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Smartphones with 100% more battery life arrive in 2017

By: Anthony Garreffa | More News: Mobile Devices, Tablets & Phones | Posted: 5 days, 17 hours ago

Let's face it: we all hate the battery life on our connected devices, and this includes everything from smartphones, tablets and laptops. Well, it looks like SolidEnergy might have a fix for that.




SolidEnergy is a company that was formed by MIT researchers, which are teasing a new battery breakthrough that will increase the battery life of your smartphone, and they will have production of these new batteries in 2017. Whoa. SolidEnergy formed in 2012, while another MIT spinoff company - A123 Systems - went bankrupt, after working on lithium batteries.


SolidEnergy was working on a very tight budget, and as Android Police reports: "still operating on a tight budget in a market suddenly skeptical of battery technology improvements, snatched up A123's production facility. Initially a challenge, SolidEnergy had to make do with equipment designed to make battery components for consumer electronics". SmartEnergy knows how to make battery components with the same equipment that is needed to get their batteries to mass market.

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Xbox exec says the PC won't kill Xbox, we say duh

By: Anthony Garreffa | More News: Gaming Consoles | Posted: 5 days, 19 hours ago

Microsoft has been experiencing unprecedented demand for its new Xbox One S console, so riding the Gamescom 2016 wave is a good idea, especially when you need to get rid of the taste of Quantum Break out of gamers' mouths.




During an appearance on the latest Inner Circle podcast, Xbox executive Albert Penello said that PC gaming doesn't take anything away from the console market, and instead of provides gamers with more ways to play the games they love. Penello talked about the idea that someone wouldn't buy a game because it was on another platform, where he said: "There's a debate or a discussion that you can have with a certain type of people online and you want to argue details and argue nuance, but the reality is that most people don't make that kind of choice".


Penello continued: "Today, if you play games, you're playing games on just about everything you own. You're playing games on your phone, you're playing games on your console when you want to lay back in front of that big TV, and you're playing PC games when you want that keyboard and mouse, up-close, highly customized kind of experience. Even guys that are diehard console gamers, we know they play on their phone and PC". He's right, you know?

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AMD stock in a Zen like state, up 330% this year alone

By: Anthony Garreffa | More News: CPU, APU & Chipsets | Posted: 5 days, 21 hours ago

You've got to hand it to AMD, they have been having a great past 12 months or so, riding the success of their new Polaris architecture, and the tease of Zen has investors pleased. So much so, that AMD stock has increased by a massive 330% in the last year, rising another 8% today on the back of the positive news of Zen from IDF 2016.




AMD has had a few years of financial grief, but it looks like the company is getting past this, returning to profitability in Q2 and should hopefully continue that with the sales of the Radeon RX 480, RX 470 and RX 460 throughout the rest of 2016, and into 2017. But the last week has been all about Zen, AMD's next-gen CPU architecture, which has been impressing us for quite a while now. AMD's new Zen architecture looks to have the company on an even playing field with Intel once again, who has had a monopoly on the market for what feels like forever.


Zen won't see the light of day for consumers and gamers until early 2017, but it will be delivering a 40% improvement of IPC (Instructions Per Clock), which is beyond impressive for something that has probably only reached testing phases now. AMD will continue to improve its Zen craft, with next-gen motherboards also featuring new connectivity like M.2 SSD support, USB Type-C and support for the likes of DDR4 RAM, and more.

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No Man's Sky experiences 78% decline in playerbase

By: Anthony Garreffa | More News: Gaming | Posted: 5 days, 22 hours ago

No Man's Sky has some truly massive hype and so far, it hasn't really lived up to it at all and yet somehow, it has been the biggest release on Steam this year.




The game launched last week hitting an average of 212,000 players at its peak, quickly becoming the largest launch of 2016. But, the game has been losing players since its launch, with a massive 78% decrease from its peak 7 days ago of 212,000 players to hit its new peak of just 47,000 players.


The developer has patches being deployed as we speak, but I don't see it being able to help the not just stagnated, but plummeting growth of No Man's Sky. Check out what we thought about the game in our official No Man's Sky review.

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided's $30 season pass has story DLC

By: Derek Strickland | More News: Gaming | Posted: 6 days, 2 hours ago

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided will have a $30 season pass that includes two story-based DLC missions, extra weapons and gear, and more.



Deus Ex: Mankind Divided drops this Tuesday, continuing Adam Jensen's journey through the warring world of augs. Like pretty much every game released in this current generation, the sequel will have a $30 season pass that grants access to two new singleplayer missions called System Rift and A Criminal Past. You also get a bunch of extra filler items like Firaxis skill points, 5,000 credits (that's really not a lot), some item and weapon packs, and some boosters and chips for the new Breach mini-game.


For $30, this season pass looks extremely underwhelming. I'm hoping that those story missions are more than your typical linear quests, especially since you're basically paying $15 each for them. Honestly I think the whole "story mission" description is a misnomer because it implies that you're not getting very much, almost something like a little bonus quest that can be beaten in under an hour. And maybe it isn't a misnomer and the missions are pretty short, I'm not sure. But for $30 I'd hope that Square Enix would give us more bang for our buck.


"The Deus Ex: Mankind Divided • Season Pass, which is composed of Narrative DLCs and in•game items, is loaded with content that will help to further flesh out the lore of the Deus Ex Universe."

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Check out 30 minutes of Forza Horizon 3 gameplay

By: Derek Strickland | More News: Gaming | Posted: 6 days, 4 hours ago

Gamescom 2016 - Microsoft showcases a nice chunk of gameplay for Forza Horizon 3, the beautiful upcoming racer set in the heart of the outback.



The Forza series is known for its eye-poppingly enchanting visuals, and Forza Horizon 3 is no different: the game really captures the arid golden beauty of Australia quite well, and even has photorealistic locations that are found in the real-world. Interestingly enough, Forza Horizon 3's outback setting was way outside of the team's comfort zone, but they were happy to recreate the continent in game form:


"We never reuse anything in our games, we always rebuild everything from scratch in each new Horizon game," said Forza Horizon 3's creative director Ralph Fulton. "We call these areas playgrounds, because they're build specifically so you can get in your cars and go out and have fun."

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Star Citizen's planet exploration eclipses No Man's Sky

By: Derek Strickland | More News: Gaming | Posted: 6 days, 5 hours ago

Gamescom 2016 - Star Citizen shows us what real planetary exploration is like, making No Man's Sky look like child's play.



After playing No Man's Sky for the past week or so, I find myself wanting a real sci-fi experience. Star Citizen's new planetary exploration demo shown at Gamescom 2016 completely smashes the indie in nearly every way, showing us what real co-op interstellar planet-side should be like. Star Citizen's new 3.0 update adds in worlds that have actual civilizations and cities and living, breathing NPCs, all of which can be explored with a friend: there's dirty steampunk-style worlds that resemble Blade Runner, and the planets are absolutely huge and varied. You can get out of your ship to explore lost derelicts in space, or land on moons and zoom across their surface on speeder-bike like landswoopers, and even take on random missions and trade with NPCs. Honestly, the gameplay really reminds me of a glorious mix of Mass Effect, Deus Ex, Dead Space and even some Fallout sentiments.


"We're more focused on building a universe and world, we have lore and history so it's a different approach to Elite and No Man's Sky. We won't have billions of planets or systems," said Star Citizen's Chris Roberts. Planets are also fully rendered--there's no skybox--and the sun is in fixed positions

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No Man's Sky is built on two key emotions, says devs

By: Derek Strickland | More News: Gaming | Posted: 6 days, 7 hours ago

No Man's Sky creator and lead developer Sean Murray reveals exactly why Hello Games made their procedurally generated space sim, and the two emotions that he wants to pass across to gamers.



Hello Games didn't want to make a perfect game with No Man's Sky. They didn't want everyone to like it, and they wanted it to be different and unlike anything we've really played before. Speaking at the European Space Agency in Darmstadt, Germany, Sean Murray says he made the game specifically to make gamers feel two things: as if they've stepped into a sci-fi book cover to make the awe-inspiring excitement of planet discovery feel real, if only for a small while, and using the game's massive scope to trigger an understanding of how big our universe actually is.


The devs knew they were too small to make something that was amazing 100% of the time, so they chose to exemplify specific parts of the game and tie emotions with these parts that speak to both a player's heart and imagination. In my official No Man's Sky review, I talked about how the devs achieved this explicitly well, and how this kind of imaginative wonder actually worked against the game itself. Even still, the devs wanted to present a clear message to gamers regardless of the costs and risks.

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Windows 10 update has millions of webcams not working

By: Anthony Garreffa | More News: Operating Systems | Posted: 6 days, 8 hours ago

Microsoft's recent Windows 10 Anniversary Update has been causing problems with USB webcams, where the update prevents them from using MJPEG and H.264 encoding processes, in favor of the NV12 and YUY2 formats that are causing issues for many more people than Microsoft had anticipated. Millions of webcams have been affected.




Windows insider Paul Thurrott said that the Anniversary Update allows new situations where multiple applications can access the webcam, and the banned processed would duplicate the encoding stream, slowing it down. Only allowing a certain few compressions formats would stop multiple simultaneous processes, but now Microsoft has just made millions of webcams across the world not work in a click of their fingers.


Many users have taken to a developer forum where "Mike M" from the Windows Camera team at Microsoft explained why they removed the formatting, with the developer saying there's a fix for the MJPEG issue that will arrive in the September update, but the H.264 fix is a while away yet. You've got 10 days to roll back the Anniversary Update, which will have this problem solved, but if you pass that then you're going to have to wait until the fixes are delivered through Windows 10 updates.


Engadget received a response from Microsoft over the issue, where the Microsoft spokesperson said: "Windows 10 continues to have the highest customer satisfaction of any version of Windows. We have seen a small number of reports of unexpected behaviors following the Windows 10 Anniversary Update. Engineering and customer support are investigating these on a case by case basis and offering trouble-shooting tips as necessary. If a customer has any issues, we offer customer support at".

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided preload live, Steam key 25% off

By: TweakTown Dealzon | More News: Deals | Posted: 1 week ago

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided has entered the official preload phase earlier today, according to an update on their Steam community page. As of 9AM Pacific this morning, gamers can get started on the 19.9GB download. The game will unpack to 45GB when all is said and done, so slower connections should get started through the weekend.




Gamers still on the sidelines are also in luck because Green Man Gaming is offering a 25% off pre-order incentive to lure in undecided gamers. The game has thus far been well-received, with most critic reviews being generally positive. As of writing, here are the Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Steam key deals at GMG:



To see the full discount you must login at GMG. The discounted prices will reflect before you take the games to checkout. Interestingly, this only applies to the Deluxe Edition, where you'll see a 10% off if you don't log in, and 25% off if you log in (go figure). For the Standard Edition of Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, you'll see 25% off no matter if you log in or not.


Picking up the game at GMG before Tuesday's release will also net you the pre-order bonuses offered by Square Enix (given GMG is an authorized retailer after all). In total, these are the current bonuses for the "Day 1" Edition of Deus Ex: Mankind Divided:


  • Extra in-game mission (with additional content)
  • Three weapon/item packs
  • Digital OST sampler (select tracks instead of the full soundtrack)
  • Digital comic book, novella and artbook


More details for each of the gears, packs, and bonuses can also be found here at the official site.


Deus Ex: Mankind Divided will release on August 23, 2016. The game will be available on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Windows PC (Steam). For other platform deals, you can also check here.

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