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Google releases video taken using Project Glass prototype

Google is sure throwing quite a bit of money and support at the Project Glass augmented reality glasses. They are trying to cram so much technology into a tiny, and hopefully fashionable, package that they should become every geek's dream gadget. We still don't know much about the project other than it's being publicly tested by Google executives.


TweakTown image news/2/4/24318_1_google_releases_video_taken_using_project_glass_prototype.jpg


We've seen some pictures released that have been taken using the glasses and, to be honest, they aren't that great. Most modern smartphones could easily outpace the resolution and quality, but the glasses do have one advantage: Point-of-view. Pictures can be taken hands-free and are from the perspective of the wearer.


Google has now released a 15-second video that was taken while the user was jumping on a trampoline. This really is where these glasses start to shine. It would have been near impossible to take a video like this without these glasses. The quality of the video isn't stunning by any means, but for users who video blog their lives, these glasses are an invaluable piece of technology.

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Intel building Skynet, are launching research into technology that mimics the human brain and "learns" about its user

Reuters is reporting that Intel are launching research in Israel into technology that will mimic the human brain, with devices that will hopefully "learn" about their user. Intel's Chief Technology Officer, Justin Rattner told reporters in Tel Aviv:


Machine learning is such a huge opportunity. Despite their name, smartphones are rather dumb devices. My smartphone doesn't know anything more about me than when I got it. All of these devices will come to know us as individuals, will very much tailor themselves to us.


TweakTown image news/2/4/24300_07_intel_building_skynet_are_launching_research_into_technology_that_mimics_the_human_brain_and_learns_about_its_user.jpg


Intel Collaborative Research Institute for Computational Intelligence, as well as specialists from the Technion in Haifa and the Hebrew University in Jerusalem will carry out the research, and is aimed at enabling new applications, as well as small, wearable computers that can enhance, or help with daily life. One example cited is if you were to leave your keys in the house, the wearable system would remember where you left them, and learn this. By the second week it will remind the user to pick up the keys before you leave the house.

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Google CEO, Larry Page poses for the camera with Google Glasses

News on Google's augmented reality Glasses hasn't been strong since they were teased a few weeks ago, but CEO Larry Page was spotted rocking the Glasses in London. The pictures you see below are thanks to a Google employee, where they posted them on Google+.


TweakTown image news/2/4/24275_04_google_ceo_larry_page_seen_wearing_google_glasses_in_london.jpg


The employee wrote alongside his pictures "My life is now complete - met Larry Page today! Thank you for visiting EMEA". Google's Glasses project is quite big, as its the company's first jump into cutting-edge hardware.


TweakTown image news/2/4/24275_05_google_ceo_larry_page_seen_wearing_google_glasses_in_london.jpg


On top of this, thanks to the acquisition of Motorola yesterday, we should see Google's hardware division strengthened considerably. The best picture is the one above, where I think Page is laughing at the Facebook share prices tanking, as a layer in front of his eyes thanks to the Glasses, but that's just my guess.

Google's Project Glass finger-ring control gets patented

Google have applied for a patent in regards to their augmented reality-based 'Project Glass', the patent in question relates to a finger ring that controls technology such as Project Glass.


TweakTown image news/2/4/24199_11_google_s_project_glass_finger_ring_control_gets_patented.jpg


The patent is described as a "wearable market for passive interaction", in the form of a ring, artificial fingernails or other wearable items that could interact with a head-mounted display. The technology would reflect infrared light, which isn't visible to the naked eye.


A single camera could determine two-dimensional positioning, backed up by a pair of cameras that would detect three-dimensional positioning. The heads-up display (HUD) would sport menus, and would be controlled by the marker's position or specific gestures. This patent would definitely make sense, especially for things like navigation, and more.

Google's Project Glass shows usefulness of hands-free photography

The augmented reality project that is Google Glass is demonstrating the usefulness of one of its features. While the glasses are nowhere near any sort of public release, Google clearly feels confident in them enough to let senior engineers take them out into the public. The result? Pictures like this which show the point of them.


TweakTown image news/2/4/24034_162_google_s_project_glass_shows_usefulness_of_hands_free_photography.jpg


How else would you be able to take a picture like the one above if not for the hands-free photography capabilities of Google's glasses? Simple answer? You couldn't. Not unless you want your son to go flying off into the distance in the picture. I'm not saying that would be a bad picture, but it certainly wouldn't be the same as the above one.


It's not clear what sort of plans Google has for the project, but I can tell you I can't wait to try them. This would be another great place to use Google's indoor mapping. What about yourself? Would you want to wear a set of these glasses out in public?

Microsoft intros HomeOS, wants to be inside your house looking outside your... Windows

Where do I begin to even categorize this? Within 'Augmented Reality', I guess? Well, Microsoft have begun testing their home automation software, dubbed HomeOS, over the past few months. HomeOS can view quite a lot of gadgets, more than you probably think.


TweakTown image news/2/3/23838_07_microsoft_intros_homeos_wants_to_be_inside_your_house_looking_outside_your_windows.jpg


HomeOS sees smartphones, printers and air conditioners as network peripherals, all controlled by a dedicated gateway computer. HomeOS even sports some apps, which perform functions such as energy monitoring, remote surveillance and face-recognition. This is all thanks to Microsoft testing the suite out in 12 homes over the past few months.


This list will only grow, and the apps are made available through a portal called "HomeStore". These apps will surely turn into something magical over the years if HomeOS takes off.

Valve's hardware project is... wearable computing

We've talked about this a few times, but the latest news to float onto the surface that is the sea of the Internet is that Valve were hiring hardware engineers, that myself, and other tech sites presumed was for their unannounced Steam Box home console. I was wrong. It seems as though Valve are hiring for something quite different: wearable computing.


TweakTown image news/2/3/23599_09_valve_s_hardware_project_is_wearable_computing.jpg


Google are doing it, Apple will wait a few years and do it and call it revolutionary, but it seems Valve are also getting into the mix. Games Industry reports from a recent blog post by Valve developer Michael Abrash where he revealed the fact that Valve are hiring for wearable computing. The project is inspired by Neal Stephenson's novel Snow Crash, where Abrash has taken it upon himself to try and shrink computers down to the point where you can have one on you at all times.

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US military wants to give soldiers dual-focus cameras, probably won't call them T-101's

The on-going multiple wars that the United States are knee-deep in probably won't stop anytime soon, and will most likely only get worse from here on out if everyone we're being fed on the news is right: Iran, North Korea and those pesky "terrorists" that the U.S. government fund left, right and centre. But, the latest step that the United State Department of Defense is working on is something very interesting indeed.


TweakTown image news/2/3/23577_09_us_military_wants_to_give_soldiers_dual_focus_cameras_probably_won_t_call_them_t_101_s.jpg


The U.S. DoD have signed a contract with Innovega, a Washington-based firm for development and testing of its dual-focus contact lenses. The technology would make it possible to project a HUD (heads-up display) onto the center of each lens, while keeping it in-focus regardless where the wearer is looking.


This would really just give the soldier a game-like HUD, where he could view his health stats, armor, and XP - on a serious note, the soldier could see details like notes from superiors, real-time maps, satellite view, and more. We're already seeing the consumer level of this technology from Google in the form of their Project Glass.


Interesting to see where the future of technology is, we're really looking at combining a cyber lifestyle, with our body and person. It simultaneously scares me, and makes me want it oh so much.

Google release mockup of what Glasses would look like over prescription glasses

Google Glasses was unveiled a little while ago, but questions started popping up from people who use prescription glasses, whether this new awesome looking technology would work with them. Well, hopefully there's no need to worry if a post from Google employee +Isabelle Olsson is anything to go by.


TweakTown image news/2/3/23548_08_google_release_mockup_of_what_glasses_would_look_like_over_prescription_glasses.jpg


Olsson provided a mockup of what they'd look like, as well as Google's thoughts on the subject. Olsson has said that Google really want Project Glass to work for everyone, and they are actually experimenting with designs that are meant to be extendable to different types of frames.


Olsson continues saying that most of the Google team members wear glasses, so it's something they're definitely keen to get working. The above image is an early mock-up to show us what the device would look like sitting on prescription glasses. Personally, I just want the glasses here already. Like, yesterday.

Google co-founder Sergey Brin gets caught wearing Project Glass prototype in person

A little situation of 'why him and not me', Google co-founder Sergey Brin was testing out their Project Glass augmented reality HUD out in public. He was spotted sporting the glasses at a Dining in the Dark charity event for the Foundation Fighting Blindness.


TweakTown image news/2/3/23440_01_google_co_founder_sergey_brin_gets_caught_wearing_project_glass_prototype_in_person.jpg


Robert Scoble and Thomas Hawk were lucky enough to be at the same dinner, where they spotted Sergey wearing the glasses. Sergey explained that the glasses were a prototype, where they could see a "bluish light" flashing off his right eyeball. Scoble guesses the light meant that his Google+ profile was pulled up on Sergey's glasses, thanks to its augmented reality and always-on Internet connection.


He continued saying that most people around them had no idea that the glasses are actually different to normal specs. All I can say is, I want them and I want them now. So jealous.

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