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A flaw in Apple Maps sends people driving across airport runway

Apple's Maps app has been plagued with issues since its release, and has often been unfairly compared to Google Maps, which has a development head start of over a decade. Unfortunately, many of the errors Apple Maps has been experiencing are quite fundamental and not simply a misnamed road or missing imagery.




A recent error has popped up that involves the Fairbanks International Airport located in Fairbanks, Alaska. The airport has reported several incidents where iPhone users were using Apple Maps to navigate around the airport and wound up driving on a taxiway and then across an active runway.


"We asked them to disable the map for Fairbanks until they could correct it, thinking it would be better to have nothing show up than to take the chance that one more person would do this," said Melissa Osborn, chief of operations at the airport.


The airport has asked Apple to disable navigation leading to the airport until it has been fixed, and has even had to take the extreme measures of erecting barricades that prevent people from driving onto the runway. Apple said that the problem will be fixed by Wednesday. Just for fun, when you navigate to the airport using Google Maps, you are directed around the airport and to the correct driveway.

iMessage for Android arrives, kinda, but it redirects data to China

iMessage Chat for Android has arrived, but is it as good as what it sounds like? Well, yes and no. iMessage Chat allows Android users to chat between Android and iOS devices, but there should be caution used.




9to5Mac reports that iMessage Chat is definitely not an Apple app - which should be obvious - and was created by a third-party developed named Daniel Zweigart. iMessage Chat disguises the Android device you're using as a Mac mini, after which it pushes your messages to the Apple iMessage server. This means you'll require an Apple ID to gain access, but this isn't where the problems stop.


The creator of Cydia, Jay Freeman, noticed that iMessage Chat redirects to a server in China, before it forwards the information to Apple. This means that the server acts like a middle man, where it handles the transferring and processing of information between your smartphone and the iMessage server. The scary thing is, we don't know what the Chinese server is doing with your information - where it could be, and probably is storing your Apple IDs and chat logs.

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BlackBerry pumps the brakes on BBM rollout for Android and iOS

On top of BlackBerry having serious issues, and diving out of the consumer market and letting 4,500 people go, its BBM rollout for Android and iOS has now been put on hold. The Canadian phone maker has said that leaked versions people were using were having "issues" and that they are hard at work to getting it released.




Prior to launching BBM for Android, an unreleased version of the BBM for Android app was posted online. The interest and enthusiasm we have seen already - more than 1.1 million active users in the first 8 hours without even launching the official Android app - is incredible. Consequently, this unreleased version caused issues, which we have attempted to address throughout the day.


Our teams continue to work around the clock to bring BBM to Android and iPhone, but only when it's ready and we know it will live up to your expectations of BBM. We are pausing the global roll-out of BBM for Android and iPhone. Customers who have already downloaded BBM for iPhone will be able to continue to use BBM. The unreleased Android app will be disabled, and customers who downloaded it should visit to register for updates on official BBM for Android availability.


As soon as we are able, we will begin a staggered country roll-out of BBM for Android and continue the roll-out of BBM for iPhone. Please follow @BBM on Twitter for the latest updates and go to to sign-up for updates about BBM for Android and iPhone. These issues have not impacted BBM service for BlackBerry.

2013 is the year of the app, with over 102 billion downloads in total

How many apps do you have installed on your smartphone, tablet, and other Internet-connected devices? Well, add those up and times them by many hundred million and you'll be at a number so big it'll make your head spin.




According to research company Gartner, over 102 billion apps will be downloaded from mobile app stores this year alone, a number that has risen 40% from 2012. Total revenue from app downloads is expected to bust through $26 billion, which is up $8 billion from the $16 billion total of last year. Gartner's projections show that continuous growth is to happen until 2017, with the slow down taking place next year.


Sandy Shen, research director at Gartner, said: "We expect strong growth in downloads through 2014, but growth is forecast to slow down a bit in later years. The average downloads per device should be high in early years as users get new devices and discover the apps they like. Over time they accumulate a portfolio of apps they like and stick to, so there will be moderate numbers of downloads in the later years."

Google makes Quickoffice free for all iOS and Android users

Google acquired Quickoffice back in 2012, and has since been hammering away at the application over at Mountain View. The search giant has just announced that Quickoffice is now free for everyone on iOS and Android.




Quickoffice is optimized for both smartphones and tablets, allowing you to edit and view Microsoft Office documents that are stored on your device without compromising the format. The latest version of Quickoffice allows you to work on documents that have been saved to your Google Drive account as well, which is a huge help for anyone (like myself) who works with Microsoft Office documents, but stores them on their Drive account.


Google has done one better, offering 10GB of extra Google Drive storage for two years if you download Quickoffice from the Google Play Store before September 26 and link it up to your Google account. You know what? I'm going to do that right now - thanks, Google.

Google updates Chrome for iOS app, improves on connectivity

Today, Google released an update to its Chrome for iOS application that brings forward a new design for iOS 7 and improves the full screen experience on Apple's iPad. The update further integrates the browser with other Google apps on the device allowing users to sign in to the apps by specifying which Google account you like sign in with.




Voice search has also been improved upon and now allows users to combine search terms to make searching faster. An example would be "What year did Bill Gates found Microsoft, and how old is he?" and Google will return both search results on a single page.


Additionally, relevant links in Chrome now open directly in Google Maps, Gmail, Google Drive, and even YouTube. This is convenient as it allows users to quickly access the more feature-rich Google apps over Apple's own solutions.

Kamcord announce its Android beta app

Ever since it has been out, Kamcord has been locked to iOS, until today that is. The game recording app maker has announced that it has an Android beta application out, which you can try out today!



If you were like me, and until very recently didn't know what Kamcord did in the gigantic, never-ending sea of applications did, it allows you to record your gaming moments and share them with the world. Right now, Kamcord has over one million videos that have been uploaded to its site from gamers all across the world. Kamcord is similar to Twitch, but is primarily focused on mobile gaming, which is exploding right now.




Jumping onto the Android bandwagon will see them grow like we have not seen before, thanks to the huge inroads that Google has done in Asian countries with Android. Android has over 60% of the smartphone OS market share in China and Japan, which should see Kamcord benefit greatly from. Kamcord co-founder, Kevin Wang, says: "Technically this represents a huge breakthrough. No one has been able to accomplish this until now because of the difficulties associated with recording performance in the Android environment."

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Apple finally launches iTunes Radio, but where's the fanfare?

Apple has finally released iTunes Radio 11.1, which actually includes iTunes Radio - probably one of the biggest, if not the biggest competitor to music streaming services such as Spotify, Rdio and Pandora.




iTunes Radio features 250 preset stations that are just like the "radio stations" that other music streaming services include which are based on artists, songs or genres. iTunes Radio is available ad-free if you have already subscribed to iTunes Match which costs $24.99 per month. iTunes Radio is also free, but there will be plenty of audio and visual ads splashed in front of your face and ears.

Feedly goes developer friendly, opens the doors to its API

As a daily user of Feedly, I can only see this as a great thing - as Feedly has opened its doors to developers by opening up its brand new cloud API to anyone who is interested.




For the last six months, Feedly has had the help of over 50 developers to create an 'elastic programming interface' that lets developers create apps in less than a week. If you're an interested developer, you can do a bit of a clicky click with your mouse right here and check it out.

Offline video playback coming soon to YouTube's mobile app

Earlier this week, YouTube announced that it plans to introduce a new feature in November that will add offline viewing to any videos that users add to their watch later list on their mobile device. Once downloaded to your device, the videos will be viewable for 48 hours, after which they will have to be re-downloaded.




YouTube did not specifically state how the service will work or if the feature would be exclusive to Android, or if it will be featured on the iOS version of the app as well. Either way, I feel that this is an excellent idea and I cannot wait to start downloading movies to watch while on long trips with spotty Internet service.

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