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Chrome for Android updated, includes tweaks and better sandboxing

Chrome for Android has finally been updated, not long after the iOS-based version received its much-awaited release. Chrome for Android includes improved sandboxing technology for Android 4.1 Jelly Bean.


TweakTown image news/2/5/25799_04_chrome_for_android_updated_includes_tweaks_and_better_sandboxing.jpg


This will keep your Jelly Bean-based device safer from malicious websites, thanks to the OS' user ID isolation technology. It also integrates location preferences with system level Google apps settings, adds playback controls to YouTube videos when played in fullscreen, and fixes destined for third-party input method editors (IMEs).


There's a few miscellaneous bug fixes and security issues closed, so if you're rocking an Android device, you should check the Play Store right now if you don't have automatic updating enabled.

Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg regrets using HTML5 for Facebook mobile, native Android version is coming soon

Facebook for iOS received a much-needed update not long ago, ditching HTML5 and moving over with some native code. Everyone loved it, as it finally propelled the iOS app into the awesomeness that is Facebook on mobile, but much faster and more efficient.


TweakTown image news/2/5/25767_02_facebook_s_mark_zuckerberg_regrets_using_html5_for_facebook_mobile_native_android_version_is_coming_soon.jpg


Mark Zuckerberg said during an interview at TechCrunch Disrupt that betting on HTML5 for the app is "one of the biggest mistakes if not the biggest strategic mistakes we've ever made". Now they are some very strong words.


The Facebook founder also stated that new features will be baked into the app, as well as a much faster Android-based version coming "when it's done", id Software style.

Google releases new YouTube app for iPhone and iPod touch

Since Apple is removing the stock YouTube app from iOS 6, Google has been hard at work producing a new app to replace it with. Since Apple is expected to unveil the new iPhone tomorrow, which is expected to come with iOS 6, Google wanted to make sure they had a new app ready in case Apple releases iOS 6 to everyone tomorrow.


TweakTown image news/2/5/25761_1_google_releases_new_youtube_app_for_iphone_and_ipod_touch.jpg


According to the Google Blog post, "The new app is built by YouTube engineers, to give our iPhone and iPod touch users the best mobile experience." The new app is sure to be better than the old stock one because they now can do more of what they want and don't need Apple to sign off on all the changes.


Of course, there are more changes than just that, but Google wants to tease you and says just this. They then let you know it's free to download on the Apple App store. Google also notes that they are working on an iPad optimized version, which should be ready in the coming months. Of course, you'll find out about that new app first here on TweakTown.

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iOS users get updated Google Drive app with built-in document editing

Google has updated their Google Drive app on iOS today to include built-in document editing. The new app version also includes support for collaboration, so more than one user can be editing the document at one time. Users have access to formatting options from a prominent bar placed across the top of the screen.


TweakTown image news/2/5/25740_1_ios_users_get_updated_google_drive_app_with_built_in_document_editing.jpg


One user of the new app notes that it seems to be a web interface as the keystrokes don't immediately appear on the screen. He also notes that the interface is very similar to Apple's Pages app, though the typing features that delay previously mentioned.


The iOS App page lists the following as changes:


  • Edit Google documents with formatting and collaboration
  • Edits to your Google documents appear to collaborators in seconds
  • Richer Google presentations with animations and speaker notes


Having editing and collaboration directly in the app is an extremely useful feature, especially the collaboration part. Users can pick up the app for free from the Apple App Store.

Instagram is coming to Windows Phone 8

Fans of Instagram and Windows Phone rejoice, the app will be coming to the new Windows Phone 8 platform. According to The Verge's sources, Instagram will be made available on Windows Phone 8. A slip-up in a promotional video tipped them off, though the video could possibly be showing a Vimeo live tile.



The Verge then went and independently verified that Instagram is indeed coming to the platform. As you can see in the video above, at 0:52, the tile on the right, second from the top appears to be Instagram likes and comments. An image is provided below for your viewing pleasure.


Now, you no longer have to make a decision on buying a phone based on needing Instagram as it should make its way onto Windows Phone 8 before the end of 2012. Now you can use Nokia's PureView camera to take even better grainy 600x600 sunset or meal pictures. Won't all your friends be impressed?

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Apple looks to be lessening restrictions on Apps, allows remote control app for torrenting

It looks as though Apple may be lessening some of its restrictions on apps, if the addition of Conttrol to the App Store is anything to go by. Conttrol is an app that allows the remote control of uTorrent running on a PC, so while the app doesn't itself torrent, it controls a program which does, thus enabling torrenting.


TweakTown image news/2/5/25709_1_apple_looks_to_be_lessening_restrictions_on_apps_allows_remote_control_app_for_torrenting.jpg


Transmission RPC, a similar app in function to Conttrol, was also approved a few months ago. It's important to note that neither of these apps torrent on the device itself, so this is possibly how they managed to get through the checkpoint. It could also be that they slipped up and accidentally let them through and will ban them as soon as they notice.


"Currently the app supports connections to uTorrent & BitTorrent clients but there are future plans to support Transmission on the Mac, as well as planned development of a native iPad version," Conttrol developer Craig Donnelly said.


Whether or not this signals a change in Apple's policy isn't quite clear. It's possible they don't want to get left behind as Android just received a torrent client from the makers of uTorrent. Only time will tell if this is a true change in policy. If the apps get removed, it clearly isn't.

RumorTT: Twitter for Mac is done, will receive no more updates

A tweet from MG Siegler has started the rumor mill flying tonight with news that Twitter is set to discontinue development for their Twitter for Mac app, but it will still be available to users:


TweakTown image news/2/5/25693_01_rumortt_twitter_for_mac_is_done_will_receive_no_more_updates.png


Word is that Twitter made the call today: Twitter for Mac is done. They won't kill it outright, but no further updates. Goodbye, old friend.


Twitter for Mac started out after Twitter purchased Tweetie and turned its Mac client into the official Twitter for Mac app. One of the biggest complaints fans of the app made was that Twitter didn't bake in support for the Retina-powered MacBook Pro.

Adobe updates Photoshop Touch for iOS, Android, the former gets Retina display support for the new iPad

Adobe has just pushed out an updated Photoshop Touch app for both iOS and Android, hitting version 1.3. The iOS version now includes Retina display support for the third generation 'new iPad', as well as support for print-resolution images up to 12 megapixels with up to 16 layers.



The new app also includes two new effects, a new three-finger tap, support for Apple's Photo Stream and smoother performance in the organizer, tutorial browser and file picker. Also included is a new "pixel nudging" mode for more precise movements.


The new three-finger tap feature will let you toggle between 100% view and "fit screen" view, while the two new effects added are called "Shred" and "Colorize". With the new version 1.3 of Photoshop Touch now supporting 12-megapixel images (only 10-megapixel on the iPad 2), users will need to change to the higher capacity in preferences, as the default value is still 4.2-megapixel with 10 layers.

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uTorrent creators release an Android app to aid you in maxing your data cap

With more and more cellular providers going to a set data amount, uTorrent thought they'd lend a hand increasing carriers' profits by releasing a mobile torrent app. BitTorrent Inc., the creators of uTorrent, have released a beta mobile uTorrent app that allows torrents to be directly downloaded to a user's phone.


TweakTown image news/2/5/25672_1_utorrent_creators_release_an_android_app_to_aid_you_in_maxing_your_data_cap.png


As the app is still in beta, many features are still missing and performance is likely a bit lower than what it will end up being. But, there is one feature that works: downloading torrents. Downloading torrents works over a 3G or 4G connection, but doing so will likely use up all of your limited data.


If you happen to be on an unlimited plan, torrenting will probably get you a letter from your carrier saying your usage is too high and they are going to cancel you. The Android app is supposed to provide access to legal content, but BitTorrent Inc. has yet to add that feature. They hope to grow their mobile user base with this new app.

Artists make more money streaming a song to a user on Spotify, than they do on iTunes Match

Spotify has been my favorite app for a while now, but I've always wondered just how much an artist makes per song streamed to me, or anyone else using the streaming, subscription-based music system. The system is called 'stream rental', and Josh Davison of Centro shared some numbers regarding streaming revenue earned from his baned Parks and Gardens, on both Spotify, and iTunes Match.


TweakTown image news/2/5/25640_06_artists_make_more_money_streaming_a_song_to_a_user_on_spotify_than_they_do_on_itunes_match.jpg


Apple's iTunes Match pays one-third of a cent, and Spotify is significantly more sitting at just under one cent per streamed track. But, having the song on iTunes Match means that the customer has already acquired the track somehow, be it legally, or pirated and then synced to iTunes Match. Spotify seems like the go, here.


Now we have some numbers thanks to web developer Scott Buscemi, showing popular services such as Spotify, Spotify Free, iTunes Match and Rhapsody from his client, HoneyBoy Dupree:


TweakTown image news/2/5/25640_05_artists_make_more_money_streaming_a_song_to_a_user_on_spotify_than_they_do_on_itunes_match.jpg


Nearly 15,000 plays are required for an artist to roughly break even on distributing the track itself. These numbers should improve over time, as more people listen to tracks through music streaming services. Unless there's millions of playbacks, most artists are making only a few dollars here and there.

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