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TweakTown Milestones


  • January 27th TweakTown launches revised modern web design
  • January 25th TweakTown enters 6k Alexa USA rank range
  • January 15th TweakTown surpasses 85,000 fans on Facebook
  • January 5th TweakTown has media booth at Storage Visions 2014 (Las Vegas, NV)
  • January 1st TweakTown Author Blogs launch


  • August 13th TweakTown has media booth at Flash Memory Summit 2013 (Santa Clara, CA)
  • August 12th TweakTown and SwiftTest Partner on Storage Performance Testing
  • June 4th TweakTown holds third annual Computex Party with massive attendance
  • June 4th TweakTown Blue Prodigy PC breaks PCMark Storage World Record at Computex 2013
  • June 4th TweakTown's "Best of Computex 2013" Awards
  • May 15th TweakTown launches Live Blogs
  • May 6th TweakTown enters 9k Alexa USA rank range
  • May 4th TweakTown hits 10,000 followers on Twitter
  • March 28th TweakTown surpasses 50,000 fans on Facebook
  • March 20th TweakTown introduces Tweakipedia
  • February 24th TweakTown surpasses 40,000 fans on Facebook
  • February 6th TweakTown becomes proud sponsor of the Taipei Baboons Rugby Sports Club
  • January 23rd TweakTown adds "Listening" ability of content via SoundGecko


  • December 5th TweakTown Apple iPhone content app gets updated to version 1.4
  • November 27th TweakTown upgrades to MariaDB for better website performance
  • November 25th TweakTown surpasses 20,000 fans on Facebook
  • November 11th TweakTown surpasses 15,000 fans on Facebook
  • October 30th TweakTown hits 5,000 followers on Twitter (10:1 ratio)
  • September 25th TweakTown moves to powerful dual Intel Xeon web server at WiredTree
  • September 20th TweakTown surpasses 10,000 fans on Facebook
  • September 18th MyDigitalSSD TweakTown Chris Ramseyer Signature Edition by SuperSSpeed SSD goes on sale
  • August 15th TweakTown launches Asian Battlefield 3 Gaming Server
  • July 6th TweakTown launches Ask the Experts
  • June 5th TweakTown holds second annual Computex Media Party with massive attendance
  • June 5th TweakTown sponsors Roshan from India for first Win a trip to Computex contest
  • April 22nd TweakTown Forums gets PC Specs pull-down menu listing finally
  • April 10th TweakTown Forums now accessible through Forum Runner mobile app
  • April 3rd TweakTown Apple iPhone content app gets updated to version 1.3
  • March 30th TweakTown gets its very own Google Currents edition
  • March 10th TweakTown version 2012 new design goes live
  • February 1st TweakTown starts its first Battlefield 3 game server with MW Clan
  • January 3rd TweakTown surpasses 5,000 subscribers on YouTube
  • January 2nd TweakTown enters Top 100 for Gadget blogs as rated on Technorati
  • January 1st TweakTown editor Shane Baxtor moved to Taiwan


  • November 5th TweakTown news content accepted for publishing on Pulse News App
  • November 1st TweakTown surpasses 6,000 fans on Facebook
  • October 17th Apple approves TweakTown iPhone app version 1.2 to the App Store
  • September 23rd G.Skill start providing tech support in TweakTown Forums
  • September 5th TweakTown Android content app approved and ready for download on Android Market
  • August 12th TweakTown's first eBook goes on sale
  • August 8th TweakTown enters Top 100 for tech blogs on Technorati
  • August 1st TweakTown races to a social "Klout" score of 60
  • July 25th TweakTown passes 5,000,000 video views on its YouTube channel
  • July 24th TweakTown brings back comments powered by Facebook Comments
  • July 18th TweakTown surpasses 3,000 followers on Twitter
  • July 16th TweakTown Image Zooming goes live
  • July 10th TweakTown surpasses 4,000 subscribers on YouTube
  • July 9th TweakTown surpasses 5,000 fans on Facebook
  • July 7th TweakTown app for Nokia devices listed on Ovi Store
  • July 1st TweakTown becomes official YouTube social source
  • June 4th TweakTown attends 12th successive Computex Taipei 2011 tradeshow event
  • May 31st TweakTown holds Computex Taipei 2011 media party with over 300 people
  • May 10th Apple approves TweakTown iPhone app version 1.1 to the App Store
  • April 18th TweakTown surpasses 4,000 fans on Facebook
  • March 15th TweakTown implements a Content Delivery Network (CDN) to decrease page loading times and increase Google page ranks
  • March 6th TweakTown and its community donated funds to the value of $6,289.77 AUD for Queensland flood victims
  • February 22nd Passed 4,000,000 video views on our YouTube channel
  • January 27th TweakTown's Aussie Flood Appeal Dream System) Donate and Win!
  • January 6th TweakTown holds its first annual CES Media Party in Las Vegas


  • December 5th TweakTown iPhone content app approved and ready for download on Apple App Store
  • November TweakTown Mobile Edition website ready for iPhone, Android and other mobile devices
  • November TweakTown surpasses 3,000 fans on Facebook
  • November TweakTown hires new web developer
  • October TweakTown content now listed on
  • September TweakTown passes 3,000,000 video views on our YouTube channel
  • July 1st TweakTown launches TweakTown Australian Edition and USA Edition
  • June TweakTown launches new 'Mini Review' and 'Mini Article' magazine layout style for some content
  • June TweakTown Weekly Newsletter surpasses 25,000 members
  • May TweakTown surpasses 2,000,000 Total Upload Video Views on YouTube
  • May TweakTown reaches 1,500 subscribers on YouTube channel
  • May TweakTown retires OpenX Ad Server and moves all advertising over to DFP Small Business by Google. Google has successfully completed an auditing and certification process with the Media Rating Council, and is in compliance with the Interactive Advertising Bureau standard for display ad impression measurement
  • May TweakTown begins covering monitors, HDTVs, projectors, cameras, Home Theater, mobile phones, tablets, MIDs, servers and workstations
  • May New design
  • April TweakTown surpasses 1,000 fans on Facebook
  • March TweakTown introduces new style benchmark chart graphs
  • March Total Value Rating and Total Performance Rating graphs
  • March TweakTown Forum surpasses 50,000 members
  • February TweakTown invited to be Google AdSense partner
  • January TweakTown surpasses 8,900 RSS subscribers
  • January TweakTown SBG re-launched


  • November TweakTown Weekly Newsletter launched
  • September TweakTown accepted as YouTube partner
  • September TweakTown hires Dean "Deanzo" Smith for Extreme Overclocking content
  • August TweakTown begins Weekly Giveaways
  • July TweakTown enters 16k Alexa rank range
  • June New TweakTown award images created
  • May New design
  • February TweakTown invests heavily in PSU testing gear, begins professional reviews


  • August TweakTown records 10,000th news post
  • July TweakTown starts Press Release section
  • June TweakTown surpasses 1,052,000 monthly unique visitors (Google Analytics)
  • June YouTube channel created, TweakTown into video content
  • May TweakTown starts covering laptops
  • April TweakTown begins professional storage testing by Chris Ramseyer


  • December TweakTown hires Steve Dougherty as full time content editor
  • December TweakTown surpasses 893,000 monthly unique visitors (Google Analytics)
  • October TweakTown begins professional cooling testing (T.E.C.C. testing)
  • October TweakTown signs with NetShelter as North American ad agency
  • August TweakTown signs with Transaction Media as Asia ad agency
  • July TweakTown "Digital Lounge" section started
  • June TweakTown holds big media party at Computex Taipei
  • June TweakTown has media booth at Computex Taipei
  • June TweakTown hires Justin Koziol, full time web developer
  • May Introduced Power, Heat and Noise testing to Video Card Reviews
  • April TTGamer created, covering gaming content
  • March TweakTown makes Engadget for first time (ATI's R600 offerings)
  • February Tweak Town Pty Ltd acquires 3D Avenue and Hardware Avenue
  • January New design


  • December TweakTown makes Gizmodo for first time (Dummies' Guide to DivX On Your 360)
  • November TweakTown makes Digg front page for first time (Vista ForceWare thermal issue)


  • November Cameron Wilmot moved to Taiwan to setup TweakTown Taipei office


  • Tweak Town Pty Ltd company formed in Australia
  • May New design
  • January TweakTown featured on "The Screen Savers" TV show

    2002 and 2003

  • January New design


  • TweakTown attended and covered Computex Taipei for first time


  • Featured on CNN and published in Australian newspapers
  • September TweakTown makes Slashdot for first time (Socket A Coolers: That Don't Kill)


  • September TweakTown named and first launched

    1997 till 1999

  • TweakTown initially online as "Wilmot's Website"

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