statement that Young had a history of losing items (you would think after the first he would not be handling them again). Then they paid the family $44,000 and gave them a Mac PowerBook laptop.


Now they are increasing the payment amount to the family and including a yearly payment. Over in the US that would be called something like "hush money" but in the US the amounts are usually significantly larger.


Either way Foxconn is now, more than ever, under the microscope as all eyes turn to them to see how they handle or fail to handle the situation.


The outcome could affect their relationship with Apple, as Apple will continue to try and distance themselves from the event.


Foxconn suicide payment to family increased


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GeCube to leave Graphics Business

By: Array

There are rumors of another AIB (add-in-board) maker getting out of the video card business.


This time we hear the GeCube is swearing off making video cards for life. They are moving in another direction and will concentrate on a non-graphics card related business in the future.


The rumor mentions that GeCude has a new partner but not who this is. It also claims that Gigabyte has released its 61.5% stake in GeCube officially signaling the toll of the final bell.


We contacted Gigabyte for confirmation but have not received a reply at the time of writing.


GeCube to leave Graphics Business


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Vision Tek says bankruptcy rumors not true

By: Array

Once again the news of Vision Tek's demise was greatly over rated.


According to an article at Bright Side of News Vision Tek has recently secured some serious capital funding from a "Major International Bank" additionally they have invested in a distribution center in Chicago in the US.


It looks like the original rumor may have been one of those things that happen when one company loses out at the expense of another and on a slow news day like today it is something to write about.


In the end Vision Tek admits being hit hard by the same economic problems that hit everyone else in the computer industry. But they had a plan and were already looking for funding to expand while others were cutting back.


Vision Tek says bankruptcy rumors not true

Read more here


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Vision Tek could be filing for Bankruptcy

By: Array

Ah the ugly rumor mill is at it again, last year it was that Foxconn would be leaving the channel business as part of an agreement to buy Pegatron (Megatron's little sister). However, this turned out not to be the case.


I hope that the new rumor I am hearing is the same. According to the word on the "Net" VisionTek is heading for bankruptcy. If the rumors are true this would mean that another player in the graphics market would go down.


Back in 2002 the same rumor was floating around but was quickly denied by the company. We can only hope that we hear some good news very soon and that this is just another rumor.


Vision Tek could be filing for Bankruptcy


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Pirate Bay making friend with RIAA and MPAA

By: Array

Ah those clever taunters over at The Pirate Bay may have all their fun taken away by the new corporate "suit".


The Pirate Bay usually greats the RIAA and MPAA with scorn, disdain and more than a little ridicule and humor. However, all that is going to change.


In a very stomach churning statement by newcomer Wayne Rosso we hear that the new man in charge has "gotten friendly with a lot of these guys,". This is a 180 degree turn around from the belligerent behavior of the past.


Of course this is a direction the Pirate Bay will have to take if they really want to go legitimate.


The Pirate Bay is in the works of being bought out by Global Gaming Factory. The potential new owners see money and advantage in the power of the bittorrent networking structure. They want to move away from copyright violating content and move to more honest wares.


In the future TPB will offer paid subscriptions to users with each users subscription discounted based on the amount of computer power they contribute to the community. This discount can extend all the way to 100% theoretically.


Pirate Bay making friend with RIAA and MPAA


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Horrible PR stunts can be fun

By: Array

No one likes a laugh more than I do, (insert long Monty Python skit here). I really did have a clever intro, but in the end what one person thinks is clever ends up being just plain stupid.


However, one person's stupidity is usually great humor for the rest of us.


The UK flavor of GameSpy has a great read posted that I could not resist sharing with everyone. They took the time to cover the best PR Blunders in the world of gaming. I suppose that in some way this could have been inspired by the recent announcement of the inclusion of a pair of working night vision goggles in Modern Warfare 2 Prestige Edition. After all when presented with an example of how to do something right I imagine that you think about how not to do something.


Take a break and give these a read. I think my favorite is still the beheaded goat by Sony.


Horrible PR stunts can be fun


Have a good laugh here.


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