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Native Facebook app for Android is nearly here

Bit of short news bit, but we look to be on the cusp of seeing social networking site, Facebook, release a native Android app very soon. Engadget have reported the news from an anonymous tipster.




This tipster has said that the native Android application is close to its final testing, and it should be ready any day now. The HTML5-powered Android application should be announced by the social network soon, and we'll post it up as news when it hits.


Are you looking forward to a native application? I know that my Jelly Bean-powered devices are drooling for it, and I'm quite the Facebook addict myself.

Facebook for Android has more users than Facebook for iOS

There are more people on Android than iOS, but how do those numbers break up when it comes to the biggest social network site on the world, Facebook? Well, Android comes out on top, just.




20.1% of Facebook users are connected through an Android-based devices, compared to just 18.9% of users who run the social networking app on iOS. This data is coming from social advertising and analytics platform Optimal, cited by Inside Facebook.


Optimal also states that there are roughly 189.8 million active users on Android, and around 178.3 million active iOS users, with bot hof these numbers including users accessing the app and browser-based site. Optimal is using the figures from the 944.2 million monthly active users that they found through the Facebook Ads API, and not the full 1 billion users.

Google push app developers to make better use of Android on tablets

Google have been in the tablet space for quite sometime with Android, with the first Android-powered tablets splashing down around 18 months ago now, but the Mountain View-based company is still experiencing teething issues.




This is mainly due to third-party app developers not taking advantage of the extra screen real estate slates have to offer. Google are looking to change this, introducing a new Tablet App Quality Checklist that developers have to pass, in the hopes of seeing better quality tablet applications.


Google also plan on using their Google Play store to aggressively push apps that are optimized for tablets. As for the Tablet App Quality Checklist, it includes guidelines that are focused on tweaks that developers can use on their existing phone-based applications that would make them more suited for tablets.

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Get ready for the ride of your life: Crazy Taxi is coming to the iPhone and iPad sometime this month

What amounts to a very short teaser video has got me all excited for a new game that Sega is working on for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. That's right, everyone's favorite classic, Crazy Taxi, is coming to iOS devices near you sometime this month. Check out the extremely short trailer below:



There's no detail as to what the game will cost, how the controls will work, or really any details to the game at all. We've been given a release time frame--October--and nothing else. One has to wonder just how they will implement the classic controls on the touch-only gaming platform presented by iOS.


Is this something that excites you?

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Angry Birds Star Wars to launch on November 8, here comes the first video teaser

Rovio has again made a success when it comes to the Angry Birds series of games. Bad Piggies rose to number one on the iOS App Store in just three hours, which is an impressive feat. Now, they want to continue to capitalize on the success of the series with a new version of the popular game called Angry Birds Star Wars.



The video doesn't show much, but it does give us a day that we can expect to download the app. For all you Star Wars fans out there, this could be the Angry Birds game for you. For everyone else, it will likely feature a unique twist to the original game, much like Angry Birds Space did with the gravity fields.


There's not much else known about the game, but we'll be sure to keep you updated on the latest regarding Rovio's new game and all the records it will likely smash.

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Ustream gets updated for 7-inch tablets, includes better streaming abilities

Ustream has been updated for Android, where the new version of the app (v2.0.3) now includes better support for 7-inch tablets, such as the ASUS Nexus 7.




On top of the support for more 7-inch tablets, it also includes a bunch of streaming improvements as well as the usual bug fixes and other miscellaneous improvements.


You can grab the new Ustream app directly from the Google Play store. I'm about to download it on my Nexus 7 and check it out.

Google Street View comes to Google Maps web app for iOS, iOS6 users around the world rejoice

We reported yesterday that Google would be coming out with Street View for it's mobile web-based Maps application. There was some debate as to whether or not it would be today that we saw the fruit of Google's labor, and it turns out that iOS6 users don't have to wait any longer to get access to one of the most popular Google Maps features.




While Street View is now available on iOS 6, the system is a bit laggy due to it being web-based. That said, it is still the only way to see a destination before arriving there. I'm sure most users will be overjoyed at getting the feature back. It will at least work as a stop-gap measure until Google releases a native Maps app for iOS.


While they haven't said they are working on one, it's highly unlikely that Google would take a miss on the large user database they could have for gaining traffic information and other information.

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Google to unveil Street View for iOS web app tomorrow

Google are set to announce an addition to their Street View for iOS web app for Google Maps. The Wall Street Journal's Walt Mossberg reported the news during his comparison of Apple's Mapps app, versus Google's app on their Android OS.




Mossberg tested the two apps against each other on their respective mobile operating systems, and even had access to the new tech as Google sent him sample links, where he said they "worked well", where he was able to pan around environments with his finger.


Google's timing is great, as consumers are simply not happy with Apple's lacklustre Maps app. This stop-gap measure of a web app might help them for now, but it would be nice to have a native app you can download from the App Store, but I really doubt we'll see Apple allow this, ever.

Apple's Passbook gets some support, McDonald's, Airbnb and Eventbrite jump on-board

Apple's Passbook app is gaining more and more support, where just recently we saw huge brands like Major League Baseball, Ticketmaster and Walgreens all jump on the iOS 6 app. But, Passbook has just received some other high-profile brand support.




McDonald's, Airbnb and Eventbrite have all jumped on-board. The Passbook-enabled McDonald's app can be used to order and purchase food directly from your iPhone, but is only available in France at the moment unfortunately. Airbnb and Eventbrite are useful additions to the ever-growing support of Passbook.


Eventbrite have issued out over 50 million tickets, racking up over $1 billion in sales, with Airbnb booking more than 10 million guests as well as seeing a 26% rise in mobile traffic. Both of these companies deal with mobile transactions more than McDonalds, but the more support Passbook gets, the better the app will become.

Apple Maps has a positive side - uses up to 80% less data than Google Maps on iOS

We all know that iOS 6's Maps app is pretty craptacular (crAPPtacular?) but there is a benefit to the company's vector graphics-based app. Maps is up to 80% more efficient on data usage than Google's iOS Maps app, which is a raster graphics-based app.




This is all according to a new analysis from Onavo. Because Apple's Maps uses vector graphics, the application doesn't need to re-download map images every time a user adjust the view, which in the end, consumes much less data. Onavo's results are definitely interesting:


On Google Maps, the average data loaded from the cellular network for each step was 1.3MB. Apple Maps came in at 271KB - that's approximately 80% less data! On some actions, such as zooming in to see a particular intersection, Apple Maps' efficiency advantage edged close to 7X.

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