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Crittercism launches Fathom Mobile Command Center, puts the control of your apps in your hands

Crittercism has just launched their new Fathom Mobile Command Center, which can help companies in many ways. With the growing digital lifestyles that not only consumers live in, but businesses have to build to sustain those consumers, the behind-the-scenes app development and maintenance headaches also grow.


TweakTown image news/3/1/31119_01_crittercism_launches_fathom_mobile_command_center_puts_the_control_of_your_apps_in_your_hands.jpg


This is where Crittercism is here to help with their new platform that will improve companies' mobile app strategy for the long-term. Fathom is the first solution that is capable of monitoring and reporting how third-party services and network conditions affect the performance of iOS and Android. In order to help companies manage the performance of their iOS- or Android-based apps, Fathom provides powerful tools that allow these companies to not only understand, but address these performance issues within any consumer, business-to-business or employee-facing application.


TweakTown image news/3/1/31119_02_crittercism_launches_fathom_mobile_command_center_puts_the_control_of_your_apps_in_your_hands.jpg


Crittercism's new Fathom Mobile Command Center will show each factor affecting app performance for each individual app session where an issue is encountered. This provides, as you can imagine, a huge understanding to mobile teams and developers who are looking to improve to overall app experience - be it consumers, or business partners, or both. Mobile teams can then use Fathom to monitor app performance in real-time, which is a nice touch.

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Facebook for iOS gets updated, brings with it emotions for status updates

Facebook has released an update to their iOS app that brings with it emotions for status updates and better controls over sharing. Emotions for status updates were released not too long ago on the desktop side of things, but it has now been brought to iOS through this latest update.


TweakTown image news/3/1/31134_1_facebook_for_ios_gets_updated_brings_with_it_emotions_for_status_updates.png


Facebook has also made it easier to adjust who can see something you've shared, making it easier to protect your privacy. Of course, Facebook has included the prerequisite "bug fixes," but they have also added in the ability to start a new conversation with photos you receive in messages.


The latest version of the app can be grabbed from the Apple App Store.

RumorTT: Instagram to get Vine-like video capabilities on June 20

A lot of speculation has been circling in the rumor mill about Facebook's mysterious press event being held later this week onJune 20th. Today TechCrunch may have just cracked the code that will let the genie out of the bottle. Apparently an unknown source has confirmed that Facebook will be launching video capabilities for it's popular Instagram service.


TweakTown image news/3/1/31094_1_rumortt_instagram_to_get_vine_like_video_capabilities_on_june_20th.jpg


Facebook adding videos to Instgram makes a lot of sense as its biggest competitor, Vine, is based around sharing short video clips. Analyst expect a similar model to Vine in which Instagram videos would be between 5 and 10 seconds each to make sharing quick, simple, and as low bandwidth hungry as possible.


Of course the added video feature would attract even more users which would further bolster Facebook's plans to monetize the service with ads. Being able to inject a 5 second video before a users video is played would bring in more cash than a simple banner ad placed over a photo. While details on the press event later this week are still unknown, we will be sure to bring you all the latest news as it is released.

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CPU-Z makes its way to Android, get detailed information about your smart devices internals

CPU-Z is now available for Android, a tool that has been used for many years by people like myself and other enthusiasts to get information on their systems and to check their latest overclock and what not. The app is now available for Android, which is a refreshing change.


TweakTown image news/3/1/31084_03_cpu_z_makes_its_way_to_android_get_detailed_information_about_your_smart_devices_internals.jpg


CPU-Z for Android provides a slew of information about the internals of your Android-powered device that you can use for debugging, optimizing or tweaking, just like you would on your Windows-powered PC. There are different tabs for your SoC, system build information, battery stats and live sensor data. There are obviously other apps that provide users with a similar experience, but this is CPU-Z, something that has been a long time companion of PC tweakers and enthusiasts.


I'll be installing this on my phone this afternoon for a tweak or two! You can grab it, here.

RumorTT: Instagram coming to Windows Phone on June 26 as a Nokia exclusive

Nokia is said to be getting Instagram as an exclusive app on June 26. Windows Phone has lacked many popular apps from other platforms, this has been seen as a problem for Windows Phone adoption and one that Nokia has decided to address. If this rumor proves true, it would appear that Nokia's work has paid off.


TweakTown image news/3/0/30908_1_rumortt_instagram_coming_to_windows_phone_on_june_26_as_a_nokia_exclusive.jpg


Exclusivity seems just slightly unlikely as Instagram would probably not want to cut themselves off from a greater market possibility. However, it could end up being an exclusive for a certain period of time. Either that or Instagram doesn't see the Windows Phone market as being that huge. After all, Nokia is one of the major Windows Phone players, so they would still pick up a large portion of Windows Phone users.


We'll have to wait until an official announcement or June 26 to see if this rumor proves to be true. Until then, take it with a grain of salt.

Windows Phone finally gets Jetpack Joyride game

Windows Phone users will finally get access to the hit game Jetpack Joyride. Android, iOS, BB10, and Windows 8 have all had access to the app, though for varying amounts of time. However, why it's taken so long to get to Windows Phone is a mystery. After all, Microsoft originally announced that the game would be coming to Windows Phone seven months ago when Windows Phone 8 was launched.


TweakTown image news/3/0/30878_1_windows_phone_finally_gets_jetpack_joyride_game.jpg


While it's not too important what the hold up was, it's still interesting that it took seven months to arrive. But now that it is here, gamers can rejoice. The Windows Phone version of the app comes with Xbox Live integration, allowing challenges, acheivements, and other Xbox Live features to be utilized in game.


You can download Jetpack Joyride from the Windows Phone Store.

Google's new Gmail for iOS app brings the new inbox to iOS devices

Google's Android update for Gmail was leaked yesterday and today sees a similar update for iOS devices. Google has released an updated Gmail for iOS app that will bring the newly redesigned inbox to iOS devices, but only if the user has already enabled the new inbox on the web.


TweakTown image news/3/0/30826_1_google_s_new_gmail_for_ios_app_brings_the_new_inbox_to_ios_devices.png


The app update also brings with it changes to the notification system. The new app will allow you to configure notifications for each type of e-mail. This means you can stop receiving new e-mail alerts for e-mail that arrives to the promotions, social, or other e-mail boxes.


The new app is available from Apple's App Store.

Hulu Plus for Android gets higher quality playback on some devices

Hulu, currently amid buyout rumors and offers, has updated their Android app to provide higher quality playback for Plus users on some devices. The new high-quality playback is available on Samsung's Galaxy S4, HTC's One, and HTC's Droid DNA.


TweakTown image news/3/0/30792_1_hulu_plus_for_android_gets_higher_quality_playback_on_some_devices.jpg


According to Hulu's release notes, "You'll feel like you have bionic retina implants minus the deductible and waiting for its invention."


The higher quality playback is available for those devices that feature a 1080p display, hence the short list above. Another minor change included in this version is your standard bug fixes, specifically playback issues for certain LG phones and other devices. The updated app is available from the Google Play Store.

Gmail for Android available, features slide-out navigation and new inbox

AndroidPolice have gotten their hands on the latest Gmail APK that will be rolling out to all Android users over the coming weeks. The APK, version 4.5-694836, features the new slide-out navigation and redesigned inbox. Take a look for yourself:


TweakTown image gmail_for_android_available_features_slide_out_navigation_and_new_inboxTweakTown image gmail_for_android_available_features_slide_out_navigation_and_new_inbox


This update comes as part of Google's recently unveiled Gmail overhaul that introduced new tabs to help you become an e-mail power user. E-mail will automatically be sorted into various categories, including 'Social', 'Promotions', and 'Updates'. You can grab the APK from Source #1 below, or try Google Play. Don't be surprised if you don't have it quite yet--Google is slowly rolling it out over the next few weeks to all users.

ROCCAT's Power-Grid lets you control your games and computer all from your smartphone

Computex Taipei 2013 - ROCCAT have unveiled something they're calling a first in the history of PC gaming with their new Power-Grid technology. Power-Grid allows you to use your smartphone to control both your games, and your computer, and is free to get you started.


TweakTown image news/3/0/30665_01_roccat_s_power_grid_lets_you_control_your_games_and_computer_all_from_your_smartphone.jpg


ROCCAT's Power-Grid will allow you to connect, monitor and control your game and PC in real-time, with the app featuring four control displays, or "grids". There are four grids at play, with the first three preloaded with a bunch of essential gaming tools while ROCCAT have left the fourth one completely customizable. The three grids are made up of the "Incoming Center", "Stats Control", "Sound Control" while the fourth is free.


TweakTown image news/3/0/30665_02_roccat_s_power_grid_lets_you_control_your_games_and_computer_all_from_your_smartphone.jpg


TweakTown image news/3/0/30665_03_roccat_s_power_grid_lets_you_control_your_games_and_computer_all_from_your_smartphone.jpg


Incoming Center routes all outside voice and text communication - be it Skype, Facebook or TeamSpeak - to your smartphone for easy viewing. This way, gamers can continue to get their game on, without their PC disturbing them with updates, which they can quickly check on their smartphone.


Stats Control allows gamers to view their PC's vital data - such as CPU load, hard drive space and network traffic - all from their smartphone. The third preloaded grid is Sound Control, which lets gamers set and adjust all aspects of their gaming audio from their smartphone. Gamers can tweak audio settings in Skype to provide in-game music or with their media player together, or independently.

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