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Nintendo set to launch new 3DS portable console in fiscal 2011

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Nintendo has been selling its various forms of the DS portable console for a long time now and doing very well with the things. The DS has massively outsold other portable consoles like the Sony PSP for a long time.


TweakTown image news/1/4/14593_1.jpg


Nintendo is set to embrace the 3D future with the announcement that it is working on a new portable console called the 3DS. I like that name, it's catchy. Nintendo is mum on hard details for the console.


The most important bits of info are that the 3DS is coming, it will need no 3D glasses, and we will learn more in June at E3. A 3D portable with no glasses sounds pretty darn sweet.


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Hypersonic-PC shuts down, OCZ focusing on core business

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Such a shame - boutique PC maker Hypersonic-PC has closed down. According to a message left on its website, "At this time Hypersonic-PC is not accepting any orders. We are honoring all warranties and will continue to support existing customers. All customers that currently own a Hypersonic branded PC or Notebook can contact the following numbers for direct product support."


TweakTown image news/1/4/14589_01.png


While Hypersonic-PC wasn't as well known or successful as the likes of Alienware, Falcon Northwest or Voodoo, the PC maker did produce some rather solid products targeted for the gamer. I personally still use one of their 12.1-inch laptops that really impresses me for its looks and performance.


OCZ Technology bought the PC maker sometime ago now as it expanded into new areas. Rob from Techgage was able to contact Alex Mei, OCZ's Executive VP and CMO, and got the following response: "We are focusing all our resources on SSD, PSU and Memory and our SI business really didn't fit into the spectrum of things."


Also according to Alex from OCZ, the company intends on taking care of all customers that have bought Hypersonic products and your warranty is still active. At least some good news there, but R.I.P. Hypersonic-PC. We liked you while you were around!


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Cisco leaves WiMax radio business

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Cisco is one of the larger companies in networking products for consumers and businesses. The company purchased smaller Navini Networks in 2007. Navini Networks made WiMax RAN network equipment that wireless carriers would use to provide WiMax service to customers.




Cisco has announced that it is leaving the WiMax radio business. ComputerWorld reports that Cisco will still be able to serve both WiMax and LTE networks with technology and products that it acquired through purchase of Starnet Networks. Starnet Networks produces gateways between networks including WiMax and LTE and a carriers IP infrastructure.


Cisco left the WiMax radio business behind to concentrate on the gateway business acquired with Starent Networks. Cisco provides the IP equipment for Clearwire's US WiMax network. Major vendors Huawei, Samsung, and Motorola are still providing radio networks.


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Thermaltake about to officially launch Tt eSports division at CeBIT

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Thermaltake just recently decided to put together a new division it calls Tt eSPORTS specifically for the purpose of creating a new range of gaming oriented gear such as keyboards, mice and headsets.


TweakTown image news/1/4/14389_01.jpg


The grand launch ceremony takes place today at CeBIT where it will display its first series of CHALLENGER keyboard, BLACK series of gaming mice and SHOCK series of headset.


There's a bit of a breakdown on each of the series in Tt's press announcement today and you can find out more details over at the Tt eSports website.


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Thermaltake set for Tt eSports launch

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Most gamers and enthusiasts out there will recognize the name Thermaltake. The company has been around for a long time with all manner of cooling products and other hardware for computers. Thermaltake has announced the pending launch of a new division called Tt eSports.


TweakTown image news/1/4/14354_1.jpg


The Tt eSports franchise will launch March 3 at CeBIT to provide peripherals for all manner of gamers. The line will include a Challenger series of Keyboards, Black series of gaming mice, and a Shock series of gaming headsets.


The Challenger keyboards are designed with a cooling fan, backlight, 14 macro keys, and anti-ghosting tech among other things. The Black series mice are powered by Philips 4000dpi precision laser engines and have nine buttons. The Shock headset offers DTS 5.1 virtual surround sound and more. The peripherals will be seen at the show for the first time.


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Google executives found guilty of privacy violation in Italy

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I'm almost lost for words on this one.... just incredible.


Whilst certainly far from over, a court case involving Google recently came to a close in which an italian judge found three Google executives guilty of privacy violation agaianst an italian student who was bullied in a video posted on Google Video in 2006.


TweakTown image news/1/4/14325_01.jpg


Despite the video not being brought to Google's attention for two months after going online (after which it was then pulled down promptly and without question) and even though the executives were in no way involved in the making of this video, the italian judge Oscar Magi was quick to give them a six month prison sentence, albeit without defamation charges.


Google has every ounce of reason to be in a fit of rage over this astonishing outcome and will of course be appealing.


More details including Google's heated and disgusted response to this decision at the source.


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Cracked glass stair from 5th Ave Apple store lands on eBay

By: Array

Maybe it's just me, but If you swipe something from an Apple Store without the employees knowing it you might not want to post the item on eBay for sale stating that you liberated it from the store. An eBay auction has turned up for a stair from the Apple Store on 5th Ave in NYC.


TweakTown image news/1/4/14308_4.jpg


The guy offering the stair says that it was cracked when someone dropped a bottle on it and was replaced by store workers. The guys states he took the stair before the workers could throw it away. What he should say is I took it before I thought they were going to trash it.


The dude claims that the stairs cost $10,000 new and he wants $2,500 for the stolen, cracked stair. I have to wonder how Apple will feel about this. The guy could be looking at serious jail time if Apple wants to press this and the $10K price is accurate. You are an idiot if you buy this, I'm just sayin'.


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NVIDIA employee told flight attendant he had a bomb in his jacket

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Anyone with half a brain should know that in the post 9/11 world you don't joke on a commercial flight that you have a bomb in your jacket. If you do, you should expect one or all of these three things to happen. You should get beat up by the person in the seat next to you, the flight crew will call the cops, and you will be arrested.


TweakTown image news/1/4/14255_1.jpg


Allegations have surfaced that a marketing employee for NVIDIA named Yushing Lui told a flight attendant on a commercial flight from San Francisco to Hong Kong that he had a bomb in his jacket. The flight was aboard a Cathay Pacific plane.


According to reports the attendant was about to hang his jacket up when he made the comment. Lui now denies that he said there was a bomb in his jacket. The man was removed from the plane and arrested and is now out on $10,000 bond and set to appear in court later.


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Newzbin Ltd. vs. MPAA Updates

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A few years ago at a CES party I met a trio of MPAA lawyers hanging out with us tech media folk. Who would have ever thought I would get a chance to chat these guys and gals up when they were off guard and drinking up others party favors? I have to admit that they didn't appear to be the sleaze balls I pictured, they were young and had the kind of charm that you would find when taking a trip to Kansas. Seeing my opportunity I had to ask about their own music / movie downloading habits. To my surprise all three admitted to downloading both music and moves from the internet but wouldn't suggest others do it because "now days people are watching."


One group that is currently under the microscope is Newzbin Ltd. What makes Newzbin different than the Torrent trackers is that it catalogs some of the internet's oldest files that sit on Usenet. Newzbin does not have their own Usenet servers but simply catalogs and organizes. The MPAA feeling like they own the Internet has chose Newzbin as their latest victim of legal harassment and court proceedings are already underway.


Newzbin has taken to updating the court proceedings on their home page that serves as a news page. It seems that things are not looking too good for the company at this point but Lady Justice has yet to sing. You can read about the updates by clicking on the News Source link below.


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Google says No to AU governments request for heavy censorship

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Australia's Communications Minister Stephen Conroy is all about censoring as much material as possible on the internet. He loved every bit of Google's compliance with China's and Thailand's request to have a search filter implemented that restricts people in the country as to what is available for viewing, this including YouTube videos that are in any way relative to euthanisia, safer drug use, violence and crime comitting (incl. painting graffiti etc.)


TweakTown image news/1/4/14230_01.gif


In his censor mad efforts to restrict more of whats available down under on the world wide web, Conroy has requested Google voluntarily provide the same filtering service as it does elsewhere. However, Google has replied promptly with a NO, explaining that all of the aforementioned topics are not illegal and YouTube already has its own filtering service that prevents more explicit (RC) rated content from being available.


Google has also indicated its desire to soon pull out of the China due to continuous requests to censor more and more material.


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