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Gears of War: Ultimate Edition patch adds multi-GPU support

By: Anthony Garreffa | More News: Gaming | Posted: Mar 20, 2016 6:41 pm

The PC version of Gears of War: Ultimate Edition has been a mess since the start, with developer The Coalition pumping out new updates to slowly make the game what it should've been at launch. The new patch has the current focus from the team:




  • Ultra-wide resolutions (2560×1080 and 3440×1440) added to the game. In performance testing.
  • Reduce hitches during level transitions. In stability testing.
  • Reduce audio stutter on older CPU's (3rd gen Intel). Some improvement, still working on it.
  • Reduce hitches in general. Some improvement, still working on it.
  • Investigate adjusting strict NAT matchmaking rules.
  • Investigate adding FPS counter.
  • Multi GPU support. In development.
  • Improve texture quality for cards with 1GB VRAM.

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Oculus event at GDC 2016 shows off Minecraft on the GearVR

By: Anthony Garreffa | More News: Virtual & Augmented Reality | Posted: Mar 20, 2016 5:21 pm

GDC 2016 - During the Game Developers Conference, Oculus held its own event where it showcased Minecraft running on the GearVR. The GearVR is Samsung's own VR headset, something the South Korean company collaborated with Oculus on over the last few years.



Minecraft is an interesting game to hit the GearVR as it's an IP that's now owned by Microsoft, who didn't show any VR technology at GDC - especially when compared to its competitor in Sony, and the PS4. Sony displayed PlayStation VR in a big way at GDC, going as far as announcing the $399 price during the show in San Francisco.


As for Minecraft on the GearVR, it was running on a Samsung Galaxy S6 smartphone and was super-smooth. It was quite the experience to be playing Minecraft in VR, and even more so when you realize it's powered by a smartphone - and not a PC or console.

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CDPR reveals the science behind The Witcher 3's dialogue animations

By: Derek Strickland | More News: Gaming | Posted: Mar 20, 2016 4:08 pm

I've always thought that one of the best things about The Witcher 3 is the way the characters feel so believable, and the dialogue interactions went far to add that extra spark of immersion and magic to the game. Contrary to popular belief, CD Projekt RED aren't actual wizards--their sorcery is built around code and algorithms rather than grimoires--and the studio reveals how it spun those magical dialogue sequences.




At a recent talk at GDC, CD Projekt RED animation technical director Piotr Tomsinski discussed the science behind The Witcher 3's natural character dialogue. Rather than animate each individual scene by hand and piece together the dialogue, the devs utilized a rather powerful algorithm that compiles different ingredients like location, character type, and dialogue into a fully animated scene. Since the game has some 35 hours of dialogue alone, handcrafting each individual scene with custom mo-capture sequences would take an eternity.


"The generator requires three different types of inputs: information about the actors, [some cinematic instructions], and finally the extracted data from voiceovers," Tomsinski said at the talk. "We use an algorithm to generate markers, or accents, from the voiceovers, so later we can match the events in animation with the sound. It generates camera movement and placement, facial animation, body animations, and the lookats."

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The Metro 2033 movie is finally happening

By: Derek Strickland | More News: Gaming | Posted: Mar 20, 2016 5:00 am

Much to the joy of fans like myself, a film adaptation of the popular post-apocalyptic game and novel series Metro 2033 is in the making.




The Metro 2033 movie will be based on Dmitry Glukhovsky's book series, and will follow the harrowing journey of Artyom's heroic struggle against the supernatural Dark Ones in the blasted ruins of Russia. The movie is expected to portray the full grit and psychological horror depicted in the landmark game series, complete with humanity's desperate efforts to survive in the underground metro tunnels.


Glukhovsky says that he's been waiting for a Metro 2033 adaptation for quite some time, but wanted to make sure the property was handled just right. "My novel and I have been waiting for this to happen for the last 10 years. I have previously been extremely careful about handing my 'baby' over to Hollywood producers for adaption for a feature film, but now I feel that it has landed in the right hands. De Luca and L'Heureux have a great vision for this project, and I feel it's an honor to work with them."

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PlayStation VR becomes #1 best seller on Amazon

By: Anthony Garreffa | More News: Virtual & Augmented Reality | Posted: Mar 20, 2016 3:30 am

Sony is enjoying great success in its PlayStation VR, with it going up for pre-orders this week during GDC, with a price of $399.




The PlayStation VR is already a #1 best seller on Amazon, taking control of its PC and video games section. In just 20 minutes, most of the first wave of PlayStation VR headsets sold, making them harder to source, even at local retailers. This means later pre-orders won't have guaranteed PSVR units on launch in October.


In the UK it's selling well, and some retailers in Australia only had 1 per store - in my state, I pre-ordered the only one at my local EB Games.

AMD's Capsaicin event sees the company focused on VR, next-gen GPUs

By: Anthony Garreffa | More News: Video Cards | Posted: Mar 20, 2016 2:31 am

GDC 2016 - AMD was all systems go at its Capsaicin event during the Game Developers Conference, unveiling its new dual-GPU video card, the Radeon Pro Duo. The company also talked about its massive commitment to VR, DirectX 12, its next-gen Polaris architecture, and more.



AMD was super confident during this event, where it had a fair amount of hands to play in its battle with NVIDIA. The laser-focused commitment to VR has me excited, as I believe that being a VR-focused company this early on, will only benefit Radeon Technologies Group, and AMD. The company has made partnerships with both Oculus and HTC, for the Rift and Vive, respectively. The company has gone all-in with VR to the point of having its own APU inside of a headset, partnering with Sulon for the Sulon Q headset.


With HDR-enabled TVs and video cards thanks to its next-gen Polaris card, the company had working 14nm at the show. The Radeon Pro Duo was on stage being used during the demonstration, requiring 3 x 8-pin PCIe power connectors to power the dual-GPU video card, rocking 8GB of HBM (4GB per Fiji GPU).

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Remedy slips, promises 1080p for Quantum Break but fails, miserably

By: Anthony Garreffa | More News: Gaming | Posted: Mar 20, 2016 1:43 am

Remedy is one of my favorite developers, and as a gigantic Max Payne fan, Quantum Break is a complete mess. After letting the press see the game earlier this year, EuroGamer has published their story on the game - but with a much more watered down fashion.



The site says Quantum Break has a "native resolution of 720p" instead of the promised 1080p 30FPS from Remedy, with no word from the developer on the resolution being dropped to Xbox 360 levels, and below what Remedy has said was fact until now. The site adds that "we've yet to see evidence of full HD 1080p gameplay in close analysis - barring the title's HUD elements and menus. In every scene tested so far, a native resolution of 720p is the consistent result found in each pixel count test".


Not only but, but the report says: "the use of film grain, depth of field, and camera and object blur sets the tone for the game, creating a distinctly soft-focused look that squarely hits the cinematic target the developers are aiming for. Image quality stands out here, for both good and bad reasons". So the image quality is good, but there are bad reasons too.

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Elder Scrolls meets The Witcher 3 with new first-person view mod

By: Derek Strickland | More News: Gaming | Posted: Mar 20, 2016 12:10 am

The Witcher 3 is pretty much a masterpiece of third-person action, but I've always wondered what the game would be like in first-person. Imagine adding Skyrim-esque dungeon diving and combat to Andrzej Sapkowski's dark fantasy world--it'd be pretty epic.



Thanks to the talented efforts of modder Skacikpl, gamers may one day experience The Witcher 3 in first-person. Skacikpl has been tirelessly working on the new mod, but it turns out that game doesn't play nicely with the new perspective, leading to motion sickness from the camera jouncing. Plus CDPR's limited modding tools aren't much help either.


It's great to see modders completely rewrite the rules and open the doors to brand new experiences. It's also crazy to think that a simple perspective change would affect the game so dramatically. Don't expect the mod to release any time soon, as Skacikpl isn't sure if he'll even be able to optimize the mod enough to even support active gameplay...but it's a great effort nonetheless.

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AMD's new 16.3.1 hotfix drivers; new CF profile for Hitman, and more

By: Anthony Garreffa | More News: Video Cards | Posted: Mar 19, 2016 11:27 pm

AMD has released its new Radeon Software Crimson Edition 16.3.1 hotfix drivers, which add Crossfire support to Need for Speed, and an updated CF profile for Hitman.




Not only that, but the 16.3.1 release also fixes issues with games running on Unreal Engine 4, as well as V-Sync no longer automatically being enabled when running DX12 applications. Frame rates are also no longer tied to the display's refresh rate with the 16.3.1 drivers.


Various other issues have also been resolved, including flicking issues for Crossfire users on The Division, and graphical corruption on characters death animations in Crossfire when running League of Legends.


You can grab the new AMD Radeon Software Crimson Edition 16.3.1 drivers here.

Netflix reportedly shells out $90 million for Bright, with Will Smith

By: Anthony Garreffa | More News: HT & Movies | Posted: Mar 19, 2016 10:01 pm

Netflix is spending more money, securing the rights to Bright in a bidding match with Warner Bros./MGM and PalmStar.




Bright is pitched as an R-rated thriller with fantasy elements, costing Netflix a reported $90 million. The streaming giant just secured the rights to War Machine with Brad Pitt recently, to the tune of $60 million, so Netflix is spending big in order to have the names Brad Pitt and Will Smith on its content.


Smith will reportedly play a cop partnered with an orc, who will be played by Aussie actor John Edgerton. $45 million of the total cost will be used to shoot it, with $45 million being spent on talent, and the back end residual fees Netflix won't get because of its anticipated limited cinema release.

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